The Key to establishing the Mystery School on earth

TOPICS: Maitreya’s Mystery School has no fixed curriculum – Religion as a tool for the mind of anti-christ – The Mystery School and self-discovery – The essential truth about the Mystery School – The key to establishing the Mystery School – Who created the soul? –

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Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, May 28, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

You have heard the concept of Maitreya’s Mystery School. Some of you know that it was the Garden of Eden. Some of you have heard the concept of other mystery schools that have been established on earth throughout the ages. But my beloved, hardly anyone on earth has understood the truth about Maitreya’s Mystery School. Thus, I will endeavor to tell you a portion of the truth about the Mystery School of which I am still the headmaster.

You see, there was once a “war” in a previous sphere, because God decided to give free will to the beings that were to be sent into the material universe. And there were those in that previous sphere who would not bend the knee to serve human beings with free will, and they thought it was a mistake for God to give them free will. Thus, as I have explained before the earth is indeed a platform that allows the intermingling of those who have fallen from above and those who have been sent from above as extensions of the greater Beings from which they came.

Maitreya’s Mystery School has no fixed curriculum

Yet, what you need to understand is that the purpose of all true teachers is NOT to save the student, but to empower and enlighten the student until the student has embodied truth, has become one with the Spirit of truth. And, thus, the student has become independent, self-sufficient—a self-sustaining sun that shines from within itself. This shine can come only from God’s Light. And God’s Light is the River of Life that flows perpetually with no end. Thus, Maitreya’s Mystery School is not a school that has a fixed curriculum and presents the students with an absolute, infallible truth that never changes.

The concept that “we have the highest teachings on the planet” does not refer to Maitreya’s Mystery School—if you understand the Mystery School correctly. For although there can be a teaching which is the highest teaching on the planet at the moment it was given, it is not a goal of the ascended masters to give a teaching that will stand for all time. It is our goal to take our students on the journey of life that leads them up the River of Life. For indeed the River of Life flows upward toward the source of life—the Creator itself. It is only on earth – where the gravitational force is the dominant force – that rivers flow downward toward the lowest common denominator. The River of Life flows upward toward the highest common denominator which is the Creator—the source of all life.

It is not the goal of the Mystery School to give the students a fixed doctrine. Nor is it the goal of the Mystery School to give the students an outer doctrine or teaching that they must learn by heart and embody in an outer way. It is the goal of the Mystery School to give people enough to stimulate the process of discovery, which then becomes the process of self-discovery, whereby the student discovers his or her self and gradually expands its sense of self, until it realizes that it is a son or daughter of God and then passes the final exam on earth and can move on to higher levels of learning, higher levels of self-discovery.

Religion as a tool for the mind of anti-christ

The concept of religion on planet earth – as you currently know it – is almost entirely built on the mindset of those who rebelled against God’s plan of free will and self-discovery. They did not understand the true purpose of creation. They did not understand that the Creator created self-conscious extensions of itself for the purpose of raising them up to the fullness of its own consciousness. Even the concept of God has been heavily polluted by the dualistic mindset. For, as was said earlier, one might wonder whether Jesus Christ was a complete ego-maniac. But one might wonder the same about God, according to the image of God taught by several mainstream world religions, certainly the Christian religion.

Did God create the entire universe for his own gratification or entertainment? Did God create human beings because he needed someone to worship him? The reality is that the Creator is the essence of selflessness. God needs nothing from creation other than the joy of seeing the co-creators grow in self-awareness. And thus, God has no desire to force you into growing in self-awareness. God does not hold the image that at a certain time you should reach a certain level and that your path can follow only one particular track. God has given you free will and gives you great freedom to determine how you will move forward on the path of self-discovery.

Thus, the concept of religion that presents an image that you – a human being on earth – have to be saved by going through some ultimate state of transformation and that unless you go through that process you will burn forever in hell, well my beloved, this is indeed not a concept that came from God. Nor did it come from the teachers of humankind. Jesus did not come to save people, but to empower them to walk the process of self-discovery.

The Mystery School and self-discovery

And thus, in Maitreya’s Mystery School you are not handed down a fixed doctrine, as you see in many schools on earth, where you are told what is fact and you have to accept it or you will not pass the exam. In Maitreya’s Mystery School the curriculum is open-ended, because it is my goal to guide my students to discover who they are. And in that process even define who they are and, thus, the students in Maitreya’s Mystery School are engaged in a co-creative process with me, whereby we together define and expand the curriculum.

The concept of a fixed doctrine that you must accept without question is alien to the Mystery School. If a doctrine is fixed, if it is “infallible,” where is the mystery? The mystery is that a student rises to the level where he or she is willing to look beyond the outer teaching, the outer words, and reach for that direct experience of truth that is beyond words, beyond concepts and thus cannot be described, cannot be confined to, an outer teaching but must be experienced directly.

Thus, my beloved, what you have experienced over these last few days is the closest to Maitreya’s Mystery School that you will currently find anywhere on earth, and that you could possibly have found since Jesus Christ himself walked the earth in a physical body and expounded all things to his disciples. Meaning that he helped his disciples discover who they were, according to their level of consciousness—which was lower than many of you today. And thus, the teachings that Jesus could give to his disciples were indeed more primitive than what you have received and what you have discovered on your own.

The essential truth about the Mystery School

When there is no fixed doctrine in the Mystery School, then you do not have the ego games of judging whether any new idea that is presented is right or wrong in comparison to the infallible doctrine. And then there is more than one valid way to express truth. There is no point in arguing over particular words or interpretations of particular Bible verses. For when you argue at the level of duality – the intellectual level – the spirit of truth runs away from you—you cannot grasp it. So the reality is that when two students have different viewpoints or different ways of expressing a truth, it is not a matter of playing the old ego game of who is right—thinking that one must be right and the other must be wrong. No, it is a matter of using the differences to honestly and openly reach for a higher understanding.

Here is the essential concept: Maitreya’s Mystery School teaches the Path of Oneness. If two students on that path are not in a state of Oneness with each other – because they have different views or different expressions – then the true goal is NOT to establish whose viewpoint is right. The true goal is to transcend the outer viewpoints and reach for the Spirit of truth that brings you into a Oneness that goes beyond the outer words and beliefs.

Do you see how profound this one truth is? And do you see, when you look back at history, how few people on the earth have grasped this one concept—which could revolutionize religion on this planet, which could revolutionize every aspect of society. If people would realize that when there is conflict and disagreement, it is a sign that both sides need to reach beyond the outer conditions and reach for the spirit of truth, the spirit of love, and thereby honestly, openly and sincerely – with pure hearts and pure intentions – strive for Oneness.

This is what you have accomplished during this retreat. And this is what you have accomplished, those of you who have followed these teachings on Oneness and given Mother Mary’s rosaries. For everything that we have given on the websites is indeed leading up to the establishment of the Path of Oneness – the Sphere of Oneness – that has the potential to manifest the true matrix for Maitreya’s Mystery School. A matrix that has never been lowered in the physical octave, for even the Garden of Eden vibrated at a higher frequency level than where you currently find yourself.

The key to establishing the Mystery School

Thus, this is indeed a cause that is very dear to my heart, and the oneness you have experienced at this conference is the result of being willing to set aside any outer differences and come together in the Spirit of Oneness. And thus, you have raised up a platform that has bridged the gap between the ascended masters Above and yourselves here below. This is the key to establishing Maitreya’s Mystery School, which has the potential to revolutionize religion and spirituality on earth by setting forth an example that there are spiritual people who are willing to strive for Oneness, to strive to be right with God rather than to be seen as being right or superior among men.

Thus, I commend you for your achievement, and I ask you to consider that Oneness is not based on time and space. Thus, some of you feel a certain sorrow over having to leave this Sphere of Oneness and feel that these few days have passed so quickly. Yet, I ask you to contemplate how you can carry this sense of Oneness you have experienced here with you in your daily lives. If you can maintain an inner sense of Oneness with your Christ Self, with your I AM Presence, with an ascended being so you have that vertical sense of Oneness within yourself, then you will find that you will be able to maintain a sense of Oneness amongst yourselves even though you are separated by distances.

And then, all of a sudden, Maitreya’s Mystery School is not just a little sphere set apart in some remote region of the earth. But it becomes a world-wide phenomenon that transcends not only time and space but the boundaries that human beings have created in their minds—between race, religion and any other artificial divisions that the ego loves to create, so that it can play its game of saying that some are superior and some are inferior.

In Maitreya’s Mystery School there is no superiority or inferiority games played, for all are students and all are walking the River of Life where rank and status have no meaning although there is attainment. Yet on the Path of Oneness, those with the most attainment are those who understand Jesus’ call that he who is the greatest among you should be the servant of all. And thus, they do not fall into the oh-so-subtle and oh-so-common trap that those who have attained a position in any outer organization or church begin to feel superior to those below them.

This is the goal for all spiritual people, so that anyone who comes in contact with you personally and with your movement will know that something is different. And suddenly they will realize that you have something that they have not found anywhere else. And then you will quickly help them see that it is not yours to own or control, for it comes from the Spirit of Truth that dwells within you because you have allowed it to Be in you and Be through you.

Who created the soul?

Thus, I have many more teachings to give you along the way. Surely, I will teach about the soul, for the soul was not created by God. It was created by the conscious self after it separated itself from the spiritual teacher and the I AM Presence. I will give you a glimpse of the teachings on the soul that can be brought forth in the future. For you see, when the Conscious You has awareness of its I AM Presence and that it is part of a greater Being, then there is a sense of continuity. Yet, when the Conscious You loses that connection, where shall its continuity – the continuity of its sense of identity – come from, when it now has to re-embody on earth, and the slate of memory is wiped clean when it comes into its next embodiment.

How can a co-creator with God learn and grow if it does not remember anything from its past life, and therefore has to reinvent the wheel all over again in each embodiment? Thus, when the Conscious You loses contact with the I AM Presence and its treasure laid up in heaven, there must be a vehicle for maintaining – even at the subconscious level – the memories of the co-creator’s experiences in this world. So that there can be a continuity and the co-creator does not have to start from zero every time. And this vehicle, then, is what most spiritual teachings call the soul. And yet, the word soul has been used in so many different ways that it has been degraded to the point where Mother Mary chose not to use it in the book Master Keys to the Abundant Life. Yet, we will give you a more sophisticated teaching and definition of the soul.

So indeed, the soul is what you create. It is what you fill into the container of self. And yet, the container of self might also contain the ego, which is apart from the soul. Because whereas the soul has substance, the ego, as we have said, is not a substance. It is a ghost because it is basically a collection of decisions, and therefore you cannot pinpoint the ego as having substance. You must look beyond and discover the decisions that make up the ego, until you reach that one decision that caused you to turn your back on the Path of Oneness.

And that is why the ego must die, whereas the energies of the soul, which are created out of the light that comes from your I AM Presence, have the potential to be resurrected and come into alignment with your divine identity anchored in the I AM Presence. And that is why the energies of the soul can be reborn into a new spiritual state. And as that happens, the Conscious You is reborn into a new spiritual sense of identity.

So this is a preview of teachings to come. Again, be careful not to be too attached to the specific words but use them as a platform for reaching beyond to the Spirit of Truth. And thus, I shall now seal you and seal this conference in the Sphere of Oneness that you can carry with you when you are willing to remain centered in the heart and strive to remain centered in love. So I, Maitreya, seal you and I seal this conference, which has truly been a victory and more than a victory for the ascended masters and for you here below.


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