The decision to BE your God flame in action


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Ascended Master Jesus, July 13, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

I AM come this day, and I speak through the heart of one who has made himself ready that I may enter into his heart and anchor my flame alongside his heart flame.

I AM Jesus Christ and many of you have called me your Lord and Savior. Yet I tell you that many of you should call me brother, because I truly am your brother of Light. I come to help you understand that we are much closer than you think. So many of you have come to see me, and other ascended masters, as being above and beyond you, as being separated from you. It is now time for you to overcome this illusion and begin to accept who you truly are as one with us.

How can you be one with us? You can be one with us by recognizing that behind all outer appearances, your true identity is a particular God flame. Every ascended being, every God and Goddess sprang from a particular God flame. Every lifestream sprang from a particular God flame.

We have ascended because we discovered our God flame. We chose to merge with that God flame and thereby ascend to the spiritual realm. You too are of a particular God flame and you have the ability to discover your personal God flame. You also have the ability to make the free-will choice to merge with that God flame. When you merge with your God flame, while you are still in physical embodiment, you become that God flame in action. Thereby, you become one with every ascended being who is of the same God flame as yourself.

Therefore, the ascended masters who are of the same God flame have the option of anchoring their individual flames in your heart—if you allow them to do so. This then allows us to be “as Above so below.” This then allows us to span the octaves and thereby provide a mighty action for the raising of the consciousness of humankind and for the raising of the vibration of the entire material universe.

A higher level of service

Do you understand the potential of this action? Many of you have studied various spiritual teachings for many years. You have practiced various techniques for accelerating your spiritual growth, and thereby you have anchored much light in the material world. Yet I must tell you that there is a higher level of service, and many of you are ready to step up to that higher level. You can do this almost instantaneously, if you will only recognize your God flame and allow yourself to merge with that God flame.

What will it take for you to merge with your God flame? It will take a change in consciousness, a change in your sense of identity, a change in the way you see yourself. It is a simple fact of life that in the material world you are what you think you are. You are who you think you are. You are who you see yourself as being. You cannot express your God flame if you see yourself as a mortal human being who is separated from God.

The decision to BE

Following a spiritual teaching and practicing a spiritual technique can help you grow on the spiritual path. Yet no outer practice or teaching can help you come to the inner resolution of being who you truly are. Being who you truly are is a decision to Be instead of the decision not to Be—that you have been programmed to make ever since you came into embodiment.

Everything in this world is permeated by the consciousness that has chosen not to Be. Many of you are still affected by that consciousness, and therefore you think that your ascension will happen sometime in the future, sometime after you have left embodiment. You think that you can become the Christ, but that it will happen sometime in the future. Yet I tell you, the future never comes. The only acceptable time is now. You will not be who you are until you come to the inner realization, the inner resolution, of deciding that you are willing to be who you are NOW.

It is true that in order to arrive at the point, where you are able to make that decision, you have to follow a gradual path. You have to resolve the blocks in your psychology that prevent you from making that decision. You have to overcome your false sense of identity, your false self image and you have to remove the negative energy in your force field that pulls you downward.

How many times can we tell you

Yet I am here to tell you that many earnest spiritual seekers, from many different religions or New Age teachings, have followed this path successfully. You have arrived at the point, where you are ready to make the decision to Be. The only thing that stands in your way is that you somehow cannot consciously accept that you are at that point. You cannot accept that you are worthy and ready to be the Christ in action, to be the God flame in action, to Be God in embodiment, to Be an ascended master in embodiment on earth. How many times can we tell you to be before you become so used to hearing us say this that you no longer hear it? Yet we must continue to tell you this until you do hear us.

For many of you, there is only one final obstacle that stands in your way, one final element in your consciousness that you have not yet seen through. Therefore, I encourage you to use the means available in modern psychology and holistic healing to uncover and resolve these blocks in your psychology.

Many of you are part of a God flame. When you come to the full recognition of that God flame, every ascended master who is part of that same God flame can anchor his or her flame, his or her personal flame, in your heart. I can assure you that the potential for bringing positive change to the earth by anchoring the flame of an ascended master in the heart of an unascended master is greater than anything you have ever seen before. It is greater than anything most of you can currently imagine with your outer minds.

God desires to be himself in action

Yet I must tell you that this potential is real. God desires to be himself in action in this universe, but God can Be in action only through his sons and daughters and then only when a son or daughter becomes consciously aware of his or her God flame.

We, your ascended brothers and sisters, have put much effort into many spiritual movements. We have given you many teachings and we have given you much energy. We have truly planted the good seed, and I think we are entitled to a fair harvest. So many of you are ready for the harvest, yet you have not consciously recognized and accepted your inner attainment.

I am here to call you to step up higher and recognize who you are. Recognize your God flame. Accept your true identity as a flame of God in action on earth. Let go of everything that stands in the way of your being who you truly are as a God flame. Be who you are and give us our harvest. Then, we will make you the instruments for harvesting millions of your brothers and sisters who are yet trapped at lower levels of the path.


 Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels