The Next Stage for Modern Democracies

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, May 14, 2016. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I am the Ascended Master MORE, and why am I more? Because long ago I had a vision and I saw the beauty of the Will of God. I decided to surrender myself, my will, my being, into the flow of the Will of God.

When you surrender yourself unconditionally into a particular God quality, you become one with that quality, we might say, but it would be more accurate to say that you become the God quality. I became the Will of God, and as I ascended on that ray of the Will of God, I found myself as an ascended being, one with the Will of God, which truly is not static but is an ever-flowing stream of consciousness. It was natural for me to then accept the position as the Chohan of the First Ray whereby I came to represent the Will of God to planet earth.

The challenge of adaptability

The Will of God is, of course, a many-faceted Being, a many-faceted state of consciousness. It cannot be limited to words. It can be represented by words but as you know, a representation is not the real thing. So it is, with the kind of democracy that you know in Europe, and in other parts of the world, that you often call representative democracy. You elect representatives who are supposed to carry out the will of the people. Of course, they are not the people, are they? Therein lies the problem, as we might say.

However, before I go into that, I wish to pick up on what this beloved Being, Mother Mary, said last night. You see, my beloved, before there can be any change, before anything can become more, there must be an act of will. Now you do, I hope, understand that I have changed my name to Master MORE in order to signal that the Will of God always wants more. You might from a human perspective think that if you always want more, you are never satisfied with what is.

This is not the case and this is the perspective I wish to give you. When you look at the world, you see so often that people have an incredible ability to adapt. This is both good and not so good. It is good in the sense that it allows them to survive very difficult conditions that may only be temporary. They can still survive, they can stay in embodiment, they can keep some kind of composure. When the outer conditions change, they can go on with life, they can have some continuity.

The downside of this ability is that they can also become so used to current conditions that they no longer want more because they have adapted so well that they think either that this is the only way that things can be, that this is the way it is supposed to be or that they really do not want to run the risk of upsetting the apple cart because you never know where the apples might fall. Some of them might fall far from the tree. There are fears in people’s beings against upsetting status quo, and they cling to status quo because for many people a known misery is better than an uncertainty.

How then can there be positive change when people cling to status quo? Now, you understand that, I am one with the Will of God, I am the Will of God for earth and the Will of God is that everything transcends itself. When I talk about change, I am not talking about a change that goes into a negative and creates less, I am talking about the change that creates more. All change that I desire to see is the change towards more and this, my beloved, cannot be a loss. It cannot be a loss to anyone except, perhaps, those who form a power elite and have taken on special privileges and powers by limiting the people and stealing the people’s light. They are the ones who can lose when status quo is changed, but the majority of the people on earth do not lose when there is a change that brings forth more.

How change happens

There are two ways that change can come about. One is, as we have talked about many times, the second law of thermodynamics and the fact that a closed system will self-destruct. When there is resistance to change, the clinging to status quo, then you do enter a downward spiral. It is only a matter of how difficult, how dysfunctional, conditions become before people wake up and decide that things are now so bad that they cannot live with it and therefore they have a will to change. This is, of course, not the way that we of the ascended masters desire to see change come about. When people close their minds, it is not that we do anything to accelerate a negative cycle. We are forced by the Law of Free Will to step back and say that if people do not want to open their minds to new ideas, we must let the spiral unfold until they get to that point where they again have the will for something different.

This is, we might say, the negative way that change can come about. You first have no will to change status quo because you have a clinging to status quo and then, when things get so bad, finally something breaks and now there is a will to change. The problem with this process is that when people change this way, it is not really that they have a vision of wanting something better than what they have. It is more that things have gotten so bad that they want to get away from the misery they are experiencing.

Why did things get so bad, why did the downward spiral go so far down? It was because people did not have a vision of something more and thus they could not even long for it, they could not manifest it. When they get to a low point and things finally break, they still have no vision of what they want instead of their misery. They just want to get away from the misery.

That is precisely what the fallen beings want because then they can step in and promise the people something better, if they only will give up something, such as freedom, such as control over their own lives. This is what you have seen in several totalitarian states where the people have been promised some mythical, magical state if only they would give up their freedom to that totalitarian government. Of course then, can the totalitarian government deliver? Well, as you have seen within the last century, where several totalitarian governments collapsed, you know that they can never deliver the promised land.

Things could be much better

What I desire to see for earth is an awakening where you find a positive way to long for change. Of course, you who are listening to this have already started this process. I desire you to hold the vision that many more people catch on to the possibility of a positive change. It is not a matter of letting things go so far that they get broken, it is not even a matter of saying that current conditions are bad, it is just a matter of catching the vision that there is something more, there is something higher.

Mother Mary talked about the people who are stuck in a mud hole and they are walking around in mud, all covered in mud and getting nowhere. Many of the nations of Europe have already climbed out of the mud hole of previous ages. You have a condition where many people have not only a tolerable life but have a very affluent life. They have great economic freedom to do many things that their parents and grandparents could not even dream about. It is not a matter of these people coming to see that current conditions are bad.

It is a matter of them coming to see that current conditions could be a springboard, a stepping stone, to something even better—in fact, far better. So much better that their parents could not even dream about it and that they themselves have so far not really dared to dream about it. It is time for them to dream about it, to dare to dream about what a society really could be when we do not have many of these problems we saw a generation or two ago, such as a world-wide war or two or wide-spread poverty, diseases or many other conditions.

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