The duality consciousness has levels and its own dynamic

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Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels, December 5, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing your Christ Discernment.

I am the Ascended Master Maitreya. What I desire to give you in this discourse is a slightly different perspective on the situation you face on earth, especially related to you striving to increase your Christ discernment.

Now, we have given many teachings on the duality consciousness, the consciousness of separation. I have in my book, Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom, given many teachings on the Garden of Eden and how these original lifestreams on earth left the teacher behind. But, of course, all have in a sense, left the teacher behind and this is what I wish to explain from a slightly different perspective.

Now, if we were to say something short and concise about the duality consciousness, it would be this:

When you are not in the duality consciousness, you cannot imagine what it is like to be in the duality consciousness. But when you are in the duality consciousness, you cannot imagine what it is like not to be in the duality consciousness.

There you have the essence of the problem, the problem that we face, the challenge that we face as ascended masters seeking to help you rise out of the duality consciousness.

You may say that the story of the Garden of Eden is a symbol for this mystery school that all entered as a preparation for taking embodiment in an unascended sphere and of course, especially on a dense planet like earth. Avatars were not part of the original mystery school for the original lifestreams that were created to take embodiment on earth, but they still entered the mystery school before they took embodiment here. The only beings on earth that did not enter a mystery school as such were the fallen beings because they were not able or willing to even listen to any spiritual teacher, so they fell here. They were not prepared to gradually descend here.

What is it that we seek to give you when you are in the mystery school, intent on taking embodiment on earth?

Well, in the original mystery school it was slightly different. After the earth fell into duality, descended into duality, we attempted to give all who embodied after that time a deeper understanding of the duality consciousness. The original inhabitants faced the initiation that I describe in such great detail in my book, where they had to experiment with the duality consciousness. But it was not at the level where they were dealing with fallen beings, despite the fact that the serpent can be said to be a symbol for the fallen consciousness. It is still not so that they were prepared to take embodiment on an earth where there were fallen beings, because in the original design, in the original mystery school, there were no fallen beings on earth.

But after the fallen beings were allowed to embody here, those who descended after that time, we attempted to prepare them—and it was not just one mystery school led by me but others—to take embodiment on a planet where there were fallen beings and where the duality consciousness was the dominant state of consciousness on the planet.

Now, here is where we, from the very beginning, run into this difficulty that I just described. When you have embodied on a natural planet where you have not encountered fallen beings and you have not really encountered beings who were trapped in duality, you simply cannot imagine what it is like to be in duality. You have no frame of reference and you cannot imagine what duality is like when you have not encountered it. From the very beginning it was quite difficult to prepare these lifestreams for what was the reality they would encounter on earth.

Now, what we also ran into was that most of the lifestreams who came here as avatars had the desire to come here and take embodiment in order to improve conditions on earth. Most of them, most of you, felt quite confident that you could do as well here as you had done on your natural planet. You could apply yourself. You could be willing to transcend yourself and you could therefore rise above any obstacles or challenges and fulfill the tasks that you had defined for yourself before you decided to come into embodiment on earth. You felt that you had designed a goal for yourself and you were confident that you could fulfill it.

As a result of this, most of you were so eager to take embodiment on earth, that you considered it an unnecessary delay to be taught all the intricacies of the duality consciousness. Most of you had the attitude that: “Well, I will deal with that when I come to it. I am sure I can rise above it.” And this, of course, is a product of what I said: When you are not in duality, you cannot imagine what duality is like. You could not imagine what duality was like, you thought it was no worse than what you encountered on natural planets. It was just another challenge you could rise above.

Most of you did not spend more time than absolutely necessary in the mystery school and you were eager to take embodiment and of course, free will must be honored. After we had attempted to help you see what we knew was difficult for you to see, we allowed you to take embodiment. We, of course, knew as you also knew that you are the Conscious You, and you can rise above anything in an unascended sphere. However, what you did not know, which we knew, was that duality makes it very difficult to rise above certain things.

You now have this situation where you descend for the first time as an avatar on earth. You do not descend into the duality consciousness, but you do descend to the 48th level because this is how you can help the lifestreams on earth rise above their current level of consciousness—by descending to the level where they began and thus showing that you can go up. You may have to descend below the 48th level before you start the upward path, but most of you could not even imagine doing this. You thought you would come down, you would be at the 48th level, and you would have a steadily upward path where you would demonstrate how to pass one initiation after the other.

What happens is that you now come into embodiment on this dense matter planet. You are trapped in the physical body and you cannot get away. The fallen beings know who you are because they sense your light that they do not have themselves. Guided by their masters in the emotional, mental or identity realm, they launched this all-out attempt to destroy you. Naturally, this is a shock to you, as it would be to anyone. Even though we had tried to prepare you for it, when it actually happened, it was a shock to you. What did you do? Well, you reacted by going into duality.

Now, we have talked about selves and separate selves. We have talked about a primal self that you created in response to your cosmic birth trauma, the trauma of taking embodiment on earth. But you need to realize here that beyond having separate selves—and you did not have any separate selves as such when you descended to earth—you have a certain sense of self, a certain sense of identity, a certain sense of who you are. Now, if you go back to the original story of the Garden of Eden in Genesis, you will see that it was said that Adam and Eve were not allowed to eat the forbidden fruit, because if they did, they would surely die.

As I explain in my book in great detail, what that meant was that when you enter the duality consciousness, when you eat that forbidden fruit, then the sense of self you had before you ate the fruit will actually die. You may not even notice this because you are in this especially traumatic situation, but your sense of self that you had with you when you came to earth died and you were instantly reborn into another sense of self that was based on what you had experienced on earth, meaning it was based on the duality consciousness.

Once you were reborn into that sense of self, two things happened. First of all, you had forgotten your previous sense of self. You had forgotten the sense of self you had before you descended to earth. Second of all, you were now looking at life from inside the cloud of duality, the cloud of unknowing, we might say. Therefore, you could no longer imagine what it was like to be outside of duality, to experience life without seeing through the filter of the dualistic consciousness. You simply could not imagine this with your mind.

Now, you still had the ability as the Conscious You to step outside of your four lower bodies, your outer mind, your separate selves and experience that pure awareness, which is what it is like to be outside of duality. Because you were so wounded by the birth trauma, most of you were not able to do this for quite some time after your first embodiment, because you had to deal with this shock of the birth trauma.

Now, what did you do as a result of being exposed to this trauma? Well, as we said, you created the primal self. But how did you do this? What is the primal self? Well, in order to create the primal self, you used the duality consciousness and what is the subtle characteristic of the duality consciousness?

We have hinted at it before, but I will attempt to explain it more directly. When you are in the duality consciousness, you can, as we have said, prove any point. Anything you want to prove, you can prove it. You can choose to prove, for example, that the Christian religion is the superior religion and by using the duality consciousness, you can prove it. You can also choose to prove that scientific materialism is the superior way to look at life and by using the duality consciousness, you can prove it, at least for yourself. You can prove it in such a way that you are experiencing that this is absolutely real. This is the way it is because your experience of this is absolutely real. You are experiencing the absolute reality that Christianity is the only true religion or that scientific materialism is the only truth about life and the universe.

But how do you experience this? How can you experience this? What is it that makes it possible to prove one thing with the duality consciousness, but makes it possible for another person to prove the opposite with the duality consciousness? Why is it possible that two people can have diametrically opposed viewpoints, but they both experience inside their own minds the absolute reality of what they think is the absolute truth? How is this possible? Well, this is the unique feature of the duality consciousness. How does this work? How do you prove, for example, that Christianity is the only true religion and the only path to salvation?

Well, the unique feature about duality is that it enables you to, as it says in Genesis, be as a god, knowing good and evil. You are knowing what is good and evil, you are defining what is good and evil. How do you do this? Well, you define it by excluding something.

In other words, in order to prove that Christianity is the superior religion, you take a certain viewpoint and you elevate that to the status of being an absolute truth that you never question. Now, there may be some other viewpoint that actually questions the validity that this is an absolute truth but you are defining that as being untrue, evil or of the devil and therefore, something you can ignore.

In other words, in order to define your truth in duality, in order to be the god of your own being and define what is good and evil, you are elevating one thing to be beyond questioning and another thing you are putting down as something you do not need to consider. Then you, of course, go into the black and white thinking that there really is nothing in between, there is nothing in between these two. It is, as we have said before, Aristotelian logic that says a statement or an axiom is either true or untrue and there is nothing in between. It is the principle of the excluded middle.

Well, the Buddha called his path the middle way because it is the path of reestablishing the excluded middle, not in the sense that it is the midpoint between two dualistic extremes, but you realize that there are other ways of looking at life than these two extremes that you have defined.

Now, sometimes we may have actually given our students the impression that the duality consciousness is something bad, something evil, perhaps even something defined by the fallen beings and in a sense, it is true that the fallen beings have used the duality consciousness to define certain axioms, ideologies, theories and belief systems. This is defined by the fallen beings. Many of the things you see on earth such as thought systems are defined by the fallen beings.

Nevertheless, the duality consciousness is just an offspring of the fact that the Creator has given all self-aware beings an unrestricted free will. As a result of this, what you see is that the Creator has created this world of form and has defined certain parameters for this world of form. Then the Creator has, out of its own being, created certain beings that descended and took embodiment in the first sphere. They ascended, they defined the structures in this second sphere, and sent extensions of themselves into the second sphere and so forth and so on.

In your unascended sphere, there are spiritual beings in the ascended realm who created that sphere and defined its parameters. You have the seven Elohim who created the earth and defined parameters for how this planet was. A new lifestream starts out being a co-creator, where you are creating within the framework that was defined by beings who had higher levels of awareness than yourself. You are always reacting to this and this is how you grow. You use your free will to expand your sense of awareness from the point-like sense of awareness that you start with. But there comes that point, that I also describe in my book, where you need to become more self-sufficient and instead of co-creating within a certain framework, you need to experiment with defining your own framework.

This is where the dualistic consciousness comes in. You can also look at this another way and say that when you are a new being, you do not have the awareness to question the environment you are in. But as you become more mature and more experienced, you come to a point where it is natural for you to begin to question. For example, if you are a newly-created being, taking embodiment for the first time on earth, you will experiment for some time with what you can co-create here on earth.

But there should naturally come a point where you begin to ask the question: Is earth the only planet? Could a planet only be designed the way earth was designed? Or could it be designed in other ways? Are there other kinds of environments where I would have different co-creative abilities and different creative options? It is natural as part of this that you begin to experiment with: Well, is there an alternative to co-creating within the framework that has been defined for me by others? That is where you then can begin to experiment with the duality consciousness.

The duality consciousness really is, in its essence, simply what we have called the reality simulator.  On earth, as it is defined by the Elohim, there are only certain types of experiences that are possible. Now, this is not really necessarily a limitation because in the original design, you could not actually be hurt by what you co-created. You could not live in poverty, you could not experience starving to death, you could not experiment fighting with other people and being killed by them. This was not part of the original design. Was this necessarily a limitation?

Well, in a certain way, it was, because the earth was not originally designed to give you the experience of suffering. As the Buddha said, the first noble truth is that life is suffering, life in duality is suffering. So, you may say that there are certain lifestreams who come to a certain point where they start realizing that co-creating within the framework, defined by higher minds, means that there are certain experiences you cannot have and so they formulate a desire to have those kinds of experiences, just to have a frame of reference to know what it is like. Now, why is this allowed? Well, it is allowed my beloved, because of free will.

There is a point where you ascend and when you ascend, you choose consciously and knowingly, to leave behind the potential that you could go into duality and act as a separate being. You are so to speak, choosing to enter into the oneness of your Creator’s creation. You are doing this knowingly and voluntarily. You are simply choosing to say, I am letting go permanently and forever, the potential to go into duality. That is when you can ascend to the spiritual realm, where all other beings have made the same choice and therefore, there is no room for duality and there is no suffering and there is no conflict and no fighting, no arguing and all of these things. But you see, the question then becomes how can you make that choice to leave duality behind forever if you have not experienced what duality is?

So, as you will see from my book, in the original mystery school for the original inhabitants of the earth, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was in the garden, it was in the mystery school, because it was, as I explained, part of the initial initiation you were meant to have. But at the time, of course, there were no fallen beings on earth, so it was much easier for lifestreams to experiment with duality, to go into duality and to come out of duality again.

Now, what the fallen beings have done, those who fell from one sphere to the next is that they have, so to speak, solidified the duality consciousness. They have created some structures in the duality consciousness that make it much more difficult to enter duality and go back out of duality. It is the concept of a catch 22 that once you are in, it is difficult to get out. And how does this work?

Well, it really works the same way that I described. You can take one aspect of the options you can see in duality—they are all relative, but you can take one aspect and elevate it to the status of being absolutely true. Then you can take its polar opposite, because they are always two polarities, and demote it to being absolutely untrue. This is again, just duality. You elevate one thing to something you do not question, you put something else down to something you can ignore. When you have something you do not question and something else that questions what you do not question, that you ignore, you can prove anything. This means what? This means that in duality you can have any experience you want.

You can have the experience of being a separate being and only when you see yourself as a separate being can you experience suffering, because when you are connected to the I Am Presence or a spiritual teacher, you cannot experience suffering the way you experience suffering on earth. If you were to analyze suffering on earth, you will see that it springs from the sense that you are a separate being, you are alone, you are lost, or you could be lost, you are left, somehow, you have been left behind by someone, whether you see it as God or something else. This limited, separate self can suffer. In fact, it can only suffer. It can temporarily feel elated, also, but even that will inevitably lead to suffering.

In other words, what you call happiness on earth can only exist as a polar opposite to unhappiness and so, even when people supposedly are elated as we said earlier, even though people become billionaires and have all the money they could ever use, they are still not at peace, because now that they have this, they are anxious that they could lose it because you cannot have something as a separate self without having to fear that you could lose it.

So, this is simply again, duality. But in the original state of duality, you had something you elevated to being beyond questioning and something else you demoted to something you could and should ignore. But there was always the possibility that you could simply say, “but what if I do not ignore that thing? What if I actually look at it and look at how it questions what I consider to be an infallible truth?” If you did this, you would instantly see that what you had elevated as an infallible truth could not be the absolute truth, because if it was, it could not be questioned.

You see that there is one viewpoint, but there is also another viewpoint and you can even come to see that if you change your perspective a little bit, you could see that what you had formerly put down could also be elevated to the status of an absolute truth and what you had formerly elevated could be demoted to not being the truth. That is why you can then see that other people can have the diametrically opposed view that you have and they can be as convinced that they are right, as you have convinced yourself that you are right. Once you begin to see this and question duality, well, then it is not so difficult to free yourself from duality.

But what is it that the fallen beings have done? They have not done this deliberately to manipulate others, they have become trapped in it themselves. Well, what they have done is that they have taken duality to a new level, where it is not just a matter of having an experience that seems real. Originally, duality is like the reality simulator. Duality is just an environment you go into and you put on these virtual reality goggles, where you are seeing something on a screen inside the goggles and you cannot see anything outside the goggles. So, you go into duality, you elevate one thing to truth and then demote the opposite to error. This is the same as putting on a specific type of virtual reality goggles that portray a certain environment. But it is fairly neutral, you may have something you see as true and something you see as untrue, but it just gives you that sense of reality.

There is another layer of duality and this is as we have talked about before, where instead of saying that this is so and this is not so, you are adding value judgment. This is right, this is wrong, this is good, this is evil. These are other levels, there are actually two different levels of duality, the level of right and wrong introduces something entirely new.

Now, it is not just a matter of you having whatever experience you want. Now, you can say that at the basic level of duality, you can have billions of people on a planet who have many different experiences that they all feel are real. But there is nothing really wrong about it.

You could in fact, have people who are having different experiences without being in conflict with each other without trying to convince others that they should have a different experience than they are having. It says if you have a group of people, you have five different people who have watched five different movies and now they are talking about their movies, and they are telling each other about these movies. But they are just sharing the experience they had while they were in the movie theater. There is no value judgment saying one movie was wrong and the other was right, but this is the next level that the fallen beings defined.

They define that some experiences you are having in the reality simulator are right and some are wrong. This now introduces something that is much more difficult to get out of. Why is this so?

Well, because, let us say that you elevate Christianity to being the only true religion. You do this by ignoring all of the questions that might question the statement that Christianity is the only true religion. But on top of this, you are saying that your view that Christianity is right, is the only true religion, is right and anything that questions that view is wrong.

What does this mean? Instead of you having a fairly neutral experience that seems real while you are having it and you can fairly easily question and get out of, you now have made it much more difficult to get out of your experience. Why? Because you have made this statement that you were absolutely right by being a Christian and anyone who questioned Christianity or was not a Christian, they were absolutely wrong. How can you get out of this state of mind? Well, you can only do so by questioning the Christian religion, but if you question the Christian religion and come to see that it was not the only true religion, after all, what does that mean? It means that you were now wrong for thinking it was the only true religion.

Do you see that in a sense, you could say that at the basic level, duality is still a fairly neutral environment? You elevate something to being true and something for being untrue, but you do not really have the value judgment that other people are bad people or are wrong for not accepting your evaluation. You are just having an experience and it feels real to you while you are having it, but it is not so difficult to question it.

Once you add the value judgment of right and wrong there is now a risk involved. You are having the experience that you are absolutely right because you are a Christian, you are a true follower of Jesus, you belong to the only true church, be it the Catholic church or any other. This gives you a certain experience that you cannot have outside of duality. And what is that experience? It is that you are better than other people because you belong to the only true religion and therefore you are right and they are wrong. This is also an experience you can have in duality. Again, I am not trying to say that it is wrong of beings to experiment with their free will in duality and have that experience. But you see, in duality, there is always a certain consequence. When you add the value judgment that you can be right or wrong, then it becomes much more difficult for you to get out of that state.

In order to get out of the sense that you are a Christian and you are right, and all other people are wrong, what do you have to do? You have to question Christianity. What does that mean? That means that you were wrong for thinking it was the only true religion. Your viewpoint that Christianity is the only religion was wrong, because it was not an absolute truth and so that means you have now become wrong.

What the fallen beings have done of course, from day one, when they went into this level of duality, is that they have been judging everything. We have described how, in previous spheres that were unascended, the fallen beings, some fallen beings that set themselves up on certain planets, where one fallen being, for example, was the undisputed leader and all of the other potentially billions of lifestreams on that planet, were actually worshiping that fallen being as a god, as you have indeed seen some civilizations on earth that worship their leader as a god. This is simply the pattern that the fallen beings created.

We have also described that it came a point where that sphere was ready to ascend and we now confronted these beings who were not yet fallen. We confronted them with the fact that they had created an artificial environment that was out of touch with reality. At that moment, these beings realized that what they had created—the sense of them being elevated to this status of godlike status—was unreal. It was just a fiction, as everything in an unascended sphere is a fiction.

If they had been neutral about this, they could easily have stepped out of it, but because they had gone to that second level of defining something as right or wrong, they now had this brief moment, this interval almost beyond a split second, where they had to look at the reality. Therefore, they reasoned, “I was wrong. I was wrong to set myself up this way”. Now some of them allowed this moment to linger on in time, where they acknowledged that they were wrong and they asked for help to get out of this. They of course received that help, and many others ascended with their sphere.

But there were some that did not allow this moment to linger. As soon as they so to speak, looked into the abyss of this “I was wrong”, and self condemnation they instantly shifted into denial. They denied that they were wrong and now what did they create? Well, they created another dualistic polarity and there was one thing that was elevated to being an absolute truth that they never needed to question. There was an opposite that was put down as being an absolute error that they could completely ignore. And what was it they elevated? It was this, “I cannot be wrong. I cannot be wrong”. This is an absolute truth that they never need to question. Anyone who questions them and their viewpoints they can ignore, or they can label as being bad people, evil people and so forth, and so on.

So, of course, they could not remain in their sphere with this consciousness and that is why they fell into the next unascended sphere that was being created. But they then started in that unascended sphere with this mindset, I cannot be wrong, no matter what I do, no matter what I say, no matter what I believe, it cannot be wrong because I cannot be wrong. And so, you now have these people and some of them are in embodiment on earth, that psychologists have started calling narcissists and the characteristic here is that they cannot be wrong, they cannot admit that they are wrong. But the question is, how can you then grow?

Duality allows you to go into a state of illusion and that illusion gives you whatever experience you want to have. The idea is that you can have that experience for as long as you want. There comes a point where you have had enough of it and now you just go out of it again. But when you add the dynamic of the fallen consciousness, then it is very difficult to go out of it again because you cannot admit that you were wrong.

In a sense, as we have said, everything that you can create with duality is an illusion. There is nothing inherently wrong with this because as we said, a reality simulator is meant to give you an experience and it does not matter that you are wearing these reality goggles and that what you see inside the goggles is a computer-generated environment and not the real world, if you can call the physical realm on earth a real world. It does not matter because it is still giving you the experience and when you have walked around looking at this computer-generated world long enough and you are tired of it, well, you just take off the goggles.

Once you add this evaluation or this determination, I cannot be wrong, how can you escape your illusions, what does it take for you to escape an illusion? What happens when you take off the goggles and you see that there is a quote unquote “real world” outside of the computer-generated world? Well, you realize that the computer-generated world was an illusion. So, you have to admit that this was not the highest reality. It was an illusion.

So, in duality, you go in, you elevate something to the status that Christianity is the only true religion and you can live in this state of mind, you can live in this experience for a number of lifetimes. But how do you get out of it again? Well, you must acknowledge that the belief that Christianity was the only true religion was an illusion. Fairly easy to do if you do not have this overlay of the fallen mind that says: it is wrong to be wrong. When you think that admitting that what you believed was an illusion is wrong and makes you wrong and when you have this absolute belief that you can never be wrong because some unspecified disaster will happen if you are wrong, then how can you admit that the Christian religion is not the only true religion?

Now for many non-fallen beings, there is an easier way out of this. For example, we have said that many people have lived a lifetime where they grew up in a Christian environment and they believed the Christian promise that if they were good Christians, they would be guaranteed to be saved after that, which was portrayed as their only lifetime.

So here they are, their body dies, the soul rises to whatever level it can rise to and it experiences that it still has awareness. But it also experiences that this is not what it saw as the heaven world and it is now surrounded by loving guides who tell it that it has to go into embodiment again on earth instead of entering heaven. After having experienced this for a certain number of lifetimes, many people will have come into embodiment not remembering this consciously, but having a distrust of the Christian religion and the promise it is making, because they have experienced that the promise is not real.

For a fallen being, this is almost impossible to do. The fallen being has this absolute determination that it must never look into that abyss of being wrong. What happened to some of these fallen beings, when they had that moment of realization where they saw into this abyss, was that they literally saw that the duality consciousness forms almost a bottomless pit. There is almost no limit to how far they can fall into that abyss with the duality consciousness. It scared them and that is why they went into denial, so that they could ignore that they could be wrong and that they could fall into this abyss. This determination was made in the highest sphere, which makes it not impossible to question in the next sphere they fall into, but it makes it very difficult for them. In order to question it, they will have to be willing to look at the potential that they could be wrong and they will even have to question why they have this absolute terror of being wrong.

Now, even though this is a difficult mental box to escape from, there is another level that you also see on earth. This is the level where you are not just saying that something is right or wrong at the personal level. You are not just saying that a person could be wrong in having a certain viewpoint, but you are saying that beyond the personal level, there is a larger context where you could be wrong.

This is what we have called the epic mindset where you have this epic overlay that not only is Christianity the only true religion, but it is the only religion that can guarantee your salvation and if you are not a Christian and not a good Christian, you will not be saved. You can even have other layers of this where you look at the planet as a whole or the universe as a whole and say that there is an epic cause that must be fulfilled for the earth to be saved and if it is not fulfilled, then the earth or the entire universe is doomed to destruction. There are many different individual versions of this epic mindset but you all know what I am talking about.

Once you have the epic mindset that you are not just wrong at the personal level, but you are wrong at this epic level, then it becomes even more difficult to escape this. You can again step back from this and you can look at it from a neutral perspective which is of course, what I do in my role as the great initiator and you can say, well, but again, the epic mindset is just one possibility of what can be defined through the dualistic consciousness.

You can define yourself as a god, who knows better than God how the universe works or how the universe should have been designed. Therefore, you can define that you are on a quest to become a god. Perhaps you even have already attained that level where you are now superior to the Creator who created this entire world of form. You know better than the Creator how the world should have been designed. Therefore, you should really be allowed to be God for the entire universe. Now, for some strange reason that you find it somewhat difficult to explain, the superior God of the universe has not recognized your achievement. But, if you can get all people on planet earth to recognize this, then you can at least maintain that sense that you really have this kind of superior achievement. This is why you see people who will attempt to set themselves up as having this godlike status that cannot be gainsaid.

Again, if you look at this neutrally, you can say, Well, it is just one of the experiences that is possible through duality. But you also have to look at it, when you look at it neutrally and see that there is always a consequence, there is always a price to be paid and that is that the deeper you go into these layers of duality, the more tension you will have in your being because in a sense, what you are doing is using the duality consciousness to elevate yourself to a gradually higher status.

There is an old folk tale in many European nations and it has various versions but in one of them it is that a poor fisherman goes fishing and catches a flounder but the flounder is a magic flounder and it tells the fisherman that if he will let it go, he will be granted three wishes. So, he accepts the deal, goes home and tells his wife. They are living in a mud hut and he tells his wife who first refuses to believe him, but then just to test it out, she wishes that she lived in a big mansion and instantly the wish is fulfilled. Or rather, in some versions, the fisherman goes out to sea, calls the flounder and relays his wife’s wish and by the time he gets home, it has been fulfilled and she lives in a mansion.

After some time of really enjoying living in this mansion, she becomes dissatisfied. Now she wants more. So now she says to her husband to go to the flounder and say now she wants to be queen and live in the royal castle. The fisherman rows out to sea, calls the flounder and relays the wish and by the time he gets home, lo and behold, there is the wife living as the queen in a castle. She is really happy and thrilled about this. But after some time, she again becomes dissatisfied. This is not enough for her. So now she calls her husband and says, go and tell the flounder that now I want to be God and then the fisherman rows out, calls the flounder, relays the wish and instantly, there is a big thunderclap and the wife is now back in the mud hut where she started because there are some wishes that cannot be granted to the duality consciousness. But, nevertheless, you get the central point here.

When you go into duality, you seek to elevate yourself, often in comparison to other people and this is what the fallen beings have done from the moment they fell. They seek to elevate, they even did it before they fell, but especially after, so they seek to elevate themselves more and more to a higher and higher status. When they find themselves in a situation such as on planet earth, where they achieve some high status as a dictator, or king or emperor or whatever, they naturally feel a sense of elation, but that sense of elation cannot exist on its own. It cannot be fulfilled by itself, it cannot be enough in itself because there is always an opposite dualistic polarity. The higher you climb, the harder you fall. There is all this potential you could fall, you could lose what you have and that is why, in a sense, the fallen beings get trapped in this seeking to elevate themselves higher and higher.

You could say, well why do they want to be the status of God? Well, it is because they think that this is the only status, this is the ultimate elevation from which they cannot fall. The fallen beings are trapped in thinking that by using the duality consciousness, they can elevate themselves to a status from which they cannot fall. There is no opposite. But, as we have explained to you many, many times, this cannot be done in duality because you cannot create something in duality that does not have an opposite polarity. The more you elevate yourself, the more tense you become because the more you have the specter that you could fall. As high as you have elevated yourself above some median level, you will inevitably be able to fall that far below that median level. The higher you go up, the greater is the chasm, the deeper is the abyss that you could fall into.

Do you see what the fallen beings are actually doing? They are using duality to build themselves up to a point where they are standing exactly where they stood in the moment before they fell, where they saw into the abyss. They have now recreated the abyss but they have created it themselves with their own state of consciousness. What is the inevitable outcome of setting yourself up on a planet like earth to have this superior status? It is tension. It is intense tension. You who are not fallen beings simply cannot imagine the tension that a fallen being has inside its own mind. You might study some of these beings and read some of their biographies. You can get some idea of it.

You can see how Hitler became more and more tense, even to the point where he had to take various kinds of drugs to even function. He became so tense by the prospect that he could lose the war, that he almost could not function psychologically. You can see how Stalin became more and more tense and it was expressed through the paranoia that he thought everybody was trying to betray him and therefore, he had to kill virtually all of the people that were near him.

You can see exactly the same in the United States where Donald Trump has become increasingly more tense during the last four years and especially with a prospect that he could lose the election. He has become more and more impulsive, more and more angry, having a tendency to yell at people. He has become more and more prone to firing those who will not support his sense that he cannot be wrong. The only thing that keeps him functioning is that he takes comfort in the fact that there were seventy million people who voted for him. Therefore, there are seventy million people who believe he cannot be wrong.

Now, you see what I have been saying, the fallen beings have this absolute belief that they cannot be wrong and therefore, they feel that they can ignore those who do not agree with them, who have a different view or who maybe even question them. You can see this in many of these dictators. Stalin attempted to kill all those that he felt were threatening him, even if they were not actually threatening him. Hitler also removed those who were against him. Donald Trump has fired those who were against him.

But these dictators will, for a certain time, actually be able to deal with those who are questioning them by labeling them as bad people. They are wrong, they are evil and therefore, actually the fact that they are being opposed for a time, will actually validate and affirm their self-image that they are so special, that they are so high, because, naturally, if you have the truth, those who are the bad people will not be able to see this. Therefore, the fact that they are opposing you for a time just seems to prove that you are right.

Donald Trump has been doing this for quite some time. But the price you pay for this is that the tension increases and there comes a breaking point where people cannot deal with it anymore. Hitler broke down. All narcissists are working their way towards this breaking point and the more risk they take by elevating themselves to some superior position, the more tension there will be and the faster they move toward the inevitable breaking point because, unfortunately for fallen beings,  the only way they can get out of being trapped in the fallen consciousness is a complete breakdown.

I can assure you that if Donald Trump had been reelected, you would have seen his mental state, his mental health, literally deteriorate in front of the world’s eyes over these next four years. It is possible that he has been able to avoid a complete breakdown, been able to hide it, but it is also possible that he would have suffered a complete mental breakdown while being in the presidential office.

I can assure you that this would have been much more embarrassing for Donald Trump personally than being defeated in this election. Therefore, his defeat in this election was, at the personal level, a mercy, a grace. Even at the national level, it was also a grace in the sense that this would have been, first of all very difficult to deal with for his followers. It would also have been difficult for the nation because he might have made some very erratic decisions, well, some more erratic decisions. But it would also have been very embarrassing for the United States on the world scale.

Where does all this lead to? Why am I taking you into this long tale? Well, it all points back to you as ascended master students. You need to recognize in yourself that you have grown up on a planet where this dynamic that I have described has been in existence for a long time. You have been exposed to it, most likely since your original birth trauma, which is for a very long time, for many embodiments. It is inevitable that you are taking this on and you can find the spiritual path, you can follow the spiritual path for a while but you cannot reach beyond a certain level of Christhood unless you deal with this.

The first thing you need to deal with is to realize the dynamics of the duality consciousness, what we have said, any relative viewpoint can be elevated to the status of seeming absolute because there are certain things you do not question and certain things you ignore.

When you begin to grasp this dynamic, then you can begin to look at the planet, you can look at yourself and say: Well, but listen, there are fallen beings on this planet. They have created this value judgement of right and wrong. They have created the epic mindset and all of these epic illusions. It is inevitable that I have grown up in an environment based on this. It is inevitable to have taken this on. It is inevitable that I have created separate selves based on these illusions. But, so what? Do I really need to do what the fallen beings are doing and be unwilling to admit that I had some illusions? Do I really need to go into this dynamic and feel that I will never admit that one of my beliefs was an illusion because then I would be wrong? Do I really need to go into the epic mindset of thinking that if I admit that I had believed in an illusion and elevated it to the status of infallibility, then I have made some epic mistake? Do I really need to go into this fallen mindset when I am a person who is sincerely striving for Christhood and my ascension?

Of course, my beloved, you do not, you do not.

You may have gone into it, you may have been trapped in it because you have been exposed to it over many lifetimes. But with all the teachings we have given you, with all the tools we have given you, you can come to see, fairly quickly, that it is not you who has these beliefs that you must not be wrong, that you must not admit you have been wrong. It is separate selves that have these beliefs. Those separate selves are not you. You are not them. You are more than them.

As the Conscious You, you are pure awareness. You are not defined by anything on earth, which means that any of these selves, no matter how loudly they scream that you will die if you let them go, they are not right. You will not die when a separate self dies. When you acknowledge this, when you experience this, when you experience a glimpse of pure awareness, then you know it is true. You can let a separate self die and you will not die. You will be reborn into a higher sense of self. When you continue to do this, what will happen to you?

What will happen is what has happened to this messenger and a number of people who have used the teachings on the primal self and how to heal your spiritual traumas. You come to a point where the tension, the inner tension that you have felt all of your life, many of you for 2 million years of embodiments on this planet, it begins to dissolve. Suddenly you can feel as this messenger has described, that you suddenly sense this release, something lets go and you have this realization, “Oh, I don’t have to…”. Then whatever comes after that, that is specific to your situation and your beliefs.

Many of you who are avatars have the same dynamic. You have the sense that you have to do something on earth. You are here to accomplish something and if you do not accomplish it, it is meaningless. And if you question the fact that you are here to do something good, then you fall into the abyss. You would have been wrong for coming here, but you were not wrong for coming here. You came here to have a certain experience. Nothing wrong with that. It may be that the experience you wanted to have was to be the prince on the white horse who came riding in to town, shot the fallen beings with your six gun and saved the day. It may be that you have not accomplished that but you have still had an experience of being in embodiment.

Therefore, it is possible for you to come to see that you did not actually come to earth, this is what this messenger realized, he did not come to earth to achieve a particular outer result. He came to earth to overcome a certain self that he had built before he even came to earth. A certain illusion that he had built. He came to let go of something. He did not come to change the earth. He came to change himself by letting go of a certain viewpoint.

What is that viewpoint for most avatars? It is that you have lived on a natural planet, you have risen yourself to a higher sense of self. Now, as a natural part of your curiosity, you begin to ask yourself this question, “Is a natural planet the only kind of planet? Is this the only kind of environment in which I could exercise my co-creative abilities? Are there other types of planets that are different that give you a different experience, perhaps even a different creative opportunity?” Then as a result of this curiosity you become aware that there is something called unnatural planets. You look at these unnatural planets from afar and you are struck by the immense contrast between a natural planet and an unnatural planet.

On a natural planet, there is no warfare, there is no conflict, there is no torture, there is no rape, there is no violence, there is no cheating. There is none of all of these human conflicts that cause so much suffering. When you see this, you are shocked because you had never considered that free will could be taken so far. What do you do? Well, you have not encountered fallen beings but you still, from your viewpoint of a natural planet, something happens in your being. You feel that people should not be suffering like that, should not be living in these terrible conditions that caused them so much suffering. You feel, as a result of your basic humanity, you feel a sense of compassion for these people. Then you formulate in your being a desire to help them, to go down to earth to demonstrate that there is an alternative to all of this.

You may not look at this with the value judgment of the fallen beings, but you still in your mind, have a certain concept that what is happening on an unnatural planet should not be happening. It should be stopped and you should go down there and stop it. You may not see it as wrong what is happening on an unnatural planet. You may not think that God was wrong for allowing free will to go that far or God should have set up some kind of safety net so people could not descend to such a low level. You may not feel this way or even though some avatars do feel this way but you still think that planet earth should not be allowed to continue in this state. Someone must do something. Someone must go down there and stop the suffering and who is that someone? Of course, you decide that you will be that someone. You descend with the intent of accomplishing specific outer goals on earth.

Be careful here. Be careful to realize the subtlety. The Creator does not want people on earth to suffer. We of the ascended masters do not want people on earth to suffer. We certainly do not want them to continue to suffer for an indefinite future. We want the suffering to be transcended on earth. How can it be transcended?

Someone must descend to earth and demonstrate personal Christhood and thereby demonstrate it as an alternative to the duality consciousness that is the root of all suffering. The original inhabitants of the earth cannot do this on their own. Someone who has the ability to go to earth, must descend, embody here, be trapped into duality consciousness but still raise themselves above it and demonstrate the path to Christhood.

It is not that we do not want avatars to descend to earth. It is not that we are saying it is wrong of you to descend to earth. But there comes that point on your path to Christhood where you need to begin to question what brought you to earth and question the view you had from afar where as we said, you could not imagine what it was like to be in the duality consciousness. You could not understand, “Why do people not just stop all this conflict and suffering? Why do they not just change society and civilization and the entire planet?” You simply could not imagine that they are not able to do this because they are trapped in these layers and layers of illusions.

You had to go down there to experience it yourself, experience how difficult it is, how difficult is the path of raising yourself beyond this. But you had to have a motivation for doing this and it was that you wanted to accomplish a certain outer goal, but there comes that point on your path where you need to let go of this desire to accomplish anything on earth. You need to just let it die because you cannot ascend while you still have the desire to accomplish something on earth. That means you cannot demonstrate the fullness of the path to Christhood where you raise yourself to the point of the ascension.

As long as you have the desire to change something on earth, what are you doing? The fallen beings, many of them, are seeking to attain power because they want to elevate themselves to this superior status where they no longer feel threatened. As an avatar, this has no appeal to you whatsoever. You do not seek power for that reason, but you can easily become trapped into seeking power in order to accomplish the goal you set for yourself and alleviate suffering.

You think that if you have enough power then you will be able to alleviate suffering and change society. But as long as you have this desire you cannot rise beyond a certain level of Christhood because you will be trapped in seeking that outer power so you can change the earth. This is demonstrated by the life of Jesus where there were many people in Israel who wanted him to take up the role that they thought it was his destiny to fulfill, namely that of being the king of Israel who could defeat the Romans and restore Israel to being an independent country. Jesus faced that temptation. That is why he withdrew to the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights before he had fully resolved his own desire to have the power of being a king who could change society.

That is why he was able to demonstrate the path to Christhood which is that you let go of all worldly power and you seek spiritual power. You acknowledge: “I can of my own self do nothing, the father within me, he doeth the work.”

This is Christhood. This is the path to Christhood. Not that you attain power to promote this or that change on earth but that you demonstrate the path that is the alternative to the duality consciousness. This is your highest potential as an avatar on earth. Some of you are the original inhabitants who have risen to the level where this is also your potential.

There comes that point where you need to step up to this level of Christ discernment where you begin to see this dynamic. Therefore, you do not fall for the temptation where you saw Jesus just being tempted by the devil who took him up to a high place and showed him all the kingdoms of this world and says: “All this will I give you if you will fall down and worship me.” You can rebuke the devil or you can simply ignore the devil and walk away, letting the devil die or rather that separate self in your own being, simply die, simply fade away. You can surrender it, let it go, let it die and turn around and face the light of your I AM Presence and continue walking towards that light without being distracted by anything on earth. This is Christhood.

All of you can start demonstrating it, at whatever level you are at, by looking at your attachments, by looking at what is it that pulls you into a certain pattern, reactionary pattern on earth and then deciding to resolve that self so you can rise above that pattern. Thereby, you demonstrate a step on the path. Even if you are not at the 96th level, you can do this. Those of you who have the potential to move beyond the 96th level, who are already facing that initiation of moving beyond the 96 level and overcoming the focus on self, you can use these teachings to step up to that higher level.

What will be the benefit? It will be that you start diminishing the tension in your own being until you can come to that point where you can be at peace being on earth. At peace being in a dense physical body with all the limitations that it has. At peace being in your own mind, being the person you are, being at the level of the path that you are at while continually striving to go to the next level.

Many of you will be able to look back at your life in this lifetime and see that, from as far back as you can remember, you had this inner tension. This is not because you are fallen beings but it is because you had the sense that it was something you had to do on earth and you had not done it. You had not accomplished it. The only way to overcome that tension is to look at what you thought you were here to accomplish, what you thought you had to do on earth and then let it go. Then you can be on earth without the tension and then you can actually accomplish something that will raise the collective consciousness and raise the earth.

Jesus had the potential. He had reached a high level of Christhood. He had demonstrated a certain mastery of mind over matter. He had the potential to become a mighty warrior king who could have defeated the Roman Empire, but he would accomplish nothing for the ongoing growth of this planet by doing so but he did accomplish something significant by choosing the path to Christhood. I know very well, as you do also, that his example was destroyed by the fallen beings. His teachings were distorted and therefore, he did not accomplish as much as could have been accomplished, but he still accomplished something. That is the reason why this planet is where it is at today instead of staying in the medieval ages with all the warfare and conflict and poverty and misery that was there at the time.

You too can accomplish something by choosing that path to Christhood but it requires you to be willing to acknowledge that you do not have the ultimate level of Christ discernment right now and that the only way to increase your Christ discernment is to come to see that some of the beliefs you have right now, that you think should not be questioned, are in fact illusions and they need to be questioned.

You will also only make progress on the path to Christhood by confronting this momentum and this separate self that projects that you are wrong if you admit that you believed in an illusion and the old entire epic mindset. This is also accomplishing something truly significant on the planet because the more people rise above these illusions, the more they pull up on the collective consciousness and create this upward spiral that truly took a significant turn with Gautama and his embodiment as the Buddha and another significant turn with Jesus and has been reinforced by others since.

Now you are at the point where you have the potential to add your momentum to this upgoing spiral, but it does require you to pass the initiations that we have now outlaid for you in a clearer way that has ever been done before. Not that we are necessarily done because we have more to say. Still, we have already said enough for some of you to make that leap to the higher levels of Christhood where you do not have the fear of falling or being wrong. You do not have the tension inside because you know that you can and you will continue to take one step at a time until you reach that 144th level.

Then you will see through that illusion. You will make that decision to walk through that gate whereby you leave the earth behind permanently and you enter the ascended realm with an entirely different state of consciousness and perspective than you would have had if you had not descended and taken embodiment on a dense planet like earth, if you had not confronted the duality consciousness as you have done.

With this I will end this discourse, which I know has been long. Nevertheless, time is not when you are truly allowing yourself to experience the flow of the spirit. I thank you for your patience, for your kindness and being willing to endure this long discourse.

You might take note that, in my decree, there is a sentence that talks about the art of kindness to restore. It is my goal to restore the art of kindness on earth and I am looking for those who also feel that this is a goal for them.


Copyright © 2020 by Kim Michaels