An all-encompassing shift in consciousness

TOPICS: Every aspect of life is influenced by the consciousness of duality – Why is there such cruelty in nature? – The truth about the balance of nature – Did God create the imbalance in nature? – A very profound shift in consciousness is needed – Holding the spiritual balance for others – The elite as the “saviors” of the people – Saint Germain’s strategy for the Golden Age – Let go of the dream of one true religion – Learn from every situation – Tune in to the etheric blueprint for the Golden Age – No limits to growth –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain (1), July 13, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM, and I come to give you a discourse to prepare your consciousness for the shift that must take place, if we are to bring in the Golden Age and shift the consciousness of the people of the world, the people of this nation of America, the people of this state of California from the Piscean age consciousness to the Aquarian age consciousness.

As Mother Mary did indeed speak about yesterday, it is true that there is an immense potential for this shift to begin here in the state of California and to spread throughout America, and from here beyond. Certainly, as we have said recently, there is an equally great potential for a shift to begin in Europe and spread from there as well and there is a potential for a shift to begin in South America and spread from there. So you see, we of the ascended masters do not put all of our eggs in one basket. But right now I am given a platform here in California, so I am talking about the specific egg that I have laid here in the nest of this beautiful state.

Every aspect of life is influenced by the consciousness of duality

My Beloved, it says in Genesis that God created man in his own image and after his likeness. And while this is true, it must be recognized by all sincere spiritual seekers, that we are not in the original state of innocence at which man and the earth were created. The earth right now has fallen very far below that state of innocence. In fact, I will prepare your consciousness to begin to accept just how far this planet has fallen below.

But first you need to recognize that as a result of the planet falling below its original state of innocence, human beings have departed from their original matrix, the original image of God in which they were created. And thus, they have violated the first two commandments, the commandment to not have any other gods before me, and to not take unto thyself any graven image.

So they have created images based on the duality consciousness. And they have then used those images to create false gods after the image and likeness of the dualistic consciousness—in many cases even after the image and likeness of those fallen beings that Maitreya has exposed in his book, who want to set themselves up as gods on earth and be worshiped as gods on earth, because they are not willing to come into oneness with the God in heaven, whereby they could be Gods in the spiritual realm.

They have been given the earth as a temporary playground, where they could outplay that consciousness until they either have had enough of it or have spent their opportunity and thus face the second death. Thus, I need you to understand that almost everything on this planet is influenced by the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of the fallen beings that is anti-God, that is based on a denial of God—a denial that God is here on this planet, even a denial that God created this planet, even a denial that God exists.

Why is there such cruelty in nature?

I want you to think back to the movie you watched before the invocation was given. You see the beautiful images of nature, you see the cute polar bear cubs that climb out of their nest for the first time, and certainly you feel love and compassion for these beautiful animals. But do you realize, that the mother of those cute bear cubs – in order to feed and raise those cubs – has to go out and kill a seal, who also has young that will then starve to death if they are not eaten by the bear? You see the wonderful caribou that migrate over the Alaskan tundra, and then you see the wolves stalking them. You feel compassion for the young caribou and wish it could escape the wolf, and you feel a sense of terror and regret over seeing it be eaten.

But you see, this is how nature currently functions on this planet. And what has been done on this planet is that humankind has been sold a pack of lies—worse than a pack of wolves. One of these lies is that nature is something that is inevitable, that is beyond human comprehension, beyond human power to change. And thus, the way things are, are simply the way things are and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. Well, this is a lie, perpetrated by those forces and beings in other realms, in the mental and emotional realms who have sought to control humankind.

Yes, there are certain groups of people on this planet who are spreading these lies and serving as instruments. But as I recently said in Ireland, I want you to think beyond, because if you only focus on physical conspiracies, you will not grasp the full picture, and thus you will not be able to make and facilitate the shift in consciousness that needs to occur.

What they want you to believe is that you, the people, have no power to change the big things on earth including nature and what they have come to call the balance of nature, or the ecosystem. How many of you were brought up to believe that nature was beyond the influence of human beings—except through technology? But certainly, you were brought up to believe that your consciousness could not change certain basic, fundamental things in nature. You could not change the fact that there are birds or animals of prey on this planet who must kill in order to survive. This is something that either God created that way or it just evolved by chance and thus, either way, it is beyond the power of human beings.

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