The power of collective decisions

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, May 15, 2016. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada, the Chohan of the Sixth Ray. The Sixth Ray has been seen as peace and service. What does it take to give service to life? It takes that you are at peace with yourself. You can look upon yourself as an individual, and you can see that if you are not at peace with other people around you, over the circumstances you find yourself in or with the planet on which you live, then it is because you are not at peace with yourself.

Internal cause of terrorism

You can transfer this to a nation and say that if a nation is not at peace with other nations, then it is because it does not have peace within itself. This is an important idea to send into the collective consciousness so that the nations of Europe (and around the world) can take an honest look at themselves and see whether they are at peace with their neighbors, at peace with the world. If they find that they are not at peace with the world, then they need to stop doing what they have been doing in these later years where there have been certain terrorist attacks on the European continent.

They need to not do what the United States has been doing since the terrorist attacks there in 2001. You need to recognize that when you are being attacked by an outside force, the worst thing you can do is to strengthen the fortifications around your mind. It is precisely the fortifications you have built around your mind that attracted the attack. If you had not built the fortifications, you would have sent a different signal to the cosmic mirror. When you build fortifications, what is the signal you are sending? You want to live in a world where there is a need for the fortifications.  How will you know there is a need unless there once in a while is an attack?

Of course, there are many nations in the world that are not at the level where they are able to see this. The Arab nations, for example, where many of the attacks have come from, would not right now be able to see that it is their own attitude that creates the external enemy. I am giving this message here in Europe because there are a number of European nations that are at the level where, at inner levels, they are ready to acknowledge this. Therefore, this is just a matter of making it break through at the outer, conscious level where they acknowledge fully that it is your own internal strife that creates the external enemy, or that at least attracts the external enemy and makes you a target of that enemy.


I know well that there are many people who will object to this statement, and they will point to all kinds of examples from history. They will say: “What should the people have done about Hitler? Should they have not defended themselves? Should they have let Hitler overtake the whole world? Should they have let the Soviet Union overtake the whole world? Should they have let Attila overtake the whole world?” My beloved, it is possible (and we have spoken about this before) to take certain physical measures that are aimed at defending yourself in a practical situation but you are still doing it with a mindset that is at peace.

This may seem like a contradiction, but it is not a contradiction when you step up to a higher understanding. It is possible to recognize that you may have nations in the world that have an aggressive intent and that the only way to deter them from attacking you is that they fear the consequences because you have a capable defense. Saint Germain has said before that he is not asking all nations at this point to abandon their military. He has asked that some nations do so because they are ready to set forth that example. It is still possible to maintain a certain defense that can deter an attack, though you are not in a state of mind that encourages the attack.

There were, in fact, nations in Europe that had attained some degree of this consciousness before the terrorist attack in 2001. After that attack, many nations in Europe went along with the United States’ reaction to that attack. This has created a new consciousness in Europe where the nations of Europe have also felt threatened. It is this awareness that has precipitated the terrorist attacks on this continent and will continue to precipitate such attacks until it is again abandoned.

Terrorism is insignificant

My beloved, it is easy to be at peace when there seems to be no threat and all seems to be peace. The challenge is to also be at peace within even when there seems to be some concern, some outer force that may be looking to attack you. The real challenge is, of course, to respond to an attack by staying in peace. This test, the European nations have clearly not passed with flying colors in these last several years. Yet I tell you again that at inner levels there are now a number of nations that are ready to pass this test and say: “We cannot allow these external attacks, these external threats, to force us back into the state of consciousness we abandoned after the end of the Cold War. We cannot allow them to force us to go backwards in our national growth.”

It is important to make calls for the nations of Europe to realize that they first need to manifest peace within in order to avoid the outer enemy, in order to avoid the reaction from the universe that validates their view that they are under threat. I am not saying here that the nations of Europe should not take precautions to prevent further attacks. Again, there is an interplay of the Wisdom of the Mother where you accept current conditions for what they are and take the necessary steps to live with those conditions in the best possible way, without letting them deter you from your progress, from manifesting your greater goals.

These terrorist attacks are just a very insignificant incident in the long history of Europe. When you see that there is a vision of what Europe can become, you will not allow such attacks to deter you from moving forward towards that vision.

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