The Only Conflict between Men and Women is in Our Minds

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, October 12, 2015.

I am the ascended master Mother Mary. And I have spoken several times about the topic of men and women. Let me go one step further and talk about why men and women cannot give and receive love to each other.

You cannot, of course, give and receive love when you are in a state of war or competition. There are many who will say that there is a war between the sexes on this planet. But I say there is no war in the real world. Men and women are both created by God and as extensions of God. The biblical creation story is not correct. Men were not created first and women as an afterthought. As the Tai Chi more accurately depicts, men and women were created at the same time.

Why do men and women have bodies that need to come together in a physical union in order to produce new life? It is a symbol for the fact that only when men and women come together in harmony can the human race fulfill its highest potential on both the personal level and on the level of society. How can men and women come together, unless they can give and receive love? How can they do this, unless they understand that there is no real conflict? That the conflict is artificially created.

Many of you have seen an old movie called The Matrix, which presents the idea that human beings are living in a world of illusion and that there is a real world outside of it. What is not correct in the movie is that the artificial world is not created through technology; it is created only in the mind. There is a parallel world to the physical/material world. In fact, there are three parallel worlds. We have given extensive teachings on this. One parallel world is the emotional realm, where there are beings that seek to control human beings and create conflict between the sexes through your emotions. Another parallel world is the mental realm, where there are beings who are seeking to control you through your thoughts. And finally, there is the identity realm, where there are beings who are seeking to control you through your sense of identity.

I have said before that men and women are not really men and women. You are universal souls who are only in this lifetime expressing yourself through a physical body that has a physical sex. So, you need to ask yourself: If there is no real conflict, where does the conflict exist between men and women? I have said there are forces in the three other realms that are seeking to control you; but they do not have physical power to control you. So, how do they control you? Only in your minds.

This means that the conflict between men and women exists only in your minds. It also means that it can be resolved only in the mind. Of course, it is important to do things in society to create greater equality. But, you will not truly resolve the conflict until a critical mass of people begin to awaken to the fact that most people live in a state of illusion; because they do not understand the basic dynamic of planet earth.

Planet earth is an educational institution that is designed to give you a specific experience. You start out as a being who thinks that you live in a real world and that this world has power over you; not only physically, but also power over your mind. This is the illusion that is still blinding most people on this planet. Those of you who are spiritual people are beginning to awaken from this illusion. And you can do much to awaken yourselves faster by making use of our teachings and tools that are designed for this very purpose. We need both men and women. We need a critical mass of them to awaken themselves by taking responsibility for your own state of mind, by overcoming systematically the illusions that separate men and women from each other by separating them from their higher selves. This is the very key to bringing in a golden age on earth.


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