The protection of the Office of the Presidency

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, October 21, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I AM FREEDOM, FREEDOM I AM! I am indeed your Saint Germain, your God of Freedom for the earth, and how could I possibly not respond to such an outpouring of love for freedom, for America in the invocation. So here I AM in your midst, and I ask you to consider that what you have experienced this day is an acceleration of the cooperation between the ascended masters above and the unascended students below—the unascended masters below, I might add.

When you give an invocation with fire and determination, you build a forcefield and then we can step through the veil and multiply what you have brought forth. You have given us the opening to step through and therefore we can multiply what is given. And this is a pattern you will see whenever enough people come together with enough devotion and heart flame and momentum. We will respond and we will build our calls upon yours. Therefore I am not here to give a long dissertation, I am here to ask you to work with me in a very special endeavor.

I ask you to center in your hearts and to imagine, to envision, to visualize that you are now standing in a circle in the Oval Office in the White House, and I am standing in your midst in my full, ascended-master body. I now ask you to say with me, “I am freedom, freedom I am,” and then you visualize that we anchor the flame of freedom for the protection of the Office of the Presidency. Whether or not I can sponsor the person holding that office, we can protect the office itself. And if that flame grows strong enough, it will overpower the human consciousness of whomever is sitting in that chair, so that they can, at least to some measure, be an instrument for the cause of freedom. Thus let us repeat together,


My Beloved hearts, I thank you. And I can assure you that the demons who have occupied that office are right now running full speed down the lawn outside the White House. See them run, until they run into Archangel Michael’s sword that stands at the very end of that lawn, where they are consumed by the fire of Archangel Michael. So it is done. So it is finished. So it is sealed. And I bid you adieu until I shall speak to you again at greater length. Thank you, friends of freedom.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels