The real conspiracy running the world

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 25, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I wish to give you a discourse that will in one sense shatter the conspiracy theories that are out there about elitism and the power elite, and in another sense give you a deeper perspective on what is truly going on. There are many, many theories out there that talk about conspiracies at the physical level where there are various power elite groups that meet in secrecy and plot to take over the world or whatever they plot. How much reality is there to it?

Well, certainly there are groups of people who think they belong to an elite and who think they have power and who attempt to meet both in secret and sometimes in public and create some kind of agenda or policy for how they can influence the world. Some of them have good intentions according to their own definition of what is good. The reality is that there is no single group, no clearly defined group in the physical octave, that is running the world. There is no secret conspiracy in the physical octave that is running the world.

Does that mean I am thereby saying there is no, quote-unquote, conspiracy running the world? No, but it is an unconscious conspiracy. It is an unaware conspiracy where the people are not deliberately conspiring and plotting. What is actually running the world is the mindset that is much more difficult to combat than an actual physical conspiracy, because you cannot single out individuals or groups and say: “They are the culprit, they are the ones who started it all”—at least not in the physical.

What has actually been going on now for a very long time, but even in known history for quite a long time, is that the fallen beings in the higher realms, especially in the identity and mental realms, have introduced a number of very subtle, very persuasive, ideas that have gradually become more and more accepted by, not a large group of people, but actually in numbers a relatively small group of people. But they are found in all nations and they believe in this elitist philosophy. This is the real conspiracy, so to speak, that is running the world.

The elitist mindset is running the world

There is a mindset, this set of beliefs, that has been developed over time. They all revolve around the division of humankind into at least two classes, and one is the elite that has special abilities, special powers, special wisdom, special insight, that allows them to know better than the population how a country or the world should be run. Now, as we have talked about, this has been legitimized by religion, by Materialism, by political philosophies. The Soviet Union (communism, Marxism) is an elitist philosophy because there are always the true revolutionaries, those in the party apparatus who know better than the people.

They even know better than historical necessity. That is why they cannot sit around and wait for the historical necessity to bring about the communist utopia. They must use violence to force it into the physical before time. That is why the religious people must use violence to combat the enemies of God. And that is why even the materialists must use some kind of force to combat religion, or use more subtle kinds of force to get people to come into the fold and accept the paradigm that is currently being used to rule the earth.

You see here that there is the outer justifications: religion, political philosophy, whether it is capitalism, whether it is communism, whether it is Materialism. There is an outer philosophical framework. But behind this is a much more subtle mindset and this mindset cannot be described as a clearly formulated philosophy. It is not like the Communist Manifesto, for example, that has ten planks. You could talk about ten planks in the elitist philosophy, but there is nobody who has ever clearly defined it, at least nobody in the physical. They have come to believe in it, and the basis for this belief is this very conviction they have that they are in a separate class of people that is superior to the general population.

Now, besides this belief that there is an elite that is superior to the population, there is also the belief that there are different groupings in that elite. There are those who are opposing our group, those who have a different agenda and therefore are a threat to our power. Therefore, they must be destroyed by all means possible, and that is why sometimes these outer justifications of religion or political philosophy are used as a justification to get the population to support one elite in going to war against another.

How did this mindset ever come to, so to speak, take over the world, or at least the minds of so many people in the world? Not only people who are members of the elite, but even many among the population, many among writers, philosophers, thinkers, the media people and so on. How did this mindset come to dominate? Well, it did so because you have created a self-reinforcing effect. With “you,” I mean the fallen beings in the higher realms, have created this self-reinforcing effect. It is very, very simple in principle. You define a society where there is an elite that has special powers, special privileges and of course affluence beyond the general population.

There will be a certain amount of people who want to be part of such an elite. These are not all fallen beings in embodiment who want to be part of the elite. There are some among the people who also want to be part of the elite. These can be some of the original inhabitants of the earth who have attained some mastery, some self-discipline, some ability to do something out of the ordinary: to manifest things, to get things going, to organize things. In many cases it is also avatars who, as Jesus and I talked about previously, come into embodiment on earth with a sense that you are a unique individual, you are a special individual. Then, you encounter the fallen beings who make you believe that you cannot express your spiritual specialness on earth. Therefore, you attempt to compensate for this by building a sense of being special based on the ideas, the concepts and the actions that are available on earth. This is how avatars become susceptible to thinking that they are part of the elite and this makes you special.

Whether you are an avatar, one of the original inhabitants or a fallen being, you have this desire to be special and to perhaps do something that is important. What you have created, what the fallen beings have created, is a society where there is a clearly defined elite. They have special powers, privileges and affluence beyond the general population. What does it take to become part of this elite? It takes that you do not question the idea that there is such an elite, that it has some reality, that it was either created by God or created by nature. And that it, therefore, is valid that there is an elite, that the elite know how to rule the world or society and that the population do not. If you do not question these basic ideas, then you can become part of the elite.

Once you are in the elite, you can fulfill your desire that makes you feel special, whether it is to have power, whether it is to have privileges, to enjoy a certain lifestyle or whether it is to have money. The condition for gaining membership in the elite is that you accept the elitist mindset and that you do not question it. Of course, if the elite is currently legitimizing themselves by the Christian religion, as was the case for over a thousand years in Europe, then you do not question that either. If they are doing it by the communist ideology, you do not question that. If they are using Scientific Materialism and the survival of the fittest, well then you do not question that either.

The other thing is that, if there is a division in the elite, as there most often is, then you must choose one side or the other. It is difficult to be a member of the elite and be neutral. Some people manage to fly under the radar, but most people find it difficult to remain neutral. They must choose one grouping or the other. Therefore, they become pulled into fighting for whatever cause is defined, whatever epic struggle happens to be the one that is dominating the times. These are the conditions that you must fulfill in order to become part of the elite. It really is not very sophisticated at all. It really is not rocket science. It really is not beyond what the average person in the modern democracies can grasp, understand, see and accept.

The elite defines the parameters for the debate

Why haven’t they come to that understanding? Why haven’t they seen it? Why haven’t they accepted it? Well, of course because the elite has created this self-reinforcing effect. They have created this cloud that prevents people from seeing. How do they do this? Because the elite are the ones who are dominating the institutions of society. The elite always attempt to dominate government and in most cases they do. They attempt to dominate the media. They attempt to dominate publishing, distribution of books, the publication of ideas. They attempt to dominate education. They of course attempt to dominate business. You see that the major institutions of society become dominated by the elite. In many societies the military plays a prominent role. In the modern democracies, at least when you exclude the United States, the military plays a lesser role than it has done in previous ages. In the United States of course the military is still a very dominant force. Or rather the military connected with the industry that makes its profits off of the military. They form a very powerful force, as they also do in certain other nations, most obviously England, Russia and now to an increasing degree, China as well.

You see here that the power elite, without really consciously conspiring to do this, they have managed to define the parameters for what is being debated in society. They are defining which issues need to be talked about, which issues are important. Therefore, they are excluding anything that could threaten their dominance. They are not even doing this as a result of some conscious conspiracy where they are sitting there making a list of which ideas to suppress and which to promote. They are just doing this because the people who are part of the elite have one overriding characteristic, which can be captured in the old saying that: “You have to go along to get along.” You have to go along with the basic mindset of the elite in order to become part of the elite. Once you are part of the elite, you have to continue to go along in order to remain in your position.

What you see here is that everyone who is part of the elite is willing to compromise. What are they willing to compromise? Well, basically anything, but primarily they are willing to compromise their own inner ability to know a higher truth, a higher reality, their intuitive sense of what is right from a higher perspective. They are willing to give that up. It is not necessarily that they, with a malicious intent, accept a false belief or a false definition of good and evil. They are not maliciously or deliberately or even consciously accepting what Jesus called the serpentine logic. But they are taking it on because they have that characteristic that they want to be part of the elite and they are willing to do whatever it takes to gain that power or that privilege or that money.

This is a characteristic that again is not in human nature. People in the general population have often been manipulated into accepting this mindset where they are willing to compromise their principles, what they know in their hearts is true. That is why they have been manipulated into going to war, for example, or going along with an elitist economy that they know actually is not serving their own interests. You see that it is not actually in human nature to compromise. Human beings, when they are not manipulated by the elite, they have some sense of what we have called the basic humanity. This is a frame of reference that allows people to evaluate their own behavior and the behavior of others based on this very, very simple rule: “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.” Why is it that every religion in the world teaches that particular axiom in some form or another? Well, it is because it is a universal principle that people are tuned in to when they are not manipulated by the serpentine mindset. They know in their hearts that it is in their own interest to treat other people fairly so that they will be treated fairly. People do have a sense that whatever they send out, will come back to them somehow. Whether they believe in sin or karma or this or that, people have this intuitive sense that there will be consequences to your actions and that the better you treat other people, the better you will be treated yourself. This is something that the general population knows when they are not manipulated by the elite. The elite no longer knows this. They knew it originally but they have given it up because they want their privilege or power or money so much that they are willing to set it aside in order to get these outer things. That is precisely why, if you let the people rule without being manipulated by the elite, the people will make far better decisions than the elite has been doing and is doing.

The self-reinforcing illusion of duality

The reality here that I want to convey to you, because you need to understand this as ascended master students, and of course you need to make the calls on it, but you cannot make the calls on it if you do not grasp it. The primary feature of the duality consciousness is that it puts people in a state of illusion and that state of illusion is self-reinforcing. There is no way to use the duality consciousness to escape the duality consciousness. Because once you have gone into this state of mind, where you think you are a god who can define good and evil based on your current level of consciousness, based on the outer self, the dualistic self, then your definition of good and evil will always be relative to your state of consciousness. There will be nothing objective, universal or absolute about it.

That is why, as Jesus said: Only through the Christ consciousness can you gain a frame of reference from beyond duality. Quite frankly, if you could free the population from the manipulation of the elite, they would have a certain level of Christ consciousness, Christ discernment. Because they would have that essential humanity, which is an element of the Christ consciousness. Once you step into the duality consciousness, you lose it because now everything is relative. There is no rock of Christ. You are basing your life, your mind, on the shifting sands of the serpentine mind and in this serpentine mind everything is relative. That is what you can actually see and what many, many people can come to see when you look at history, look at the various elites, look at what they have used to justify their position and their power.

Jesus gave a set of principles that were entirely nonviolent. But you see how the Catholic church has managed to pervert Jesus’ teachings to the point where they could be used to seemingly legitimize extremely violent actions. This is a very, very clear example of how the serpentine logic makes everything relative. You can go back and look at the medieval popes and you can ask yourself: Do you agree with them that the crusades were necessary, beneficial? That they were doing God’s work when they massacred men, women and children? Do you agree with the witch hunts, the burning of witches at the stake by a mere suspicion raised by someone who did not like that person? Do you agree with the Inquisition where people were tortured in order to supposedly save their souls?

If you agree with this of course, then you would not be an ascended master student. But many people who are not ascended master students also do not agree with this, if they actually look at it. They can come to see: “Well, what was it then? How is it possible that these medieval popes could take the teachings of Christ – turn the other cheek, love your enemies, do unto others – and use them to legitimize violence at this rather extreme scale?” Well, it can only be because they had made those teachings of Christ relative to their situation, their state of consciousness, their way of thinking and the outer political goals that they had. In other words, Jesus came to set people free, but they had used the teachings of Christ, a perverted version of them, to enslave people even more.

Many people were less free during the Christian era, or the era of Catholic dominance, than they were before and that they are now. This shows you how the power elite is entirely enveloped in this serpentine consciousness that makes everything relative. When everything is relative, that means that at any time, in any given society, in any given situation, there is always an elite who can use whatever philosophy is there to justify doing whatever they want to do. The elite can always justify what they want to do and they always have attempted to justify it.

They have used the teachings of Christ. They have used the teachings of Muhammad. They have even in rare cases used the teachings of the Buddha. They have used the teachings of Marx, the teachings of Adam Smith and the teachings of Darwin to justify doing what they want to do, which is either to dominate and enslave the population or to defeat and destroy that competing power elite that is threatening their position, that wants to take over their position. Or they have used some teaching to justify dethroning the established power elite and instead setting themselves up as the new elite, as you saw in the communist revolution, the French revolution and so on.

These are all ideas that many of you who are ascended master students are familiar with. The reason it is important to bring them out here and make the calls on them is that many, many people out there are ready to come to see these ideas. It does not mean they will suddenly acknowledge ascended master teachings but we do not need them to acknowledge our existence or our teachings. We need them to accept these ideas that will then allow them to suddenly see what the power elites of history have been doing. You who are the ascended master students can of course go beyond this and make the calls not just for the power elite in the physical but also for the power elite in the emotional, mental and identity realms. The fallen beings there, the demons, the entire structure in the emotional realm. Also, those very deceptive beings in the mental realm. And the more higher ranking fallen beings in the identity realm, such as the Dark Master that we have mentioned to you.

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