The essence of Divine Direction

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Ascended Master Great Divine Director, December 31, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, what is the essence of Divine Direction? Could you see God giving opposite directions to different people, so that they would be running around hither and yon in opposite directions or even fighting each other? Truly, God has given more than one religion on planet earth, but God never had the intention that true religions would be fighting each other instead of working for the common goal of raising the consciousness of humankind.

The division you see among religions or within religions is truly the work of the fallen angels. Therefore, Divine Direction is unified, it is oneness. This means that if you follow Divine Direction, you are working for the greater plan of the ascended masters.

You might be doing this in different ways because you are unique individuals, but behind the outer actions there is a deeper sense of oneness of purpose. And without that oneness of purpose, you will not make the mark and change the earth to your full potential. This is what has been missing in many spiritual organizations, partly because the fallen ones managed to divide them, but partly because those of the Light were not willing or able to raise their vision and come into alignment with the one plan of the ascended masters.

Thus, I trust that you who have been given much teaching on oneness, will internalize that teaching and will use it to look beyond the divisions of your own egos, the divisions of different groups and interests and factions that are pulling on you and say, “We want oneness more than we want to be right. We want to be right with God rather than be seen as being right amongst humans.” For only in that rightness with God will you manifest the Golden Age.

Thus, I commend you for your work, for your enthusiasm and I say, “Raise that enthusiasm into the one-pointedness. Turn the light of your hearts into the laser beam, where the light waves are aligned and therefore can cut through anything in the physical octave.” Thus, be sealed in the love of the ascended masters and in my flame of Divine Direction.

Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels