The elite rules by creating labels

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, October 26, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I wish to give you the perspective here on how the Seventh Ray of Freedom relates to the topic of elitism.

Clearly, you can all see that the essence of what the power elite has been attempting to do from the very beginning is to restrict the freedom of the people. Why do they do this? Well, from a certain outer perspective, they do it in order to gain power, in order to gain privilege or in order to gain money. They must take something from the people in order to concentrate it in the hands of the power elite that is in embodiment.

That of course is not why the fallen beings in the identity realm are seeking to restrict the freedom of the people. They do it for two reasons: Number one, they hate the people, number two, they hate freedom. Why do they hate freedom? Because they do not have it and they can never have it. Now, you might say, if you look at some of the dictators you have seen in physical embodiment, like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, did they not have freedom to do whatever they wanted? Did they not have the freedom that they could say: “This needs to be done” and people would do it? But was that freedom? Is it freedom that you can do whatever you want? Freedom is not an outer condition. It is not even a physical condition. It is an emotional, mental and identity level condition. It is a condition of the mind.

If you are not free in your mind, you can never be free, no matter what conditions you have in the physical octave. The fallen beings are not free in their minds. They have not been free since they fell because a fallen being can never have freedom of the mind. Why not? Because the very essence, the very mechanism of falling, means that you fall into a separate self, a separate identity that you have created. Thereby, you disconnect yourself from your I AM Presence, and the Conscious You disconnects itself from the ability to experience pure awareness and traps itself in this outer self that it has created. By the very fact of doing this, you are not free because what is freedom?

Well, it has two aspects. There is the alpha aspect that as the Conscious You, you can connect to the I AM presence and thereby you can receive energy, ideas, insights from the I AM Presence or from ascended masters. This is one aspect of freedom. The other aspect of freedom is that the Conscious You can return to pure awareness can step outside of any outer self it has created in the identity, mental and emotional realms. Therefore, you know that you are not your own creation, you are more than your own creation and you can actually escape your own creation and return to oneness with the I AM Presence. Now, that is freedom. The fallen beings of course, as long as they are in the fallen state of consciousness, cannot have that freedom, they cannot connect to the I AM presence and they cannot step outside of the separate self they have created.

What must they do? They must seek to take away the freedom of the population as they have taken away their own freedom because when people are free, it is a threat to the fallen beings. Just the fact that the fallen beings saw that Jesus was free of these outer personalities that they were so entrapped in, was a threat to them because they now saw that there was an alternative to their state of consciousness.

The elite feels inherently inferior

What is it they are more afraid of than almost anything else? It is of being reminded that there is that alternative, there is more than their present state of consciousness, there is more than the fallen state of consciousness, there is more than duality and separation, more than the epic mindset. They are afraid of being reminded of this, why? Because when they encounter a being who has a certain level of Christ consciousness, they are reminded of their own existential inferiority. They are existentially inferior to those like Jesus. When he reached a certain level of Christhood, when he started his public mission, he radiated such a light that it was almost impossible to meet him physically without sensing it. Therefore, those in the Jewish leadership that he met, they sensed the light in him, and it reminded them that they did not have it and they felt inferior.

You will say of course that one characteristic of the power elite is the sense of superiority, but that sense of superiority is based on something they have created here on earth. Regardless of the amazing structures they have built to prove their superiority, all these mighty empires and kingdoms and this and that, when they meet a person who has the Christ consciousness, they see that all of these outer things are as nothing compared to the Christ light. This reminds them of the inferiority that they felt after they first fell. They covered it over very, very quickly but they felt it and they knew they had lost something. They do not want to be reminded that they have lost something so they attempt to set themselves up in these positions that seem to be unassailable. They seek to prevent anyone among the people from attaining the level of Christhood that they cannot ignore.

The human mind is afraid of freedom

How do they do this? How do they seek to control people? Well, they do it through the duality consciousness of course, the epic mindset and so forth. I want to give you one more view of this, one more facet. The fallen beings have realized that the human mind has a certain tendency. The human mind is actually afraid of freedom. It is afraid of freedom of thought, freedom of ideas. This is partly a quality that comes from being in duality. It is also a quality engineered by the fallen beings where they have, for such a long time, set themselves up as those who had the only truth. They have pushed the people down as those who cannot know truth on their own so people are afraid to know on their own, to evaluate on their own, what is true, what is not true, what is right, what is not right. The human mind, when it goes into this state, has a tendency that it wants to submit to what it feels is right, true, good.

What the fallen beings have realized is that if they create a label and project it with enough force, they can get people to submit to this without actually thinking about what they are submitting to. In other words, in order to escape this freedom of having to evaluate ideas, many people just want to accept a certain idea that is projected at them with enough authority and then they do not want to think about the idea. They do not want to evaluate: “Is it logical? Is it true? Does it make sense? Is it consistent?” And all of these things. People have a tendency to submit to something that is projected with enough force and authority.

The fallen beings have this strategy of creating these labels, everything has to be labeled. Of course, once you have labeled something, it fits into the overall system that the fallen beings have created based on that main characteristic of the duality consciousness, the value judgment. Is it good or evil, right or wrong? They have created the scale and then they have created these labels and once that label is projected, then it is projected to be on a certain position of the scale between good and evil, right and wrong. People will then submit to this without thinking about it and without thinking about: “Is there an alternative? Is there a higher understanding than this label?”

How fallen beings use the concept of God

Let us start at the top and look at one of the primary labels created by the fallen beings—the word “God.” Over a very, very long time, the fallen beings have used the word “God” (in whatever variation it had in different languages) and they have created a certain mindset that underpins the word itself. There is the word and there is the structure underneath the word and this becomes the label. When people hear the word “God,” they have been conditioned to think that this is the supreme authority of the universe and therefore, they cannot really know what God is like.

Whether the description of God presented by a particular religion is true or not true, they just need to submit because you cannot gainsay God, you cannot go against God. This is dangerous, it is blasphemy. You will be put down, you will be persecuted. More than that, you will be punished by God by burning forever in hell.

You see how the word God has been, from a very, very long time ago, misused by the fallen beings to create this label and it has been projected with such force that many, many people have submitted to it. Now, you will, if you look at yourselves, many of you will have been presented with this label in childhood. “God,” often through the Christian religion, where God is the angry judge in the sky. Therefore, those who supposedly represent God on earth now have that authority that you cannot say anything against.

There is hardly another word, in fact there is no other word currently, that has been misused more than the word “God.” A close second is the word “Christ.” You can see this in your own lives. This messenger when he was younger, despite the fact that he was not brought up in a particular religion because his parents were not religious, still felt that cultural pressure where he felt that he could not say anything against God, he could not go against God, he could not rebel against God, and therefore he could not really question God and that label of “God.” It took him many years on the spiritual path to come to a point where he was willing to question the image of God projected by the Christian religion, and start to question whether God really was an angry judge in the sky, or whether there was another way to look at God.

It took him a long time to realize that God is entirely different, God is not the angry judge, God has unconditional love for all of his sons and daughters. Therefore, he could make that distinction between the actual Creator, the real God, and the false god created and projected by the fallen beings. This then led him to have an experience he has described of experiencing God’s being from a neutral state of mind and feeling the Presence of God as something that he first could only describe as unconditional love, but which is not really even love or unconditional, it just is, and there is no way to describe it with words. There is no way to put a label on the Creator’s Being. You either experience it or you do not and if you experience it, it changes you. If you have not experienced it, God remains just that: a label. Of course, that is how the fallen beings want God to remain so that people are trapped in this label where they look at God the way the fallen beings want them to look at God. Therefore, they do not even dare to think that they could have a direct experience of God’s Presence that would set them free from the label of “God.”

This applies equally to the label “Christ,” which has been projected out there, especially since the formation of the Catholic church. They have created an entirely false image of Christ and the only antidote to that false image is of course to experience the presence of the Ascended Master Jesus. Once you experience that, you are freed from the label but the Catch-22 is that as long as you are trapped in the label, you cannot experience the Presence.

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