The Flame of Acceleration

Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Kim Michaels, January 1, 2016.

Serapis Bey I am, and in the decree I have released, there are a couple of lines that I wish to draw to your attention. They say: “Serapis Bey, your life a poem, that calls me to my starry home.” My beloved, ponder this statement, ponder what is implied here, ponder the feelings that it might arouse in you. Then consider, when you look back at world history, that from the earliest civilizations and beyond, people have looked up into the heavens and longed for something, longed for being somewhere else, somewhere out there among the stars, somewhere away from where they are right now here on earth, in these limited physical bodies, in these limited situations that human beings have collectively created.

When people face the return of their karma or the limitations of the matter realm, they often look up into the stars and cry out for freedom. I will not deny, of course, that some of you who will be hearing or reading this teaching, will have come to earth from other planetary systems in other galaxies. Therefore, you might even look up and have some inner memory of a starry home.

Nevertheless, I put these lines in my decree to help you get in contact with the inner longing so that you might come to a higher discernment that there is a false longing and a true longing. The true longing is indeed for oneness with your I AM Presence. Your true starry home is your I AM Presence, not somewhere in the material realm in this physical universe, not some other star system, not some other planet somewhere where life is supposedly better than on earth. I am, of course, not denying that there are planets where life is indeed much better than it is on earth because the planetary collective consciousness has been raised to a higher level.

Accelerate your sense of self

Nevertheless, my point is this: As long as you long for some better place in the physical realm, you cannot transcend the physical realm, you cannot ascend. Not only that, you cannot truly accelerate into a higher state. You cannot accelerate beyond the state you have when you have passed the initiations of the first three rays and therefore come to the retreat of Serapis Bey, saying: “Serapis, take me further. I have heard that you are the one who can take me further.”

I look you squarely in the eye and I say: “Nay, you have heard wrong. I, Serapis Bey, cannot take you further. You are the only one who can take yourself further by accelerating your sense of self. I may play some role in inspiring you to come to the point where you are willing to go through this acceleration, but I can do nothing for you. You must be the doer, without being the doer with the outer mind. You must crack the enigma of what it means to accelerate, to truly accelerate, but not in the ego’s way; in the way of the Christ.”

You must ponder the longings that spring from the ego, the longing for some other place where things are better, which is really a longing away from where you are. You cannot accelerate as long as you long to get away, for acceleration does not mean that you take what is and accelerate it. Acceleration means that you transcend what is by letting go of it, by surrendering it. The key to acceleration is to first surrender that to which you are attached.

You see, my beloved, it is very simple. You may get the idea that what is holding you back on the spiritual path are certain energies that have been absorbed into your auric field. This is not untrue. There are energies that are holding you back. You might think that you ascend or rise higher by accelerating these energies. Indeed, you must accelerate the energies, for until you have purified the energies, they will be a dead weight that will hold you back.

Even if you accelerated all of the energies in your auric field, you would not automatically ascend. What must you do then? You must accelerate your sense of self! Here is the difference: Your sense of self is not made of energy, therefore it is not a matter of taking a lower vibration and accelerating that vibration gradually until you reach a higher vibration by crossing the threshold between love and fear. The acceleration of self does not work that way. The acceleration of self is not by accelerating your sense of self from the level it is at to a higher level.

The quantum leap by letting the old self die

Once you have accepted a sense of self based on the duality consciousness, based on the sense of separation, that ego-based self cannot be accelerated. It can only be allowed to die whereby your sense of self takes a quantum leap. Do you understand, my beloved? Probably you do not, for you have not contemplated this thoroughly. Then, perhaps study a little bit about popular science and see what it actually meant – what a radical departure from previous worldviews it was – when Max Planck discovered that light is not emitted in a continuous stream but in discrete units, which he called “quanta.”

You either are the limited self or you are a higher self. There is no gradual path from one to the other. It is not a matter of accelerating the self you have right now. It is a matter of taking the quantum leap by letting the old self die. You are letting go of that life in order to follow Christ and accept the higher sense of self. You attain it by accelerating your self, accelerating what we have called the Conscious You, into a higher state whereby you take on a more Christ-like appearance and likeness.

This is the key that I can teach you in my retreat, if you are willing. So many students come to my retreat without that willingness, and it can take students a very long time to develop that willingness to let the old die. They come to my retreat thinking that they can somehow fool me into helping them accelerate their ego–based self. It is amazing how long students can hold on to this belief; it is amazing how the serpent of the ego will squirm and wiggle around, trying to hide itself from my penetrating eyes, my purifying eyes, and think that it can hide.

It is amazing how long it can take before a student finally one day looks at me, looks me straight in the eyes and accepts: “I can hide nothing from Serapis so I must either stop trying or I must leave his retreat. For what place do I have here, if I am seeking to hide my ego, if I am seeking to do the impossible? I am only fooling myself. I will never fool Serapis.”

Initiations at the Retreat of Serapis Bey

If they do not walk out of here at that moment, as some indeed do, they will look at my penetrating eyes and they will see my love. When they feel that love, then they can let the old die. They know that I will carry them in my arms until they have accepted that new sense of self. That is what I can do for you in my retreat. I can give you the sense that there will be something after the death of the limited self. I cannot carry you there. You must indeed let go and let the old die.

We do, of course, have various processes at my retreat that are aimed at helping people overcome this interim stage where they are still seeking to hide the ego. One I have already talked about several times before, and that is to put people into groups with other lifestreams with which they have various clashes. They have to work it out until they decide that acceleration is more important than playing these ego-based games. We do have another tool that I wish to bring to your attention.

It is something you may indeed contemplate, as you contemplate the journey beyond the Third Ray into the realm of the Fourth Ray of acceleration and purity. There is a room at my retreat; if you would describe it physically, you would say that it is a room with a very intricate geometry. It is not exactly spherical, for the walls are made up of smaller facets in various geometrical shapes. These facets are covered with a material that in an earthly sense would be like a mirror, but it is not a physical mirror that reflects visible light. It is a material that reflects any kind of energy that vibrates in the emotional, mental and etheric realm.

For those who are ready – for those who have reached a certain level, and certainly for those who have gone beyond the petty squabbles with others – they have the opportunity to enter this room where they will be, so to speak, suspended by an intricate harness that keeps them suspended in the center of the room without them directly touching any of the walls. The purpose for this is to make sure that they are not touching any of the reflecting surfaces. When the door is closed and a certain switch is turned on, what will happen is that the material on the surfaces will now begin to reflect back to you from all directions anything you are sending out with the subconscious and conscious mind.

Normally, as you are in physical embodiment on earth, you are, of course, constantly projecting out various mental images, various energies with your subconscious mind, with your emotional, mental and identity mind. You do not immediately feel a return of this because as the energy is projected out, it in most cases takes a while before it comes back, as it cycles through the material universe and through the three other realms of the material spectrum.

We have given you the concept of karma in its most primitive form of a linear concept. Certainly, we have also given you, by Master MORE, a more sophisticated understanding of karma. Much of what you encounter today as limitations, as a burden of energy, is karma from a past life. Therefore, you do not see any direct connection between cause and effect.

You are only seeing what came back, and you are not seeing what you sent out because of the time delay. This is both a grace and an opportunity, but it, of course, has the effect that you do not directly see what you sent out to cause the karmic return. When you go into the reflection room at my retreat, the time delay is removed. You are now instantly feeling a return of what you are sending out. Only, what you are feeling is a return that cannot be hidden by anything in your own being.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: The Mystical Initiations of Intention.

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