The omega perspective on judgment

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 21, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. My beloved, when you experience a discourse like the one you have just experienced from Jesus, I am reminded of when I was in embodiment with Jesus and would sometimes sit there almost in a state of awe when I heard him speak. It was said in the Bible that no man spoke as this man and certainly Jesus has a way with words that is very unique and very beautiful. Even as an ascended master, I can certainly experience, of course, a dictation. I experience it in a different way because I experience both the ascended being who is speaking as he is in the ascended realm but I also experience what is coming through the messenger.

When you consider the difficulty, the distance in vibration, the distance in the level of consciousness, when you consider how dense the earth is, then you see the difficulty of bringing the Being of an ascended master through words spoken in this realm. You must admire the ability of Jesus to bring forth so much of his Being in this dense realm. Yet you must almost be in awe of the whole process of how this is even possible to communicate from the ascended realm through an unascended messenger.

Sometimes we know that our students can come to take this for granted and feel that: “Oh well, it seems so easy—the messenger just gets up there and closes his eyes and then it starts flowing.” When you consider the density of this realm, it truly is a unique process that you should not become comfortable with, to the point where you take it for granted.

The omega side of judgment

What I wish to do today is to bring you, sort of the omega perspective on Jesus’ discourse. Every time we talk about bringing the judgment of Christ and challenging the fallen beings, there is always a certain percentage of you who have a reaction to this. It is not that I am in any way condemning you for having this reaction. I am going to point out to you that there are two aspects of why you have a reaction, why you might feel hesitant, why you might feel this is not for you: “Does this really apply to me? What should I do? I don’t see myself as an outgoing person” and many other thoughts you might have.

Well, my beloved, as Jesus said, the primary weapon of the fallen beings is doubt and many of you, of course, have this doubt. In fact, all of you who have not resolved your birth trauma will have doubt, the doubt of the fallen beings. There is part of the reaction you can have that is simply based on this. You have not resolved your primal self, therefore you feel this hesitation. I can assure you that when you resolve the primal self, you will no longer feel that hesitation, at least when you make the shift that Jesus talked about.

Nevertheless, what I want to get to is that, as Jesus said, it is not for all of you, in your Divine plan to ascend after this lifetime. Likewise, it is not for all of you that it is in your Divine plan to go out and challenge the fallen beings in some overt way. What Jesus was talking about was the alpha aspect of challenging the fallen beings where you speak out about their ideas and perhaps you are even willing to confront them on the personal level and let them attack you so they can receive that judgment of Christ. For others of you, this is not in your Divine plan, this is not how you specified expressing Christhood in your Divine plan. Of course, Christhood as everything else has an alpha and an omega side.

What is the omega way of challenging the fallen beings and bringing the judgment of Christ on the fallen beings? Well my beloved, it is to love them. This may be on a personal level where you have chosen to be in a relationship, whether it be family or another relationship, with fallen beings. You have chosen to closely associate yourself with certain fallen beings. If you tune in and see what is in your Divine plan, you may realize that it would actually be a misunderstanding for you to decide with your outer mind, based on the teachings that have been given, that: “Now I need to challenge these people.” If you have a dominant personality in your sphere of acquaintances, you decide: “I need to challenge that person.” Or if you get a sense that a certain person might be a fallen being, you think you need to challenge them.

I am asking you to tune in and not to start challenging anybody until you know what is in your Divine plan, until you feel that this comes from within. It is not that you need to have a visual impression of your Divine plan and then you go out and challenge the fallen beings. You go on your intuition. If you feel intuitively prompted to challenge someone, you do, but you do not decide with your outer mind that you should challenge them.

Especially those of you who feel hesitant, I am asking you to first of all work on your birth trauma. Even when you overcome the birth trauma, I am asking you to tune in and see: “Is it actually my choice to go out and challenge people? Or was it my choice to love people instead?” Then, you need to recognize that in order to fulfill your highest desire and potential for your Divine plan, we are not talking about loving the fallen beings in a human way. We are talking about loving them in what we have called an unconditional way and I would like to talk about the difference.

Human love and unconditional love

You see, my beloved, an unconditional way, an unconditional love, can only be brought forth when you have resolved your birth trauma—when you are an avatar. If you are not an avatar but one of the original inhabitants of the earth, you need to rise to a high level of Christhood before you can express unconditional love because conditional love is, of course, based on unresolved psychology. It is often what we have called possessive love where you think you love somebody but you are doing it because you think that person can give you something that either completes yourself or obscures your wound so you do not feel it. That is why, when people are in love, they are in a state of euphoria, they do not feel their wounds, they are on cloud nine and everything is wonderful.

It is simply because they are not seeing the wound right now, they are not dealing with it. Then, when the honeymoon is over, now they start feeling their wounds again. Then, they project: “Oh, this person wasn’t the true love that I’m longing for, so I need to look for somebody else.” This can, of course, go on over and over and over again.

As long as you have these wounds, and especially the birth trauma, you will not be able to be the open door for unconditional love. You can take the situation described in the My Lives book with the judgment of Lucifer where the protagonist expresses unconditional love for Lucifer—and that is Lucifer’s final opportunity: Will he respond to someone he has known in physical embodiment expressing that unconditional love? If the fallen being does not respond to unconditional love, then that is the judgment of that fallen being, the judgment of Christ.

There may be some of you who feel that this is what you are meant to do. You have a certain person in your sphere of influence and you feel you should not challenge them. It is not your role to change them, it is simply your role to show them a different way, a different state of consciousness and therefore to ultimately come to a point where you can express unconditional love. Perhaps these are not necessarily fallen beings, perhaps they are human beings, they may be original inhabitants of the earth, they may even be other avatars, who can be transformed when they experience a different form of love than they have experienced here on earth.

This is certainly one way to demonstrate that there is a different state of consciousness. In other words, it is perfectly correct in the alpha aspect of Christhood to express certain viewpoints and ideas and to even challenge other ideas and explain why they are dualistic and why they are not the highest possible. The omega aspect is to demonstrate a different state of consciousness, through unconditional love, through loving other people. Of course, this applies to your family members as well, whether they are fallen beings or not. I am not, of course, telling you to go around looking at every person you meet and trying to judge with the outer mind: “Is this a fallen being or not?” Then, you can create all these criteria in your mind that when people behave such and such, they must be fallen beings.

My beloved, we have seen in previous ascended master dispensations where an entire organization with thousands of members could develop a very judgmental culture. In some cases, people where convinced that these other people are fallen beings and we have seen how this can develop into almost like a competition sport where people compete about being able to expose who is a fallen being and who is not. They go around accusing other people, and they basically think that anybody who disagrees with them must be a fallen being. This is, of course, not a balanced state to be in and this is not what we are encouraging.

Neither are we encouraging you to go into what is found in the world that is called sympathy for the devil, where you think that you have to love everybody. Jesus spoke about the people in the New Age community who will not acknowledge anything evil but there are other people who may acknowledge that there is evil in the world but they think the way to overcome it is through love. It is true, the way to overcome evil is through love but it has to be unconditional love. Otherwise, if it is possessive love, then they will simply use that love to pull you into a reactionary pattern.

Relationships with fallen beings

There are indeed some of you who will need to see that in order to step up to the highest potential of your Divine plan, you need to recognize that you have been in relationships with a certain fallen being for many lifetimes. You will need to come to that point where you identify this and then you need to look at what are the wounds, what are the mechanisms, that have tied you to this fallen being. You need to look at what are the beliefs behind it, and ultimately you will come to the realization that at some level of your being, you thought that you could change that fallen being by being in a relationship, by loving them—you could change them.

That is when you need to step up and internalize what Jesus said about the absoluteness of free will. You are not here to change anyone else, fallen being or not. You could say, you are especially not here to change the fallen beings. The original inhabitants of the earth, if you attempt to change them, in many cases they will ignore you. Fallen beings will not ignore you if you attempt to change them, they will use you, they will use your desire to change them, to tie you to them and to, at the very least, extract your energy, steal your energy. In other cases, they will actually manipulate you or even seek to destroy you through your desire to reform a fallen being.

You really have, as an avatar, to come to a point where you recognize if you have been in this pattern, if you have a desire to change the fallen beings. Then, you have to completely let that go, you have to let that self die. You cannot manifest Christhood if you are in this state, which is basically a reactionary pattern to the fallen beings. The desire to reform the fallen beings will always spring from your birth trauma where you were exposed to them for the first time. You were shocked, and then you somehow created this, in many cases, very long step-by-step reasoning process that led you to conclude that what the fallen being have done to you, demonstrated what they have done to the planet. The best way that you could help change the planet was to select a specific fallen being, go into a close relationship with that fallen being and try to reform them.

This, then, becomes part of your primal self. There can be many other things as part of the primal self where you think you have to bring about certain changes on earth. One of them is the desire to change a fallen being. You cannot truly resolve your primal self until you first look at this desire to change a fallen being and let go of it. You give it up because you recognize the absoluteness of free will, you recognize that is not why you are here.

The desire to change a fallen being is not the core of your primal self. The core of your primal self is your reaction to the trauma or the violence you were exposed to or the deception (whatever it may be). In response to that trauma, you created the self that wants to reform a fallen being. You could say it is an aspect of your primal self but it was not how your primal self started. That is why, in order to get down to the core of your primal self, you have to first let go of this desire to reform a fallen being.

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