The secret about the rise and fall of Golden Ages

TOPICS: The Holy Spirit is the perfect regulatory mechanism – Why are those who misuse power allowed to reincarnate? – Understanding the dynamics of a Golden Age – Understanding ongoing growth – The secret about the fall of Golden Ages – The eternal challenge of leadership –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain (2), July 14, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, I want to make sure that you understand the point I was making last night, when I talked about what human beings call the balance of nature. Which is really not a state of balance but is a state that is created by humankind’s collective consciousness, engaging in duality.

Thus, when you engage in the dualistic consciousness, it is inevitable that you create a problem. And then, in order to deal with that problem – to somehow cope with it – instead of solving the problem, you use the duality consciousness to create a further complication—something that is even more complex. One problem leads to another, and the problems build upon each other, until you have this complexity that seems so overwhelming, that most people give up and say, “How could we possibly change these conditions?”

Yet, what is the alternative? Well, the alternative is to reach beyond duality, to reach for the Christ consciousness and thereby allow the Holy Spirit to flow into every aspect of life on earth. As I said last night, the imbalance of the human consciousness has created certain animal species, that will tend to grow in population until they deplete their food supply and thereby either die out or are drastically reduced in numbers. Therefore, the human consciousness has created animals that prey upon these other animal populations to keep some state of balance. The human consciousness has even precipitated diseases that keep animal populations in check.

The Holy Spirit is the perfect regulatory mechanism

Yet if humankind, or at least a critical mass among them, would reach for the Christ consciousness and allow the Holy Spirit to flow through them, then the Holy Spirit would become the perfect regulating mechanism, that could regulate every aspect of the environment. This would include overcoming all earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, all disruptive weather patterns. Indeed, the Holy Spirit can create the perfect climate, that allows the growth of the maximum amount of crops that will then feed the maximum amount of people.

The Holy Spirit would make it unnecessary to have diseases, parasites, famines or any of the so-called regulatory mechanisms that you see in nature. For the Holy Spirit is the one perfect regulatory mechanism, that has no side effects but only causes everything to grow and become more. The same holds true for human society. If a critical mass of people are the conduits for the regulatory mechanism of the Holy Spirit, then there will be no competition for jobs. For the Holy Spirit will make sure, that only the number of people apply for a specific education that are needed to fill the jobs that are out there. And the Holy Spirit will also make sure that the economy is in a constant state of growth, that will give jobs to every human being, or at least everyone who is willing to work.

So you see, once again, the pattern that the economy and all aspects of human society have become unbalanced because of the dualistic state of consciousness. And especially because of those who are the most trapped in that state of consciousness, namely those who form a power elite. They have become so trapped in duality and separation, that they believe that they – in their separate sense of identity – know better than God how things should be done on planet earth, or even in the entire universe. So they have set themselves up as those who know best.

Yet in their duality, they inevitably create imbalances that lead to problems. And then, as I said last night, we have the ongoing pattern of an established power elite creating a problem and an aspiring power elite coming up, claiming that they can solve the problem created by the old power elite, even though they are still in the consciousness of duality. And therefore, they must inevitably create another imbalance that leads to another problem, and so on ad infinitum.

What can be done to break this cycle, to break this spiral? Well, the only thing that can be done is, as I said last night, that those who are my own, those who are loyal to the cause of Freedom, awaken to who they are, awaken to their potential and decide to hold the spiritual balance for the awakening of humankind. This has an Alpha aspect, where you raise your consciousness and hold the balance for many. It has an Omega aspect, where you speak out the truth that you know and demand change in society.

Why are those who misuse power allowed to reincarnate?

One of the questions that many of you have is why certain lifestreams – who are completely stuck in duality – are allowed to incarnate again and again on earth. Why are these same lifestreams allowed to ascend to leadership positions time and time again? And lifetime after lifetime, they repeat the same old patterns of creating problems and they seem to be the only ones who cannot see it. They cannot see how disastrous it is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting that one day paradise is going to descend on Iraq, or on the Third Reich, or whatever ideal society they claim can be manifest on this planet, based on their dualistic ideologies.

Why do we allow such lifestreams to continue to reincarnate and to continue to become leaders of the people? Well, the reality is that we of the ascended masters are not allowing these lifestreams to reincarnate—you are! Humankind is allowing this and here is precisely why. You see, as Maitreya explains in great detail in his book, there are two ways you can learn. The highest way of learning is that you learn from the ascended masters, because you recognize that there is something beyond your own consciousness – something beyond duality, something beyond the ego – and thus you are willing to listen to a true teacher who has no selfish motives whatsoever.

Yet, as Maitreya explains, if you are not willing – anymore – to listen to that true teacher, then what happens? Well, you lose contact with the true teacher, and then the false teachers become your teacher. You see, if the people had been willing to listen to the ascended masters, we could long ago have raised up a critical mass of people, who could then take leadership positions and lead from the level of the Christ mind—rather than from the mind of anti-christ.

And thus, they would have replaced the power elite people who are trapped in duality. However for this to happen, it would require that the people had reached a certain level of consciousness, where they were actually able to recognize the difference between those who lead from the consciousness of Christ and those who lead from the consciousness of anti-christ. And the people of the world have not yet reached that level, even though they are very close to breaking through to a realization, that there is a higher reality and that not everything is a matter of argument and counter-argument.

When the people are not willing to reach for something beyond the consciousness of duality, then the fallen beings – those who are trapped in duality – become the teachers – by default – of the people. We allow this to happen, because we have respect for free will. And also because we see that there is still a potential that the people can be awakened. Because, after all, we see very clearly that these lifestreams who are stuck in duality are not likely to change their ways. So when they ascend to positions of power, they will inevitably misuse that power. And we see that when that abuse of power becomes severe enough, there is the potential that the people will finally wake up.

Obviously this is an awakening that happens the hard way, and we would prefer to see it the higher way. But again, we bow to the free will of the people who are in embodiment, and therefore are the ones who determine what is allowed to occur and continue to occur on earth. The people are the ones who must wake up and say, “Enough is enough!” It is, as Jesus has explained and as Maitreya explains, there is a top 10 percent and a bottom 10 percent. But what really determines the fate of the planet is whether the 80 percent of the general population will blindly follow the blind leaders in the bottom 10 percent or whether they will wake up and open their eyes to follow the leaders in the top 10 percent.

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