The master Key to the Success of Spiritual Movements

TOPICS: Beware of the divide-and-conquer strategy – The real goal of any spiritual movement –

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, December 24, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I AM Michael, the Archangel, and I come this Christmas season bearing gifts, because you truly have been the good children throughout the year, who deserve not only a visit from Santa Claus but from the real Archangel Michael.

Beware of the divide-and-conquer strategy

The dark forces will work in any way they can to do what the dark forces have always done to those who work for the light, and that is, “Divide and Conquer.” They will do anything they can to divide you, by projecting doubt and fear into your own minds and by projecting conflicts or disagreements into your relationships. Do not fear these forces, but do be alert and know that they can be subtle. But when you are willing to expose your own ego, then they have very little power over you.

My Beloved hearts, this truly is the ingredient that has been missing in almost every past religious or spiritual organization on this planet: The willingness to freely look in the mirror and expose your own ego. And then the realization that in order to overcome the ego you need to come into oneness, oneness with your Christ self, oneness with the ascended masters, oneness with God and oneness with each other.

Because, truly, it is not God’s will that one person saves planet earth. That is why it is such a travesty that Jesus has been raised up as the only savior of humankind, for he never came to set himself apart from anyone. You must understand that God wants many, many people to be part of the raising of the consciousness of earth, but that you will have the maximum impact only when you come together in oneness, in harmony, in unison. And thus you must guard your oneness against the division of the mind of anti-christ, whether it be working in the ego, whether it be working through dark forces or whether it be working through other people.

Therefore, you need to be aware that the most important thing, the most important trait that you have, or that you need to cultivate, is oneness of heart, that sees beyond the outer differences and realizes that oneness is far more important than being right according to your own standard. Oh my beloved, when we look at spiritual organizations, we see so many times where the students failed to understand the importance of oneness. They failed to understand that we of the ascended masters are not primarily concerned with the outer results that you achieve. We are much more concerned with how you achieve those results, meaning whether you have unison of hearts or whether you seek to force those results.

Truly, Jesus talked about those who take heaven by force, but I must tell you – equally – that we do not want to see our students try to take earth by force. We want you to take earth by love! And therefore you must be aware that the key to being the open door for love is oneness. Oneness here below with each other, oneness with us Above. It is love that completes the figure-eight flow between heaven and earth and it is only this figure-eight flow that will consume the problems on earth.

The real goal of any spiritual movement

So be alert, be aware, that your goal should be to establish a platform of oneness. This is far more important than any outer achievement. When you always strive for oneness, you realize that when disagreements or questions come up, you need to look beyond the outer situation, the outer circumstances, the outer words, the outer beliefs, the outer opinions. You need to ask yourself, “Is this bringing us closer to oneness, or is it taking us away from oneness?”

And if you find that some discussion or disagreement is taking you away from oneness, then you need to say, “We are taking the wrong approach. We are trying to solve this problem at the level of the human consciousness, and therefore we end up being more divided instead of becoming more one, more united.” You need to step back and reconnect in your hearts to the fact that the number one purpose for your coming together is to establish the platform of oneness, the circle of oneness.

And when you recommit yourself to establishing oneness first of all, then you will find that any disagreements you might have will melt away. And you will suddenly see a new approach to the problem that will bring you greater unity, greater oneness and resolve the divisions, as if the sun had come up and melted the dew.

If you will continue to absorb the teaching, to study it, to discuss it, to give presentations based on it, and if you will continue to give the rosaries, then you will find that one day you will look back and you will see how much you have been transformed. And you will scarcely recognize yourselves, and you can scarcely understand how you can feel so much more at peace, so much happier, than you were in the past. And this transformation can continue indefinitely because you truly are flowing with the River of Life, and the River of Life never stops transcending, never stops growing toward more and more joy, more and more expression of the many facets of God that are your God Flames.

Thus, I bless you in the Flame of the Will of God. I seal you in the Circle of Oneness that is the will of God, for it is the supreme will of God that all life is one. Thus, I seal you with all the power of my being. It IS done!


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels