The murder of the Divine Mother is judged

TOPICS: Lemurian records in California – Men and women working in complete equality – The fallen beings putting down women – Judging the murder of the Divine Mother – The need to make calls – 

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, July 19, 2015 through Kim Michaels.This dictation was given during a conference in Los Angeles.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I hold the office of the Divine Mother for all lifestreams on earth, and I come to bring forth a release that was not scheduled for this conference but that you have earned through your willingness to hold the balance for the other dictations, and especially this latest dictation by Jesus, which was a momentous release but required a critical mass of people to be here in order to be most effective.

Lemurian records in California

If you examine yourself you will see that, during the break after Jesus’ dictation, the energy level was much higher than before. There was a shift. There was a flow of joy and the joy was your souls rejoicing by knowing at inner levels that you had witnessed an important shift for this planet. It was also that you felt the rejoicing of us in the spiritual realm for the bringing forth of this judgment and this release that marks a new beginning.

What I wish to bring forth in this release is another level of judgment, which you might look at as something ominous, but it is not. On the contrary, it is the beginning of joy. Only when that which is holding back the flow of the light of the Divine Mother is judged, can there be the release of that light, that flow of the River of Life. I wish to bring to your attention that there was in ancient times a continent in the Pacific. Many of you know of this as the continent of Mu or Lemuria.

Many of you will know that it has been said in ascended master teachings that parts of the California coast are remnants of that continent. It is not necessarily true in a linear sense that the same land was there, but it is true in the sense that there are certain energetic records that are still here today, and there are people who have reincarnated from that continent in this area. They have reincarnated for two reasons. One is that some of them have not transcended the consciousness of Lemuria and they are here to anchor the consciousness of the judgment and the destruction and the killing of the Divine Mother in embodiment.

Then there are those who either have transcended that consciousness, or who were never part of it, and who have reincarnated in this area of the West Coast in order to hold the balance for the judgment of those who will not let go. There are many beautiful souls of light who have incarnated in California and certain other places along the West Coast precisely to hold the balance for the bringing forth of a new awareness of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother.

Men and women working in complete equality

Many of you here are aware of the need to bring forth a new way to look at not only women, but the feminine awareness, the feminine aspect of God. Some of you here are part of the people who have vowed to take on this task of bringing forth not only a physical or political liberation or equality for women, but more of a spiritual liberation of women. This is where you are willing to acknowledge your femininity, to set it free and to express yourselves with the freedom and the joy of acknowledging your womanhood.

This is especially important in the United States, for I must tell you that compared to at least the northern part of Europe, when it comes to the acceptance and acknowledgement of women, then the United States is behind—in certain areas of this nation, quite far behind. This is a problem for Saint Germain because the Golden Age of Saint Germain will not be brought into manifestation exclusively by men. It will be brought into manifestation only by men and women working together as complete equals where they, as I have discoursed on before, embody the qualities of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in a way that the two creative forces complement each other rather than competing with or seeking to destroy each other.

The fallen beings putting down women

There are books and stories about the continent of Lemuria. I do not necessarily encourage you to read them because they are of varying quality and accurateness. What is significant, and what should be known by all ascended master students, is that there was a time in the distant past where there was a civilization that was devoted to the Divine Mother. The entire society was led by women, and although this was not necessarily ideal or balanced, it was still a high civilization. Then there was a deliberate plot, which began with the fallen beings in the identity realm and was executed by the fallen beings in embodiment, to kill the high priestess that was at the time the leader of the temple of the Divine Mother.

Now, the killing of one human being is not necessarily of planetary significance. But what was of planetary significance was that this one act initiated a cycle that is marked by a deliberate and very intense effort to put down women and the Divine Feminine worldwide. You see this in so many countries, of how women have been put down over and over again. You see it in the United States—not only in setting men and women against each other in relationships and setting them up to fail, but you also see the putting down of women in all levels of society. Look at the business world and the talk about a glass ceiling that you cannot go beyond if you are a woman. Look at how those who have managed to attain some position in the business world have done so, in most cases, by denying their femininity. Look at those who have come up in the political world and who have also, in many cases, done the same. This, of course, is not equality. It is not equality that you allow women to attain certain positions in society by denying their femininity. How could this be equality?

One of the most intense areas where America is putting down women is in the field of religion, particularly the Christian religion. You still have in the Catholic church the refusal to let any woman hold any significant position. You have the same in most fundamentalist churches. You even have the same in the Mormon church, which claims to be a modern church, but not when it comes to the treatment of women.

Judging the murder of the Divine Mother

My beloved, all of this putting down of women worldwide goes back to the murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria. It is, of course, a worldwide movement that has gained its own momentum. At least for the United States, the major focal point for the putting down of women and the murder of the Divine Feminine is right here in Los Angeles. I will not give you a specific physical location, for it is not important.

What is important is that, through a long process involving ascended master students and the calls they have been making, involving many other spiritual people and the efforts they have made to raise up the Divine Feminine, we have come to a point where I, Mary, the Divine Mother for Earth, can pronounce in the physical the full and final judgment of the remnants of this consciousness of the murder of the Divine Mother.

This focal point is ultimately a certain thought-matrix. It is a very complex matrix created by, I might say, guardedly, very “advanced” fallen beings in the identity realm. It has been reinforced over time by fallen beings in all four octaves and by many people who have been pulled into this illusion. It is supported by many demons that are very powerful in terms of the intensity of their hatred against anything feminine. Some of you have encountered people in physical embodiment who embody this consciousness and you should, of course, make the calls for the judgment of such people and the consciousness behind them.

Beyond specific people, I now pronounce the judgment of the matrix itself and the demons and the fallen beings in the three higher octaves that are reinforcing the matrix. Therefore, by the full power of the Divine Mother, which no force in the material universe can withstand, I Mary, shatter! shatter! shatter! shatter the matrix of the murder of the Divine Feminine. It is no more on earth.

The need to make calls

This, then, marks the beginning of a shift because those who − around the world and especially in the United States − have been putting down women have been tapped into the matrix and have received power from it. Based on this dictation, you can make the calls that it will not be recreated. Truly, it can never be recreated in its original form, for the fallen beings who originally created it have been judged and taken from the Earth. People can still recreate some form of a matrix of putting down women and turn it into a spirit, and this you can prevent by making the calls.

This is very important as an Omega action. Because of free will, I can only pronounce this judgment and shatter the matrix because a critical mass of people in physical embodiment have made the free-will decision to transcend that consciousness of putting down the Divine Feminine. I can only maintain the freedom from this matrix, I can only prevent the creation of a new matrix if there is a critical mass of people who chose to reinforce the judgment so that their free-will choices can form a counter-balance to the free-will choices − or perhaps the not-so-free-will choices − of those who still want to put down women.

You see the equation. It takes, however, far fewer people who choose to reinforce the positive in order to counterbalance a larger number of people who are reinforcing the negative. I trust that those of you who feel close to this cause in your hearts will be willing to make the calls and do many other things to bring about a new awareness in America and elsewhere of the need to stop putting down women.

I will bring forth more teachings and more tools on this topic, and so you may consider that this brings a new era where we will more directly address the need for the raising up not only of women but of the feminine in all people. As I said in Holland, there is a great need for a new awareness of the value of the wisdom of the Mother who knows how the physical octave works, and not how those in the perverted father consciousness think it should work according to their theories, their idols, their images.

With my great gratitude for your presence and for the work of many other people in this dispensation or in other movements, I seal you in my infinite timeless gratitude. I look forward to how I can give you more teachings and more tools to reinforce this momentous shift in planet earth’s history. I am the Divine Mother for earth.


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