The Light of God can solve all problems

TOPICS: How to bring forth real solutions to world problems – Stop waiting for the outer savior – Unity beyond outer boundaries – You have started an upward spiral –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 23, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

When you look around you here in Colombia and south America, truly you see many severe problems, you see many problems that seem to have no solution. You might think, “What is the point in us giving a rosary for world conditions in some faraway country that have little impact on our own problems that we suffer from every day?” Yet I tell you that there is infinite value in raising your consciousness above your own day-to-day problems and being willing to join forces with hearts the world around, so that you come together in oneness to pray for problems that seem far away from your own.

And what is the value of doing this? The value is that when you are willing to call for the solution to other people’s problems, you are reaching up to God and you are establishing a connection to God. And thereby God can truly bring forth the solution to your own problems in a miraculous way that you could not do yourselves with your outer minds, your conscious minds.

How to bring forth real solutions to world problems

My Beloved hearts, do you understand the key concept that we have being trying to give you? Jesus has been trying to give you this on his website,  I give it to you in my new book. The concept is that you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. The problems you see around you in South America and Columbia were created because the people are in a certain state of consciousness. There is no solution to these problems as long as the people remain in that state of consciousness.

So what will it take to bring about a change? It will take that some people will be the open doors for reaching beyond the consciousness that has created the problems in South America. And many spiritual students have truly proven that they are willing to raise their consciousness, to go beyond the consciousness that has created the problems around them. Do you understand how important that is? Do you understand how important it is for the ascended masters and how important it is for God? Truly, there is no other way to solve the problems of humankind, whether it be in South America or elsewhere. Someone must be willing to raise their consciousness beyond the consciousness that created the problems.

Jesus walked the earth in the Middle East 2,000 years ago precisely because it was the darkest area of the earth. It is still the darkest area of the earth because not enough people have embraced his teachings. What was his teaching all about? It was all about reaching beyond the human consciousness, the consciousness of duality, so that you could reach up for the Christ consciousness, the vision of Christ, the vision of the Christ consciousness. This truly is the only solution to humankind’s problems. There is no other solution.

It is a complete illusion when people think that this political system or that political system can solve their problems. Capitalism will not solve the problems of poverty in South America, but neither will communism or socialism or any form of political ideology created by human beings who are trapped in the duality consciousness. Do you see, my beloved hearts, how important this is?

This is a concept that – if enough people could understand it – could totally change this planet almost overnight. If they, instead of looking high and low for human solutions to human problems, would start reaching higher than the consciousness that created those problems, and instead reach for the divine solution that comes to them through the mind of Christ. If only they dared to connect to the mind of Christ within their hearts, instead of expecting that the Pope or Jesus or the government or the president will solve their problems for them.

Stop waiting for the outer savior

My Beloved hearts, this is the essential problem on planet earth today, and it is a problem that is especially pronounced in South America—that the people wait passively for someone else to solve their problems. Or they pray passively to God to solve their problems for them. Do you see that so many people who are religious are in a passive state of consciousness of thinking that they can pray to God, and then God will magically step in and solve their problems for them?

This simply will not work! People have prayed for thousands of years for God to solve their problems, yet the problems have not gone away. And it is because the approach is not right. The approach needs to be raised up, so that people realize that God WILL solve their problems, but he will do it not for them as an outside force; he will do it through them as the inner force, the inner God that works through man in embodiment. This is truly what Jesus came to demonstrate 2,000 years ago, when he said, “I and my father are one, I can of my own self do nothing. But my father worketh through me. It is the father within me who is doing the work.”

Yet God needs a vessel in embodiment to work through because he has given humankind free will. So someone who is here in a physical body must use their free will to rise above the human consciousness, to reach for the divine solution and to be the open door for bringing that solution into manifestation.

You look at South America and you see many problems. And some people come and say, “Is there hope for the solution to these problems?” Yet I tell you that for every problem you see, there is an idea, there is an understanding, that will help people solve that problem. Take note of what I say. There is an idea that will help people solve their own problems. All problems spring from ignorance. The solution to any problem is understanding, the Christ understanding that is beyond the human ignorance, the human understanding, the intellectual understanding that created the problem.

When an idea is brought into the physical octave through an open heart and mind, and when that idea is given out to the people, then literally an entire society, an entire nation, can be changed overnight just because that idea spreads. And all of the people who are attuned suddenly wake up and realize, “We don’t need to do things the old way any more. We can do them a new way, we can find a new way to do them.”

It is when people come together and they are of one mind, of one heart, of one accord – as were the disciples of Jesus when the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost – when people come together in oneness, then they establish a platform for opening up the door for the ascended masters to step through the veil.

Unity beyond outer boundaries

My Beloved hearts, this is what we look for. We look for a situation where those who are the spiritual people on earth will establish a greater union and oneness that goes beyond all outer differences, all outer boundaries. Do you see, when you know and when you accept and when you realize that you are a son or daughter of God, then it does not matter whether your skin is white, black, yellow, red or any other color. It does not matter whether you speak this language, whether you speak that language, whether you live on this continent or that continent.

None of the outer divisions, that are so important to human beings who are stuck in the consciousness of anti-christ, will matter when you realize you are a son or daughter of God and that, therefore, you are more than these outer divisions. And therefore, you can come together and establish oneness beyond and regardless of the outer divisions. They cannot stop your oneness when you are willing to reach above the consciousness of anti-christ and reach for the oneness of Christ.

The essence of Jesus’ mission was oneness between man and God. This has been understood by hardly any Christian church, even after 2,000 years. And in fact, the mainstream Christian churches, whether they be Catholic or Protestant, deny the very concept of oneness between man and God that Jesus preached and demonstrated. We of the ascended masters look to our students today to defy the consciousness of anti-christ and to say, “We will not let you divide us. We will not let you divide us from our God, because we will look beyond the outer divisions and we will come together in oneness of heart, in oneness of mind, in oneness of purpose, which is to raise the consciousness of humankind and to banish the consciousness of anti-christ from this planet.”

This truly is what we look for in this age. This is the only thing that will bring a solution to humankind’s problems. What do you think would have happened to Christianity if the Holy Spirit had not descended on the disciples at Pentecost, so that each of the disciples, and even those who were not the direct disciples, were empowered by that Holy Spirit to go out and preach the Living Word? I can tell you what would have happened if the Holy Spirit had not descended: Nothing would have happened. Christianity would never had grown to become a world-wide movement.

It is exactly the same with the teachings of the ascended masters today. Unless the students of the ascended masters, those who call themselves the true students, unless they will come together in oneness of heart, the teachings of the ascended masters will not grow and will not become as common of a word as Christianity is today.

You have started an upward spiral

Again, you around the world who have been willing to study the teachings we have given, to give the rosaries, you have started a movement, an upward spiral that can truly grow, and it truly can encompass the entire earth. But you must reinforce it and you must always strive for oneness, oneness of heart, oneness of purpose. You must not allow anyone from the outside to divide you. You must not allow anything from the inside, in your own egos and the dark forces who whisper in your ear, to divide you.

Let them not drive a wedge in between you and your Christ self. Let them not drive a wedge in between you and your brother’s and sisters, no matter how different they might seem. This truly is the one solution to all problems: Oneness between man and God and through that oneness the oneness below of hearts who are one in purpose.

Yet Saint Germain will not cast his pearls before swine, as a symbol for the human consciousness that digs in the earth and is not concerned with anything but what it wants for itself. My Beloved hearts, if you could see the vision that Saint Germain holds for North, Central and south America, you would leap with joy. You would literally be so transformed that you would realize that the current imperfections you see are as nothing compared to the power of Saint Germain, to the power of El Morya, to the power of Jesus, to the power of the Divine Mother that I AM.

Therefore, you would find new hope, new determination, and you would realize that the most important decision you could make is to commit your life to oneness. Oneness with your Christ self, oneness with each other, oneness with the ascended masters. Because truly, nothing else matters.

This is my message for today, yet we shall surely give you a more clear vision of the Golden Age for South America and the Americas. And thus I seal you in my joyful heart, and I impart to you my joy. And I pray that you accept it and let your joy be full for this Christmas season, as you contemplate the miracle of the birth of Christ in your own heart and in every heart on this planet. It is sealed.


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