The emergence of new Christian movements in America

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, October 29, 2023. This dictation was given during the Webinar for America 2023: Coming into unity with Saint Germain’s vision for America.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I choose to speak at this time because throughout America, there are many Christians who are either already in church or ready to go to church, and so they sit there in their churches feeling that they are the chosen people, the ones who are guaranteed to be saved, the ones who are doing what Christ wants them to do, and therefore they are convinced that they are in alignment with me and I look upon them with approval. This, of course, is not reality.

I have now since 2002 given numerous teachings about the fact that Christianity today, and for that matter Christianity since the inception of the Catholic Church, has been almost in complete opposition to my teachings and mission. This is not to say that there are not people within the Christian tradition who have locked in to me as a living spiritual being and who have therefore gone beyond the outer doctrines and rituals and the churches and all of the murder and mayhem that has been perpetrated by the Christian religion. But by and large, the Christian religion is still today out of alignment with the reality of Christ.

That is why, of course, they do not recognize the real Jesus but worship a man-made idol created by the very forces of antichrist, the fallen beings who very quickly, or actually from the very beginning controlled the Catholic church and therefore created many of these doctrines, many of these images of Christ that are out of alignment with the reality of who I am, why I came to earth, and what the Christ consciousness really is and what it is meant to do. As we have said before, the real high potential of Christianity was that I would be seen as an example to follow, whereby a critical mass of people could put on that personal Christhood, attain that Christ consciousness, and therefore humanity could become free from the influence of the fallen beings, those who are in the mind of antichrist.

The second coming of Christ

Clearly, this has not come to pass over these past 2000 years, but it will indeed come to pass as we move further into the golden age. It is not my intention here to lament about the past and what has not happened, but to give you a vision of how I see the development of Christianity as we move into these first decades of the golden age. What will happen to Christianity in the golden age? Well, what will happen is that the present form of Christianity that you see in America will decline, will continue to decline until it either becomes insignificant or completely disappears. Many of the churches you see today and that the members of these churches are convinced will endure until the second coming of Christ, they will disappear.

Now you may say, why will they disappear? Because, the second coming of Christ will take place but they will not notice. The second coming of Christ is, as I have explained many times, not that I will return as some heavenly being in an undeniable manifestation, but that 10,000 people will manifest Christhood and millions of more will manifest a degree of Christhood. This is the true second coming of Christ, and this will happen in these next decades, as it is already beginning to happen, as many of you are the forerunners for this development. This is what the Christian churches will not notice. They will not be willing to look at this, they will not be willing to admit it, and what will be the result of it?

New Christian communities working with Jesus

The result will be that these many Christed beings cannot find a place to express their Christhood within the context of these established Christian churches. And therefore they must do what? Well, they must go elsewhere. And this will mean that either they go to a more universal form of spirituality, or they found, create new Christian churches. There is a huge potential in America, elsewhere of course also, but let us focus on America, for the creation of new Christian churches, new Christian communities that are much more in tune with the reality of Christ. I am not saying that this will be based on the teachings I have given through this messenger and on the Ask Real Jesus website. Of course, some of these people will find the website, will make use of it, but it is not the purpose that all of these new Christian communities and churches should be based on the website or should have anything to do with this messenger. This messenger is not interested in being looked up to as some kind of leader of this movement, nor does he want any kind of credit for this because he has decided long ago that he wants his reward in heaven.

But the point is that many, many people, those who have the potential to manifest Christhood, they have the potential to tune into me as an ascended being, as an ascended master. And through that attunement with me, they will receive promptings, ideas, directions, that they can then carry out in accordance with their individual background, their individual psychology, their individual creativity. And this will transform Christianity in America because the old churches that will not change, that will not adapt, they will lose members, as many of them are already doing. And those people who have some attunement with me, they will join these new churches and they will adopt and accept a new approach to Christianity that will be very much in alignment with what I have given on the website because naturally when people tune into me, whether they know about the website or not, they will receive the same instructions from me for certainly I do not plan to give different instructions to different people so that you create more animosity between Christian churches.

But of course I will adapt my instructions to people’s individual background and I will allow them to carry out those instructions in accordance with their individual creativity and the needs of the group of people they are serving. Certainly there will be some differences among these new churches but not in a sense that it will be a categorical conflict between them but more that they will focus on different aspects of Christhood, different aspects of the spiritual path, different aspects of helping people work with their psychology and overcome various issues.

The suppression of women in Christian churches

Now who are going to be the forerunners for this development? It will of course be both men and women but naturally it will be a majority of these people will be women. Why? Because Christianity has now for so long been an instrumental religion in suppressing women and therefore naturally I want to compensate for this or rather I want to move America beyond this suppression of women so that it can really move into the golden age of Saint Germain where, of course, there cannot be any suppression of women, any discrimination against women or for that matter any other minority groups.

Naturally you will see that the old churches will resist this as they are already resisting it. But you see that in even in many of the traditional churches the people who are most active, the people who are most willing to do something in the churches are women but yet these churches will not allow them to have any decision making positions. Why not? Because the vast majority of the Christian churches in America are still in the patriarchal mindset and they do in fact believe, many of these pastors, that it is necessary to keep women away from decision-making positions in their churches. You would be surprised if you could peer into the minds of some of these pastors or other leaders of these Christian churches. Or if you could listen to their secret private conversations that they have, not even their official meetings but their private conversations. You would be surprised at how negative of an attitude they actually have to women.

Many of them actually believe that women are an inferior group of people, that women are inferior to men. That women are responsible for the fall of man and therefore it is their role as Christian leaders to keep women in their place. This is, of course, a mindset that time has run away from a long time ago but especially as we move into the golden age and especially in this decade of women, time truly has run away from this patriarchal, we might even say medieval mindset. And that is why you will see that gradually these women who are the ones who are keeping these churches functioning, they will decide to simply stop, to walk away, to find some other way to serve and to become part of these new Christian churches and groups and communities that will spring up. It is simply not survivable for a Christian church in America in this decade to continue this suppression of women.

Now what is really behind the suppression of women, not only in America but looking back towards Old Testament times in the Middle East and beyond? And you can say, of course, as we have explained before that this comes from the fallen beings who when they came to this planet decided that the best way to create conflict was to create a conflict between men and women because that was the most fundamental division on earth, the division between the two sexes. But you can look beyond this and see, what is the mindset that this comes from? And it is really the superiority complex, the delusions of grandeur, this obsessive-compulsive desire to feel that you are better than others.

The superiority-inferiority game on earth

Naturally, when you look at our teachings about the duality consciousness, this is clearly dualistic. You are comparing yourself to others on a scale with two extremes that is based on a value judgment. Some are better, others are worse. Some are superior, some are inferior. Clearly dualistic, but the point is this. Behind the suppression of women is this superiority complex. And it is of course not only the fallen beings who are trapped in this, for many human beings, many of the original inhabitants of the earth are trapped in it as well. It is not so that the fallen beings brought the superiority complex to earth. It was already here in these societies that attempted to create this uniformity.

These societies were not egalitarian societies, they were hierarchical societies where there was an elite that were attempting to get the broad population to submit to the leadership of the elite. The stage was already set and all the fallen beings had to do was walk onto the stage and inflate this superiority complex among the people who were leaders on earth and since then they have attempted to do everything they could to spread it. And they have done it throughout the world in many different ways. We have talked about it before and you mention in this invocation you gave that they took a tribe in the Middle East and they made them believe that they had the superior God and that they were the chosen people of that God. Why were they chosen for this particular scenario by the fallen beings? Because they had the greatest need to feel superior, not because they were superior in any way.

And you see the same in many other nations, but again let us focus on America. And you see in the American collective psyche this desire for America to be the greatest nation on earth. But how are you attempting to create this? Well, you are attempting to create economic power, military power. But it is power. It is a projection of power. Are there not other ways to be the greatest nation on earth? Well, what did I say 2,000 years ago to my disciples when they were quarrelling about who was the greatest among them? Did I not say: “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all” and you do see in America a certain willingness to serve the world.

You see many people in America who are willing to serve in various capacities. But there is still in the collective psyche of America this desire to be the greatest most powerful nation on earth. This is of course a certain irony. Because if you look at it in America today, if you look at it historically in many other nations, you will see a clear pattern. There is a group of leaders, often fallen beings, in some cases original inhabitants who have stepped into and adopted the fallen mindset. But there is a group of leaders in the fallen mindset who have this obsessive-compulsive need to set themselves up as a superior elite. But how can you really feel superior unless you have people who acknowledge your superiority and look up to you and obey you and worship you and see you as an idol? Well, you cannot.

So who are the people who are most likely to respond to such leaders with a superiority complex? They are actually people who have an inferiority complex. And you see this throughout history. You can see it in America right now if you are willing to look at it neutrally. There was a person who talked about making America great again. Clearly a superiority complex. Who are most of the people who are blindly believing whatever this person says? Many of them have the inferiority complex. How does this work? It works that the fallen beings appeal to those who have the inferiority complex and promise them that if you follow us and obey us then you will attain some superior status by the mere fact that you are following us. That you are obeying us. This will make you superior. This is not really rocket science. It is what should be Psychology 101 on all institutions of higher learning. It is not difficult to see once you are not caught in this bubble of this inferiority-superiority dynamic that the fallen beings are so good at creating.

The sense of superiority vs. oneness with Christ and all life

You see the same in the Christian churches of America. The leaders of these churches have this, many of them, this obsessive-compulsive need for superiority. And they feel that Christianity is the superior religion. Their form of Christianity is the superior religion and therefore they are the superior servants of Christ. But again, he who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all. Now you may talk a good game, act a good game. You may seem like you are really serving. But if you are serving based on this desire to feel superior, you are not serving with Christ. You are not serving Christ. You are not serving the people because you are not a servant. You have a self-centered motive of raising yourself up in comparison to others. Do you really think that Christ approves of this? Do you really think you can fool Christ into seeing you as such a good and faithful servant? Do you really think that by fooling other people you have fooled Christ? For I tell you nay, nothing that you do on earth can fool Christ. That is precisely the point of the Christ consciousness that gives you a frame of reference between what takes people closer to oneness, what takes them away from oneness.

And clearly the desire to be superior takes you away from oneness. For that matter, even the sense of inferiority takes you away from oneness. Because in Christ, in oneness, how can there be superior and inferior? That is why, he who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all. Without the need for superiority. In other words, transcend the need for superiority and then you will have my approval. There is absolutely no way to create an appearance of superiority on earth and thereby get into heaven. It cannot be done. The fallen beings have believed through the fall through several spheres that this can be done. Some of them still believe it today. Many people have been pulled into thinking that if I am a good Christian, then surely Jesus will take me to heaven after this lifetime. Many of these Christians have been disappointed when they went out of the body, they met me or other spiritual beings, and they realized to their shock that they were not going to heaven but would have to go back into embodiment on earth.

There are no superior beings in heaven. For when you are one with the Christ mind, you see the oneness of all life. And there is no room for superiority and inferiority. This does not mean that all beings in heaven are alike, but it means that they do not see their individual differences based on this scale with two extremes where one is superior, one is inferior. How long will the Christians of America be trapped in playing this game? How long will Americans in general be trapped in playing this superiority game?

Setting the stage for the golden age

Well, that is a question that will determine how quickly the golden age can be manifest on earth, how quickly Saint Germain can release some of these ideas, some of this technology that he talked about in his dictation yesterday. He talked about the need for a transformation of consciousness. Well, this transformation of consciousness is precisely what Christianity was designed to bring about in order to set the stage for the golden age of Saint Germain. Many Christians today think that I appeared in some kind of vacuum, but there is, of course, a very long-term plan from the ascended masters behind the progression of the ages.

I appeared 2000 years ago at the beginning of the Age of Pisces to bring about certain changes that would set the foundation for the next age of Aquarius and the golden age. It was, of course, the hope that those who acknowledged me and followed my teachings and example would be forerunners for bringing about this change. Some have done so, but there are many others who are not even in a Christian religion who have been part of setting the stage for the golden age. Many have precisely followed the inner teachings, transcended the need for superiority, and therefore they have left the Christian religion because they cannot identify themselves with what can only be called hypocrisy.

 The rebirth of Christianity

If you look at the Christian religion today, worldwide, but again let us focus on America, what do you see? The mindset of most Christians, especially the leaders, is hypocritical because they think they are superior to non-Christians. The leaders think they are superior to their own members. But why do they think this? Because they see themselves as separated from Christ.

For if they had come into oneness with Christ, with the Christ mind, and put on that individual Christhood, they would have transcended the need for superiority. It is an inevitable part of Christhood that you come to look this consciousness of the divisions, the superiority and inferiority, straight in the eye and say: “Get thee behind me, Satan! for I will have none of you, you have no place in my being” and when you do, you will experience such a freedom that most people could hardly imagine. You may look at many people and say they are not really trapped in a superiority complex, but they are trapped in the inferiority and they often feel inferior in subtle ways that they are not even consciously aware of and would not be able to articulate. And this makes them controllable by the fallen beings because they can use the inferiority complex to manipulate people in various ways, including saying: “If you follow us, you will be superior.”

What will happen in these coming decades is that you will have the emergence of these people who have transcended this dynamic and who therefore will do two things. They will tune in to me, to my Presence as a spiritual being, and they will tune in to the needs of people, specific groups of people, and they will therefore create these communities and organizations specifically to serve these people and this will be a rebirth of Christianity. A more compassionate Christianity, we might say. But we could also call it a more realistic Christianity.

The fallen standard projected upon Christ

What, when you look at this, is behind even the inferiority-superiority dynamic? Why are the fallen beings trapped in this need for superiority? Because they think you have to earn your way into heaven. They think there is a standard you have to live up to. What have we said many times? In order to mess things up on earth, the fallen beings had to do one thing: project there is a standard you have to live up to.

What have they done? They have created a god in their own image and after their own likeness. That is why they have created the angry judgmental God of the Old Testament. So what are they projecting? That the standard for whether you are going to go to heaven or not comes from God, is defined by God. In reality, it comes from the fallen beings and is defined by the fallen consciousness. But they have projected, and they have made many people believe that this is God’s standard. Many Christians believe that it is also Christ’s standard. But what is the Christ standard? It is simply this. Only the being who descended from heaven can ascend back to heaven, and the being who descended from heaven had no standard that could be defined on earth.

How will you ascend back to heaven? By returning to that state of innocence where you have no standard in your mind that you are projecting upon Christ. When Peter told me that I was not going to suffer and go to Jerusalem, like I said, he was projecting his own standard upon me. Again, you all know my answer, get thee behind me, Satan. For this cannot bring you into heaven. When you have an earthly standard, a dualistic, relative, comparative standard, you cannot enter heaven. Christ is not projecting or imposing a standard upon you. The Christ mind gives you a frame of reference for what it means to be free of all of these standards that could be created in this unascended sphere. And when you use that frame of reference from the Christ mind to free yourself from all of these standards, well then, there is nothing that opposes your entry into heaven.

You cannot force your way into heaven. Because you are not in heaven, because you have forced yourself out of heaven, out of innocence. When you return to innocence, well, there is no barrier whatsoever that prevents you from entering heaven, when you come to the point where you make that final choice to leave the earth behind for good. So many things have been projected onto Christ by the fallen beings. So many things have been perpetrated, promoted, forced upon people, programmed into people from childhood by the Christian religion. This will begin to fade away. It is not just that people will leave the Christian religion. It is that more and more people will come to see the hollowness, the falseness, and the hypocrisy of the Christian religion. But they will see this because they tune into the reality of Christ.

Seeing the fallacy of the Christian religion

Again, we have talked many times about how change can happen. It can happen by you going within and receiving an experience, an intuitive mystical experience, from the Christ mind, that gives you a frame of reference. There is something higher. Or it can happen through the School of Hard Knocks, where you see out-pictured in the world, certain aspects of the fallen consciousness, the antichrist consciousness, the human consciousness, the consciousness of death, to where people can finally see it, that this is too much. Both of these things will happen in these coming decades. Traditional Christianity will become more and more set in its ways, more and more conservative, more and more determined to defend what they see as these traditional values.

Now if you look at Christian churches in America, they might define various of these traditional values and standards that they are defending and there are, of course, various things they are defending. What is really going on here is that there are people in these Christian churches, many among the leaders, who sense that their grip is slipping, that times are moving away from them, that they are losing ground. And that is why they have gone into this state of almost desperation, of wanting to hold on to whatever they can hold on to. And this is why you see this very peculiar situation. Where you take these Christian leaders, who go to the White House and let themselves be photographed around Donald Trump as president. And they tell him: “You are the greatest president since Lincoln” and they think that because he has appointed certain Supreme Court judges, he is even anointed by God or by Christ to be the president. But in reality, is Donald Trump religious at all? Is he a Christian according to the standards of these Christian churches? And he is not. And he never has been. And he has pretty much admitted this openly.

Again, the blindness that prevents you from seeing the hypocrisy in your actions and your words. Seeing the difference between what you claim to believe and what you are actually doing. Donald Trump is not in alignment with Christ and never has been. But, of course, since the leaders of Christian churches are not in alignment with Christ either, they are, of course, free to form an alliance. And if people believe it, well, there is only the School of Hard Knocks left, is there not? For, certainly I cannot reach these people. You will see how things will become more extreme in these coming decades. The Catholic church, have you seen the worst of the scandals that are waiting to be exposed in this church? Not by a long shot. There is much more to be exposed. The same thing with other Christian churches in America and elsewhere. And if the only way that people can come to see the fallacy of the Christian religion is through the School of Hard Knocks, well then, it is only a matter of how hard the knocks have to become.

Expressing the Christ perspective in any context

Of course, as I have said, there are already many, many people who are beginning or have already seen the fallacy of the Christian religion. And it is, again, to those people that I look to carry the religion of Christianity, or we should say perhaps the community of Christians, into the golden age. I am not envisioning a time where there will be no Christians or no Christian organizations, no Christian community. But whether the current churches survive or not is really not my concern whatsoever. But I do envision that there will be the emergence of these Christian communities who will have overcome the inferiority superiority dynamic. And therefore, they will see themselves as the servants of all, or at least the servants of specific groups of people that they feel it is their role to serve.

But I also see that many, many people will come to lock into, attune to, the reality of the Christ mind and they will begin to express it, not in a Christian context or a Christian community. Many will express it in a universal way, for it really is not a matter of the ‘Christian religion’. I did not come to earth to create a Christian religion. I came to create a movement that is not a centralized movement where people universally express that Christ perspective that gives people a frame of reference in specific situations. You can do this in any context, even a non-religious context.

There are many scientists, many researchers, many scholars, who are looking at society, looking at trends, looking at history, and expressing things in a universal way. Pointing out what is not sustainable in the long run. We have several times referred to this study by the Rand Corporation of the income inequality in America. Well, this entire study and its conclusions is an expression of Christhood, of the Christ consciousness. Pointing out something that is not sustainable. There are, of course, many, many other examples of this.

The Christ consciousness vs. the consciousness of death

You see here, Christians again are so focused on the Christian religion, but why are they focused on this? Because for them, this is their ticket to superiority. They think that they are superior because they are members or leaders of this Christian church. And they are doing all of these things that they claim Christ has defined, but that they have defined, or the fallen beings have defined and this gives them that sense of superiority. This has no reality in Christ. It truly is what I called the death consciousness, as in let the dead bury their dead. The death consciousness is when you identify yourself as a separate being, and you seek to set yourself up as being superior to others. That is the death consciousness. You cannot be superior unless you see yourself as a separate being.

What is the consciousness of life? The Christ consciousness. It is that you see the oneness behind all of the outer differentiations and you strive for that oneness with the Christ mind that also makes you see the oneness with all others, which is why you can be the servant of all. Because you are not seeking to raise yourself up, you are seeking to raise up the whole, or a specific group of people. And you are not doing this to force your way or buy your way into heaven. You are simply doing it because that is what the Christ mind does. And you look at all of these games that are played on earth, all of these dualistic games, the inferiority superiority game. And you understand what I meant when I said: “What is that to thee, follow thou me?” Because you have grasped, you have truly grasped, that what you really want is to come into more and more oneness with the Christ mind and therefore, you are willing to leave behind all of these games that keep you out of the Christ mind, because they reinforce the illusion that you are a separate being.

Women in the Christian churches

Yes, there will be churches who will attempt to survive by thinking they are doing the work of Christ by becoming more and more closed minded. What is behind it? As I said, they feel it is slipping away from them. Their control over the people is slipping. And who are the people they know they are losing first? Women.

Many of these patriarchal churches, many of these leaders, pastors, bishops, whatever you call them, they have a certain sense, often unrecognized at the conscious level, but they have a certain sense that Christianity’s treatment of women is not sustainable. But they cannot give up the sense of superiority that because they are men, they are superior to women. And they are holding their Christian churches hostage to this consciousness, instead of acknowledging that it is high time and past time to allow women to hold any position in any Christian church.

What are they really trying to hold down? Women. And they know this cannot be done, but they are trying to say we must maintain the standard, we must maintain the traditional values. And what they are really meaning is, we must maintain the suppression of women, for this is what Christ wants. But it is not what Christ wants. He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all. Do you not think women are included in the all? And why did I say he? Because back then, as today, it was a patriarchal culture where the leaders were ‘hes’. Had they been ‘shes’, I would have said she who would be greatest among you, let her be the servant of all. But it was pointless to say it, because there was nobody in leadership positions who were women because it was not allowed. And even many of my disciples had that patriarchal mindset, especially Peter, but to some degree Paul and the others. Which is why it is not recognized in the scriptures that I had female disciples, some of whom were more advanced than the male disciples.

Today, what do you see? You see these Christian churches in America where the leaders are men, and where they will allow women to do the dirty work, so to speak, but they will not allow them to make decisions. They are caught in this sense of superiority. But when you look at it in terms of spiritual maturity, spiritual advancement, many of the women are far more advanced than these male leaders. And that is why the male leaders have to suppress the women, because they are not willing to transcend themselves and grow in consciousness whereas many among the women are.

Attempting to kill Christ in anyone

You see this in other areas of society as well, where the men are sensing that women are growing faster and are more advanced than many men. Instead of being willing to change themselves and grow as quickly as the women, so they can keep up with the women, they instead seek to prevent women from growing or from attaining positions in society. Those who will not transcend must prevent others from transcending if they are to prevent these others from going ahead of them. And where does this come from? Who are the ones who do not want to transcend themselves but want to hold others back? Well, of course, the fallen beings. What else can they do? When you are not willing to use the Christ mind, you cannot rise in consciousness. You can increase your sophistication at the horizontal level, but you cannot rise vertically to higher levels of consciousness.

The scribes and Pharisees, the leaders of the Jewish religion, the temple priests, they were threatened by me because they sensed I had a higher level of consciousness than they did. What was their reaction? Well, they could have said: “ Oh, but if he has grown, we can grow too. If this Jesus has used the Christ consciousness to raise his consciousness to a higher level than ours, why do we not use the Christ consciousness to raise our level as well?” But they were not willing to do that, so what was their response? Kill the Christ.

What are the Christian leaders in America and elsewhere doing today in the mainstream churches? Attempting to kill Christ in their own members, especially in the women, but really in anyone. Why? Because they will not transcend their consciousness and they do not want others to do this and go ahead of them, so they cannot maintain their sense of superiority. Again, this is not rocket science. This should be Psychology 101 on all institutions of higher learning, even down to the high school level.

People are able to grasp this, to understand this. Not in terms of a Christian context, but simply psychology, basic psychology. Basic psychology should involve the inferiority-superiority dynamic. And many people are able to grasp it in their later teenage years and forward. It is not beyond what people can grasp today. They could not a hundred years ago or two thousand years ago, but today many people can grasp this and come to see how this inferiority-superiority dynamic has outplayed itself in world history and is outplaying itself today. So many examples, Russia, Israel, just to mention two that are in the news right now. China, Japan, a couple of generations ago. But many, many others where you see this superiority, not only nations, ethnic groups, religious groups, this or that group, racial groups.

White superiority, still a factor in America, especially in some Christian churches. They know it is not sustainable, but they are frantically, desperately trying to hold on to the traditional values, which is really code speak for ‘our’ sense of superiority, or ‘our’ position of superiority in society. They know this is slipping. They know that America will not continue to be ruled by the white elite, but they are desperately trying to hold on.

Helping people with their psychological issues

I am grateful for the opportunity to speak this in the physical, and have so many of you tuned in so that it can go out where you are, in the collective consciousness. I could say much more. I will, of course, say more as we move further into the golden age. But again, you reach this point where enough has been said to start this chain reaction that can take the collective consciousness to the next level. And then when that next level is reached, then it is more fruitful to give further teachings.

Truly, when I look forward into the golden age, specifically for America, I see the emergence of these spiritual communities that are vibrant, that are alive, that are helping people. They are not only Christians. Some are universal. Some are Buddhists. Some are other traditional religions. But they will have certain things in common. One is that they will not be based on requiring people to believe something, because they are based on giving people experiences. But many of them will also realize that in order to give people a mystical experience, you have to help people resolve their psychological issues, because these issues will block them from having the direct experience.

There will also be a growing awareness that the problems you see in society, such as many people getting into drug and alcohol abuse, some people getting into gangs and crimes, people getting into depression or hopelessness, that all these are really spiritual issues because people do not have a sense of purpose. They do not have an understanding of basic psychology, they do not know how to improve their psychology, and that therefore it is an essential part of spirituality to help people with this. It is also, of course, an essential part of Christianity because what else would the Christ do, as I said, but help people overcome the death consciousness that keeps them trapped in the material world.

This is something you can see already starting, where there are many of these people, many of these groups, who are seeking to help people with their psychological issues. This is much more in alignment with Christ than the Christian churches, who can only tell you to suppress it all and behave like a good Christian, and then Jesus will come and save you, even though you have not changed your consciousness, you have not resolved your psychology.

But how could I save people if they have not overcome the very psychology that causes them to run away from heaven? Do they really imagine that I will come back one day and force people to go into heaven? Naturally, entering heaven must be a choice. And you can only make that choice when you have resolved the psychology that caused you to go away from oneness and go deeper and deeper into separation. So this is another topic, but certainly many people have already locked into this, many more will. And if there are going to be successful Christian communities, they will have to make the connection between Christ and psychology.

With this, I will again express my gratitude and seal you in the Flame of Joy that I hold for earth. For truly, this Flame of Joy can consume the most subtle ploy of the devil and the serpents and the forces of antichrist. They are no match for this flame. They will burn when they touch it as you see mosquitoes burn when they touch the bright light.

With this, if you are willing, open your heart to this Flame of Joy that I now pour out in a greater measure than you might encounter in your daily lives. Spend some time, as the music plays, to tune in to this Flame of Joy and perhaps make it a regular occurrence that you spend a little time tuning in to this Flame of Joy that I AM.



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