The Illusion of Perfectionism

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, January 22, 2018.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada, and I would like for this fourth lesson to begin with what I talked about in my last lesson about the compensatory mechanism. Now, I said in my last lesson that in the past you have had a sense that you did something wrong and you are trying to compensate for it. I said, of course, that you need to become conscious of this mechanism so that you can look at it, separate yourself from it and let it go. You stop basing your path on this obsessive-compulsive desire to compensate. I want to take this one step further by looking at this concept of doing something wrong. What does it actually mean to do something wrong?

We have given many teachings over the years through this messenger about the dualistic state of mind, about the epic consciousness. We have given many teachings on the fallen beings and how they have tried to manipulate every aspect of life on earth. Of course, one of the more subtle ways that they have attempted to manipulate life and manipulate human beings is by them defining the standard for what is right and wrong. The most subtle aspect of this is that in many cultures they have managed to make most people believe that it is not they who have defined a standard for right and wrong, it is God. There is some higher authority beyond the material realm who has defined a standard for what is right and wrong. There is an angry God in the sky who is observing your every action and judging you based on this standard of right and wrong. If you do what is wrong, you will be punished by this God, perhaps by burning forever in some fiery hell.

As the ascended master students you are, you can see that in most cultures (wherever you could have grown up on this planet) there is in the collective consciousness this mechanism, defined by the fallen beings. People believe that God has actually defined a standard for right and wrong. It is almost impossible for you to grow up on this planet without being affected by this. Again, there is no reason to feel bad about it but it is time to become conscious of how this has affected you. You will be able to see very quickly that if you in the past had a sense that you did something wrong but that sense was based on the standard defined by the fallen beings, then you may not have done somethings wrong at all. Therefore, it is not very constructive for you to continue the pattern of seeking to compensate for what you did wrong—if in fact you did not do anything wrong.

Now, you can see that all of you have taken a certain sense of responsibility for yourself. You have a sense that: “I have made karma in the past and I do need to balance that karma.” In a sense, you could say that balancing your karma is a compensatory effort. You are compensating for something you did in the past. As I said in my last lesson, you need to balance whatever karma you have but there is a difference between balancing karma from a neutral state of mind and balancing karma from this obsessive-compulsive desire to compensate. I trust you can begin to see this after having integrated my last lesson.

Looking at your spiritual practice

Naturally, we need to be neutral and observant here. We need to simply observe that you have made a certain karma in the past, you need to balance it and you need to do what you need to do in order to balance it—whether it is taking certain actions or giving decrees and invocations. First of all, balancing your karma is a matter of raising your consciousness, letting go of the internal spirits you had that caused you to do the act that created the karma in the first place. The step we need to take here is that if you are in this compensatory pattern, you will have a sense that if you stop doing what you have been doing in an attempt to compensate, this will be bad. I need you to look at yourself honestly and ask yourself this: “What have I been doing for the last years? Have I been giving invocations and decrees?” Then you need to contemplate: “How would I feel if I stopped giving invocations and decrees today?” If you can feel that there is some reaction in you to this, there is perhaps some fear-based sense that something bad will happen or that this would be wrong for you, then this is a compensatory pattern, this is obsessive-compulsive.

I am not telling you to stop giving decrees and invocations. I am telling you to monitor your reaction to it. You can see that if you are driven by an obsessive-compulsive desire to compensate for what you have done wrong in the past, you are not fully in control of your reactions. You are reacting, as I said in my last lesson, to the fallen beings rather than the ascended masters. We want you to balance your karma and when you have balanced your karma, we need you to move on to something else instead of continuing to do the same thing.

Again, you find the teachings of the ascended masters, you learn about the spiritual path and karma, you learn that you can balance karma by giving violet flame, for example, and you decide with your outer mind that you have to give an hour of violet flame a day. You think that this is what you have to do for the rest of your life in order to make sure that you have balanced your karma. As I said in my last lesson, there comes a point where you have caught up with your present level of consciousness, you have balanced the karma up until that level and now you no longer need to do the exact same thing that you decided you had to do, perhaps several years ago.

Now you need to tune in to what is the challenge you face at your present level of consciousness and how do you move on from there? All I am asking you here is to go into a deeper sense of attunement with where you are at on your path. Then, you look at: “Did I make a decision two, five, ten, thirty years ago that I have to do a certain outer practice every day for the rest of my life?” If you did, is it constructive to carry on that decision? Would it not be more constructive to tune in to what is your present level of consciousness and what you need to do at this level to rise to the next level up.

You can see the irony, of course, that if the fallen beings in the past made you believe that you have done something wrong and this set up a compensatory pattern but in reality you did not do something wrong, then it is pointless to try to compensate for something that was not wrong. You can see that you were trying to balance karma but the karma is not there.

There are levels of Christhood

I now need you to step back here and take a look at your concept of right and wrong. I need you, actually, to be willing to open your mind to a new way of looking at this. This is not to in any way imply that what you have done so far was wrong. It is simply that you have now come to the level of the spiritual path where you are approaching the 90th level of consciousness. You are approaching the initiations of the Seventh Ray under Saint Germain and therefore you are ready to take a look at this.

My beloved, let us approach this by looking at the concept of Christhood. We have given many teachings on Christhood and we have given them for different levels of consciousness. As we have said before, it is natural that when you first hear about the concept of Christhood, you will look at it with your present level of consciousness. In reality, there are many levels of Christhood and therefore you should be aware that you cannot take your first conception of Christhood and carry that with you as you raise your consciousness.

Why is this so? Well, if you take the most common concept of Christhood found on earth, it is the one promoted by the official Christian churches. According to their view, only Jesus could attain Christhood and Christhood was a state of perfection. Many ascended master students have an aspect of the view that Christhood means that – all of a sudden – you reach a certain level of consciousness, and from then you have a clear vision of everything and everything you do is right. They think, for example, that Jesus one day attained Christhood or perhaps even that he had it from birth and therefore nothing he did was ever wrong.

Now, the reality here is much more subtle and it can be understood by tying in to what I said in my last discourse. I said: “Christhood is challenging status quo.” What is status quo based on? It is based on an illusion. You now see that for each of the 144 levels of consciousness on earth, there is a certain illusion tied to that level of consciousness. It is this illusion that defines a particular level of consciousness. Therefore, this illusion also defines what people who are still blinded by that level of consciousness see as status quo.

For each of the 144 levels there is a certain sense of status quo based on a certain sense of illusion. What is Christhood? It is challenging the illusion at each of the 144 levels of consciousness. You now see that there are 144 levels of Christhood. My beloved, if you are to challenge the illusion at the lowest possible level of Christhood on earth, in other words, the level where people are the most self-centered, narcissistic, egotistical, then obviously that is very different from challenging the illusion at a much higher level.

Therefore, you now see that there can be different expressions of Christhood. If you are to apply the fallen standard, then many of the acts of Christhood that challenge the illusions at lower levels of consciousness will seem wrong according to that standard. What I need you to realize here is that it is good for you to accept responsibility for what you have done in the past. But the obsessive-compulsive disorder causes you to accept responsibility for what you have not done. It causes you to accept responsibility for something that is not your responsibility. I have said that Christhood is never going to be a popularity contest because the fallen beings will never approve of any expression of Christhood. Let me now take you through a different look at your own past.

Christhood does mean you have to be perfect

In the past, you were at a lower level of consciousness. It does not matter whether you were above or below the 48th level of consciousness. How did you rise to a higher level of consciousness? You rose because you came to see through the illusion of that particular level of consciousness. When you saw through that illusion, this in a sense became a challenge, not only to the fallen beings but to other people around you who were still trapped by the illusion. You realize that, in your past, you may have had certain lifetimes where you came to see through a certain illusion. It may have been an illusion at one of the lower levels and you openly and directly challenged people who were still holding on to that illusion.

You may have challenged certain fallen beings who were leaders of your society and who were keeping your society trapped at that level of illusion, for example, by being in a violent conflict with another nation or another group of people. You may have therefore challenged a certain illusion, a certain sense of status quo, and then the fallen beings did everything they could to make you feel that you were wrong for doing so.

Now, my beloved, this is not just that they in general try to make you feel wrong. What the fallen beings will often do is that they will look at the actions, the words and they will try to find some aspect of it that was not perfect. Ponder very carefully what I am saying here. You are expressing a challenge to the status quo, you are challenging a particular illusion. That illusion may be at a very low level of consciousness, way below the 48th level. This does not necessarily mean that you were at that level of consciousness but you could see the illusion in your society and you challenged it.

This was a low illusion. What does it mean to challenge an illusion, say at the 25th level of consciousness? It does not mean that when you challenge the illusion of that low level, you are doing so by expressing the highest possible truth. Nobody at that level could grasp the highest possible truth, if even there was such a thing as the highest possible truth on earth. When you challenge an illusion at the 25th level of consciousness, your challenge is not going to be “perfect,” if there was such a thing as perfection. It is only the fallen beings who have created the concept that there should be something that is perfect.

Do you see what I am saying? You are challenging an illusion at the 25th level of consciousness, you are doing so by expressing a truth that is a little bit higher than the 25th level but certainly not the highest truth that is possible on earth. The fallen beings now look at what you did, look at what you said, and they try to find some little aspect of it that they can then say was not perfect according to their standard. My beloved, how do you react to this? Well, you do not react based on your present level of consciousness, you react based on the level of consciousness you had at the time. Let us say you were at the 48th level of consciousness. You challenged an illusion at the 25th level. You were accused by the fallen ones for not being perfect and naturally you reacted to that based on the 48th level of consciousness.

At that level of consciousness, you did feel that you had to be perfect, you were still very much caught up in the entire concept of perfectionism that has been perpetrated on people by the fallen beings. You, then, used the accusations of the fallen beings to decide: “I was wrong. I was not perfect.” This is one of the most insidious, most subtle and also one of the most common reasons why ascended master students dare not express their Christhood. You think that in order to express Christhood, you have to be perfect. You think that there is a standard of perfection that has some validity. You do not think it is the fallen beings who have put this standard upon you because you do not realize that yet. You think it is God or the ascended masters who have defined the standard. You think you were wrong according to this standard in the past when you tried to express your Christhood. Therefore, you have decided that you are not going to try and express your Christhood again until you are sure you are perfect.

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