The incomprehensible finality of the ascension

TOPICS: An idolatrous image of Mark Prophet – The genius of free will – Avoid being discouraged by lack of results – When being a constant chela is not enough – When a teacher ascends – The most final thing on earth – Lanello and Guru Ma at Lake Titicaca – 

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Ascended Master Lanello, June 9th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.

I am indeed the Ascended Master Lanello, and even though Master MORE was perfectly right that you cannot bear more of him now, I thought you might be able to bear a little bit of me. I shall give you a little piece of my mind, as we used to say in America.

An idolatrous image of Mark Prophet

My beloved, why am I here in Russia, speaking to a group of people who never knew me while I was in physical embodiment? Truly, there are not so many people left in embodiment who knew me when I was Mark Prophet, but there are some. Why are they not listening to me giving this dictation? Because they have built such an image of who Mark Prophet was that they have lost their connection to who the Ascended Master Lanello is today.

My beloved, do you think that when I ascended, I was fully developed as an ascended master? You know, those of you who have listened, that I did not ascend with one hundred percent of my karma balanced. Do you think that when you ascend with less than 100%, you are fully developed as an ascended master? Do you think that you are ever fully developed as an ascended master? Surely, when you are an ascended master, you are not attached to the very, very limited sense of identity we have on earth—we all have on earth. You see that there is so much more. What did I say when I ascended: “I am everywhere in the consciousness of God.” Well, my beloved, that did not mean I was everywhere on earth. I was everywhere beyond earth as well and I saw how much more there is to the consciousness of God than what I could ever conceive of while I was in embodiment.

I know that you cannot conceive of everything there is to the consciousness of God because you are in embodiment, as I was, and we all have a limited outlook on life. Nevertheless, you can lock in to the idea that as an ascended master you see that there is so much more and therefore you will not limit yourself to how you saw yourself when you were in embodiment. Therefore, if you want to know me as an ascended master, how can you look at the image of how I was when I was in my last embodiment (or even in some of my previous embodiments) and think that this allows me to know the Ascended Master Lanello. You cannot know an ascended master through any image on earth. If you want to truly know an ascended master, you must step up higher. We cannot step below a certain limit, for it would serve no good if we did.

Now, when I was in embodiment as Mark Prophet, I attempted to be not the kind of image that people had of the elevated spiritual teacher that puts himself far above the students. I attempted to be more like the average guy, the average “Joe,” the man on the street, so that I could still relate to a wide variety of people. Some people came into the organization, they took one look at me (or my dress, or the way I talked and the way I looked) and they walked right out the door in a huff. What can I do about it? What can I do about those students today who claim to be loyal to Mark Prophet, who claimed that things were better when Mark was around? What can I do about those who never truly accepted Elizabeth after I took my leave of the physical realm, but always looked back to the way it was in the good old days? I can do nothing. Do I want to do anything? Not anymore.

The genius of free will

There was a time, after I had ascended, where I truly wanted to convey to my former students how much more there is to life and how much more there is to them and how you can look at life. But you come to a point as an ascended master where you truly lock in to free will, how important free will is, how essential it is. This is something that very few people on earth have even begun to lock in to: how profound the principle of free will is. It is such an incredible design of our Creator to create self-aware beings and give them free will.

What a stroke of genius, my beloved. Who could have thought this up? Certainly not I, certainly not any fallen being who have been trying to prove it wrong now for so long that one truly must wonder when they just get tired of playing this game and accept that it is only the fact that they have free will that allows them to deny free will or to claim it to be wrong. If they did not have free will, how could they judge what the Creator does as being wrong? Only a Creator who has given you free will, gives you the ability to judge it as wrong. When will they just accept that we have free will, and that means that it is not God that is doing anything to us, it is us that are doing something to us. When will you, my beloved, realize that it is not God or the ascended masters that are doing something to you? It is you who is doing something to you.

Of course, when you are in physical embodiment other people or the fallen beings may also be doing something to you in a physical sense. But inside your mind, you are the one doing something to yourself. Now, my beloved, could I have accepted this fully when I was in physical embodiment? If you had come up to me and said: “Say Mark, you’re just doing all this to yourself. Every problem you have is just something you are doing to yourself,” would I have been able to accept it? Well, probably not. Nevertheless, are you in the same state of consciousness I was in when I was in embodiment? Hopefully not. For you have the opportunity to rise higher because the consciousness of the planet has risen since 1973. It has risen dramatically and the release coming from the ascended masters has been raised tremendously, given what could be released back then.

You have the opportunity, my beloved, to make that shift where you are willing to look at yourselves. You are willing to recognize that if I am to take control of my life, I must take control of how I look at myself, I must take control of my mind. This is where my power lies: within. Truly, none of you have power over other people on planet that is in such a low state of collective consciousness, but you have power within yourself and that is what we have been telling you over and over again. The masters were saying this when I was in embodiment, although in a different way, perhaps less directly than it is said today. But you can find it, if you read between the lines. You can find, my beloved, that the basic message has not changed. Even though more has been given, the basic message of what the spiritual path is all about has not actually changed—and so recognize what time you are living in.

Avoid being discouraged by lack of results

Rejoice that you are living in this time where so much more is available, where the consciousness is lighter. Allow yourself, my beloved, to do what other masters said in Holland: Make it a goal to feel good about yourselves and your spiritual path, even about the situation in which you are living. Even though you may be living in difficult outer circumstances, such as in a sense it is in many ways difficult to live in Russia today with the uncertainties that are here, with the level of consciousness that is here, given that there are relatively few spiritual people. Nevertheless, Russia actually has a higher percentage of spiritual people than many other nations. They are here because, like yourselves, they have chosen to be here to help raise the consciousness.

It must be recognized, my beloved, that Russia has a denser collective consciousness than many other nations. I say this not to put Russia down or the Russian people down, but to help you who are the spiritual people avoid feeling discouraged when you do not see quick and immediate results of your efforts. What you are doing is a huge work and it cannot be done in a short period of time.

Therefore, as you go higher on the path and start de-personalizing your path, you become less and less attached to seeing these quick outer results. As you begin to tune in to how much you have grown yourself, then that becomes your reward. The growth you feel in yourself or in your group that you see in others, this becomes your reward and you become less and less attached to seeing outer results. You are giving your service. You know it has an effect but you do not expect or demand to see an immediate result of it in the mass consciousness. However, if you look closely, you will see that there have been certain results. There is a certain growth in the Russian nation and therefore you can take heart in this, you can be positive in this.

If you will go back and look at the time that I lived in, in the 1960’s and early 70’s you can certainly see that there were many political or geo-political concerns back then. You may say: “What results did I see in the time I was a messenger, in the time I was consciously walking the spiritual path?” You may look at Elizabeth who had a longer time as a messenger and still see what results did she see. Well, she did see the collapse of the Soviet Union. That was a dramatic result, given the many calls made by the Keepers of the Flame over the decades at their Saint Germain services every Saturday night. But many spiritual people have not seen big and dramatic results of their efforts and therefore what I say to you is that there comes that point where it is not the attachment to results that drives you, it is the joy of giving service — the joy of feeling your own growth.

When being a constant chela is not enough

Now, there may come a point where you feel that you need something different instead of being so focused on outer rituals. This is a stage that all spiritual people come to at some point. There are ascended master students who have been giving the same decrees every day for thirty or forty years and they think they will be rewarded by this because El Morya once said that all he wants is constant chelas and they interpreted that to mean that all he wants is chelas who will decide on a certain program and then keep doing the same thing for the rest of their lives. How is that possibly all that El Morya or Master MORE wants? Because, can you qualify for your ascension by doing the same thing? Nay, my beloved. In order to qualify for your ascension, you need to go up through the levels of consciousness and that means you need to shift your consciousness in dramatic ways as you move higher on the path.

Certainly, I went through a dramatic shift – many shifts – in my consciousness from the moment I became a messenger to the moment I let go of the physical body. As this messenger described earlier, being a messenger is a process: a process of growth, a process of learning. As a messenger you have to face many questions that most people never consider. You have to know what is real and unreal. You have to come to the point where you say: “It is not about me; it is about serving the people, it is about being an open door for the ascended masters and I cannot let my personal idiosyncrasies or opinions stand in the way of that service.” This is a shift that goes on and on and on for as long as you are in embodiment.

My beloved Elizabeth attempted to describe this in her book, I want to say her magnificent book, a magnificent gift from her heart and her Presence. Again, we might say, why have so few of those who claim to be her followers been willing to read that book? But why would we look at what human beings used to do with any kind of regrets? It is what it is, my beloved. People will surely reap what they have sown in the sense that if they will not transcend a certain level of consciousness and follow an ascended master, we must simply move higher and accept that even though we have known these students personally, even though we love them (many of them we have known for many embodiments), there can come a point where we simply must say: “Adieu. Hopefully not forever, but adieu for now, for I am moving higher.”

When a teacher ascends

Truly, when you ascend, you look back at your time in embodiment. You look back at the fact that while you were in embodiment you had what Jesus called a spiritual modus operandi, a spiritual M.O. I, as Mark Prophet, had a certain outer personality. I made certain choices to present myself a certain way, to act a certain way, as I saw it at the time as well as part of my culture and upbringing. When you ascend and you recognize how much more you are than that outer role, you suddenly become aware that the people who knew you when you were in embodiment are still looking at you based on what you were back then.

They are not seeing what you are now as an ascended master. For a moment (at least for me when I was not fully ascended), I went into a panic because I realized that what I had taken on as this outer personality and M.O. could actually block some people from knowing me as an ascended master and for moving on, on the path. I almost went into a panic, thinking what to do, what can I do, I am now ascended? How can I change people’s perception of me when they are not willing to connect to who I am today? I turned to El Morya and I poured out my heart to him and he helped me to understand that every ascended master has faced the exact same problem, none more so than Jesus himself. I said to El Morya: “Thank you for telling me this.”

And then I turned and rushed over to find Jesus and say: “Jesus, help me deal with this. What do I do?” And he looked me in the eye, not in a physical sense of course, but as we connect in the ascended realm, which is, of course, beyond, but still comparable to when you look at each other in the eye. So he connected to me and instead of giving me words, he simply showed me in an interval beyond time the process he had gone through from his ascension almost 2,000 years ago to today. He showed me how he had risen to a greater and greater admiration and respect for this most magnificent process of free will, and it was as if the weight of the world fell from my shoulders and suddenly I saw how final your final embodiment on earth is.

The most final thing on earth

I had never truly connected to this in my waking consciousness. I had never truly thought through: what does it take to ascend, how does it feel to ascend? What do you have to do to take that final step into the ascended realm? Then, I suddenly saw that what you have to do is let go of everything on earth. The ascension is the most final step you will ever take on earth. It has a finality to it that most people cannot even bear to imagine because it is more final than when your physical body dies.

You are not, most of you, aware of this but you have all died in many previous embodiments. You have all gone through this awakening that you are out of the body and there is nothing you can do with the body or through the body. You cannot change this situation or that situation or the next situation even though you desperately want to help your children or other people or make other changes. It is final, you are out of the body. But you know that there will be another embodiment and so you can maintain the awareness that one day you will go back and perhaps you can finish what you did not finish in your previous embodiment? Perhaps you can do something for others, perhaps you can experience this or that and so you know there is an ongoingness.

My beloved, when you ascend, there is no ongoingness on earth: no ongoingness in the physical, the emotional, mental and identity realms. You are leaving it behind…forever. It is an awesome, awesome step to go through. It is like nothing you have ever experienced on earth. When I say it is awesome, I mean to convey that when you first recognize how final it is, it is a shock to your being. It is an awe-inspiring experience. Then, when you come to actually accept the finality of it, it becomes the most liberating experience you have EVER had in connection with your journey on earth.

Now you see that precisely because you are not returning, there is nothing more you can do on earth as a human being. When you recognize that there is nothing more you can do (there is nothing more you have to do, there is nothing more you must do), then it is the ultimate liberation. You suddenly gain a frame of reference that allows you to look at yourself and say: “I have now qualified for my ascension. Do I have any attachments left to anything or anyone on earth?” Then, you can work on those attachments while you, as we said in the old days, balance the rest of your karma. It is really overcoming the attachments you have to what you think you should have done or should do on earth where you have come to accept a certain view of yourself as having made mistakes or having something to do or something you have not done. Therefore, you think that there is more you have to do in a physical body. As you work on these, you can come to that point where the last one goes. There are no desires left. There is no sense of obligation or duty. You are free of earth.

Then, you can begin to say: It is not a matter of changing people’s perception of how I was when I was in a physical body, it is a matter of how can I help people grow now. And if certain people are attached to their image of me and will not tune in to me as an ascended master, then it is just a matter of looking at: are there other people that are willing to tune in, such as yourselves? Are there other people I can help even if they do not know me as an ascended master? What can I do to serve this planet, not out of a sense of obligation, not out of any attachment or desires but simply out of the joy of serving—out of the joy of giving service?”

Lanello and Guru Ma at Lake Titicaca

My beloved, I wish to announce to you that, as has been stated before, Guru Ma and myself are in line to take over the retreat at Lake Titicaca now presided over by God and Goddess Meru. This change has been scheduled to take place on the 4th of July this year and you are all invited to attend this ceremony, this joyous occasion, this celebration, in your finer bodies. We have not yet determined if we will speak about this more directly but you are invited in your finer bodies to attend. If you make the determination that you are willing to do so, then you shall be there to witness what I consider a remarkable proof that people who are not perfect can still ascend and can rise within a relatively short period of time with earth years to hold a spiritual office.

Now, you may look and say that we only had a short period of years to rise in consciousness after we ascended or took leave of the physical body, but I can assure you that what we have both gone through in that time is tremendous changes that makes it for us feel like it has been a very, very long time and a lot of work with ourselves to rise in consciousness, to be able to hold this spiritual office.

I share this with you as a gift for the devotion of your hearts to myself, to Guru Ma. We thank you for keeping that devotion alive, for being willing to listen to us as we are able to speak the Living Word from the ascended state without having any prejudice about what we should or should not say, how we should or should not express ourselves based on your expectation of how we were when we were in physical embodiment. I give you the love of our hearts for we are truly one and we, as Master MORE, love you unconditionally. My beloved, there is nothing more final on earth than the ascension as a process to go through. But there is nothing more final on earth than unconditional love as an experience to have.

With this I leave you in the joy, in the freedom that I AM, for Lanello I AM.


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