The democratic nations need to confront the problem of evil

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, June 5, 2022. This dictation was given during the 2022 Webinar – Democracy and Christhood.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. As our next installment that we have planned for this conference, I wish to talk about evil or what has sometimes been called the problem of evil. Now, let us begin with Christhood. As we have now said several times, Christhood is a process, it is not so that from one moment to the next, you step from not being the Christ to being the Christ. Christhood is, in large part, a matter of increasing your discernment, your ability to discern. And this is a process that takes time, that is gradual and it has many stages. There is a beginning level of Christhood, where you might be aware of evil, but you are primarily looking at evil in its obvious physical manifestations. In other words, it is possible for you to discern that certain actions of certain people seen throughout history have been evil.

The physical expression of evil

Now, you will notice that there are many people who have not even come to this basic level of discernment. There are people who do not see Hitler as evil or as being an expression of a of evil. There are many people in Russia who do not see Stalin as evil. And of course, there are many people in Russia who do not see Putin as an expression of evil. The same in China, many people do not see Mao as being a representation of evil. And the same, of course, in many other nations where they look at their present leaders or past leaders and do not identify them as evil.

Now, you will recognize perhaps, that I said 2000 years ago: “On their fruits, ye shall know them.” This is the basic level of Christ discernment where you look at the fruits, you look at the actions and the consequences precipitated by certain people and therefore you know that they are evil or they represent evil. They have made themselves the instruments for evil. You see this in its physical expression. And, of course, the democratic nations have, for a long time, had this level of discernment regarding evil. Most people have been able to see that Hitler was an expression of evil and that there have been other expressions of evil. And so, there has been a certain awareness that we need to avoid these kinds of evil.

Non-physical causes behind evil

However, when you step up to higher levels of Christ discernment, you begin to see that it is not enough to look at only the physical manifestations or expressions of evil, because this will not allow you to understand the cause behind evil. We might say that as you rise in Christhood, you will begin to see that there are always hidden, non-physical causes behind all physical events or phenomena. As we have said before, consciousness precedes the physical manifestation. And this is what you begin to realize when you reach higher levels of Christhood. You begin to be able to discern that beyond the physical manifestations of evil, there is a non-physical, psychological component.

And as you go towards higher levels of discernment, you begin to discern that there is an emotional component of evil, there is a mental level component and there is an identity level component. Where some people are taken over by evil forces, because they are overpowered in their emotional bodies, they are overpowered, for example, by hatred and therefore commit evil. Others are taken over in their mental bodies and therefore are so good at identifying that there really are cases where the ends justify the means and where it is therefore justifiable to kill other people in order to further this utopian society that they believe they are working towards. There are those who are overpowered by evil at the identity level where they identify themselves based on a black and white thinking and the epic mindset, where they identify themselves as the good people who are in an existential epic fight against the evil people: such as Christians against Muslims, Muslims against Christians, communists against capitalists and so forth.

Now, when you step up to higher levels of Christhood you see that there must be a force of evil that is beyond human beings, because you cannot actually explain human beings or you cannot explain evil by only looking at human beings. And therefore, there must be a non-human, a non-material force of evil that is working through people, either because they voluntarily make themselves instruments of evil or they become taken over by these evil forces. And this, of course, can gradually lead you to the teachings that we have given you over these many years through this messenger of the existence of fallen beings who are completely dedicated either to proving God wrong, proving free will wrong by getting human beings to abuse their free will or they are dedicated to simply creating chaos. These are sort of the stages of Christ discernment regarding evil.

The problem of evil in Christianity

Now, let us look at democracy in regards to evil. Most of the nations that became the first democracies in the United States and Europe had a Christian background. They were deeply affected by the Christian religion whether it be a Protestant religion or the Catholic religion. There were people and there still are people who look at evil based on the Christian worldview. And of course, in Christianity you have some of these concepts that I have just described. You have the concept that there is an evil force, a dark force, whether it be Satan, Lucifer, the devil, the prince of this world. And this force is working against God or at least against Christ, seeking to destroy God’s plan.

Now, what has happened in Christianity, in the Christian religion, going all the way back to the formation of the Catholic church especially, is that Christianity has always had a problem with evil that they could not solve. And of course, they could not solve this because the leaders of the Christian religion, beginning with the Catholic church and all the way to today, have not had a sufficient level of Christ discernment. They have therefore been trapped, been stunned by, been confused by what they call the problem of evil. Basically, how can evil exist if God is good and omnipotent? If God is good, why would he want evil to exist? And if God is omnipotent, why has he not eradicated evil? Does that mean that either God is not good or God is not omnipotent? Or does it mean there is no God as the materialist started saying?

What you see here, when you attain a certain level of Christ discernment and look back at the Christian religion, you see that, as I have said in my previous dictations at this conference and in many other dictations, that the Christian religion from the formation of the Catholic church was actually to a very large extent taken over by the forces of antichrist who used the Christian religion as a tool for controlling the population and creating this entire medieval hierarchical structure where the people were slaves of this small power elite. This is, of course, why they have not been able to solve the problem of evil, because the forces who controlled the Christian religion did not want people to solve it, they actually wanted people to be confused by this.

The materialistic explanation for evil

You look at these democratic nations that have this Christian heritage and you see that when they became democracies, they found it difficult to deal with a problem of evil based on the Christian worldview. This is one of the reasons why the Founding Fathers of America, for example, were able to tune into Saint Germain and received the inspiration that America needed to be a secular nation where there was freedom of religion, where there was not any direct connection between the government and any particular religion. In other words, there was not one particular religion that could control the government as you see in Catholic Europe. And you see, of course, many of the other democracies, where they might even have a state religion, but there is still freedom of religion for the people. And this means that the democratic nations correctly saw that it was necessary to separate church and state, at least to some degree. It was necessary to give freedom of religion to the people, so that the nation could not be dominated by one particular religion.

This also meant that as a result of an aspiring power elite that used science, many of these nations became less and less religious. They adopted—even though some of these nations still have a state church—they adopted more of a secular, materialistic mindset. In other words, they moved away from Christianity, they moved away from the idea of a devil and that there are non-material, dark forces who can take over people’s minds and cause them to commit evil. Instead, they adopted this materialistic outlook that there is nothing beyond the material universe as it can be discovered by science. Therefore, by definition, in materialism there cannot be an evil force that is beyond the material spectrum. It cannot exist according to materialism.

This then has been from the beginning a fundamental challenge for democratic nations, because how can you then explain evil? Well, you are left seeking a materialistic explanation for evil. But materialism has been no more successful in explaining evil than the Christian religion was. And why is this? Because the same elite, the same force in the mental realm that created the confusion around the problem of evil in Christianity, has to a large degree created the doctrines and dogmas of the materialist religion and therefore created a similar confusion there.

You could say, logically, if there is a force of evil on earth—if, let us just say— would it not stand to reason that this force of evil would want to remain hidden? They would not want people to know that they exist or to understand what they are and how they influence human beings. Evil wants to remain hidden, does that not stand to reason? Does it not then stand to reason that if there is an evil force, they would use whatever system, whatever ideology dominates society to create enough confusion that they themselves can stay hidden. Therefore, is it not reasonable that the evil force that created confusion through the Christian religion is now doing the same through the materialist religion.

That is the explanation for the fact that democracies have not been able to resolve the question of evil. They have been looking only at the material realm for such an explanation, which means what? One possible explanation is that there is something in the brain that causes certain people to be evil, something goes wrong in the brain of a Hitler. But according to materialism all people should have basically the same brain. What could have gone wrong? It has not yet been identified. You can then look for people’s genetic inheritance. And then you must say: ”Were there evil people in Hitler’s ancestors?” Not that is known. So how did he become evil?

Evil as part of human nature?

Then you have the other explanation from materialistic psychology, about the upbringing. But was Hitler’s upbringing so much worse that it could explain that he became so much more evil than many other people who had a similar upbringing? Again, you are left with no real answers, certainly not an answer that can be useful in preventing human evil.

There are some then who have speculated that evil is a potential that lies latent in human nature. In other words, all human beings have the potential to become evil. Well, my beloved, what is one of the most destructive doctrines of the Catholic church? It is original sin. Well, is not the idea that evil is part of human nature just a non-religious version of the idea of human sin, of original sin? And is it not exactly what an evil force would want people to feel: that they are bad and that evil is not the fault of the evil force, evil is the fault of human nature? But where, my beloved, in the materialist paradigm is there room for this ethereal concept: “human nature”? Where does it exist? If what you do is a product of chemical and electromagnetic processes in your brain, where is there some ‘human nature’ that is beyond the brain? Where could it exist? Well, certainly not anywhere in the material worldview.

Higher explanation of evil

You see, again, contradictions, inconsistencies, confusion to the point where most people give up. They just hope that since we live in a democratic world, evil cannot come and get us. Many people have hoped that since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the world has gone into a phase where evil is no longer a big factor. Well, there was, as we have said, 9/11. And now there is Putin. And then there is every week or every other week some mass shooting in the United States. What basis is there for saying that we have moved beyond the era of evil, that evil is a thing of the past and that we in our modern democracies have transcended evil? There really is no basis for saying this, is there?

Is it not so that you could look at Putin’s war in Ukraine as a wake-up call for the democratic nations and say: “It is now time to step up to a higher approach, a higher understanding of evil.” Are the school shootings in the United States not a wake-up call that the United States needs to step up to a higher approach? This messenger was reading about the latest school shooting and how there were people who talked about evil and how it was so impossible to predict when evil would suddenly cause such a school shooting. He was struck by the fact that there has not been similar headlines in the United States about evil in Putin’s war in Ukraine—even though some, of course, see it that way. It shows you that people again look at the physical manifestations of evil and they are disturbed by them. But there is not really an effort made to understand evil beyond the physical.

And this is, of course, where when you look at the natural evolution of democracy, democracies are now at a point where in order to step up to a higher level, democracies need to confront the problem of evil. They need to recognize Christianity could not really give us a thorough or useful definition of evil. Materialism has not been able to give us a useful explanation of evil. But evil is knocking at our door. We cannot ignore it. Evil is knocking at our door so we cannot continue to ignore it.

People possessed by external forces

Where can we look for an explanation? And truly, you can only look for a higher explanation of evil by increasing your Christ discernment. You can start this in various ways. I am not saying that societies need to become religious or they need to become aware of ascended masters and start accepting ascended master teachings. You can use what you have in democratic nations.

One possible avenue is to talk to healthcare professionals. There are healthcare professionals who for decades have been dealing with people with severe mental illnesses. There are professionals who have dealt with people who have addictions. And these people, if they were allowed to speak freely without being controlled by the materialistic thought police, many of them would recognize that the people they have encountered have been possessed by some external force.

Not necessarily all the time, but certainly in certain moments, in certain situations. It is the only explanation that makes sense that they are possessed by some external force that takes over their minds, their feelings, their thought process. And suddenly they act as if they were an entirely different person. You have schizophrenics, you have people with bipolar disorder. You have even examples of people who had a physical disease, but could shift into another personality that did not have that disease, or perhaps had another disease. And when they shifted out of a certain personality, the physical symptoms were gone instantly.

New approach in the mental health area

There is much research done, there is much recognition that could cause people in the mental health area to say: “If we really want to help people with these psychological problems, we have to consider that there could be some force that we have at this point not discovered with material instruments that can take over people’s minds”. And if current scientific procedures and methods were applied to this area, some progress could be made. New scientific instruments could be developed, as we said that could eventually even show on a computer screen people’s energy fields and how they can be invaded by outside forces. It will be possible even to develop instruments that could show the planetary energy body.

This is not science fiction. This is science potential, but unfortunately as of yet, an undeveloped potential. This could then lead to the recognition that there is certain forces that are not in what is currently defined as the material frequency spectrum. This could cause two things: you could abandon materialism and say we need to look beyond the material spectrum. Or you could say, well, the material spectrum apparently extends further than we thought. Either way does not matter, because it will lead to new discoveries that could help people.

Narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths as leaders

But beyond this, it is also necessary for democracies to start using some logic and reasoning, and start looking at how you can observe the evil people you have seen in history. And how you can observe that there is a certain type of person—they have already been identified on an individual level as narcissists, or psychopaths or sociopaths – but there is a certain type of person that does not behave or even look at life, the way normal people do.

So far, this has not really been applied to world leaders, but it needs to be. And when it is, it will be seen that there is a certain type of person who either wants power or wants attention. As we have said, this type of person cannot get enough power or attention. They will do anything to get it without having any concerns for the suffering this causes for other people, or for the destruction this causes, even destruction of civilizations or planets.

They do not need to know about ascended master teachings or fallen beings, they just need to identify that there is a certain type of people who will, if they can, seek out leadership positions, and who will exercise these leadership positions in a way that is completely against the democratic principles and democratic rights. In other words, they are leaders who have no respect for democracy, who will either use democracy to get power and attention or who will seek to destroy democracy. And when you identify this and acknowledge this, you then have at least some options.

You can start some kind of process where you can increase the population’s awareness of this type of leader, you can have experts who can identify people with these characteristics. And you can say: “Well, here is a person that we do not believe has the qualifications to be a democratic leader”. This is, of course, not an easy process, we recognize that, but you have to start somewhere, you have to start somewhere by recognizing that there are people that we do not want as leaders of democratic nations.

You can also look outside democracies, identify these leaders in other nations and identify how they are rising to positions. And then you can say: “Well, we as a democracy cannot deal with these as if they were normal, benign leaders. So we have to do whatever we can to identify them at your earliest possible time and use whatever means we have to either prevent them from getting to power, or at least not enabling them to expand their power.”

You can again, look at what we have talked about: how there were people in Russian opposition in the Baltic nations, who many years ago pointed out Putin – that he would not stop, that he would not be able to stop himself. If this had been heeded, if there had been the process I am talking about in democratic nations, they could have identified this. And then what could they have done about it? Well, they could actually have done quite a few things. There are practical things that could have been done, not making Europe dependent on Russian gas and oil for one. But there is a more important measure that could have been taken in terms of unifying democratic nations, in drawing a line.

Tolerance as a weapon against democracy

What is the most successful strategy that has been used throughout the ages, in terms of destroying or taking over countries or populations, it is “divide and conquer”. Sun Tzu talked about it in The Art of War, Machiavelli talked about it. It has been used many times, the saying, in the United States “United, we stand divided we fall”, there is a truth in it. That what you see in the world is a fundamental difference between democracies and dictatorships. You might say that, in a certain sense, democracies have a disadvantage towards dictatorships. And it is simply this: democracies are by nature not aggressive nations. As we have said, they think:  “We have enough territory, we are going to focus on improving ourselves, improving our lives, within what we have. We are not trying to take over other countries”.

But what democracies also have is a tolerance for differences. This is one of the fundamental aspects or principles of democracy. That is why there is a freedom of religion, freedom of political affiliation, freedom of speech, you have a tolerance for those who are different. You tend to also have a tolerance for dictatorial nations and say: “Well, if the Russians really want to have a dictator named Putin, why should we interfere with that?” This means that you tend to want to believe the best about people, you tend to want to believe, as we said that Putin is not the problem, will not be a problem, that Russia will eventually be transformed into a modern state. And you tend to have the tolerance where you do not want to do anything about this.

Now, when democracies step up to a higher level of Christ discernment, they will be able to look at this and say: “Yes, but our tolerance can actually be used against us. Our tolerance for differences can be used as a weapon against us and against democracy as a whole.” In other words, a dictator could say: “Well, these democracies pride themselves of having freedom of speech. What if I created some troll factories, where I had people who were paid to sit there eight hours a day, go on all these social media sites in the West, and post messages that were in subtle ways seeking to undermine democracy and democratic freedoms? What if I did this? Could I influence people this way? What if I tried to use the same techniques to influence the American people for the next election?

Could I sow doubt about a certain candidate, and something that she might have done wrong, so that there would be bias towards another candidate that I think would give me an advantage?”

Seeing through “divide and conquer” strategy

You all know that this is exactly what Putin did and said a number of years ago. You know, the Chinese have done and are doing the same, and other countries are doing it as well. This is an example where the democratic nations have been harmless as doves, but they have not been wise as serpents. They have not acknowledged how their tolerance and the freedoms that they give can be used against them. And this is a necessary stage that democracies must step up to this discernment, this recognition that there are people out there who are actively attempting to destroy democracy. What can you do about it? Well, what you need to do, first of all is awareness. But you also need to avoid letting these outside forces divide the democratic nations.

Because you have two ways of dealing with these forces. You need to recognize they will not stop. Putin cannot stop himself. The Chinese cannot stop themselves. You can either wait till situations escalate, where they become more and more emboldened, more and more convinced that the democracies are weak, and cannot do anything to stop them, so that you end up with a situation where Putin invades Ukraine, or Xi Jinping invades Taiwan. And then what do you do once this situation has become physical.

This is one option you have. You can sit back and wait. You can even enable the dictator like you did with Putin, by buying oil and gas. Watching as he used a lot of that money, to expand his military. The other option you have is you can stand firm, you can be united as democracies and say: “Here is a leader that we are having to watch. We cannot allow ourselves to embolden him, or to even enable him by financing his war machine. We need to draw a line, we need to stand together, state clearly what we will tolerate and not tolerate. And we need to not send our money to build the war machine that will be used against us. We need to not allow our democratic freedoms to be used to undermine democracy or to divide us against each other.”

This is what we might say, an existential threat against democracy. In a sense, you could say that democracy, as it has been known so far, is a form of government based on the non-existence of evil. In other words, you are assuming that in an ideal situation, that there is not an evil force inside a democratic nation that wants to destroy that nation, or destroy democracy. And you are assuming either that there is not an evil force outside democracy, or that that evil force really is not a threat to democracy. As they wanted to assume that Putin was not really a threat, and that they still want to assume that: “Ah, maybe China will not attack Taiwan.” This is understandable, because democracy is actually based on believing in the best of people. That is why you can give people freedom, because you believe that most people will not abuse it. This is one of these existential aspects of democracy that democracies really have not recognized yet, but that they need to recognize.

Oneness vs. separation

But how can they recognize it? Only through Christ discernment. What does Christ discernment do? It distinguishes between that which is in alignment with the principle of oneness, and that which is opposed to oneness, in other words, that which is based on division and separation. Traditionally, of course, you would say Christhood distinguishes between what is of Christ and what is of antichrist, what is of God, what is of the devil. But you do not have to use that religious terminology.

You can say: “What is democracy based on?” It is based on a certain assumption that all humans were created equal, and were endowed by certain rights, therefore, all people, are ideally, one. There is a certain underlying oneness beyond all the outer differences we see in people. This is one of the fundamental assumptions behind democracy. I realize this is not recognized by most people, but it is there, you are assuming that there is a certain oneness among people, therefore, all people want the same. They want what is best for themselves and what is best for others.

They want to be able to build a better future for themselves and their children. And they do not want their own government to take this away from them. And they do not want an outside force to take it away from them. There is a certain underlying assumption that all people in a democracy want this. And all people who are not yet living in democratic nations also want the same. In a sense, it is correct. All people, if they are not manipulated, or blinded by evil, they do want this. That is why democracy is the government of the future because it is in alignment with the underlying reality of how life functions.

When you recognize this oneness, this underlying oneness, you can see that what works against democracy is division and separation. And you can then see that there are nations in the world, people in the world who are not in this state of oneness, they do not recognize oneness, they do not see it, they do not see it as having any value. They are working against it. Because what do they want? They do not want what is best for all. They want what is best for themselves. What did I say 2000 years ago? “Do unto others, Turn the other cheek, Love your enemies”.

What is the underlying message here? Why should you do unto others? Well, because if you do something that is best for the whole, this will also be best for yourself. In other words, really, the ethos that I promoted 2000 years ago or that was promoted through me, was that if everybody does what is best for the whole, everybody benefits because everybody is part of the whole. Everybody is part of the one body of God. This is the very foundation for democracy, oneness.

And therefore, it is necessary to step up and realize there are people who have not understood this, there are forces who not only have not understood it, they are actively working against oneness, they are seeking to destroy the oneness in  democracies—the oneness between democratic nations. They are seeking to divide and conquer. And democracies cannot exist, they cannot function according to their highest potential if you allow your tolerance for differences to be used against you. If you allow your democratic freedoms to be used against oneness, then democracies cannot survive, or they cannot thrive and fulfill their highest potential – it is just impossible.

This is the next step and it is being underlined, thrown in people’s faces by Putin and his war in Ukraine, by the Chinese leadership, by 9/11, by many other things, by Trump and his attempts to undermine democracy in the United States. Look at Trump. Does he see any underlying oneness? From the very moment he entered the political arena, it was always “us versus them” – they are the problem, we are the good people.

Using democratic freedoms to undermine democracy

You clearly see the division and therefore it is necessary for the democratic nations to establish greater unity and to maintain that unity against all forces who seek to divide them. This is something that needs to break through, where the democracies realize that the democratic freedoms can be used to divide democracies, divide populations against each other, and that this threatens democracy in an existential way.

You need to recognize that Putin deliberately has used the freedoms of the democratic nations, freedom of speech and so on to undermine democracy. He has a clear strategy of wanting to undermine democracy. He also wants to divide in order to conquer. He wants to divide Europe if he can. Look at the thing with the gas. Unfriendly nations we will cut off their gas but friendly nations we will allow to buy gas. Well, is this not an attempt to divide and conquer, what else could it be?

You need to recognize here that the democratic nations need to step up to a higher sense of unity, where they, in the beginning, deliberately stop all attempts to divide and conquer. You can take as just an example that is relevant today, the leader of France, Macron says that it is important that Russia is not humiliated in Ukraine, and that Putin is given a way out. I understand that Macron knows Putin fairly well, understands his psychology more than most other leaders, and sees certain things in Putin’s psychology that he sees as a danger signal. He is afraid of how far Putin will go to avoid being humiliated, to avoid losing, to avoid admitting that he had made a mistake. I understand this. But what are the ramifications of this? Why did Putin invade Ukraine in the first place? Was it just because of Ukraine? Or was it because Putin has a larger strategy of expanding Russia?

It is, of course, that he has a larger strategy. When will he stop? Only if he meets a firm wall that he believes he cannot cross. How is the West going to provide this firm boundary for Putin who cannot set boundaries for himself, if they are divided? Who invaded Ukraine? Was it the European nations that forced Putin? Was it NATO that forced Putin to invade Ukraine as he claims? Or was it Putin who made the decision because he had allowed himself to sink into a delusional state of mind? If you give Putin a way out by allowing him to keep the Donbas region, how is this going to deter him from saying: “Okay, I won this round, let’s look what I can do in the next round?”

You see that by the very fact that Putin did what he did, the only way to deter his strategy is to not provide him a way out, because any way out will encourage him. The West needs to stand firm and undivided. But how do you do that if France and Italy and other nations say: “Oh, we need to not humiliate Putin?” The foreign minister of Ukraine said: “Well, the Russians are humiliating themselves.” And that is the correct assessment, the higher assessment of the situation.

Human rights abuses in Ukraine

Some of the most humiliating aspects of this invasion was the treatment of civilians, the rape of women, the torture of people, beating their entire bodies with iron rods until there is not a spot that is not beaten up. Killing of civilians, destruction of hospitals, medical facilities, destruction of entire cities. This is humiliating. But did anybody force the Russians to do this? So you need to ask Macron, how does he see that we can avoid humiliating Putin?

Would this not mean that we would have to ignore all these human rights abuses that the Russians themselves have committed? Should we just not speak out about them? Pretend like it did not happen, and just pretend like Russia is still a nation that we can treat as a civilized nation? Is not that exactly what the West has done for 20 years with Putin that has enabled him, encouraged him, empowered him to think the West is weak and he can get away with anything? How is that going to draw a line that prevents further adventures? You could say, well, perhaps, rationally Putin realizes he overstepped and he is looking for a way out so he can stay in power. But can you really count on Putin being rational enough to think this way?

You see, again, one of these situations, where it seems like there is no good outcome, no ideal outcome. But there is always an ideal outcome, if we are willing to raise awareness, become more aware, and step up to higher levels of unity. If the democratic world can end up being more united, and staying more united because of this war than they were before, then that is an ideal outcome, whatever else happens, even what happens in the physical.

Transcending black and white thinking

You see here that the problem of evil has not gone away. It has been ignored by democratic nations but you cannot continue to ignore it. It is time to step up, look at this, look at the response to evil and realize that we can do better. It is not a matter of saying: “Oh, we were wrong, we made a mistake, we should have dealt with this differently”. That is not the point as Saint Germain also said. When you step up to the level of Christhood, where you are actually able to deal with evil and acknowledge evil, you also step up to a level where you are no longer thinking in black and white terms, you are no longer thinking: “This was the right thing to do. This was the wrong thing to do”. There is no right or wrong, you are transcending right and wrong. Because this is the only way you can free yourself from evil, because what is evil? It is separation, it is the division into the dualistic polarities of right and wrong, good and evil. Where you are defining what is ‘good’ yourself, and what is evil—those who oppose you.

This is also the potential that democratic nations have: to step beyond duality. Because people in dualistic thinking cannot really make a democracy function, as you see in the United States. The next step for democracies is to transcend this black and white thinking, right and wrong. There is no right and wrong. But the question is, what do we do now? What is it that is the problem with “right and wrong”? As we have said, it makes you inflexible. You cannot change when situations change.  And they will change.

Putin needs a way out in Ukraine because he cannot admit that he made a mistake. But the West does not need to analyze: “Was our response to Putin wrong?” They just need to say: ”Now that the situation is what it is, what is the next step we need to take? How do we need to change our response in order to adapt to this situation?“ If you take the same approach to Putin, you would say, well, Angela Merkel was friendly towards Putin for so many years and she was a good leader, she could not have been wrong. Therefore, Germany cannot be wrong in their approach to Putin. So we need to continue treating Putin as if he was not Hitler speaking Russian.

This, of course, would be a detrimental approach. And therefore, fortunately, Germany is not taking that approach, although they are still being very cautious. But nevertheless, the point here is, if you do not think in terms of right and wrong, you can much more easily change your approach. And that is survivability as I have said. You can only survive by adapting. And only if you do not have a mind that has become polarized and rigid because of your definition of right and wrong can you adapt and flow with the changes.

Flexibility of Christ

The Christ flows with the changes. There is a grandiose misunderstanding, both among Christians and among many ascended master students, especially from previous dispensations, that the Christ is always right. Whatever the Christ says, it is right, and it will be right forever. But you see, the Christ recognizes that situations change on earth, and that there are periods where you might take a certain stand, and there are other periods where you need to change your stand, and that there are even some times where doing what seems not to be right is necessary.

You could say: “Is it right for the West to arm Ukraine so they can fight against the Russian invasion?” Well, from a higher perspective, you would say – the Christ – turn the other cheek, do not resist evil—would say: “No, you do not arm people and you do not fight back”. But from another perspective, you would say: “But if you do not resist the expansion of Russia, then the same thing will happen as happened with Hitler, they will take over a big part of the world, and is that in accordance with the overall growth of consciousness and a progression towards the golden age?”

You see, you cannot apply any rigid viewpoints to the situation on earth. You need to be flexible; you need to look at situations. Because while it is true that ultimately, you can turn the other cheek and allow the ascended masters to deal with evil forces and the people who are taken over by them, you cannot do this in the short term because there is the possibility that evil would gain much greater influence and dominance. You see that, ultimately, the way to a better world is the raising of consciousness, but at any period in time the collective consciousness is where it is, and therefore, certain measures need to be taken in order to avoid putting the planet on a track that will take a long time to correct.

We have said before that you could have not resisted Hitler, allowed him to take over all of Europe, and today Nazism would still have been gone. But it would have taken a long time as it took a long time for communism to fall in the Soviet Union. Again, we can say: “Should the Ukrainian people have turned the other cheek and allowed Russia to take over the nation and they would have resisted peacefully and trusted that the ascended masters would be able to step in and, somehow, do whatever could be done about the Russians”?

And you can say: “Would that have been a realistic scenario”? Well, the reality is, if the majority of the Ukrainian people had been at a higher level of Christ consciousness, then this could have worked, they could then have turned the other cheek and that would have allowed the Russian karma to descend and us to take other measures. But the majority of the Ukrainian people were not at that level. If they had been at that level there would not have been the possibility of a Russian invasion in the first place. So you can always say: “If things were different, things would have been different.” But they are not different.

The collective consciousness of Ukraine is where it is at, with the divisions in the Ukrainian nation between Russian sympathizers and those who have a more Ukrainian national identity. And because of that, this was the only thing they could do. From an ideal viewpoint, it was not the best response. But we are not in an ideal situation, so when the Christ looks at the reality of the situation, what is the actual situation, then they responded the way they needed to respond, given their level of consciousness. Hopefully, they can grow from there, they can overcome the division, they can overcome the corruption, and truly make a leap forward to become a modern nation.

So, this was what I wanted to give you in this installment. We have, as you can see, many things to say about democracy and we will, of course, continue with our discourses. I thank you for your willingness to be part of this, allowing this to go through your minds and chakras into the collective consciousness, where it has already had profound effects for the people who are able to tune in to the ascended masters, even though their conscious minds know nothing about ascended masters.

Again, we are not seeking to have everybody become aware of ascended masters and acknowledge our existence. We are just seeking to find those people who can pick up on a certain idea and who are in a position to implement it. And you, by being our students, some of you will also be able to implement some of these ideas, many of you will be able to serve in reinforcing the impetus that goes into the collective consciousness, thereby also providing a powerful thrust towards raising that collective consciousness.

For this, you have our gratitude and I seal you in the flame of joy that is truly the Christ flame.


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