The Need to Clean Up the Astral Plane

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 5, 2015.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary! I wish to discourse with you on the hidden agendas of the fallen beings. These agendas are the true cause of war. All of the outer reasons for war given on this planet are simply camouflage that are designed to hide the true cause.

It is important for you, as a spiritual person, to understand the incredible difference between the worldview you have been given as you were growing up, and then the reality of how the world actually works. The official worldview of how life works on earth and how history has progressed and what has been the cause of the progression of history is woefully inadequate. This lack of knowledge of what is really happening on this planet is not due to innocent ignorance; it is a produced ignorance, a state that has been produced by the fallen beings deliberately.

Artificially produced ignorance

The equation is very simple. If you are feeling pain in your foot and you know the cause is that you have stepped on a nail that has gone through the sole of your shoe, then what would you do? Well, you would take the shoe off and pull the nail out. If you are feeling pain in your foot and you either do not know what is causing it or you believe there is nothing you could do to avoid it, then you cannot take this simple measure, can you?

Human beings are not stupid. If they are feeling pain or discomfort and they discover the cause of it, then they will do something about it. Many human beings on this planet are feeling the pain of the existence of war and conflict. Many people would like to do something about it. If these people could be helped to understand that the real cause of war and conflict is the presence of the fallen beings, then they would instantly stop following the fallen beings. This is the simple equation: The fallen beings cannot keep their power if people see them and see them for what they are. They can keep their power only through deception, through a produced ignorance. For some people, this ignorance is a willful ignorance. They really do not want to know that the fallen beings exist because they do not want to change their lives.

There is a relatively small percentage of the people on earth (and with that I mean less than ten percent) who are in what we might call an unconscious alliance with the fallen beings. They are not themselves fallen beings, but they gain an advantage from obeying the fallen beings. They gain a sense of power, a sense of privilege, or in some cases even the advantage that they are allowed to kill, hurt, torture or control other human beings. They gain a sense of power from doing this. These people do not want to know what is really going on, yet they are only a minority. The eighty percent of the general population would free themselves from the fallen beings if they knew what was really happening.

The top ten percent of the most spiritual people are the ones who are more open, but some of them have been diverted by the fallen beings into what I talked about, namely the idea that “it’s all good” and that they don’t need to do anything other than send out positive vibrations. In a sense, we could say that there are some among the top ten percent who also have a willful ignorance. They want to keep believing that they can continue doing what they are doing and that they do not need to change their lifestyle or their outlook on life by acknowledging the presence of dark forces.

You are not in opposition to the fallen beings

It is no easy task for the ascended masters to enlighten humankind to the reality of this planet. That is why we need those of you who are open to our teachings to make the calls. We can then open up pathways in the collective consciousness where more and more people can begin to awaken. They can awaken without being taken into these extremes of fanaticism that you often see as a result of people studying the many conspiracy theories and other extremist views that are out there.

I know well that there are those who will say that what I am presenting in this book and what we are presenting in other books is an extremist view. Why do I know this? Because I have studied the fallen beings for a long time, and I can tell you that there is nothing new in the fallen mindset. It is very predictable how they will respond whenever we seek to enlighten humankind.

What I wish to talk about next is the need for the spiritual people on earth to stop seeing themselves as being in opposition to the fallen beings. You are not the opponents of the fallen beings. There is a very fine and delicate balance to be found as you awaken yourself from the collective state of sleep concerning the fallen beings. You do not go into rebelling against them or fighting them. This we have explained in great detail in the book, Warrior of Peace, so I will not repeat it here. I do wish to emphasize that it is extremely important for you that you do not go into the blind alley of thinking that you have to fight the fallen beings. Also, do not go into feeling overwhelmed.

Removing war is a fully doable task

There is no reason to feel overwhelmed because, as I have explained before, the fallen beings have limited power. We of the ascended masters have unlimited power and can consume and deal with anything that the fallen beings can come up with, as long as you give us the authority to do so. The whole idea of this book is to get a critical mass of people to give us the authority and to invoke the energy that will allow us to remove these fallen beings and the completely unconscious demons and entities from this planet.

There is absolutely nothing hopeless about the task we are facing. There is no reason to feel overwhelmed at all. It is a perfectly doable task. It is perfectly doable for you to live a relatively normal lifestyle and to give the invocations and decrees that will give us the authority to use our power to remove the fallen beings. It is a doable task. Had it not been a doable task, we would not have given it to you because we have no desire to overwhelm our students. Unfortunately, our students do not always understand this, and they overwhelm themselves when they come in contact with our teachings.

This is the danger of giving an outer teaching that can be read on the Internet or in books. We cannot quite control who will find this teaching. It is possible that people can find it while they are ready at inner levels but not ready at the level of the outer mind. This is what causes some students to go into what I would almost call a state of fanaticism because of our teachings. They become so “fired up” about fighting the fallen beings by giving decrees and invocations that they overdo it and become unbalanced in their zeal just like you see so many other people who, for religious or political reasons or even other reasons, can become so zealous that it is not healthy. This I have no desire to encourage, and that is why I again emphasize that what we are giving you is a doable task.

Your worldview and the fallen worldview

I have earlier described what happens on a battlefield when you can see the entities and demons on the astral plane and the fallen beings in the mental and identity realms. I wish to speak again about this from a slightly different perspective. I wish to speak about it from the perspective of what the fallen beings or the demons get out of war.

This will help you understand why there is such a difference between the causes of war presented by the official worldview and then the deeper causes of war I am presenting to you. Many of the more spiritual people have been fooled by the official view of war. They have been fooled because they do not understand the fundamental difference between how you yourself look at life and how the fallen beings look at life.

It is very common for human beings to have an almost unconscious assumption that everybody else is like them and thinks, feels and looks at life the same way. If you are a spiritual person, you see that war is not desirable, and you assume that most people want to stop war. You may fall prey to the common misconception, promoted by the official worldview, that there are only a very few extreme people who deliberately want to create war.

You have all been taught about Hitler and other such extremists. You have been taught that they were particularly evil people and that was why they created war. You may have been taught about certain economic factors or political factors that cause people to go to war without really wanting to, but they feel they have to because they are threatened by some enemy outside themselves. You tend to think that it should be possible to stop war through rational means. Many of you have grown up with this sense that war is wrong, war should be avoided, and you assume that most people want to avoid it.

What I am seeking to show you here is that it is true that most people have a drive in their psychology that drives them towards wanting to avoid war. This I have explained, even as the programming of the body-mind for self-preservation and the preservation of the species. There is also your spiritual connection. There is within most human beings this desire, this drive, to stop war.

What you have not been given through the official world-view is the understanding that this drive can be set aside or overridden when people’s minds are taken over and controlled by beings in the emotional, mental and identity realms. What I want you to see in this discourse is that these beings in the three higher realms, as well as some fallen beings in embodiment, have no drive to stop war.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Help the Ascended Masters Stop War.

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