The Non-Physical Causes of War

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, April 16, 2015.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary! In my first discourse, I attempted to reach out to a broader audience, hoping to reach those who are, so to speak, sitting on the fence. They are not quite sure whether they dare to engage in a direct encounter with war and the forces behind war. I also attempted to reach those who have opened themselves to seeing a deeper understanding of what is happening on this planet but who have been trapped in anger or other fear-based emotions, thinking they have to battle dark forces. In this discourse, I will give you the more direct meat, assuming that those who are willing to read on in this book have decided that they are willing to know reality rather than the somewhat glorified picture of life that they have received while growing up on this planet.

A deeper understanding behind physical events

You might as well realize, if you have not already, that one of the purposes of the ascended masters and our progressive revelation is to give you the truth, the reality, the deeper understanding of what happens on this planet. You have been brought up with a very limited understanding of what truly goes on because you have only been given the physical, material perspective on life. You have even been given only a small portion of what goes on at the physical level.

What we of the ascended masters seek to help you understand is that the physical level is only the most superficial aspect of life on this planet. If you look only at the physical level, you get only the most superficial understanding and explanation for the deeper causes of the events that you see around you. Physical events are, in most cases, not caused by what happens at the physical level. Physical events are never exclusively caused by what happens at the physical level. There are always hidden causes that reach into the three higher octaves: the emotional, mental, and identity realms. This I would like to explain to you, focused on the concept of war.

The physical horrors of war

There are some authors who have attempted to describe in more realistic terms what they see at the physical level on a battlefield. Some have described the horrors of seeing decaying corpses. One American author, Ernest Hemingway, described a so-called “natural history” of the battlefield. Other writers have in other ways attempted to also describe the horrors of war, perhaps even in ironic terms by describing the beauty of a battlefield. What I would like to give you here is a “spiritual history” of the battlefield. I know that most of you have seen some of the modern television programs where they show decaying corpses and how forensic medicine can use various techniques to solve crimes by studying what happens to the corpses. I know that most of you are familiar with some of the physical horrors that you see on a battlefield. Yet I can assure you that very few people are prepared for the reality of seeing large numbers of dead people in various states of being blown up, lying scattered about a landscape. Truly, this is something that no one should have to see, but given that you live on a planet where war is a reality, it is something that many people have seen throughout history.

I can tell you that the ugliness and the horror that you see at the physical level is as nothing compared to what you see at the other levels. We have explained to you that there is a part of the emotional octave where there has been made room for those lifestreams who have gone into such a low state of consciousness that they cannot any longer take physical embodiment on earth. We have explained that, in this astral plane or astral pit, there are many beings who were not created as co-creators or angels. These are beings who have been created by those who have fallen into the duality consciousness.

How entities and demons are created

We have explained that you create everything out of the raw material of energy but that you give energy form through consciousness. When a self-aware being, a co-creator, focuses its attention on a given matrix long enough, there will be a certain amount of energy qualified through that matrix. Because the focus happens through the consciousness of the co-creator, the energy will eventually gain a certain rudimentary form of consciousness. This is what makes it possible to create an energy being, an entity, a spirit or even what we call a demon.

No individual co-creator is powerful enough to create a demon, but demons can be created collectively by large numbers of people focusing their attention on the same thought matrix and thereby feeding it both energy and consciousness. This thought matrix can then take on the appearance of a being that has a consciousness and a will. It has the rudimentary kind of consciousness that is somewhat similar to what you see in the animal form. Animals are conscious that they exist, although not self-aware. They do have a survival instinct and an instinct to propagate. This is what you see in these entities or demons that exist in the astral plane.

Entities and demons cannot choose

They know they exist. They know they can only continue to exist by being fed, and they know that what feeds them is energy that comes from human beings in embodiment. They also understand, although not as clearly as you can do as a self-aware being, that human beings will continue to feed them energy only when their minds are locked in a certain track. An entity or a demon is not a being that has the ability to choose: “I no longer want to be this kind of entity.” It is the same as an animal who does not have the ability to choose: “I no longer want to be a giraffe. I want to be an elephant.”

An entity or a demon is created out of a certain thought matrix. It cannot by itself change that matrix; it is simply not possible because it was not created with self-awareness. A demon that is created out of violence, for example, knows that it can continue to exist only by being fed energy. It can be fed energy only when human beings continue to engage in violence. Such a demon has the ability to project thoughts and feelings into the minds of human beings who are susceptible to the thought matrix that created the demon. It can, because it was created collectively, overpower the minds of individuals and, thereby, propel them into engaging in more violence. This feeds the demon so that it becomes even stronger.

This is a principle that you need to understand if you are to understand the hidden causes of war. There never has been a war on this planet, and there never will be a war on this planet, that is caused exclusively by causes at the material, physical level. I am well aware, and I will later talk more about, the fact that there are many physical causes of why people go to war, but war is never caused exclusively by such physical causes. There has never been, and there never will be, a war that was not to a large degree caused by demons in the astral plane who have taken over the minds of individual people. They have managed to manipulate them into taking the steps that gradually led to the outbreak of war.

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