The key to being the open door in the Year of the Mother

TOPICS: Uniting the feminine element of your being with the masculine element – The I AM and the I Will Be Presence – The immaculate conception in the Year of the Mother –  What it means to be truly free – Do not allow freedom of some to limit the freedom of others – There is no opposition to freedom –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, January 4, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

I AM Saint Germain, and I shall express the gentleness, but yet the intensity, often associated with the feminine. For indeed, what is it that will make the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Saint Germain, a manifest reality? It is that we break down the veils. And is there any veil that has had a more profound impact on this planet, than the artificial veil set up between men and women, between the Father and the Mother. Is it not, indeed, the separation between Father and Mother, that has caused all of the problems you see on this planet?

Consider, therefore: “What, truly, is the year of the Mother?” What is the Mother, what is the concept of Mother? Is it not that which brings forth new life? Yet, is it the highest possible vision to always associate Mother with women? For can the Mother, can a woman, bring forth new life on her own? You might say that with today’s technological advances, a woman can be artificially inseminated and thus not need the physical union with a man. Yet the sperm has to come from somewhere, does it not? And so, you see that what is outpictured in the physical necessity of a male and female union in order to bring forth a physical child, is only the symbol for the Spiritual union between the Father element of Spirit and the Mother element of what you see as matter, but which I see as simply another expression of Spirit—that is not separated from Spirit.

Uniting the feminine element of your being with the masculine element

What then, will it take for you to pass the initiations of that Year of the Mother? It will take that you attain a union between the feminine and masculine aspects of your being. How can this union be attained? It can be attained when the feminine realizes its rightful relationship with the masculine. When the Conscious You realizes, that it is not an end in itself, that it truly has no separate, objective existence, that it truly is an extension of the Presence. And it is only when the Conscious You recognizes who it is, that it can find its right relationship with the Presence.

For the Conscious You needs to recognize, that it is not the body, the outer mind, the images and structures it has built in its own outer mind—or that has been put into that outer mind from without. Instead, the Conscious You, in its very core, is what we have called pure awareness. Pure awareness is, of course, only a word, that we have attempted to use in order to describe what cannot be described with words, but can only be experienced. It will do you little good to have a description, if you are not willing to go beyond the words and have the experience.

Pure awareness is the experience of being the open door for the Presence, so that the Presence can express itself through you—freely, without being stopped or colored by any filters or veils in the outer mind. It is when you think, that you have to adapt yourself to the structures created in the material world, that you will – subconsciously or in some cases even consciously – refuse to be the open door for the Presence. Or you will want the Presence to conform to the images of this world. And now take note of a subtle distinction.

The I AM and the I Will Be Presence

The I AM Presence, the I AM aspect of your Presence – that we have taught now since the 1930s – can only be experienced when the Conscious You returns to pure awareness. If you have not experienced pure awareness, then the I AM Presence is simply a concept, and you can project any image you want onto the I AM Presence. For it is – as long as you are not experiencing it – simply a remote entity “up there.” And when there is a gap – because there is not the direct experience – then you can project any graven image upon the Presence, as people have been doing upon God for millennia.

Yet the subtle distinction is, that you cannot project images upon the I Will Be aspect of your Presence. For the I Will Be aspect cannot even be grasped by the outer mind. The I Will Be aspect can be experienced only when it is flowing through you. And it can flow through you, only when you have been willing to become the open door. It is therefore not possible to describe the I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence, for there is no concept you can put upon it—as it will always, and at any moment, be who it will be, and not who you or the fallen beings want it to be.

This is also the key to understanding and embodying the Flame of Freedom. You may form images of what freedom is like, but freedom is that which is expressed and is always breaking boundaries. Any image you create becomes a boundary, and the Flame of Freedom will break it. That is why the structures have to come tumbling down, for after a certain time, they become a limitation, that will hold back the flow of the Spirit that wants to bring forth something new, whereas the structure and those people who are attached to the structure wants to maintain what is.

The immaculate conception in the Year of the Mother

So then, when you understand this, you understand that the Conscious You is meant to be the open door. And when you become the open door, you become what Mother Mary represented in the holy family, namely the virgin who was pure in mind and Spirit, because she was willing to be the open door for the immaculate conception.

The immaculate conception did not mean, that Mother Mary was physically impregnated without the assistance of a man, namely myself as Joseph. It meant that she was impregnated by the Spirit, because she was willing to be the open door for the descent of a lifestream with a Spiritual attainment higher than her own. She was thus willing to bring forth something that was more than she could have imagined and envisioned with her own level of Spiritual awareness and attainment. This then, is what it truly means to be the Mother.

And now you see, that both male and female people bodies can indeed become the Mother. Not in the sense, of course, that men will bring forth physical children, but that men can also give birth to new life, to new ideas, to new inventions, to new ways of looking at the old problems. Yet for both men and women to fulfill that role of bringing forth new ideas, they need to become the open doors for the immaculate conception. So that the new ideas they bring forth come directly from the Spirit, and therefore are immaculate ideas and not the ideas I have just talked about, that have only the purpose to create a system, that can supposedly control the economy, or control a nation, or the people, or the world.

Control will shut off the immaculate conception. When you become attached to seeking to control something, you become the closed door, and that shuts off the flow of freedom. For is not a closed door the symbol of a prison, and how do you escape a prison, how do you become free from the prison? Well, obviously the door has to be opened, does it not? For how will you escape the prison of your own mind? By opening the door for the expression of the I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence through you. That is how you become free—not by creating this spiritualized ego, that can imitate a spiritual person or even imitate a free person.

What it means to be truly free

You are not free even if you have the power to do anything you want on earth and get away with it, as indeed some of the greatest egomaniacs of history have attained—but only for a time. For look at the emperors of history, look at the emperors of industry or finance, and see that they can maintain their ability to do whatever they want and hide from the consequences only for a time. And then, this old law of the second law of thermodynamics, will inevitably catch up with them. And this, of course, is not freedom, for it cannot last. Whereas when you are the open door, there is infinite, everlasting freedom.

When you are reacting to conditions in the material world, you are not free as the Buddha said last year in his New Year’s address. And this is especially pertinent for the Year of the Mother. The challenge will be, as Jesus explained, that the tempter – what is truly the symbol that has been named Satan – will come to you and demand, or persuade, or reason, that you should adapt to this or that condition. And you should not, or do not need to, connect to the Spirit. Nay, you can and should react to these material conditions with your outer mind, and according to whatever expectations and images the tempter presents to you. For the tempter I will present to you exactly what you have in your own subconscious mind, that you have not yet been willing to look at.

The key to passing the initiations of the Year of the Mother is to keep in mind the immaculate conception. When you face a situation or problem, you may look at what is involved on a physical level. But then, before you make a decision, before you decide to react, you take time to go aside, to go into your closet to pray, and to become the completely open door, where you let go of all preconceived opinions, images or expectations. And then you ask the Presence: “How do you look at this situation? How do you want to act in this situation? What do you want to bring forth in this situation?”

This will not be what you expect with the outer mind. It will not be what makes you comfortable. It will not be the easy way out. It will be what it will be; what the Presence wants it to be. And you may never understand with the outer mind why the Presence wants to be what it wants to be in that particular situation.

And this is, indeed, another aspect of the test of the Year of the Mother. Can you be willing to be the open door and let the Presence express what it wants to express? And then not afterwards evaluate, and analyze, and question, and doubt, and reason, that this should not have been that way, and that should not have been this way. But it should have been according to some standard, that you still have in the outer mind.

Be willing to be the open door. Be willing to bring forth the new ideas, that the Presence wants to bring forth through you. And then do what the Mother does, when she has carried her child to term. She gives birth, she pushes it out of her womb, so that the child can take on a life of its own and grow from there. This is what you must do with your actions and ideas in the Year of the Mother. Be willing to bring forth what the Presence wants to bring forth, and then let it go, let it take on a life of its own. Do not overanalyze, do not seek to control, do not seek to limit. And do not use what has been brought forth in one situation to build a new expectation and structure for what should be brought forth in other situations—that may seem similar to the outer mind but may not be similar at all when viewed from the perspective of the Spirit.

Do not allow freedom of some to limit the freedom of others

Freedom to be the open door in one situation, should never be used to create a resistance or a structure, that restricts your freedom in coming situations. This is also the challenge, that I spoke about through my feminine messenger, about the corporate world and the governments. There has been now, for a very long time, this tendency to divide the world into the unfree world and the free world. And the West, and especially the United States, sees itself as the free world. And the United States prides itself of being the leader of the free world. Well, if you aspire to be the leader of the free world, should you not look in the mirror and make sure that you are free, before you attempt to lead the world into greater freedom? For how can you lead the world into a state of freedom that you have not attained yourself?

Indeed, the question that needs to be brought out into the open in this coming year is: “Can we claim to be the free world, can we claim to have a free enterprise economy, if we allow certain entities, and conglomerates, and corporations to use the freedom we have given them to limit the freedom of the people?” Can we be a free society, if we allow a small elite the freedom to take away or limit the freedom of the people? Is this a free society? And if you apply that evaluation to the world today, you will see that the United States of America is indeed one of the least free nations in the world. For there are few nations, where a small elite has greater control of the economy and the government than in these United States.

In fact, there is in some areas greater control in the United States today than what King George had in England before the Revolutionary War. And this would indeed make the Founding Fathers rotate in their graves, except for the fact that the key members of the Founding Fathers of the United States have ascended—and therefore have no graves in which to rotate. For they have left it all behind, merging into the Freedom Flame, that they were the instruments for attempting to give to this new nation. This then, is another thing to bear in mind for the United States in the coming year. It is not a matter, as certain people will say, to return to the mindset of the Revolutionary War. The Tea Party is not in tune with my Freedom Flame, for you cannot truly embody the Freedom Flame, if you are protesting or in opposition to anything.

There is no opposition to freedom

How can freedom be in opposition to something, even something that is anti-freedom? You may look at things on earth and say, that this or that is anti-freedom. But I tell you that from my perspective, as the representative of the Freedom Flame, there is no such thing as anti-freedom. How can there be something “anti” to what is free? If it is free, it has no opposition.

It is not a matter of going back to the days of the Founding Fathers or the spirit of the Revolutionary War. It is a matter of once again letting go of all the structures and expectations, and becoming the open door for the bringing forth from the Spirit of the immaculate concept for what is the next step in the evolution of the United States—or other nations, or the planet as a whole, or certain corporations or even the entire financial and economic system. If you think, that you can keep patching on to the old, patching up the holes or the cracks in the system, then this might just be the year, where you will get the message that it is too late to patch up the old. And that it is time to see beyond the old and tune in to the new ideas that are waiting to be born.

This world is not about to go down in some ultimate disaster or catastrophe. This world is about to be reborn into a new and higher state, that most people cannot even imagine today, because their minds are not free to imagine it. And so, the image that I encourage you to hold for this coming year is, indeed, that of being reborn. Of society being reborn according to the immaculate vision, the higher vision of the Spirit, that you may not grasp before it is actually expressed.

So do not seek to get a vision with the mindset of wanting to know ahead of time, so that you can evaluate and fit it into your mental box. The challenge will be to let go of the box, so that you do not evaluate. But you allow the Spirit to bring forth what it will be at that particular moment in that particular situation. And then, when the Spirit has brought forth what it wants to bring forth, you set it free to continue to be what it will, be. And you set yourself free to continue to be the open door, so that the Presence can be what it will be through you.

That, my beloved, is a lot of “be what it will be,” but be that as it may, for it is nevertheless the key to being Freedom in the Year of the Mother.


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