The Olympic Spirit is the Spirit of Oneness among people

TOPICS: The Olympics and Oneness – The Olympics as a national mirror – The high and the low potential – Personal Christhood is beyond personal growth –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, August 17, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, it is with an overflowing sense of joy that I greet you this day. Will you not take a moment to pause in appreciation for the almost miraculous technology that makes this internet broadcast possible. Surely, you can see the genius of Saint Germain in inspiring the emergence of a science that could bring forth such technology, making it possible that people all over the world can commune almost instantly—and therefore achieve a greater sense of union than would otherwise be possible. Think back to Jesus, who stood at the Sea of Galilee and preached to a limited number of people—to only those who could hear him, based on the unique acoustics of the hills echoing his voice, nevertheless not reaching very far. Yet today, you can use technology to reach across the globe, to reach around the globe, and form a union of hearts of people in many parts of the world.

I wish to give you a sense of how this sounds, when you give an invocation together over the Internet. For you may not realize that as the signal goes out from the center of broadcast, there is a delay until you hear it where you are sitting, each one of you. And that delay factor is different for each one, depending on the distance the signal has to travel. So, what I hear from the etheric realm – where there is no time and space – is that I hear all of you simultaneously, but I hear you a little bit at different times, receiving the signal and giving the invocation at different times. And whereas you might think this might sound disharmonious, the reality of it is that it sounds quite beautiful and forms a wave, where the different signals that you send out, each one of you, reinforce each other and therefore creates a wave action that rolls around the energy field of the planet.

Thus I congratulate you, and I give you my gratitude for so many of you being willing to tune in to this event in your busy schedules. I hope, that this can become a regular occurrence, for certainly the technology is there. Of course, we do not wish you to overdo it, so that you wear yourselves out—as we have seen in some spiritual organizations. Where it almost becomes more than people can handle, because they drive themselves to do too much. And thus, they have a syndrome of burnout after a time. Thus, we desire you to find a balance, a delicate and dynamic balance, of not falling into a rut, not deciding with the outer mind that you have to do this, or do that, but allowing the spirit to guide and direct you; not only individually but as a movement as well.

The Olympics and Oneness

The reason why we have asked you to give this vigil during the Olympics is that it indeed represents a unique opportunity to focus the world’s attention. And also, it can help people see how an event that was conceived to promote oneness among nations can be taken astray by the human ego, even by national egos seeking recognition, by pride, seeking to feel better than others based on their performance in the arena, and the number of medals won by each nation.

My Beloved, I wish to bring to your attention the fact the modern Olympic movement was indeed inspired by the ascended masters. It was inspired during the 1800’s, where it became clear, that the growing and emerging nation-states and the development of weapons technology would inevitably lead to the creation of vast armies with a never before seen destructive power—at least never seen in recorded history.

And thus, it was necessary to do many things in order to foster a greater sense of oneness among nation-states, so that they could perhaps see beyond their differences, and see that even beyond the consciousness of each nation-state there is a higher consciousness, a consciousness of oneness. And this was, indeed, why we inspired a few people to reinvigorate the ancient Olympic Games and turn it into a modern movement.

Yet of course, as with everything else in the human sphere of activity, what we see is that even though people can receive an inspiration from us, it so often happens, that when they start acting on that inspiration, they fall more or less out of attunement with us. And now the carrying out of the inspiration that came from above becomes colored by their consciousness, individually and nationally, even by the entire collective consciousness of humankind.

In the period of emerging nation-states – that defined themselves distinctly separate from each other – it was inevitable that the Olympic Games became an expression of the desire for competition among nations. Whereby one nation could feel superior to another, based on the performance of its athletes in the field. And thus, my beloved, even the Olympic slogan “Faster, higher, stronger” reflects this competitive spirit. Whereas, we would have suggested a different slogan, namely “In Oneness We Rise.”

Yet of course, we bow to the free will of human beings, and we are content to inspire an idea and allow people then to do with it as they will. For even when people take an idea beyond our vision, it still becomes a mirror, so to speak, held up in front of humanity. Where they gain an opportunity to look at themselves in the mirror and see how their consciousness, their actions, are reflected back.

The Olympics as a national mirror

Even today, the Olympic Games do indeed serve an important function in terms of providing such a mirror. For you know well – if you study the history of the Olympics – how they have been used, time and time again, especially by totalitarian nations to make a political statement. Take the games in 1936 in Berlin, where Adolf Hitler and the Nazi government used it as a tool for propaganda. See how the Soviet Union used it during the Cold War, and see how China is using it today as well.

But then be honest, and be willing to see how the United States has also used the Olympic Games, not so much to promote a particular political ideology but to promote national pride, the need to feel that the United States is somehow superior to other nations. In reality, the United States is superior in one sense only—namely that is has – still – a certain sponsorship of Saint Germain. And this should be a cause for great humility and not national pride. And thus, national pride, in the sense that America is superior, is indeed a perversion of Saint Germain’s sponsorship. Yet my beloved you will even see that America is looking at itself in the mirror, and you will even see this in some of its athletes, who have exercised great humility over their accomplishments at these Olympics and many others in the past.

And thus, you do indeed see, that there are many people in the United States who are beginning to realize, that the U.S. needs to move beyond this national pride and find a deeper sense of humility, which can then lead to a greater sense of oneness with all nations—which truly is the greatest potential for the United States. For have we of the ascended masters not inspired people from all over this planet to immigrate to the United States, to integrate in the culture so that that culture may be a microcosm of the union – the oneness – that can be attained on a planetary scale?

The high and the low potential

Consider how any activity has a high potential and low potential. And we of the ascended masters are never blind to the low potential and the problems, but we always hold the Immaculate Concept. And thus we hold the Immaculate Concept, that the Olympic Games too can be raised up. And surely, once again, technology provides a challenge to do this, for is it not a misuse of technology that makes doping possible, so that athletes seek to boost their performance by ruining their bodies in the long term. As you have indeed seen from nations all over the world, but done systematically by the nations behind the iron curtain, especially East Germany. Who were willing to sacrifice the health – even the sanity – of their young athletes for a few moments of national pride, and a sense of superiority that had no basis in reality—if you looked at how far behind the West the East German society was under communism.

What is the spirit, what is the false spirit, that makes young, healthy athletes play Russian roulette with their long-term health in order to win a few seconds of glory? Well, it is indeed the sense of competition that springs from greed, the greed that nothing is enough, nothing is good enough. And thus, this is another thing that the Olympic Games can reflect back to people.

And of course, the ever-present threat of violence and terrorism is also a mirror, that shows how completely out of touch with reality are the people who would commit acts of violence against what is meant to be a peaceful event that brings the world together. I know, that when you watch the Olympics on television, what you are served up by the television networks is, of course, what they believe has the greatest commercial interest, and thus it is the records, the medals and the races themselves. But we of the ascended masters do not look at the Olympic games and count gold medals. We look a the Olympic Games and count the instances where there is a spark of oneness between athletes from different nations and different cultures, who suddenly are put together, and who through an inspiration from their Higher Selves, in an instant see beyond that spirit of competition and see the deeper oneness. And thus, they forge a union of hearts, that truly – despite what is going on on the surface – makes the Olympics one of the few events that promote oneness among all people.

I am especially grateful that you have been willing to give this vigil of our invocations for World Change and the One World Invocation during these Olympic Games of 2008. For I can tell you that they do have a potential for giving an impetus, that can provide a turning point in the growth of the consciousness of humankind, so that we can move into these last four years, now 3-1/2 years, before 2012, where indeed we must see an acceleration in order to avoid certain calamities that could otherwise come upon the earth.

Personal Christhood is beyond personal growth

I congratulate those of you, who have been willing to partake in Jesus’ latest offering, the book on Personal Christhood, and who have made a commitment to follow that course all together. For you see, that even though many of you could make faster progress alone, there is great value in all of you doing the keys and the exercises together. Not only for your own growth, but by doing it together you create an impetus, a movement,  that will literally sweep through the mass consciousness. And it can indeed raise up the top 10 percent of the people on this planet, to suddenly begin to recognize the reality of the path to Personal Christhood—that is beyond the spiritual path, the path of personal growth, that many of them have been following thus far.

When you look at the world, you will see that there are millions of people who are part of the New Age or the spiritual movement who are practicing various techniques, studying various teachings and seeking earnestly and honestly to raise their consciousness. And I do not wish to in any way degrade their accomplishments, but I must tell you, that what they accomplish by pursuing the path of personal growth – although it is a clear service to the planet – it is not enough to bring the planet forward, as we need to see it done before 2012.

And thus, the only factor that we see, that can really bring the planet to the point where it needs to be, is that more and more people see that there is something beyond the path of personal growth—the desire to raise your consciousness for your own sake, for the sake of having certain powers or attaining certain experiences. There is a path beyond that personal growth, and it is the path of Personal Christhood, where you no longer seek to raise up the individual self, for you have become so one with the One Self that you seek to raise the All.

I leave you with the immense sense of joy that I feel, from seeing the wave of positive energy that you have created, the wave that rolled around the globe and consumed all imperfections. And I ask you to hold that image, hold that visualization of the wave of the white Mother Light consuming all imperfections, as it rolls around the globe, perhaps tuning in to this visualization once a day.

And then, after you visualize the wave rolling around the planet, visualize how the white light forms a perfectly calm ocean, that reflects the perfection of the Dhyani Buddha’s above here on earth. This is an immensely powerful visualization, and truly it is a gift from our hearts. Use it to the best of your ability, and we shall see what miracles can be accomplished when you here below unite with us Above. For truly, the greatest potential for world change is the union of hearts, as above, so below. So be it, for I seal you in the infinite joy of the Divine Mother, the infinite joy of Jesus Christ, who truly carries the Joy Flame for earth. Thus, be sealed in that joy, forever and ever!


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