The shadow and the Devil

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, November 2, 2015

I am the ascended master Mother Mary. I would like to comment on the topic of today’s show, namely the shadow or the devil. Let me begin with the saying that you cannot have light without a shadow. My beloved, is that statement universally true? Are there any shadows in the sun? Are there any shadows in the ascended realm? There is not.

Why are there shadows on earth? What is it that creates a shadow? It is something that has solidity so that the light cannot penetrate. This means that if you are looking at it from the outside, you cannot see what is behind that solid wall. This is how the minds of most people on earth are. Your shadow was born out of your desire to hide something, to hide what is going on inside your own mind.

In the beginning you wanted to hide this from your spiritual teacher, as we have described in several books given through this messenger. You have also developed a desire to hide what is going on in your mind from other people. Now, my beloved, there is nothing inherently wrong with going through this experience. It is part of free will that you experiment with having your mind be closed to having others look into it, but it should only be a phase.

For most people on earth, it has become a trap, a prison. The reason for this, my beloved, is very, very simple. You cannot hide what is going on inside your mind from other people or the teacher without hiding it from your own conscious mind. If you do not see with your conscious mind what is going on in your sub-conscious mind, you cannot free yourself from it. This should be very simple logic.

What does it take to ascend, my beloved? It does not take some magical ability. It does not take the help of a magical teacher. It takes only one thing: A willingness to look at absolutely everything in your own sub-conscious mind. Those of us who have ascended have ascended because, after suffering for lifetimes on earth, we finally came to the point where we said: “Now, I am willing to look at everything in my mind.” When we then did look at everything and dismissed all parts of our own shadow, all parts of our own ego, then we became invulnerable to the planetary (the collective) force that you often call the devil.

The devil was not created by God. The devil has no cosmic necessity. There is no need for a devil. There is a temporary need for those who want to hide, because the devil serves as a justification for continuing to hide something from God, from the spiritual teacher, from other people. In a sense, the devil is doing you a favor. He is helping you do what you say you want, namely having the perfect excuse for not looking into the abyss of your own sub-conscious mind. Of course, there is a price to be paid. The devil wants to be paid by getting your energy and your attention.

When you get to the point where you have had enough of this, that is when you become open to the reality that you actually cannot get yourself out of your own ego and shadow without having a frame of reference that is beyond the shadow, because it is completely made of light. That is where we of the ascended masters can help you because we are, of course, only light. Therefore, we can and we will give you that frame of reference. We have given it through many of our books and teachings. As you apply these books and teachings and the tools we have given, we can give it to you personally as well. I desire to see all of you get to that point where you can hear me inside your own mind because you are no longer hearing your own shadow.


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