The power elite and American foreign policy 

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, September 30, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and I wish to give you one more discourse because we have talked about the internal state of America, but naturally we also need to talk about America’s role in the world.

The fallen beings are clever. They always manage to find something that appeals to the people and they use it for their own ends. What appeals to Americans? Freedom! It is one of the themes for the founding of this nation, and many Americans have a freedom flame they carry with them, a sense of what freedom is and this is very strong in Americans. We have talked a little bit about the difference between a communist society and America. In a communist society, the people who survived did not have a strong freedom flame or they would not have survived. I am not saying this to blame anybody but just to show the contrast.

Capitalism and communism have the same goal

What you have in America is that you have many people who have a strong dedication to freedom and how do the fallen beings pervert this? They pervert it (in a sense) from the very beginning of the creed: “Give me liberty or give me death.” They are saying: “Are you willing to die for the cause of freedom?”

Over the centuries that America has existed, many people have been willing to die for what they thought was the cause of freedom. We need to recognize the very fact that the power elite, and the fallen beings behind them, have an agenda, they have a very clear agenda. We have said it before, but I will repeat it here (so it can be part of the calls in the invocation made) that capitalism and communism are simply two different ways of achieving the same goal, namely a society that is completely controlled by the fallen beings through a power elite in embodiment. In a communist system, from the very beginning there is one entity that owns all property and all means of production, namely the state.

In a capitalist system, it seems as if there are many different owners of the means of production and there is the illusion that anybody can start a new business. The reality is that if you take capitalism to its ultimate conclusion, you will see, what you are already seeing now, that instead of a multitude of small independent businesses run by one person (maybe employing a few people but staying at a human scale where the individual matters), what you see is the emergence of corporations that very quickly become so big that they lose that human scale. They lose humanity because suddenly the workers do not matter anymore. It is only the leaders, and in many cases those leaders are not even involved with the business. They are stockholders, shareholders, they are board members that are not directly doing the work. What you have seen is the emergence of these corporations that are based on a completely narcissistic philosophy and attitude. They have no allegiance whatsoever to the people who are doing the actual work, not even to those who are the leaders but only to those who are the owners and the hidden power elite behind them.

Multinational corporations and foreign policy

There came a point when these corporations had become so large in America that they started looking outside of America to find new markets. They went international and multinational, if you will. Ever since that happened, you have seen these corporations try to extend their reach further and further around the globe. You have seen them become larger and larger, you have seen them fight with each other but you have also seen them merge into larger and larger entities. If you take capitalism to its logical conclusion, there will come a point where one corporation has now destroyed all competition and therefore we have a situation just like in a communist system where one entity owns or controls all means of production. It may not technically be the state, but if one corporation owns all means of production, it will also own the state, de facto. Capitalism and communism are two systems defined by the fallen beings to, in different ways, reach the same end, with a completely centralized system controlled by the fallen beings.

What does this have to do with American foreign policy? If you look at the constitution, it is very, very clear that the government is supposed to maintain an army for the common defense. In other words, the American armed forces constitutionally have only one role: to defend the people of America. What have you instead seen? You have seen that to an increasing degree, America’s armed forces have been used to fight battles and wars in foreign countries. This is not according to the constitution. What has been the reason, the justification given for why you send American soldiers to foreign lands, to shed their blood there when it is not what is defined in the constitution as the purpose of the American armed forces? Well, the excuse has always been “to defend freedom.”

The excuse for sacrificing American soldiers

For many years it was communism, but if communism is a system created by the fallen beings and it stands to reason that they are good at using the dualistic consciousness, so this was simply an excuse for getting American soldiers to give their lives. It was getting America built up to a point where it was starting to use its armed forces to extend power beyond American borders, something the constitution does not actually allow for. The reality here is that the fallen beings have used communism as an excuse for putting America in the mindset that the American people are willing to accept that their sons primarily, now also daughters, go abroad and give their lives for a seemingly just cause.

Now, I know you can argue that communism, the Soviet Union especially, was a real threat to the freedom of the rest of the world. It is reasonable to say that there was a point where the fallen beings had created these two systems, communism and capitalism, and they did not know which of the two would win dominion over the planet. They did not care because either way they would have been in control. For them it was simply a matter of creating the two systems, pitting them against each other and then saying: “Which one is going to win?” I know that many Americans will say: “But certainly, communism was the worst possible system” and why do they say this? Because they have the strong freedom flame. I very well understand this. I am in no way criticizing this or putting it down. I am simply pointing out the mechanism. Communism was a system that in a very obvious way repressed freedom. Therefore, those who have the freedom flame say: “It was certainly better that communism didn’t take over the world and therefore it was necessary that America fought communism, to prevent them from taking over the world.”

We have given teachings, Jesus has given some very, very profound teachings, on the fact that there can be times where there is such an unbalanced condition in the world that even something that is clearly unbalanced can still help bring the world forward. Yes, there was a time where it was the lesser of two evils that communism did not take over the world. What Americans fail to realize, and what you can make the calls to help them see, is that the fact that communism collapsed does not mean that we are now in the clear and now we have freedom in America or throughout the world. What Americans need to see – and they need to use their freedom flame to see this – is that capitalism is not a system that gives freedom to the people. It just takes that freedom away in a more subtle, hidden way than did communism.

Capitalism also takes away freedom

It is critically important that Americans begin to see this because otherwise they will not be able to shed the yoke that the power elite has brought upon this nation. Therefore, it is also necessary to make the calls for the exposure of the very fact that America’s armed forces – America’s soldiers – have in many cases not fought for the cause of freedom, they have fought for the power elite, they have fought for the cause of the power elite. It is necessary to call for the exposure of all of these incidents where, either the armed forces in an overt way or the CIA or other secret forces in a covert way, have extended influence, tried to overthrow governments in other nations. This was not done for the cause of freedom, it was done for the cause of allowing these multinational corporations to extend their reach, to capture new markets, to put themselves in monopoly positions in those markets.

It is necessary to recognize that there are people in other nations who have criticized America precisely for this point. It is necessary to recognize that although they sometimes come from an unbalanced perspective and do not have the best interests of America at heart, there is a point to their criticism. It is by no means according to the Constitution nor is it according to the freedom flame that many Americans have, that American sons and daughters are shedding their blood to extend the reach of multinational corporations that have no loyalty to America or to the American people. It is simply an outrage that has been going on for far too long. Once again, those inside the system know very well what is going on but nobody is talking, and that is why there is this cloud of silence again, this cloud of darkness, this energy veil that prevents the American people from reaching that awareness where they can say: “This is unacceptable and we will no longer stand for it.”

Do you see what I am saying here? The fallen beings have taken the primary characteristics of the American people – the freedom flame – they have created the illusion that it is America’s role in the world to spread, as a former president said, “freedom and democracy.” They have used Americans’ freedom flame to get Americans to be willing to sacrifice their lives or the lives of their children for this cause, but it is not the cause of freedom and democracy and certainly not in all cases. It is in many cases the cause of the power elite wanting to extend their power, wanting to spread the capitalist system, which is a system set up only by the elite, for the elite.

Again, I look for you to make the calls, to educate yourselves and to hold the vision. Again, I am not telling you this – I know it is a heavy topic – but I am not telling you this to make you feel depressed or powerless or hopeless. I am telling you this because I know that by making the calls and raising your own consciousness, you can pull up the collective and work towards this shift where, again, it just becomes obvious to people that this has been going on and this cannot be allowed to go on.

In other words, it is, again, a matter of realizing that there is a huge gap between the public perception that has been created about America’s role in the world and what is actually going on in the hidden corridors of power. The people who are in those corridors of power have a completely different way of looking at it. They have a completely different agenda than what you see in the public facade. When Americans begin to see this gap, they will have that freedom flame that says: “This isn’t right, we will not accept it anymore” and therefore it is necessary to call for the exposure of this.

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