The dilemma for the modern man and modern nations

TOPICS: The human dilemma – The limitations of the intellect – Balanced wisdom – Spiritual pride – The time to stand still is over – The dilemma of the United States – Stilling the mind –

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Ascended Master Lord Lanto, February 9, 2011 through Kim Michaels. At the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.

I AM Lanto, Chohan of the second ray. And I am here to anchor a special flame of the second ray in and around this memorial, called the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. Yet truly, from a spiritual perspective, it is not a memorial to one person. As, of course, one of the problems seen in this United States is indeed the tendency to glorify, to almost deify, one person who has stood out from the crowd.

Yet what is the true message, that Christ came to bring to this earth? It is the potential of the individual to transcend any outer individuality, and simply be an open door for the true God-given individuality of the Presence. So that the I AM Presence can have an open door, whereby it can flow through its Omega aspect, the I Will Be Presence, into the material universe. And thereby, it can manifest the higher vision, the higher wisdom, rather than the false wisdom of the fallen beings based on the dualistic consciousness.

What you do indeed see here is, that Thomas Jefferson represented precisely the dilemma of modern man. Will modern man deify the intellect, the reasoning mind, or will modern man be willing to recognize, that there are limits to the intellect? There are limits to analysis, there are even limits to reason. One cannot look at the conditions in the material world – in the matter realm as it is right now – one cannot look at these conditions and use the analytical faculties of the intellect, or even the higher faculties of the reasoning mind, to extrapolate what is the higher vision of the Spirit.

The human dilemma

For, the fact is simple: once conditions in the material realm have gone below the vision of the Spirit, you cannot go the other way through the intellect and the reasoning faculties, because they can only look at what is known. And then, they can seek to extrapolate from there, but that will not get you back up to the higher vision, once you have gone below it. This is the eternal human dilemma!

Once you have eaten the forbidden fruit – once you have started to define truth on your own, because you have set yourself, or rather the separate self, up as a god who can define, who can know, good and evil – well, then you are trapped in that dualistic reasoning. And you can never go beyond it through the reasoning, through the intellect, through the separate self. You cannot, my beloved. It simply is not possible!

And it is, indeed, the wise ones who realize, that it is not possible, and therefore accept the fact, that there is a need to do something different, that we cannot continue to intellectualize and analyze and reason forever. For indeed, it will only get us so far, and we cannot go beyond a certain level. And so, this is indeed the flame, that I am here to anchor, as my messenger walks the periphery of the Jefferson monument, as I flow through the open door that he has provided.

The limitations of the intellect

Listen well, for indeed Thomas Jefferson exemplifies perfectly the person, who had gone far with the intellect, gone far with the reasoning mind, who had a strong reasoning mind, a strong intellect and had developed it to a remarkable degree. Nevertheless, he also represents perfectly the limitations of this approach, that you can go to a certain point, and then you simply cannot go higher. And this is outpictured in the fact, that Thomas Jefferson was the open door for bringing forth the Declaration of Independence, which says that all men are created equal without specifying any exceptions to this. And yet, Jefferson himself – in his gentleman’s farm in Virginia – had his entire financial existence based on owning slaves.

This, then, illustrates the perfect dilemma, that the intellect presents to man. It is so easy to see a higher principle; a higher truth at the level of the mind. But it is an entirely different matter to carry it into physical manifestation through the emotions. Jefferson knew very well, that slavery was not compatible with the Declaration of Independence. But when he came home to his beloved farm, high on that hill in Virginia, and when he sat there and looked out over this vast landscape; he knew also, through his reasoning mind, that there was no way for him to survive economically – given the times – without owning slaves. And thus, he was faced with a choice: Will you give up your convenient lifestyle in order to follow your higher vision, or will you cling to the familiar, cling to the convenient, in order to maintain that lifestyle?

Many have indeed faced this choice. All people on the spiritual path must and will face it; it is an initiation that no one can escape. For indeed, only those who have been willing to make the choice to forgo the convenient in order to follow a higher truth, only those can be the open door for this higher vision. Now this is not to say, that you all have to go out and do exactly what someone else has done with his life, for you each have a unique path to follow. You do not have to sell everything you have and stand there with nothing, for many of you are meant to serve in the positions you are in. And there is nothing wrong with maintaining a lifestyle, as long as you do not let it control you and hold you back from taking the stand that you need to take.

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