The need to transcend representative democracy

TOPICS: An outdated governmental model – Transcending representative democracy –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, February 11, 2011 through Kim Michaels. Given in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol building, Washington D.C.

Gautama Buddha is the name I have used now in connection with my service on this earth. I am taking this opportunity – as I have a messenger who is in physical embodiment, and who is in this physical location in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol – to anchor a greater amount of my Presence than I have anchored here earlier, a greater intensity of the Light that I AM, the Light of Integration.

The Light of Integration, not only of the Seven Rays but also of the so-called Secret Rays, the higher spiritual rays, that shall now be anchored through the light that this messenger feels, as I am speaking these words in this public location, unbeknownst to those who are going by on their curiosity tours and unbeknownst to those who will be going by here in their work as Senators and Congressmen and members of the American government who have, of course, very little awareness of the Buddha or very little allegiance to the Buddha.

Nevertheless, is not one of the principles of this nation precisely, that out of the many, out of the diversity, is formed a Union? A Greater Union, that is allegiance to higher principles and to the absolute God Victory of the completing of the circle. Whereby you first have the one Indivisible God, that divides itself into many self-aware extensions of itself; and then through the process of the growth in self-awareness, those self-aware extensions come together, transcend their differences without losing their individuality, and then form a greater union here below, that is a reflection of the Greater Union that exists Above.

This is indeed the purpose of this nation, as it is the purpose of any nation and of the Family of Nations throughout the World: that Matter becomes a reflection of Spirit through the free-will choices of each human being, aligning itself with its Presence, with its I Am Presence, with its I Will Be Presence. And then, through that Union with the Spirit, that is vertical, sees also beyond the outer differences and therefore can come into a horizontal union, that is beyond anything, that could be achieved through the outer mind, through the separate self, through the ego.

“One Nation Under God” means precisely, that this nation is built on the recognition, that there are higher principles that must transcend anything that comes up, and/or is defined here below. It is truly a reflection of the fact, that there are higher principles that transcend anything, that can be brought forth and defined through the fallen consciousness, the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality, that is always focused on dualistic polarities.

An outdated governmental model

You do indeed see this consciousness reflected here in this United States Capitol building and in the fact that this nation, supposed to be One Nation Under God, still has this outdated model of having two chambers, that need to debate endlessly, sometimes, and often cannot come to a resolution, because they cannot see beyond the outer differences. And thus, would it not be possible then to have a new approach, a higher approach, whereby we seek to find a new approach to union, a new approach to coming together and finding a way to go beyond the differences?

That way would, of course, be to just have one legislative chamber but also to make sure, that this chamber does not have as much power as is currently enjoyed by the Senate and the Congress. For they are simply administrators who administer the will of the people, and it is the will of the people, that is allowed to make the major decisions and the major laws through a direct vote by the people. There are indeed many in the United States who are hung up on the idea, that the United States is a Republic, that does not necessarily reflect the will of the majority, but is based on certain principles that the majority cannot overrule, and that Congress and the Senate and the President and the Supreme Court supposedly cannot overrule either.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to take this democracy to the next logical step in its evolution. It is necessary to recognize, that with modern communication and information technology, there is no longer the need for the kind of representative democracy that this nation has had so far. There is a need for a more direct involvement of the people. And indeed, if the people will disregard or overrule certain eternal principles, then they must be allowed to do so and feel and experience the consequences of their choices. For in the end, how are the people to learn? For again, of course, the absolute purpose for this nation is not to produce a certain outer result; it is to further the growth in awareness of the people. That is why this nation is of the people, by the people and for the growth in consciousness of the people.

They will grow only by governing themselves and seeing the consequences, so that they decide to educate themselves and make better choices in the future than they have made in the past. This is the one and only way that growth can happen. It is the only way that this nation can fulfill its destiny. It is the only way that this nation can grow beyond the current state, where too often a single word is used to characterize the current state of American government and that word is as you know: gridlock.

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