The one, underlying problem on earth

TOPICS: Beauty is the universal unifier – Journeying into higher realms – The underlying cause of human conflicts – God’s love is beyond human conditions – The Year of the Holy Spirit – Forgiveness is the key –

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Ascended Master Kuan Yin, December 30, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I, Kuan Yin, wish to take you on a journey in your imagination. I desire you to realize that while you were giving this invocation, with the beauty of your hearts and with the beauty of the Russian language, you built a spiral staircase that reaches high into the etheric and into the spiritual realm. During, and also now after, this invocation, angels have been descending and the souls of human beings have been ascending this spiral staircase in the most beautiful figure-eight flow that you could ever imagine. The beauty of this flow is so beyond what you see outpictured in the physical on planet earth. But it is not beyond what could be outpictured and will be outpictured as the consciousness is raised.

Beauty is the universal unifier

Indeed, beauty—beauty is the universal unifier, for all people have a sense of beauty. All people can be moved by experiencing great beauty, a beauty that is beyond what they see normally, what they experience, what they expect, what they imagine. This beauty is what we in the ascended realm experience all the time and we, of course, desire our unascended brothers and sisters to experience that same beauty. For only when you experience it within and accept that this beauty is reality, will you be able to accept that it can also be manifest in the physical realm, in the material realm, on earth.

Truly, we have talked about closed systems, and ugliness becomes such a closed system whilst people are surrounded by ugly surroundings, by poverty, by lack of dignity. They come to believe that this is all that the Mother realm could outpicture. And so, they become self-fulfilling prophecies, and we, of course, desire all to rise out of this consciousness. And this is indeed why the souls of people, those who are ready for this experience, have been ascending on the spiral staircase that has been built, not only by you who are here physically but also by the people around the world who have been studying our teachings and have been applying them by giving the invocations.

Truly, all of you throughout the world, who have given some measure of invocations and decrees throughout this Year of the Mother, have been instrumental in helping to build the spiral staircase, so that at the end of the year lifestreams would be able to rise on it as high as their consciousness allows and then glimpse that which is more beautiful than anything they see on earth.

And as they experience this beauty and take it with them back to their normal life, they will carry it in their beings. Even if they do not remember it consciously, they will have this inner knowing that it is possible to manifest greater beauty.

For as my beloved brother, Master MORE, just said: “With God all things are possible,” but the limitation is, of course, that when it comes to the material realm, all is guided by free will. And so, even though it is possible for God to manifest far more than what is manifest now, God, of course, cannot manifest anything more than what the people can envision and accepts.

And so, the first step towards manifesting more is to have a vision of the more that is possible, and then beginning to accept that vision as a real possibility, finally coming to the point, where you do not accept it just as a possibility but you accept it as a manifest reality. And you affirm that this is reality, and the ugliness is not reality for it is a manifestation of unreality. This is the shift in consciousness that we have been working for a very long time to produce, and it is coming closer and closer to being a reality because more and more people can begin to accept it as a reality.

Journeying into higher realms

Thus, while you rise with me on this spiral staircase, you rise up. First through the physical, then through the emotional, where you, sealed by my mercy, will not be tempted to go into the many unbalanced emotions that seek to pull you hither and yon. But you will stay centered with me as we rise through the emotional realm, then rise through the mental, where you also will be sealed from the many temptations that pull on you to go into some kind of argument, some kind of reasoning or the attempt to solve some kind of problem—for the mind so loves to solve problems.

But you, of course, stay centered in my flame of mercy, so you realize that the problems that the mind loves to solve are the very problems that the mind itself has created and they exist only in the mind. And so, you continue to rise on the spiral staircase without being pulled into seeking to solve anything, for we are on a journey towards something higher. And as we go into the etheric, then even here you stay sealed from the temptation to go out and correct your own identity or the identity of others. And so, you rise through the etheric into the higher etheric realm, into the spiritual.

And now we are as if we were in a spaceship hovering high above the earth, looking at this planet from a great distance. And with distance comes perspective, for when you are not inside the earth, the force field of the earth, when you are not inside the mass consciousness, you can see more clearly what is happening on earth. And as you then look, you see, that beyond all of the outer appearances and seeming problems and manifestations, there is an underlying current.

And so, the question that I put before you is: “If you could go to the very core, to the very essence of what is happening on the earth, if you could single out one cause, one problem, one underlying current that is the cause of human conflict and human problems, then what would that one cause be?” And as you look very carefully, you will see, that underneath all of the outer manifestations – the manifestations that blur your vision while you are in your normal circumstance – beyond all of these appearances there is one cause, and it is simply this: that so many human beings do not love themselves.

The underlying cause of human conflicts

You see, when you do not love yourself unconditionally, you think that the only way to receive love is to live up to certain conditions. And, of course, the most basic need for all human beings is to receive love. And so, when you think that you have to live up to certain conditions in order to receive that which your lifestream craves the most, then you will be trapped in this never-ending work or struggle to fulfill whatever conditions you have come to accept as standing between you and your direct experience of love.

You think that you can only receive love when you fulfill certain conditions, and therefore you cannot accept the love that is flowing, that is raining upon you every second. And so, you are actively rejecting that love by looking outside yourself, seeking to live up to certain conditions. And so, you will see that the vast majority of human beings on earth have an underlying current in their consciousness, and it is this: they are attempting to compensate for what they perceive as a lack.

They think they have to live up to conditions. They think they are not currently living up to those conditions, so they are seeking to compensate for this lack that they perceive. And if you will take a closer look at human activities, human belief systems, even human society, you will see this underlying current of seeking to compensate for a lack. This affects every aspect of peoples’ personal lives, every aspect of their interactions, every aspect of society, every aspect of national and international policy. This attempt to compensate for a lack.

Why do people treat each other in such low, such cruel, such petty ways? They are seeking to compensate for what they perceive as a lack in themselves by somehow manipulating, controlling or putting down others. When you have a sense of deficit in your being, a sense of lack, a sense that you need to compensate for this deficit, then you can get into the consciousness of thinking that if you can put other people down, so they are lower than you, then you somehow must have been raised up.

God’s love is beyond human conditions

But you see, my beloved, in the view of God, you can never be raised up by seeking to put others down. All that will happen is that all sink lower. For, of course, before you can put another part of life down, you must have put down yourself. The universal cure for this malady is to accept God’s love for you. But you cannot accept God’s love for you as long as you think that God’s love is conditional. Only when you begin to accept that God loves you beyond any conditions defined on earth, can you accept God’s love.

For you see, my beloved, all of the conditions on earth that make it seem as if you are not worthy of God’s love – as if you need to live up to these earthly conditions in order to receive God’s love – well, my beloved, all of these conditions spring from the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of the fallen beings. They were all defined by the serpentine mind and those who have become so skilled in using the serpentine mind, that they are actually convinced that when they here on earth declare: “This is so,” then they believe that this is so even in God’s reality.

And thus, when they have set themselves up as leaders of religious movements or political movements or companies, then they think they can declare how things should be and then even God will respect this. And that is why you see religions who have come out promoting a certain image of God as if it was not an image but a reality. Yet God is beyond any image that could ever be formulated out of the mind of separation.

And when you have gone beyond the mind of separation, then you go into the mind of oneness. And then, when you are in oneness, why do you need an image of God? For you see, you need an image only of that which is distant. For when something is there and you are in oneness with it, you have no need to perceive it through an image—for you are experiencing it in its fullness.

The Year of the Holy Spirit

Thus, these teachings that we have given, all of us who have spoken at this event, all of us who have spoken through the Year of the Mother, have been a preparation for helping you pass the initiations of the Year of the Holy Spirit. For surely, in this coming year you cannot pass the initiations if you do not love yourself, if you do not accept God’s unconditional love for you.

If you have conditions, you cannot flow with the Spirit, as Mother Mary and Saint Germain and the Elohim said yesterday. How can you flow with the Spirit, if you want the Spirit to conform to conditions defined by the mind of the anti-spirit? It cannot be so.

You will not ascend by seeking to make spirit conform to earthly conditions. You will ascend only when you are willing to let the Spirit take you beyond these conditions. This, I trust, you can understand with the mind. But the challenge in the coming year will be to go beyond understanding it but coming into oneness with it and experiencing it in its fullness, experiencing the flow of the Spirit.

For only in the flow is there life; in still-stand there can only be death. Life is a constant flow, a constant transcendence. Conditions are an attempt to stop life, to hold it at a certain point, at a certain stage. And this is death, the consciousness of death.

Forgiveness is the key

And so, as I said just a few days ago, but will say again: mercy, forgiveness is the key to overcoming these conditions. If you hold a grudge against other people, then that grudge will hold you back from flowing with the Spirit. If you seek to change others, if you seek to make them see how wrong they are according to your conditions, if you seek to punish them based on your own conditions, then you will only punish yourself.

For you will create the resistance, and the more you hold on to your mental image of how things should be, the more the Spirit will have to pull on you in order to set you free. And so, eventually the force, the pull, will become so great that it will pull apart your conditions. And thus, you will see in this coming year how those people, those nations where they have not forgiven, where they will not forgive, where they will not look at their past and say: “We let it go. We do not need to compensate for anything that happened in the past. We just need to let it go and love ourselves and love our neighbors.”

But you see, those parts of the world where people will not come to this shift, that is where you will see the greatest burdens be manifest. It may be warfare and conflict, it may be economic collapse or problems, or it may be that nature herself will rebel against this hardness of heart, so that the hard conditions must be shattered by earthquakes, floods, winds or what have you, that will blow apart these walls that people have built around their hearts. For in the Year of the Holy Spirit, the hearts of the people is what needs to be set free. For it is precisely the hardness of heart that prevents people from flowing with the Spirit.

Thus, this is our gift today. Master MORE and I teaming up to demonstrate that balance of the masculine and feminine that you also see outpictured by many people on earth. This balance comes when you love yourself, not as a man or a woman, but as a lifestream that is beyond these earthly conditions. Then you can have balance, and then you can have true partnership with a person of the opposite sex. For you see no opposition, you see no impurity in human sexuality. And thus, you can enter into true oneness with your partner, and thus there can be balance, the balanced expressions of the masculine and feminine in both, that then becomes the key to the love flowing and becoming a magnet that magnetizes others.

Thus, my beloved, I give you our great gratitude to those of you who have organized this gathering and those of you who have helped in many ways large or small, and those who have come to this gathering and made it indeed a great gathering of the pure in heart, the meek who shall inherit the earth. So, in the Flame of Mercy that I AM, I give you my unconditional never-ending and infinite gratitude.


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