The rise of individuality and individual nations

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Kim Michaels, May 15, 2016. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, and I will give a personal message to each one of you. The message is this: “I love you.”

What else of a personal message could you possibly need because all the rest is detail. You see, if there was a change that I envision happening on earth that would bring the Golden Age, it would be precisely that more and more people on earth would come to the acceptance of the fact that we who are in the ascended realm love you unconditionally. If you could come to understand that all of the very subtle ideas spread around the world that present God as an angry, remote, conditional being are fabrications of the fallen beings, deliberately set up to separate you from God, then that would be a tremendous step forward towards the Golden Age.

Satanic ideas

If you know that God loves you, then everything else, everything that is happening on earth, becomes insignificant in comparison. Is it not so that human beings have a great need –  desire – for love? Is it not so that most people believe that they have to find this love on earth? Where else would they find it when they have been brought up to believe that either there is no God or there is an angry God up there in the sky who is more eager to judge them and punish them than to love them? If people could be brought to understand a very simple fact, namely that Spirit does not conform to conditions in matter, then that would be a huge leap forward.

You know, of course, that the Fourth Ray has often been presented as the Ray of Purity, and we have often talked about various kinds of impurities on earth. The essence of impurity is actually that you take current conditions in matter (the conditions you observe on earth) and you use these conditions to project what conditions are like in the spiritual realm. You are seeking to force Spirit to conform to some condition in matter. This is the essence of the satanic consciousness.

It is why Jesus said to Peter: “Get thee behind me, Satan!” Peter was wanting Jesus to conform to his idea of what should or should not happen to the Living Christ. This is the essence of what the fallen beings want to do with everyone. They want all people to conform to their ideas, but they especially want those who are the more spiritual people (those who are beginning to attain some measure of Christhood) to conform to their ideas.

They are absolutely desperate to make you accept that there is some condition on earth to which you need to conform, some limitation you cannot go beyond, some chain that you cannot break, some mistake you have made that you cannot get away from. This is, of course, promoted in many ways. One of the primary ways has been the Christian religion, the Catholic Church, but certainly also materialism, which says that you are not even a spiritual being.

All of these impurities, that are around in the world, have the effect of changing, distorting, making dirty, your vision of the spiritual realm, your vision of Spirit—and thereby your vision of yourself as a spiritual being. If people could come to understand that nothing on earth is permanent – nothing on earth has power over them as spiritual beings – then they could avoid being so attached to conditions on earth. Of course, as we have said, it is this attachment that leads to the fanaticism that causes so much violence and conflict.

How to overcome impurity

Any attachment to any condition on earth is an impurity. The trick is to realize that you do not free yourself from an impurity by destroying the impurity, by removing the impurity or by doing something to the impurity. This can be subtle to understand.

We tell you that, as ascended master students, you need to take responsibility for yourselves and your own path. Of course, part of taking responsibility is to realize that you may have made a mistake. You may have done something that you now see was not the highest possible. Therefore, you realize that you did this because you have a certain mechanism in your consciousness, a certain attachment, a certain wound from the past that caused you to act this way. You need to do something about this.

There are even spiritual teachings that talk about the fact that if you make a certain action, you make karma and then you have to overcome the karma. While it is not false to say that you have to transform the energy you created through that action, you are not actually fully overcoming the karma, as we have said before, unless you overcome the consciousness that led you to act this way.

How do you overcome an impurity? Not by focusing on the impurity, but by focusing on what it is in your consciousness that causes the impurity to stick to you. You can take the sentence: “The prince of this world comes and has nothing in me.” You could imagine yourself walking through one of these gauntlets from olden times where there are rows of people on both sides who are trying to hit you with any kind of instrument. Instead of trying to hit you, they are throwing various things at you and the question is: “Do they stick to you or do they just fall off like water on a goose?”

It is the wounds, the illusions, the impurities in your consciousness that cause the impurities on earth to stick to you. They pull you into a reactionary pattern where you become trapped, and perhaps you become trapped for the rest of that lifetime (or for many lifetimes) into reacting. This is what you see going on all over the world where groups of people have been in a reactionary pattern with each other for centuries, for thousands of years. You can see this in Europe as well.

It would be a tremendous help, a tremendous progress towards the Golden Age, if people could realize that they will never be free in their own minds as long as they are trapped in these reactionary spirals. Also, they would need to realize that the only way to be free of these spirals is to stop trying to change those other people or even outer conditions, but to focus on changing themselves.

A new era of community

Another aspect that I want to present from the perspective of the Fourth Ray is that we have before said that the Aquarian Age is an age of community. This is a very subtle concept to fully understand. Normally, when you talk about community, you are talking about a group of people working together for some common purpose. They are working in a group. This raises the question of the interplay between the individual and the group.

What you have seen (not only in the Piscean Age but also in previous ages) is that the kind of groups that have formed on earth have been what we might call karmic groups where people had a similar state of consciousness that magnetized them together. That consciousness was dualistic so that you had one group of people that were sticking together, but the main thing that made them stick together was that they were in opposition to another group. In order to avoid being overrun by the other group, they had to stick together to defend themselves. This is how you have seen many groupings form.

To some degree, you see in the European community a formation of this in a certain reaction against something else, against those who are on the outside. This could be the Eastern Bloc (as was the case when the European Union was formed) or it can be a sense that we are a group of nations who are superior, or who are able to work together, but those other nations are not at our level and we do not want to work with them. Or if we work with them, we cannot be equal partners. In so many individual and national groupings, there is this sense that some have to be superior to others. It is, of course, not this kind of groupings that we envision as the basis for the community of the Aquarian Age and the Golden Age of Aquarius.

We foresee a whole new approach to groups. The strange or the subtle thing is that, in order to get to the point where you can form Aquarian groups, humanity (especially in the more developed world) first had to go through a phase where they were focusing on individuality. You will see that you have grown up in a culture in Europe that very much focuses on the individual person. You all have been told you have individual human rights, and you all have been brought up to educate yourself, to look out for your own interests, get the best possible education, job, income and so on.

The reality is that this is just a temporary phase. It was not a phase that was absolutely necessary. You will see that Jesus, when he inaugurated the Age of Pisces, had his disciples and other followers form a community. In the Book of Acts you can see the formation of a community where the disciples lived together and shared many things. This was a pattern that could have continued throughout the Piscean Age.

What happened instead was that the Catholic Church was formed and thereby Christianity was dominated by the fallen beings. The fallen beings can only conceive of a community of unequals; they cannot conceive of a community of equals. They want to set themselves up as the unquestioned leaders who have a number of obedient followers. This, of course, is not the community that Jesus started. He started a community of the spirit, of the Holy Spirit, where it was recognized that there was no single leader because it was a matter of who was the open door for the Spirit, and that could change from moment to moment. If this pattern had continued, you could have built a much greater sense of community in the Age of Pisces. Because of the takeover of the fallen beings, you created this new perverted form of community where the many follow the leader, and they follow the leader without questioning what the leader says and does. You saw this in the kings in the Middle Ages. You saw how this was broken only by the advent of democracy, which is based on individual human rights.

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