The Initiations of 2016

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, January 11, 2016

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I would like to speak to you today about the energies and the initiations that you will be facing and that the planet will be facing for this coming year. We give many teachings on our websites and in our books about the fact that there are seven spiritual rays, seven primary energies, that were used to create the physical universe. Starting in 2013, each year the planet will be initiated in one of these seven rays, which means that 2016 will be the year of the Fourth Ray, which is often seen as the ray of purification and acceleration.

You will, therefore, see that in this coming year many impurities will be brought to the surface where they can no longer remain hidden and they can no longer be ignored by the people. You have already seen this happen, to some degree, right after the New Year with the executions in Saudi Arabia that has stirred up the long-running conflict in the Islamic community between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. You have seen it in Cologne in Germany with the attacks on women on New Year’s Eve. You have seen revenge actions from those who are not seeking a good cause but seeking to stir up conflict. These are just a couple of examples what you can expect to see in this coming year.

This, of course, does not mean that I want to portray this year in a negative way. It is simply that when the energies are released by the ascended masters, these are positive, love-based energies. Because they bring more light, it becomes easier to see the darkness that has, so far, remained hidden in the shadows. I do not, in any way, intend to promote fear in you. You do not need to fear when the impurities are exposed. Instead, you need to take action, which you can do in many different ways. The one we primarily promote is, of course, giving our invocations and decrees, where you invoke spiritual light.

War is not a much greater possibility in 2016 than it will be in the coming years. We are not here talking about a planetary conflict, or anything like that. But we are talking about the fact that conflict will come to the surface and that there will be certain trigger events that will release conflict. What you can do by giving these invocations is in many cases make a contribution to preventing these trigger events. This is why I released my book on how to stop war and how you can help stop war before this year, 2016, knowing what the initiations are for the planet.

You will notice that if you take a glass of water and fill it, there can come a point where the water is actually almost running over and there is a tension in the surface of the water that prevents it from running over. If you add that last drop, then it runs over. This is where you can have an impact, even though there are not so many spiritual people on the planet. If you invoke the light, you can, in many cases, prevent that last drop from making conflict spill into the physical world.

We give many teachings on the fact that there are three higher octaves of the material universe. The emotional being the one right above the physical, then the mental and the identity. Often, you will see that there is great tension in the emotional body of a country or a region. You know that this is the case in many places on earth. You will, therefore, know that any spark can set off a more wide-spread conflict, as you have seen many times.

That is why, at these crucial moments when the tension has reached a peak, the calls of the spiritual people can have a tremendous impact on preventing that trigger event that will make the conflict physical and therefore much more difficult to stop. Usually, once a conflict spills into the physical, the only thing that will stop it is that it is taken to such an extreme that people finally realize that they have had enough of conflict and stop. Even if they have not solved the problem, they realize that peace is more important than being right.


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