The inescapable tension of the ideological mindset

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 24, 2021. This dictation was given during the 2021 Webinar for Europe – Ending the Era of Ideology.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. I trust that those of you who have heard and are willing to study and read the dictation I gave as my last discourse, will realize that free will gives you the right to go into the mindset where you think that you are capable of defining your own environment, the principles that should guide the unfoldment of your world, at least on a planetary level. I trust you recognize that this is an experience that is allowed. It is an experience that is allowed. You are allowed to change your experience, but you are of course not allowed or capable of changing the way the entire creation works, the way your world of form works, or even the design principles that the Elohim defined when they created your particular planet. 

You are allowed to think you have changed reality but you are not allowed to change reality—and why is this? Partly because you have a lower state of consciousness, you are still focused on yourself instead of one with the whole. Partly because there are many other beings in your unascended sphere and your free will cannot override their free will. The purpose of allowing this outplaying of free will in this way, is to give you an experience until you have had enough of the experience and therefore, you are willing to transcend that state of consciousness. What I have called the ideological state of consciousness where you are creating an image in your mind that is out of touch with the reality of how your world of form works. You are allowed to do this to get the experience, but you do not have the power to actually change reality. What does this mean? Well, it means that when you are in the ideological state of mind, you are out of touch with reality, with the reality of how life actually works. 

Now, as I said, you are allowed to have the experience that you are creating your own world and you are defining how it should work, but you are not allowed to have that experience forever because that is not what you actually want as the highest self that created the extension of itself that is in embodiment. There has to be a mechanism that can bring you back to an upward path. You are allowed to go into a blind alley but there has to be, no matter how far you go into that blind alley, some mechanism that can pull you back. What is that mechanism? Well, it is the fact that you can create the experience that you are in command, that you are in control of your planet, but the experience exists only in your mind. It does not exist in reality. There is always a tension between reality and the image you have created in your mind. The tension exists only in your mind, but the mechanism works this way that the more you go into seeking to reinforce your image, the more tension you create in your mind. Therefore, there will come a point where your mind breaks, your mind can no longer handle the strain, it can no longer uphold the effort that it takes to reinforce the image. Now, this is something that you can benefit from considering. 

The ideological mindset has an element of force

We have talked about natural planets. Those of you who are avatars will be able to lock in to the reality of what we are saying because deep in your memory, you have the experience of being on a natural planet. For the inhabitants of the earth, it can be somewhat more difficult, but some of you will at least remember that there was a state before the planet went into duality. Not necessarily consciously, but you can tune in to it so that you can intuitively sense the reality of what we are saying. What is it that happens on a natural planet? How do you create on a natural planet? We have said that you create essentially the same way you do on an unnatural planet. You formulate a mental image, you project it upon the Ma-ter Light, and the Ma-ter Light takes on the form of the image. 

The difference between a natural and an unnatural planet is that on a natural planet, you are formulating the image, first of all, based on a sense that you are connected to your higher self, you are connected to other people, you are part of a whole. You are also formulating it with a fluid mind, an open mind, a liquid mind, a flexible mind. You are doing it for the purpose of learning something. You formulate the image, you project it, you look at the result. Then, you evaluate: “Do I want to refine my mental image based on the results I see?” What does this mean? This means that for you, when you are on a natural planet, you are experiencing that co-creation is an effortless process. It does not take effort to co-create on a natural planet, the way it does on an unnatural planet. The reason for this is that the vision you formulate may not be the highest vision, but it is not in opposition to the basic design principles of how your planet operates. It is not seeking to force other people. There is no element of force in your mind. You do not have the attitude that you live in a hostile universe where you need to force your will upon the universe or upon other people. You do not see a need to force anything. You are just projecting the image, you are seeing the result, you are adjusting the image in your mind. Your mind is constantly flexible. You are not fixated on a particular point. You are constantly learning, constantly transcending yourself, constantly growing. For you, co-creation is a process of self-transcendence. It is not a matter of achieving specific outer results. The purpose is not to produce results, but to transcend your level of consciousness. 

Now, when you make the switch that we have talked about: We have said you can go into duality, you can become self-centered, you can (as we now say in this teaching) go into the “ideological mindset,” there is a switch that happens. You are now no longer in touch with the basic design principles because your whole idea is that you can design your own principles and you can do it better than the beings who designed your world, whether you see it as Elohim, or you see it as God in some ultimate sense. You think, or at least the fallen beings who fell in the fourth sphere, think that they can do better than God, they can design a world in a better way than God can. Now, as I said, the Creator has spent a long time attaining the creator consciousness and therefore has experiences of what works and what does not work. 

Even those beings who have set themselves up on these planets in the fourth sphere, they had only had the span of that one sphere and it was an unascended sphere. They had never even experienced an ascended sphere. Naturally, they did not have the awareness of the Creator, but they thought that they were still capable of defining how a world should work and they could do it better than God. When you go into this state of mind, you are not seeking to learn, you are formulating a mental image, but it is not as an experiment. Your mental image is a final, absolute image. You believe in your mind: “This is the truth. This is how the world should work.” Therefore, you are projecting it upon the Ma-ter Light. You are not doing this in order to get feedback that can help you refine your image or your state of consciousness. You want the Ma-ter Light to conform to your mental image and validate your mental image and never challenge your mental image. In this very process, there is an element of force in your mind. There is a tension that has happened because you feel that your image must be out-pictured in exact detail by the Ma-ter Light. If it is not, you have failed, you have made a mistake, you are wrong. This is the mindset you go into. Naturally, there is that element of force where you want the Ma-ter Light to conform to your mental image. 

The inescapable strain of seeking to force matter

We now have a subtle distinction to make here. We have said that free will reigns supreme and that the inhabitants of a planet have a right to change a lot of things on their planet, including the basic thing of densifying matter, making matter more dense. It is clear that not necessarily one unascended being, but certainly a critical mass of inhabitants of a planet, can change the planet in certain ways, they can change matter on their planet in certain ways. However, they cannot uphold this indefinitely. In order to change matter or to densify matter, force is needed. There needs to be a constant force applied through the minds of people and this means that there is that strain. Individuals feel it. Collectively, humanity on earth feels that strain. This is part of what creates the Sea of Samsara, part of what creates suffering, the constant strain of forcing a mental image upon matter because naturally matter can be changed but only temporarily. 

As we have said, the earth is a reality simulator. Matter really is not matter. It is an image that is projected, but there is always a “force” that seeks to return matter to its natural state. There is a possibility that the inhabitants of the planet can take the planet to a lower level, and thereby make the planet an unnatural planet. There is always a “force” that seeks to return matter or return the planet to a natural planet. In other words, de-densifying matter. We have called this “force” the second law of thermodynamics to refer to modern science. In Hinduism, it could be called the wrath of Shiva that breaks down all structures. Whatever you call it, there is this “force” and this means that in order to keep matter in a certain state, constant force needs to be applied. This is of course the mechanism that makes it possible for people to get out of duality because they can come to that point where they have just had enough of the strain. They do not want to go into this struggle, this suffering, anymore, they want a way out of it. 

What can be changed and what cannot be changed

On the one hand, there is a certain change that can happen on a planet. The inhabitants of a planet can create actual changes in matter, which they then experience through their physical senses. We can say, as just one effect, that human beings on earth are, through your physical senses and your minds, only perceiving the material realm, the physical octave. You are not perceiving the emotional, mental or identity realms or the spiritual realm. A few people, maybe they have clairvoyance, they have second sight whatever you call it, they have intuitive experiences. In general, people are perceiving through their minds only what comes through the physical senses. This is one effect of the densification of matter. There are many others, but as an example. However, has this changed the fact that the world of form, the unascended sphere, earth, has four octaves? Of course not. There are still four octaves. It is just that people cannot see them. 

This points to the second aspect of what makes it possible for people to experience that they are in control of their world and they have changed their world. It is that the real change that happens is of course in people’s minds. People cannot perceive the three higher octaves, but it does not mean those octaves are not there. It is just that there has been a change in people’s minds instead of being a change in how the world actually works. 

There are some changes that can happen, that the people can manifest. You can densify the physical octave and matter in the physical octave, you can also densify the emotional realm and create these energetic vortexes in the mass consciousness, create these beasts, create even demons. You can densify the mental realm so it becomes much more difficult for people to think clearly. You can densify the identity realm that limits how people see what they can and cannot do as human beings. It does not change reality as such. It changes what the reality simulator is projecting as a temporary image, but the moment your projection upon the Ma-ter Light stops, the Ma-ter Light will start going back to a natural state. In order to uphold it, you need this constant tension. 

Now, as I said, people are not actually seeing that there is anything beyond the material world. This is because matter has been densified. There is an energy veil that blocks them, most people, from seeing this. Beyond this, when it comes to the ideology, the mental image that beings are projecting, there is a process that takes place in their own minds. It is the process we have talked about many times where your basic view of life, your worldview, your ideology (as we now say) forms a perception filter. The fallen beings are completely obsessive-compulsive, completely frantic, completely fanatic, about maintaining their mental image. They are in as absolute of a state of denial as you can go into. Nothing is absolute in an unascended sphere, nevertheless, they are in a very, very deep state of denial. They absolutely must uphold the illusion that they are right, that they cannot be wrong. In order to uphold that illusion, they go into this state of denial, they use a perception filter to filter out anything that contradicts the illusion.


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