The Divine Mother is back—and she is here to stay!

TOPICS: Understanding cycles leading to 2012 – Let the Divine Feminine be restored in religion – The need for change in China – Awaken to the need to transform the economic system – Let the truth be exposed in the American government  – Moderate Muslims must awaken and take a stand against extremism – A new role for the Divine Mother –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 1, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts I, Mary, come to give you the sealing dictation of this conference. And I come with the flowing joy that is brought about by the fact, that you have been willing to come together physically in one place, but more importantly to come to a greater degree of oneness. For as you come together in one place, you have the opportunity to achieve a greater degree of physical union and oneness, than you have when you are separated throughout the world. Certainly, there is a union of minds of the people around the world who study the websites and give the invocations. But there is immense value in coming together in a physical place to achieve a more physical union.

And when you do come together, and you give invocations, and you have discussions, and you participate, and you talk during breaks, then you achieve – if you are willing – that union. And this conference is a wonderful example of that higher degree, what we might call a more perfect union. And I commend you for your willingness to come into that oneness. For this is the oneness, that allows us to use that oneness – that you provide in the physical – as an open door, as a platform, for releasing more or less light during a conference. So the more people come together and the greater degree of union they achieve, the more light we of the ascended masters can release to the planet for that particular conference. And this conference has provided us a wonderful opportunity to release a very large, an almost infinite, amount of light as you, heard reflected between the lines of the Buddha’s dictation yesterday, which truly was a more powerful release than we can release in many instances.

Understanding cycles before 2012

I come to give you some thoughts, that might be pertinent for your decree work, for your prayer work, for your rosary work, and for your visualization, for your holding the immaculate concept. We often talk about cycles and we have said that 2012 represents an important growth opportunity for humankind. And I have said before, that there is a need that humankind be awakened before the year 2012 to how consciousness, their consciousness, affects everything. We might say, that there are cycles within cycles. And there was a cycle started in 1996 of four four-year cycles leading up to the year 2012. The first being the identity realm, the first four years, and then from 2000-2004 the mental, then from 2004 to 2008 the emotional realm. And now 2008-2012 is where things need to come into the physical.

Which means that it is absolutely necessary, that humankind acknowledges – at the conscious, physical level – the lessons they need to learn. For if we do not have a critical mass of people, who consciously raise their awareness and acknowledge the deeper reality that can bring forth a shift in consciousness – in the collective consciousness – well, then the lesson must be learned by physical appearances, physical happenings in anything from earth changes to climatic changes, to wars or other forms of dramatic events, that hopefully then will awaken humankind.

This is not to be interpreted as if I am giving a dire prophecy, my beloved. For I am truly the optimist, seeing how many people have embraced the invocations and how they have made progress. For if you will look upon yourselves and those you know who are giving the invocations, you will see that if you compare to a year or two ago, you have made progress. You might look at your outer situation and see that there has not been many changes. But if you look at yourself, you will see that many of you have attained a greater degree of peace, inner peace, a peace that passes understanding. For you have attained that peace as an independent peace,that does not depend on world conditions. And thus, even though the world might not be an ideal place, you can still feel at peace, and feel that peace and optimism about the future that Saint Germain spoke about and that we truly desire all of our students to accept and embrace for themselves, leaving behind the doubt and fear.

And if you still have some doubt and fear, then make a habit that whenever you feel that doubt and fear, you instantly tune in to my Immaculate Heart. And you simply pour or throw that fear and doubt into my heart and accept that I will consume it for you. And then you accept that it is gone, and you can now feel centered and at peace again.

Let the Divine Feminine be restored in religion

I will describe for you some of the main issues, that we of the ascended masters would like to see break through into the physical awareness, the conscious awareness, of humankind. Let me begin with the overall issue of religion. It is an absolute necessity that humankind begins to reckon with the fact that a religion that acknowledges God the Father, but denies or ignores the feminine, Mother aspect of God is not a balanced religion. And thus when you look at the history of humankind, you will see that these so-called monotheistic religions have often been, if not the cause, then certainly the outer trigger, that provided the spark that lit the fire of warfare and conflict among the members of the three main monotheistic religions.

Before the year 2012, it is necessary that humankind comes to a recognition of the Divine Mother and the importance of unifying the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. And this must begin in the year 2008 with a serious recognition that the big monotheistic religions have become completely unbalanced by ignoring the Divine Mother, by putting women down, and even making women responsible for the fall. Which is, as we have explained before, not a reality but really – to be quite honest with you – an extreme outcome of the male ego’s refusal of responsibility, thus projecting guilt and responsibility for the fall upon women, instead of acknowledging that it is part of the nature of every human being – male or female – that is responsible for the fall into duality.

You see the deplorable situation, that those who are trapped in the mindset of the monotheistic religions, especially the male members of those religions, are not willing or able to look at the beam in their own eyes and cast out that beam. And precisely because they will not look at that beam, they go into a state of male pride, my beloved, where they feel that the only way out of a particular situation is to attack and destroy those that they now project as being enemies. Instead of recognizing that the enemy is, as the popular saying goes: “We have seen the enemy, and it is us.” For it is the ego that is the real enemy, not other human beings.

We look forward to a growing awareness, that there is a serious flaw in the monotheistic religions. And that it must be corrected in this age by a new awareness of the feminine aspect of God, as a counter-balance to the misuse of power in the name of control, that you have seen outplayed in all three of the major monotheistic religions—that has resulted in so many wars, such as the crusades and many other atrocities, including modern-day terrorism.

Hold the matrix, that there will be an awakening, a growing awareness, of the Divine Feminine and the importance of incorporating the Divine Feminine into all aspects of one’s religious and spiritual life. Which of course includes giving men and women completely equal status in any true religion, so that women can hold any position and perform any task in that religion and its hierarchy. For men cannot by themselves get out of the trap of a male-dominated religion. They need women to help as a balance, to literally save them from themselves and their focus on the masculine aspect of God, which inevitably leads to an abuse of power even in the name of God or in the name of some greater good.

This is, of course, the lie that has been the justification for so many atrocities. And you will see – if you take an honest look at history – that men are more prone to falling prey to this lie that the ends can justify the means. Whereas women are more sensitive to life, and therefore often will not accept that it is acceptable to kill human beings in order to bring about some supposedly greater good. For they see that the killing is always wrong and thus cannot be justified by any cause, no matter how just it might appear to the male ego.

The need for change in China

Another issue that we look forward to seeing being exposed in the year 2008 is an issue that revolves around China. You see, my beloved, in this coming year you will have the Olympics in China, which will focus the world’s attention on China. China and the Chinese leaders believe that this will become a cause of great national pride, where they will demonstrate their accomplishments to the world, even the superiority of their system—which is a strange mixture of communist philosophy and materialism and capitalism.

What we of the ascended masters look to see happen is that the Olympics in China will instead become like a mirror – a mirror that is held up in front of both China and the world – and makes everyone realize that there needs to be serious and dramatic changes in China before that nation can fulfill its full potential. There also needs to be an awareness in the world, that the world needs to take a much more nuanced and mature approach to China than has been taken so far.

As just one example of this – for, truly, many profound changes need to occur – but as just one example, let me take the recent awareness in the West, that many toys produced in China contain concentrations of lead that can be dangerous to children. My Beloved, the awareness that ideally should come out of this is, that so far nations and consumers in the West have had a completely immature and irresponsible approach to China. Where consumers and businesses have approached China as simply a source of inexpensive goods, that could allow the businesses in the West to make an inordinate profit while allowing the consumers to have cheap goods that, as Saint Germain expounded upon in Colombia, allows them to feel that they can maintain a certain standard of living, and thus being able to overlook or ignore that the value of their labor has actually been degraded over the last several decades.

One of the positives outcomes of such a situation could be a greater awareness among western consumers, where they begin to ask themselves, “Are we willing to always buy the cheapest goods in the store without considering where and how they were made?” And my beloved, certainly most people can see the self-interest that if a particular item – made in China or some other country – contains toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to themselves or their children, well then they need to be aware of this. But beyond this we look to an even greater awareness. The reality of the matter is, in fact, that in the West you have a great deal of laws. You have a great deal of consumer awareness, you have various consumer organizations, government watchdog organizations, you have labor unions and you have an entire system set in place, that is meant to at least give the consumer some degree of protection against merchandise that is made without considering the true interest of the consumer, but only considering how to generate the greatest amount of profit.

The toys that were produced and imported from China—had those toys been produced in the western world, they never could have made it to the store shelves with those concentrations of lead in them, because there would have been protective measures in place. What has happened is that the West has now suspended its normal consumer protection, in order to allow companies to import cheap goods from China, and make the profit that they could not make if those goods had to be produced in the West. Where, as another consequence of western society’s level of civilization, they would have had to pay the workers more and give the workers good working conditions and various benefits.

What we desire to see happen is a growing consumer awareness, that when you go into a store, you cannot simply look for the lowest price. You need to be responsible and say, “Who produced that item, and what kind of conditions did those workers have?” How were they treated by the employers? And if I find that those workers were treated in a way that I would consider absolutely abhorrent if those workers lived in my own country, well then I cannot in good conscience buy that merchandise. For by doing so, I enable the companies who are exploiting the workers in distant countries to continue doing so.

And this is not responsible behavior on the part of western consumers, my beloved. What actually – ideally – should happen is, that the western labor unions—who are somewhat struggling to redefine themselves, because they have done a good job of getting the western workers good working conditions and benefits, almost to the point where in some nations they have partially made themselves obsolete. And so they are struggling to redefine a role for themselves. Well, a positive role for labor unions would be to say, “We cannot in good conscience allow workers in other countries to be treated in a way that we would not allow workers in our own country to be treated. And if we do not see that labor unions or nations will enact protective measures for the laborers in other countries, then we must, as responsible labor unions, encourage our members and consumers in our countries to boycott those goods and to refuse to buy them. And instead buy more expensive goods that are produced in countries with more labor and consumer protection.”

This will then force countries, such as China, to go through a revolution where they say, “We cannot allow the profit interests to run amok and thereby exploit our own people. We must step up and enact protection for our own people, and also enact laws that spread the wealth among our entire population. Instead of continuing to allow a situation, that will lead to a very small elite being incredibly rich and having control over the means of production, whereas the majority of the population, such as the peasants in China, still live under the same almost starvation conditions that they had a generation or two ago.”

Awaken to the need to transform the economic system

What would also happen as a result of this awareness is, that the consumers in the West would wake up and realize, that if they were to buy goods that were manufactured under reasonable and responsible conditions, well, suddenly their paycheck would not go as far. And this would then lead them to recognize the fact, that the value of their labor has been systematically stolen. And therefore, there is a need for a reawakening among western consumers – who have been lulled to sleep, especially the middle class, by the good, comfortable material lifestyle – to the fact that there needs to be some serious and dramatic changes in the economy. Where western nations also need to step up, and not allow a small economic elite to run away with the economy to the point of killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

As we have mentioned before, the rise in real estate prices is a systematic way by the big banks and mortgage companies to steal the value of people’s labor. For certainly, my beloved, when the price doubles on a house, well the amount of interest that the buyer has to pay during the paying back of a 30-year mortgage does not simply double—it goes up exponentially. And this means that the consumer needs to spend an inordinate amount of his or her income in order to pay back that mortgage—out of which the vast majority of it is interest paid to the banks and mortgage companies. The mortgage companies and the banks have a selfish interest in allowing property prices to go up indefinitely, or at least until you start seeing a collapse, where the consumers can no longer pay the interest. And thus, the whole system begins to collapse under its own weight.

Those who are profiting from such an imbalance in the economy are not the ones who will wake up and do something to change it. And that is why what we need to see, is a greater awareness among western consumers, that they cannot simply let things slide, that they need to be aware, they need to take responsibility for all aspects of their society. And they need to speak out against what they clearly see as unjust and imbalanced conditions.

One of the major lessons, that humankind needed to learn in the Piscean age, is precisely that there is not one savior, there is not one person, or one government, or one organization that will come and save humanity. For it is the people themselves – especially the top ten percent, but also the majority, the top fifty percent of the population – that must be responsible, that must awaken themselves and take responsibility for their society and their nation. For otherwise, the lowest ten percent will drag their nation and their civilization into a downward spiral, that will self-destruct according to the second law of thermodynamics, as we have explained so many times. But we keep explaining it, my beloved, because there are so many people in the world who have not understood this very elemental truth.

Let the truth be exposed in the American government

The next item on the agenda for the year 2008 is specifically related to America and the American people. It is very important that, before the end of the Bush presidency, the American people learn the highest possible lesson they can learn from these eight years under the Bush administration. And this will necessitate the exposure of many things, that the American people rather would not see about their own government, about their president, about the administration and about themselves. Thus, I desire both you who are the spiritual people in America and those around the world to make calls in your invocations and to hold the image, that that which is hidden shall be revealed, and that that which God wants to have exposed about the American nation and the Bush administration will indeed be exposed in this coming year.

There are those in the Bush administration who think, that they can keep coasting and glossing over the many problems until they are out of office and then it will be forgotten. But we of the ascended masters – out of our love for the American people – want these things exposed, so that the American people can have the best possible opportunity to learn the lessons of what happens, when you allow your own government to run amok under the guise of providing national security in the fight against the external enemy of terrorism.

I am not denying that there is an external enemy in the form of militant Islam, who have every intention of creating as much chaos around the planet as they can. But what I am saying is, that the American people need to see how that external enemy was blown out of proportion and used as an excuse for several problems. One of which, as we have mentioned, was to drag the American nation and the American military into being a puppet for the schemes of the international power elite.

But beyond that, I desire you to see also how this situation has been used as an excuse for testing the limits of how far the American people are willing to go, in terms of giving up their civil liberties in the name of national security. And so far I must say, that the American people have been willing to go much further than they should have gone without protesting against what are obvious erosions of their civil liberties—that are not necessary in order to ensure national security.

You cannot allow your own government to start a systematic misuse of human rights – and at the same time allow the government to systematically cover up that abuse and get away with covering it up – and then at the same time think, that you can avoid having an erosion of your own human rights. For as I have said now several times, those who are trapped in a certain mindset, are not the ones who will stop their unbalanced behavior. For they cannot see beyond the mindset. It is very simple. If the people in your own government were not blinded by the philosophy that the ends can justify the means, they would not be violating the human rights of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere. And precisely because they are blinded by that philosophy, you cannot expect them to stop on their own. You must – as the people – stand up for your rights and say, “Enough is enough! We cannot allow this to go on.”

Another thing that needs to be exposed is how this administration has allowed systematic corruption in and around the fight against terrorism and especially the war in Iraq. Where private companies in the United States have been allowed to make inordinate profits under the guise of secrecy—for there was no oversight put in place. And therefore, my beloved, you have a situation that is very tantamount to the old saying that “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

When you give private companies the ability to charge the government for their services, without having any oversight of what services are provided and what reasonable costs for those services should be, well, then these companies will inevitably think they have entered the promised land and that they have access to an infinite source of wealth. For the government will just keep printing money or raking up national debt that future generations will have to pay back. How can you expect a company to put on the brakes for their own ability to generate profit? Thus, again, there must be transparency and oversight. And if you allow the need for national security to create an atmosphere, where private companies and the government think they can sweep everything under the rug in the name of secrecy, well then you will have a systematic abuse on all levels of the government and the private sector who are involved in this situation.

And again, once they are sucked into this downward spiral, they cannot extricate themselves, and thus the public and the media must take up their role as watchdogs. And you who are the spiritual people need to make the calls for this. And you who are the American spiritual people need to realize, that you need to let go of a misguided loyalty to your own nation, where you are not so concerned about the nation not being embarrassed. For it is far better that your nation is embarrassed and learns its lesson, than you sweep things under the rug, so that your freedoms are systematically taken away. But it happens so gradually under the guise of secrecy, that no one realizes what has happened—until it has reached a critical mass where it now is much more difficult to take back your freedoms.

Moderate Muslims must awaken and take a stand against extremism

Finally, my beloved, an issue that needs to be brought out in 2008 is, of course, the entire situation around the Middle East and the broader area of the Islamic world. It needs to be seen – by people in the Islamic world especially – that unless the moderate people in Islam finally rise up and take a stand against extremism—well, then it will be impossible to stop an escalating conflict that will literally tear the Islamic world apart. And you might think that this will lead to a war against the West, but I tell you, it will not be a war against the West. For once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, there will be so much infighting amongst Islamic nations, that they will have very little energy, weapons and attention left over for fighting against the West, being so concerned about first killing their own brothers.

If there is not a dramatic shift in the collective consciousness in the Islamic world in the year 2008, well, then it will be almost impossible to prevent that kind of a conflict that you saw outpictured in the movie about Al-Andalus, where you saw the Islamic factions fighting against each other, and thereby fracturing the kingdom they had established in Spain. And I can assure, you that there will be a great fracturing of the Islamic world, where entire nations could potentially disappear and dissolve into smaller areas, each ruled by their certain chieftain or warlord who is against all others. Such an upheaval is the potential in the Islamic world, that it will literally be like the scorched earth, where entire cities can be destroyed, entire cultures can be almost wiped away. My Beloved, you who are the spiritual people and who are outside the Islamic world, need to hold the vision that there will be an exposure of the flaws in the entire approach to spirituality in the Islamic world, including how they have lost or destroyed the Divine Feminine.

You need to hold the matrix, that women in the Islamic world will finally wake up and begin to make their voices heard. For again, the changes that need to happen in the Islamic world are so dramatic, that they will not come from the men who are blinded by the male ego—of thinking that their monotheistic religion is the only true religion, and that their approach to that religion is the only true approach. So it is only the women – and a small percentage of the men who have attained balance – who have the potential to speak out and bring about balance, a more balanced approach.

This is of course an issue that will require major prayer support from those outside the Islamic world. For what was it precisely you saw in the recent assassination in Pakistan? It was not so much an assassination of a particular politician, but an attempt to assassinate the influence of women in politics and religion in the Islamic world. It was an attempt to stop the moderating, balancing influence of the female element in the Islamic world, and to continue the several thousand year old cycle of systematically suppressing not just women in a physical sense, but actually suppressing the Divine Feminine. And thereby creating imbalance after imbalance, conflict after conflict, where there seems to be no purpose, there seems to be no end in sight—but it is simply the male ego having become a closed system, and therefore creating one self-destructive situation after another, not being able to stop it.

You need to hold the matrix, the vision, and make the calls that the Islamic world is finally awakened. And whatever it takes to awaken that Islamic world – even if it causes some major embarrassment – you need to hold the vision, that sometimes it is necessary – because people are so trapped – it is necessary to allow some major calamity to occur, that finally awakens people to the need to do something different.

A new role for the Divine Mother

Certainly, these are not the only issues that need to be brought to humankind’s attention in the year 2008. But they are the major ones, that I want to give to you at this point. And in order to not overwhelm you, I will then give more as the year progresses and as we see the constructive need for bringing forth more teachings on this issue. But the overall message I give to you is that I, Mary, will take on a new role beginning in this year 2008, of being more active, more direct, more outspoken, more like the tigress who defends her cubs, more like the image of Kali that you see in the East—of the Divine Feminine defending her offspring against those who seek to devour them. For I will indeed speak out more clearly than I have done so far. Even to the point of transforming my website into a different and a more direct exposure of the Divine Feminine, and the need to bring the Divine Feminine into the spiritual life of this planet in order to provide a balance to the male-dominated approach to religion—that truly can produce nothing but conflict, and would only produce greater and greater conflict, if it is not balanced by the feminine in all human beings.

Thus, my beloved, with gratitude for your willingness to provide a platform, that allowed me to bring forth this address, I seal you in the heart of the Divine Mother, in the fierceness of my heart. For the Mother will indeed defend her own against all those who seek to devour them. And I can assure you, that whereas you might – in the male-dominated religions – think of God the Father as all-powerful, I can assure you that God the Mother is all-powerful in the matter realm. For God the Mother is not separated from God the Father. God the Mother IS God the Father expressing itself in the material realm.

Thus, God IS Father, God IS Mother—never one without the other. And this truth is what needs to be acknowledged by humankind in these coming years. And I, Mary – as the representative of the Divine Mother for earth – will certainly do my part to get that message across. Thus, be sealed in the love of my heart and receive the fire of the Divine Mother as an impetus for yourself, for your own growth, but for your own willingness to start fulfilling your divine plans and speaking out in this coming year, and the coming years. So that we together can be as above so below, and bring forth the message that the Divine Mother is back—and she is here to stay!


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