The reward for service is freedom

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, May 20, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Now, you heard a magnificent discourse this morning from Jesus where he talked about the need to be able to look back at your life and have no regrets and reason that whatever you went through was because you needed the experience. Well, my beloved, as you may be beginning to realize, we sometimes like to present you with certain, what seems like contradictions, like enigmas. So I will present you with one.

The ability to admit you have been wrong

You have heard Jesus say that you should be able to look back at your life with no regrets. Then, I will submit to you: What is the most important characteristic or ability of a student on the higher levels of the spiritual path who is beginning to see, or is willing to see, the higher aspects of his or her Divine plan? Well, it is precisely, my beloved, the ability to admit that you have been wrong.

How do you reconcile that you should be able to look back at your life with no regrets with having to admit that you have been wrong? Well, the ego will take Jesus’ teaching and say: “Well, this means I should look back at my life and I should never see that I have been wrong. I have never been wrong, I have never done anything wrong, I’ve just needed that experience so I never need to feel that I was wrong, and now Saint Germain is saying I should be able to admit when I was wrong.”

Let us give you a little more teaching, a little different perspective, on this. You see, my beloved, it is all a matter of what you put into the word “you.” “You” should be able to admit that “you” have been wrong. Is it the same you that I am talking about? What is the you that can be wrong? It is the separate self. Can the separate self ever admit that it has been wrong? No—it is not capable of it. What can admit that it has been wrong? The Conscious You—when it is conscious. The Conscious You can at the same time that it is admitting that it has been wrong, see that what was wrong was the external self, the separate self. In seeing this, it can separate itself from that self. Therefore, you realize that while you are admitting that not everything you did in life was perfect, you are at the same time separating yourself from the self that caused you to do this.

This is why you can look back at your life with no regrets. You can actually see that there were certain things you did in your life that were wrong. Jesus was not in any way implying that everything you did was okay, was acceptable, was right according to any normal common-sense standard. He is not implying that you should look back at your life and say: “Well, I just did it because I needed the experience so I don’t need to learn anything from it.” Obviously, you need to learn from it, you need to look at what was the psychology of the separate self that caused you to do this. Therefore, when you uncover that psychology, you can see the decision behind it, you can consciously change that decision and that is when you can let the separate self die. At that point, of course, you should have no regrets because you have come up higher and that is what life is all about.

Using and abusing the violet flame

I have, many, many years ago through a previous ascended master dispensation, publicly given awareness of and the tools to invoke the violet flame energy, which I chose to call it. We have not necessarily emphasized this as much in this dispensation, partly because so much was said on it previously, but we have, of course, explained what the violet flame is. The violet flame is in a way the cosmic eraser. It is an energy of such a vibration that it can be used to erase any lower energy, any fear-based energy in the four levels of the material universe.

When you do something, it produces a certain amount of energy, sometimes also called “karma,” and before you are completely free of that, you need to consume the karma. A very efficient way to do this is to invoke the violet flame and use it to consume that energy. Now, I have also said previously that some students in previous dispensations have abused this dispensation of the violet flame. Whenever they did something that created misqualified energy, they used the violet flame to consume the energy but they were not willing to look at the psychology behind it. They just did the same thing again next week, and then again they used the violet flame to erase that but it did not really promote their spiritual progress. It is much like some Catholics that can sin, then they go to confession, feel they have been forgiven of their sin and then they lightheartedly go out and sin all over again. They know they can always go back to confession and the priests just have to absolve them of all of their sins.

Well, this is, of course, not what we want to see because this binds you to a treadmill of your unresolved psychology that you cannot get out of. The violet flame actually helps you not get out of it because, instead of being more and more burdened by the energy, you can avoid feeling that burden so you can continue doing what you are doing. This, of course, is not what we desire to see. That is why, in this dispensation, we have given you so many tools about the psychology and resolving these issues so you can be free of them.

The importance of being wrong

Nevertheless, what I wish to give you here is that there comes a point where you have begun to gain greater and greater clarity over your Divine plan, but there can still be something that is holding you back from seeing the next level. What is holding you back is precisely this inability or unwillingness to say: “That was wrong.”

We have, of course, given many teachings about duality. When I say you have to be willing to admit you were wrong, I am simply using the concept, the words, that are commonly used among people today. We could specify this more in that what you have to be willing to see and admit is that you have had a view of life, a view of yourself, a view and understanding of spiritual teachings that was not the highest possible.

Do you understand, my beloved, that you can look at so many areas of the world, and let us, as an example, use the field of religion. Someone has grown up in the Christian faith, in the Catholic church, for example. They have been indoctrinated with the belief that the Catholic church is the only road to salvation, the only true church. The person has accepted this belief and has believed it. Now, at some point in life, the person begins to see that there are certain contradictions in Catholic doctrine, certain things that cannot be explained, certain things that do not make sense, certain things in the history of the church that just cannot be in alignment with Christ—but the person is reluctant to admit this at the conscious level. What is the psychological mechanism? You can say it is ego, you can say it is whatever, but if you really look at the psychological mechanism, it is that many people feel that if they admit that the beliefs that they had, that they adopted at a certain point in the past, if they admit that those beliefs were not the highest possible, that means they would have been wrong and they are not willing to admit that they have been wrong. In some cases, it can be simple pride. You are spiritual students and for most of you, pride is not the dominant element of your consciousness. What is the mechanism that applies to many spiritual students?

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