The key to passing the initiations of the Holy Spirit

TOPICS: The Odyssey is a symbol for the journey of every soul – A cycle is ending; you must rise or fall – The key ingredient – People who hate the light – Why do leaders show no mercy? – Understanding the anti Holy Spirit – The force that opposes your growth – Why many world leaders feel pressured – A journey under the surface of the earth – Seeing that the dark forces have no power over you – Do one thing in the coming year – See beyond the words and experience the light –

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Ascended Master Maha Chohan, January 1, 2012 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Maha Chohan I AM, and I come like the rushing stream, sweeping away all in its path that is not anchored to the rock of Christ. I would take you on a little journey in your imagination, that you might see a parallel to the descent of your own lifestream into the material universe.

Consider a high mountain range, and over that mountain range is a dense cloud cover. In the clouds is water found as steam. And so, because it is in this state, it can hover in the clouds without falling to earth.

What then is it that causes this water, this water vapor, to condense into drops of rain that then fall? It is indeed a shift in temperature. If the temperature is lowered just a little bit, then the water vapor condenses, forms into drops, and then the drops fall over the mountains. And as they hit the mountains, they then naturally begin to find their way down. For as soon as they enter the material realm, they start the epic journey that will take them back.

The Odyssey is a symbol for the journey of every soul

The journey that I illustrated so many years ago, when I was embodied as the poet Homer, writing the Odyssey. The journey of Odysseus is indeed the journey of every soul, where you have been away from home. And then, when you realize that the struggle is complete, that you are done with the struggle, then you can start the homeward journey.

And this is indeed what happens to the soul. As you descend, you are like a water droplet that hits the mountain, and you start rolling down the mountain. And you start joining with other drops, forming a stream, trickling down the mountain, gathering more and more speed, more and more turbulence, as you become involved with many other people.

And that is, then, when you together form this torrential current that sweeps away everything, for it feels that it has a mission, it has a goal, it has something it must solve, it has something it must achieve here on earth. And so, the people come together, forming a stream, and then they rush down the mountain in their eagerness to complete their task. And then they gather more and more steam; they become more and more turbulent as they struggle – often with each other – for they do not see, that they have the same goal—they think they have different goals.

And so, they need to get all of the other people to come into alignment with their goal. And this then creates the struggle and the turbulence that you see in a rushing mountain stream, that is swelling with the waters of the spring thaw. And so, this is what you see in the hustle and bustle of life.

But then, I tell you, there comes a time when people begin to have had enough of the struggle. And that is parallel to when the mountain river finally reaches the plain, and now it starts flowing more slowly. It starts carving wide turns in the plain, and therefore it now takes more time on its journey. So it has time to reflect, time to meditate on life, time to set priorities of what is really important or where it really wants to go.

And so, this is, then, when you can begin the homeward journey, where you realize that you will never solve the problems on earth through the attitude of struggle. You will never bring peace through force. You will never bring peace by forcing other people into alignment. You can only seek to find your own peace and let others find theirs.

A cycle is ending; you must rise or fall

And so, the image I would give you is that as this more gentle river flows towards the ocean, there can now happen something that is quite unexpected for many people. For indeed, what happens in life is that there are certain cycles. And as we have told you many times, you have been working through the cycle of the Piscean age, the Piscean dispensation, and you have entered into the Age of Aquarius.

But why is it that so many people consider 2012 an important turning point? Well, it is because it marks the end of a certain cycle. And so, imagine now that you have a river that flows gently through the plains. And you might think that because the river is flowing so gently, you will keep flowing gently until you hit the ocean. Yet now imagine that the plain is only a plateau, and suddenly you come closer to the edge of the plateau, where it drops far down to a lower level.

And as the water drops over the edge, there is a mighty waterfall. And what was calm water just a little while back, now suddenly becomes rushing water that flows towards the waterfall. And as it falls over that edge, as it comes to the edge, this is the parallel to the end of a cycle. For now there are two ways to go. You will see, if you look at a waterfall, that most of the water simply falls straight down, pulled by the force of gravity. Yet you will also see that some of the water is accelerated and turns into steam that rises up, often displaying a beautiful rainbow as it rises.

And this is indeed an illustration of what happens in the year of 2012, the Year of the Holy Spirit. The water that has been flowing will be coming to an edge, and this is a symbol of the fact that all souls on earth will experience a shift. They will come to that edge, the end of the cycle, where they must either fall down – because they have not overcome the downward pull of their own momentums – or they must rise and become the steam that rises back up to a higher level, that is transformed back into the water vapor that originally was there before they descended.

This is not to say that all people will ascend who have this upward thrust, but it is to say that all will ascend in consciousness—if they are free from the very things that the downward pull can grab a hold of and pull them down. And so, you will see that this will be a year that will be a dividing of the way, where some souls will rise to a new level of consciousness and others will tumble over the edge, feel like their lives are out of control, like they are in a free-fall. And then there will be a crash landing.

But this is actually – even though it will be experienced as very disturbing to many – it is still a grace. For is it not so that when the water falls down, the rushing of the water will renew it, will give it new life. And thus, even though it may be shaken up, it is still an opportunity for people to find a new way after they have fallen as far as they are going, depending on their own momentums.

The key ingredient

And so, what is then the key ingredient, that will determine whether a specific lifestream will rise up or will fall down in this year of 2012? Well it is the relationship that the lifestream has to what I represent to the earth, namely the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit can also be seen as the light. The light that comes in to disturb, to shake up, to break the mold that keeps the soul bound in an earthly matrix. To tell you that there is more to life, that you are more, that you have a higher potential, that you have a better potential ahead of you, than holding on to these old belief systems, these old images, these old grudges against other people.

“This is not your highest potential,” the Holy Spirit whispers in your ear. And if you will not hear, then sometimes when cycles are right, it becomes more persistent, because it is indeed right that people cannot postpone the choice forever, and stay in their comfort zones forever. There are certain cycles, where people are forced by the collective cycle to make a choice.

This is not a violation of free will, but it is indeed that when a cycle turns, there is a critical mass of people who are choosing the higher way, the way of rising, the way of acceleration, the way of letting go. And this means that those who will not make that choice yet, they must be, then, faced with the momentum of those who are rising, so that they will have to actively deny this in order to not rise.

Do you see that in a normal middle part of the cycle – as I illustrated with the gently flowing river – people can remain very comfortable? They feel that their lives are going okay, and indeed they are making some progress as they are gently flowing. But they are not able to accelerate themselves beyond that level, and that is why there comes these cycles, where people must now be “forced” to make the choice of realizing, that they have the potential to rise higher. For they see other people doing so, and what one has done, all can do.

So now, instead of just comfortably flowing, thinking all is going well, you have to make this conscious choice: Will I rise higher, or will I deny the opportunity to rise higher? Will I rise higher by letting go of whatever I am holding on to, or will I actively deny, refuse to let go, and keep holding on to these things, so that I must fall down with those momentums that the law of gravity will inevitably pull down? And so, the key ingredient for whether souls will rise or fall in this coming year is indeed very simple. It is: Do they love the light or do they hate the light?

People who hate the light

For you see, my beloved, you may think that most people on earth would love the light. But it is not so, for the light disturbs you, the light disturbs you in your comfortability.

So there is a group of people on earth who love the light, there is a larger group who are somewhat reluctant to acknowledge the light, for it disturbs them, but then again there is a smaller group who actively and vehemently hate the light.

And so, what you will see is that those people who love the light will be able to rise in the coming year. They will be able to transcend, they will have an opportunity to let go of old momentums, that they have not had for a very long time. And they will have this opportunity to suddenly feel that everything in their life has shifted, and they look at everything in a different way. And they feel so much more free, so much more joyful, as Jesus so eloquently explained yesterday. When you lock in to that flame of joy; that is what will take you higher.

And then, there will be a large group of people who will feel that 2012 will be the most disturbing year in their entire lifetimes, and the most disturbing year they even remember in their soul memory. And this is not necessarily because of outer things that will happen, even though there is a potential for outer calamities in the world. But I tell you that the greatest disturbance will be at inner levels of the individual psyche, where people will feel more and more as if they have to re-evaluate their lives.

And if they will not re-evaluate, then they will have to hold on tighter and tighter—and it will become harder and harder. So the majority of the people will indeed feel this disturbance – this sense of being threatened, this sense that they cannot remain where they are comfortable – and they will feel extremely uncomfortable during this coming year.

Then, of course, you have the lowest 10%, who are those who actively hate the light. And they hate the light because they cannot control it. For you cannot control the light of the Spirit, you cannot force it into a matrix. And so, when a cycle ends, this is when the bottom 10%, the power elites of the world, those who are the power people – who love power and control – this is when they will feel that now they are losing it.

They are losing their control, and they will hate it with the absolute hatred that they feel towards God, towards the light. For when a cycle is in the middle, then they can feel they have control. And many of these lifestreams feel they have had control over the earth as a whole, or over a part of the earth, or over a certain nation, or over certain corporations, or even the financial markets. Other souls have felt they have had their control in spiritual movements, or in political parties, or in many of the other power structures that they have set up, in order to give them the sense that they are the king or queen of their own domain.

Do you not see throughout the earth how many people have attempted to set themselves up, as if they have this mini kingdom, this domain, and one or two people are at the top of this domain and are the undisputed leaders that no one can challenge? And if someone dares to challenge them, then they will be dealt with very swiftly and in a way that shows absolutely no mercy.

Why do leaders show no mercy?

Look at the people throughout history, who have been some of the dictatorial leaders. Look at people like Stalin or Lenin or Hitler or Mao or Pol Pot or other leaders. Look how they have been willing to kill millions of their own people in order to maintain their position at the top of their domain. Look how there was absolutely no mercy towards these people.

Why, my beloved, was there no mercy? Are you thinking that these people had no heart, had no compassion? But you will see that all of these leaders had some compassion for some people, but there were some people for which they had no compassion at all—and why is this so?

Take for example a situation like the Inquisition, where you see men who claimed to be men of God, followers – even representatives – of Christ. Yet here they have a woman come before them accused of being a witch. And no matter what she might say in her defense, they will show her no mercy, for she is already condemned ahead of time. Why is this so? Why is it that some people can show compassion towards some people, but have no compassion towards others? Let me tell you why, my beloved.

It is because when you are in this mode of being a power person, feeling you have control over a certain domain, then there will be people who do not threaten you. And towards those people, you can show compassion. But why is it that these people do not threaten you? Because they do not have enough light to disturb you. Why is it then, that there are other people towards whom you can show no compassion? It is because these people have so much light, that they disturb your sense of being in control.

Why many spiritual people feel burdened

Do you not see, that you, who are the spiritual people, are working on becoming the open door for the light of the Holy Spirit? And as you become an open door, you will become a threat to people around you, who are in this mindset of wanting to have power and control? And this is why many of you have experienced that as you grow on your path, you encounter people who suddenly become very angry, critical, judgmental or negative towards you.

You will also feel, many of you, that as you have grown on your path, you know on the one hand that you have more light – for you feel there is more light streaming through you – but on the other hand you also feel like the more light you get, the more opposition you seem to encounter. You even think or feel that there is some planetary force that is weighing down upon you, telling you, you are no good. Telling you, you have no right to express your Christhood, no right to express your light. Telling you that you should not speak out, or even making you feel like there is a mighty weight that simply wants to crush you, that wants to silence you.

Many of you have experienced this. And certainly, the more light you are able to express, the more you will have to deal with this weight. Until you come to the point, where you can see it for what it is—and come to the point, where you are non-attached, so that the prince of this world has nothing in you.

Understanding the anti Holy Spirit

And so, I would tell you, my beloved, that behind the people in embodiment – who are what I have called power people, because they want to control others and they have no mercy – behind these people in embodiment there is, of course, a planetary force of darkness, which is the anti Holy Spirit, the un-holy spirit.

And so, you might even see that in the Christian movement, there has been a tradition for seeking what is called the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And there are some Christians who list these gifts, saying there are nine of them. But I tell you, there are 144 gifts of the Spirit, and even beyond there are 144,000 gifts of the Spirit. For it is only through the gifts of the Spirit, that you can withstand the many shades and aspects of the fallen consciousness and see through the serpentine logic.

And so, the reality is that many of these Christians who claim to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, do not have the gifts of the Holy Spirit; they have the gifts of the un-holy spirit. And so, I would give you a teaching on this un-holy spirit. For indeed, what we have said is that the Holy Spirit is not – as it has even been portrayed in some previous ascended master teachings – it is not a force generated by God. In the sense that, the Holy Spirit is generated by all of the people throughout all of the spheres of the world of form who have ascended. Not only ascended to a distinctly different level, as when we talk about going through the process of the ascension, but also those who have ascended in consciousness.

All of these people have built a momentum, that has been combined. And this momentum is then the force that is returned to God in the figure-eight flow that comes from below, flows up through the nexus of the Christ and flows into the spiritual realm. And so, in the spiritual realm it is then multiplied and sent back down, and this is what most people experience as the Holy Spirit.

And you may think that this force comes from God, but truly it is generated by the people who are ascending. And God is simply doing what he promised to do: multiplying the talents as you have multiplied them. So you need to see beyond this and realize, that this is not God creating a force. This is you and your brothers and sisters in Spirit, who are generating a force that God is simply multiplying.

The force that opposes your growth

And so, what you will see is, of course, that the anti Holy Spirit, the un-holy spirit is likewise a force, a momentum, that is generated by all of the people who have chosen not to rise higher, not to ascend. And it is indeed generated primarily by the beings, whom we have called fallen beings, who have actively attempted to control others. And this is the essential distinction between the Holy Spirit and the un-holy spirit. The Holy Spirit seeks to set all life free, whereas the un-holy spirit seeks to control all life and encage all life in a certain matrix.

This, then, is a force of the anti Holy Spirit, that has been generated since the first fallen beings fell in the fourth sphere. It has been increased in the succeeding spheres, until we come to this seventh sphere, and it has now reached a certain size, a certain momentum. And for each planetary home that has not broken through to the ascending spiral, there is a mighty force that needs to be overcome by those who ascend.

And it is indeed this force that makes the majority of the people on earth feel comfortable in a certain state, and feel like they have their lives somewhat under control. And so, when you do begin to rise on the spiritual path, you will be opposed by this force. And the more you rise – the more you become an open door – the more they will concentrate their efforts on you, in order to hold you down, to crush you, to stop you from being the open door.

And they do this in many ways. And they do this, of course, first and foremost through other people in embodiment with whom you have close ties. Often, as Jesus said, it is so that a man’s enemies shall be those of his own household. Because precisely the people who are closest to you, are the ones who will feel very uncomfortable, when you begin to rise higher than them, when you begin to express more light than them. For the light that you express will make them uncomfortable, and so they will try to get you to come back to be the old you that they used to know.

“Can we please have the old you back, so that we can be comfortable the way we were before you started expressing this light that makes us so uncomfortable?” How many of you have experienced situations like this with your families and friends, that you might have known since childhood? Or your parents or other people around you, even your children? They become uncomfortable as you become more of an open door. For the simple fact is that when you rise and demonstrate and express the light, then they are forced to consider: “Will I rise also, or will I stay where I am comfortable?”

Why many world leaders feel pressured

And so, what you see in the world at large is that more and more people are beginning to express this light. And this is indeed what is felt by some of the leaders, who are seeking to keep people under their control. Why do you think, my beloved, that in the Year of the Mother there was some of these dictatorial leaders who lost their power? It was only because more and more among their people had become open doors for expressing the light. And thus, the light became so strong, that there was no longer enough of a momentum to crush the people. There were too many among the people, who were open doors for enough light, that the dictators could no longer keep their grip of control.

And so, you will indeed see this cycle accelerated in this coming Year of the Holy Spirit. But you will see that there will be a slight difference. The dictators that lost their power in the year of the Mother were primarily those who had hatred of the Mother, but the leaders who will lose their power in this coming year, are the ones who have hatred of the light.

And if you will ponder this, you will sense a certain difference between hatred of the Mother and hatred of the light. For hatred of the Mother is more directed towards the material realm, but, of course, the light is what comes and disturbs your sense of equilibrium in the material, pulling you to come up higher and transcend the material conditions that you think define you. And so, this is indeed what you will see come tumbling down in this coming year of the Holy Spirit.

But yet, let me return to the idea that there is a force that seeks to crush you. So, they work primarily through people close to you. But they also work through those who are leaders in society, that you might look up to, that you might think have some answers—be it religious leaders, political leaders, be it leaders in the field of science or various areas.

But beyond this, beyond the people in embodiment, there is another force, and it is not only the collective consciousness. For I would, indeed, take you on a little journey under the surface of the earth, metaphorically speaking. For I am not hereby saying that what I will describe to you exists in the physical vibrational spectrum. It does indeed exist in what we might call the astral or emotional vibrational spectrum.

A journey under the surface of the earth

But if you were to travel down under the earth, you would see that as you go through a slight shift in vibration – as you shift into the emotional spectrum – what you will see is opening up these vast caverns that exist at subterranean levels. And in these caverns you have huge machines, and they might actually be compared to giant vacuum cleaners that have multiple hoses coming out of them.

And these hoses extend up and they extend into peoples’ emotional and mental bodies, even into their physical forcefields. And they are like vacuum cleaner hoses, that will suck out the life force from people. And as this energy – that is now perverted into a lower vibration, of course – is sucked into these subterranean chambers, the fallen beings who are not in embodiment, have created certain technological devices that give this energy a spin, almost like a vortex, almost like a giant washing machine that whirls the energy around, so that even though it is not accelerated to a higher vibration, it is accelerated to a greater speed of the momentum it already has.

And thus, it gains more power. And this increased, more intense, energy is then sent back up to the surface, where it is now used to overpower people, overpower their emotional bodies, their minds, even their lower etheric bodies, so they cannot maintain a sense of identity as sons and daughters of God.

Even though they are not physical, they are indeed a form of technological device, and it is specifically designed to beam at people these very powerful rays, that make you feel either burdened, either tired, make you feel worthless, make you feel you have no right to be here, make you feel like something wants to crush you, something wants to shut you up and keep you silent.

And this is, indeed, a force, my beloved, that will be judged in the Year of the Holy Spirit. The very beings who are in control of these devices, that have been in control of them for a very long time, will be judged. They will be judged by the light that will be released through the many people around the earth, who are becoming more of the open doors.

But it is indeed necessary that some of you are aware of these devices and can make the appropriate calls in your decrees and rosaries – and other techniques that we might release through the coming year, depending on the momentum and our evaluation of what can work best – so that you can consciously make calls for these devices to be shattered and consumed by the host of the Lord, especially the angels of Archangel Michael. And so that you can make the calls also for the judgment of the very beings who are in charge of these devices, and who are seeking to crush anyone who becomes an open door for the light.

For they, of course, have embodied the absolute and total hatred of the light. And I tell you that there is no way whatsoever that these lifestreams can be turned around in their current state. For as long as they feel they are in control of these devices, there is no chance of turning them around. Perhaps, when they are freed of this sense of being in control, they can turn. But this is not really your concern, as your concern is creating a positive momentum on earth.

And you will see that the only reason why these dark beings have not yet been taken from the earth, is that there are too many people who want to be comfortable. And therefore, they are actually comfortable being under this energy, staying within the boundaries defined by this energy, so that they are not targets, they do not become targets for the energy.

Therefore, they mindlessly do what good citizens are supposed to do, as many for example in Communist Russia simply became like mindless people, who just lived the kind of lives that the party had defined as acceptable for a good citizen of the Soviet Union. And as you have seen many people in China become almost like mechanized men. And as you, indeed, see also in the West, where many people have become mechanized consumers, who live their whole lives for the sole purpose of working to make money to buy more and more, so they can work harder and buy more and this is their entire lives.

Or for that matter, those in churches or religions who mindlessly follow the doctrines and the dogmas, and do the prayers that are prescribed, bowing five times a day towards Mecca, as if Mecca was the seat of the formless god Allah, who of course cannot be centered anywhere in the material realm. For the true Allah is beyond form, and therefore has no need to be worshiped in a particular location or particular form.

Seeing that the dark forces have no power over you

So then, you will see in this coming year, that there is a great need for those who will be willing to face this planetary momentum, that seeks to crush you. But who will look at it, see it for what it is and realize one simple factor: no matter how much, how strong, this force might seem, it has no real power over you. It has no power over the real you, for one simple reason.

These devices have form; their output has a specific form, it has a specific vibration. Do you see, my beloved, what is embodied in Einstein’s formula, E=mc2, is that nothing can exceed the speed of light? But the reality is: no “thing” can exceed the speed of light. No thing made out of vibrations below a certain level, can exceed the speed of light. And thus, no matter how powerful these devices might be, they cannot create a vibration beyond a certain level, beyond a certain speed.

They cannot even approach the speed of light. And so, you realize that no matter what vibrations might be created by these dark beings, they can only affect those aspects of your consciousness that vibrate beneath a certain level. Whereas the real you – what we have called the Conscious You because it has no form – cannot be affected by these lower vibrations, no matter how powerful or how speedy they are.

Do you see, my beloved, this is simply a natural law. And it is wise for you to ponder it, until you receive, through the Holy Spirit, an awakening. So that you see from within how there is a part of you that is real, and that cannot be touched by anything on earth, that cannot be touched by any vibration no matter how powerful.

And so, you can use this coming year to look at yourself this way and say: “Is there something in me that is affected by this dark force, these dark projections?” And then you need to simply look at it. You do not need to feel guilty for this, for I can tell you that all of us who have been in embodiment have felt this force, and we have all had things that we had to overcome and let go of. This is how we rose; not by denying that we had problems, but by honestly admitting that we had a beam in our own eye and by then looking for it.

Do one thing in the coming year

And so, I ask only one thing of you in this coming year, and that is that you remember me, the Maha Chohan. For I will step forward in this year and have a much more visible and prominent role in the growth of humankind, than I have had before. And so, I ask you only to remember me, and when you feel some burden – and when you realize that there must be something in yourself that is making you vulnerable to this burden – then in your heart: center, become still, tune in to me, and then just make a simple call to me: “Maha Chohan, help me see myself as you see me.”

And then, I will show you both what it is in your consciousness that makes you vulnerable, I will show you also the real part of you that is so much more. For I will tell you, that those of you who are open to this message, those of you who do not just listen to the words but who listen with the heart, all of you are so much more than these momentums or elements in your consciousness, that make you vulnerable to the dark forces.

I see the real you. Many of you, my beloved, have come to a point, where there is only very little that is keeping you tied to the earth. You have already cleared 90% or more of your energy fields from lower vibrations. But why have you achieved this level of attainment? You have achieved it because you have been willing to look at the beam in your own eye, my beloved.

And precisely because you have built this momentum of looking at the beam in your own eye, always looking for that which needs to be transcended, you have a tendency to focus on the imperfections that are still left. And many of you overlook, or are not willing to acknowledge, how far you have come, how much attainment you have, how much you are able to be an open door for the Spirit.

And so, what I want to give you is the opportunity to look at yourself through my eyes, that you may see both the little bit that is left unresolved, but you may also see all that is clear, all that is pure, all that is beautiful. So many of you are ready to express a far greater measure of light, but you cannot yet quite accept it, you cannot yet quite believe it, you cannot yet get over this hump where you recognize: “Yes, I have followed the path. I have made progress. And if I have made progress, that means I am able and worthy to be the open door for the flow of the Spirit, the flow of the light that will lighten up the world.”

And thus, I say as Jesus said so many years ago: “Do not hide your light under a bushel. Shout it from the house tops, my beloved.” Not literally but figuratively speaking. Be willing to be the open door, for I tell you that you are far more able to be an open door for the light. But in order to be an open door for the light, you have to be willing, you have to be open. And if you are still sitting there with a little magnifying glass, focusing on one little grain of sand on the beach but you are not willing to look up at the beautiful sunset unfolding itself before your eyes, then you are not open, even though 95% or 98% of your energy field is open.

You are so focused on the one, or two, or five percent that are not yet there. But can you not see, my beloved, that even if there is a couple of grains of sand left in your eye, there is still so much room around them for the light of the Holy Spirit to shine through? And in this coming year, I do not need you to focus on the few grains of sand, I need you to focus on the open spaces. And that is why I offer you to see yourself as I see you, that you might indeed let the light flow through to its full capacity.

See beyond the words and experience the light

And many times the light will flow through the spoken word, when you talk to others. But do you not see, my beloved, that until you dare to open your mouth, there will be no spoken word? There will be no word that can be chalices, fohatic cups of light, as you indeed hear in an ascended master dictation. Where – if you are willing to listen with the inner ear, listen with the heart – you can hear that there is more expressed here than just the words and the meaning they carry to the analytical mind.

There is LIGHT. Every word is a cup of LIGHT. And that is indeed what gives you that positive momentum, that can accelerate you beyond the downward pull of the dark forces. For the LIGHT can become so intense. And when you use the LIGHT as your frame of reference, you can quickly accelerate yourself beyond the lower vibrations, for they have no hold over you whatsoever. And as you gain more and more momentum, my beloved, you are like a train that starts turning slowly, but then gradually it gains momentum. And suddenly, it is unstoppable and nothing can hold it back.

That is what I desire to see for all of you through this year: that you are accelerated beyond this downward pull, so that no matter what other people – even the people around you – may do or not do, you are willing to be accelerated, you are willing to be open. You are willing to let the light shine through you, and therefore we can together enlighten this planet and bring it to a distinctly higher level.

So that people will be able to look back at the year 2012 and say: “Yes, this was truly one of the major shifts in recorded history.” And even we of the ascended masters can look back at the longer history of the earth and say: “Yes, this was truly one of the major shifts in the history of this planet. For never before have so many people been willing to become the open doors and speak out. And never before has there been such a release of light through the people in embodiment.”

And this is, indeed, the vision that I hold for this coming year. It is a vision that I have now passed on to you, and I ask you to very sincerely consider to not fall back into these old momentums of limiting yourself or focusing on the things that are not yet resolved, so that you hold yourself back and think: “I am not worthy, how can I be an instrument for the Holy Spirit?”

For indeed, my beloved, you are not in control of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth, and if you are willing to be the open door, then you will see that the Spirit will flow through you. So simply do this: Do not sit there with your outer mind and decide whether you are worthy or not. Let me, the Maha Chohan, decide whether you are worthy or not. And you just focus on being the open door, and then leave the decision up to me. Do we have a deal, my beloved?

For this is, indeed, what I offer you for this coming year. I AM the MAHA* Chohan, and I invite you to look at yourself as the MAHA You, your highest potential that I see for you. Accept nothing lower, my beloved, for it cannot come from the Holy Spirit.

* Maha means “great.”


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