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TOPICS: Diversity does not cause conflict – Why Golden Age societies deteriorate – Religion as an excuse for conflict – Resist not evil—transcend it – Understanding the false hierarchy – Facing your fear of the false hierarchy – A journey into the illusions of darkness – Stop giving power to what is not real – Overcoming the illusion that darkness has power – Hold the vision of an awakening from the illusion of darkness – A vision of awakening – The Buddha has feelings –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, December 31, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

The Buddha I AM, and I come to this earth to bring peace, but not a peace that is brought about by making everyone the same or forcing everyone to become members of a particular religion or to live in a certain way. For my beloved, such a peace cannot be peace, for the simple reason that when you seek to force all people into a particular system of thought – be it a religion or political ideology – you create a closed system, that will inevitably break down under its own internal conflicts and contradicting forces.

History has seen a few societies, that in periods had a great deal of harmony between different religions, so that the members of those religions could live in peace and tolerance, thus allowing their society – their shared community – to flourish. And although the people did not truly understand the cause, the cause was precisely, that when diversity exists in a harmonious setting, then the creative tension between different lifestyles and beliefs will lead to growth and prosperity, both materially and spiritually.

Yet you have also seen how – when one force becomes dominant and seeks to destroy diversity and create uniformity – well, then a society enters a downward spiral, that will eventually lead either to its own destruction or to a revolution of some kind, that brings that society to a new and higher level. The lesson to learn from a society such as Al-Andalus in Spain is that – contrary to the beliefs held by many people – uniformity will not bring peace. And my beloved, it is important for you to understand why this is so.

Diversity does not cause conflict

You can understand this by looking at a very simple fact. God – before anything was created – was One. This is uniformity. But God did not desire to remain the One. God desired to create, and in order to create anything, God had to become more than the One, the undivided whole. So God expressed itself as the first polarity of the expanding and contracting force—the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending, the Father and Mother, or whatever you desire to call it.

And then, out of that first polarity, sprang all of the diversity that you see in the material universe. But I can assure you that in the spiritual world, there is even more diversity than what you find in the material realm. So thus, you see that the driving force in creation is the drive to be MORE through diversification. And thus, you can see that the human desire to force everyone to fit into a particular system or society is against the basic force of life.

And thus, the human desire to stop diversity, can never bring peace. It is an illusion. For you see, it is actually so that if human beings do attain a state where they have forced uniformity, well, then the conflicts that will inevitably arise are actually brought about by the River of Life, by the force of life. Because the River of Life will create tension, that will eventually manifest as a diversification in society. And when there is a force that seeks to stop diversification, then conflict is the inevitable result, and you then see a society that divides into separate factions.

If there is no tolerance for diversification, well, then those separate factions must inevitably be at war with one another, possibly even leading to a state where the society is fragmented or destroyed. It is not that the River of Life actually brings conflict. It is not that diversification and differences actually bring conflict. It is when human beings adopt the mindset, that they need to stop diversification and create an artificial state of uniformity—well then, my beloved, conflict is the inevitable result.

If human beings are focused on becoming more and are focused on bringing their societies into a state of being or becoming more, well, then there is no time or attention or energy left over for conflict. For if you know that you can manifest more by applying yourself, by expressing your creativity, then why would you have to have conflicts with your neighbors? Why would you have to control others, to take from others, when you see that all are growing and becoming more? The very foundation for a Golden Age is that human beings enter into a state of consciousness, where they are focused on becoming more, rather than focused on seeking to control others—which is the consciousness of becoming less.

Why Golden Age societies deteriorate

Why is it then, that there have been several past golden ages that had attained a state, where there was growth and abundance, yet they could not maintain that state and stay in that growth pattern? The hidden explanation for this fact is, that there has not in any past Golden Age been a sufficient awareness that there are lifestreams on this earth who are so trapped in the duality consciousness, that they simply cannot see any value in diversification and growth.

They do not want a society that grows, for in such a society all are becoming more, and thus there will be less of a difference between the low and the high. In fact, in a truly Golden Age society there will be no people who are seen as better or higher or more valuable than others. For all will be seen as being of equal value, being appreciated not for their standing or their rank in some hierarchy on earth, but for their willingness to allow their built-in, God-given creativity to express itself through them, so that the most creative people are – not the most valuable – but the most appreciated.

This is precisely what those who are trapped in the consciousness of duality do not want to see in a society, for in such a society they have no possibility whatsoever of attaining high positions. For the very fact that they are blinded by the duality consciousness means, that they are cut off from the flow of the River of Life and thus cannot express their built-in creativity. They will not let that creativity flow, and thus in a society that rewards creativity, they cannot attain high positions and thus cannot attain positions, that give them the illusion that they are better than other people.

And since they are bent on attaining such positions, you see that such people – who are driven by power – must stop creativity, for they see it as a threat. And thus, how do these lifestreams – which we might call the blind leaders of the blind as Jesus calls it, or we might call it the fallen lifestreams – how do they manage to destroy the Golden Age society and take it into a downward spiral? Well, they do it, of course, by perverting the very driving force behind that society, which is creativity that expresses itself through diverse manifestations.

They take the diversity and they process it through their own dualistic consciousness. And therefore, they come up with a thought system, a philosophy, or even a popular culture, that suddenly portrays diversification as a threat, as a source of conflict. They manage to get one distinctly separate group of people to see themselves as separated from the rest of society, and see that those who belong to a different group are a threat to themselves, or a threat to society, or a threat to progress, or a threat to God or whatever appeals to the people in that society and culture.

Because there was not a sufficient awareness of the duality consciousness and how it affects the people who are blinded by it, many past Golden Age societies eventually went into a downward spiral. Where the people – instead of seeing diversification and creativity as the very cause of their abundance – now entered into the consciousness of seeing it as a threat to the stability of their society.

They came to believe, that maintaining a Golden Age society, maintaining the kind of society and culture they had, necessitated the clamping down on the creative flow. Because the creative flow was seen as the threat, that could bring forth something that would upset status quo and therefore threaten society. When, in reality, the fact is, that diversification and creativity is the only thing that can secure the long-term survival of a Golden Age society. For that is the only way a society can flow with the River of Life, instead of becoming a closed system, that deteriorates through the forces described in the second law of thermodynamics.

Religion as an excuse for conflict

What you have seen in Al-Andalus was an example of how religion can so often be used as the outer excuse for creating tension between different groups of people. And this society of Al-Andalus is not the only example, where a booming, creative, civilization and culture was destroyed through religious division and strife. In fact, when I embodied on earth, I embodied in a culture where the Hindu religion itself had become the source of strife, the source of contention, the source of conflict.

And this was precisely because in the Hindu religion, so many diverse groupings had sprung up, each claiming to have the ultimate cosmology of the universe and how the universe was created. There are some modern people, especially in the West, who look at Buddhism as a religion without God or even a religion that denies God, but this, of course, is not the case. Buddhism, however, was a very pragmatic approach to spirituality, which said that in the current state of consciousness of the people – where they had become more or less blinded by duality – it was not possible for them to reach beyond the dualistic mind and attain some divine revelation of the ultimate cosmology. And thus, it was meaningless to discuss cosmology through the filter of the dualistic mind.

Far better, my beloved, to do what Christ later said: to look at the beam in your own eye, rather than focusing on the mote in the eye of your brother, claiming that his religion was of the devil or was a threat to the stability of society. So, I attempted to create a new spiritual movement, that would cause people to take their attention away from this ultimate question of how the universe came into being, thus causing them to focus on their own minds. Seeking to attain some mastery over their own minds, instead of fighting with those who had a different view of the cosmos.

This was a very practical, pragmatic view that did have a certain positive effect of creating a more stable force in society. And by the fact that so many people embraced Buddhism, and were willing to work on their own minds, well, the growth in their consciousness created a stabilizing spiritual force, that actually prevented a great war, an armed conflict in society. And thus, it provided a stabilizing force, where the Buddhists who dedicated themselves to the mastery of their own minds became able to hold, so to speak, a great spiritual balance for their society.

I give you this image because you who are the spiritual people – and many other spiritual people on the earth today who might never hear this message and do not necessarily have to – well, you who are the spiritual people, you have the potential today to become a spiritual force, that can hold the spiritual counterbalance to the forces of duality. The forces that you know are rampant in the world today and are seeking to take the world into a downward spiral of armed conflict, driven by religious strife that will actually destroy the potential for the manifestation of Saint Germain’s Golden Age.

The only thing that can stop this downward spiral of religious violence is precisely that there are those spiritual people on the earth who say “I will not war against my brother. I will look deeply into my own being and see that there will not be peace in the world by destroying those who are different from myself. There will be peace in the world only when I free myself from the dualistic forces that are the real cause of strife.”

Resist not evil—transcend it

It is not true – as some scientists say today – that religion is the cause of war on this planet. No, the real cause of war on this planet is the duality consciousness that leads to intolerance of diversity. And thus, religion simply becomes the outer excuse for taking that intolerance of the duality consciousness out in the form of armed conflict—and the attempt to violently destroy another group of people, that have been labeled as the enemies but are truly the scapegoats, the excuse for not looking at the beam in your own eye.

The image I desire you to hold is not simply an image but the actual reality, that it is truly possible that a relatively small number of people can hold the spiritual balance for an entire planet and prevent that planet from going into a downward spiral, instead allowing the River of Life to raise it into a positive spiral and manifest a Golden Age society—where there is abundance both spiritually and materially because there is diversity. There are new inventions and creativity, that constantly brings new solutions to problems that seem to have no solution, when they were looked at through the filter of the old consciousness. This consciousness is now replaced by a new freedom, a new willingness to think beyond the old systems, beyond the old mental boxes, and thus a willingness to look at problems in a new light, whereby the solution becomes obvious.

Hold that vision—that it truly is a reality that if you are willing to look at anything in your own psychology, anything that takes you away from peace, if you are willing to look at it, to deal with it until you understand – until you see it for the unreality that it is, until you see that it actually harms yourself – and then you can spontaneously manifest the willingness to let it go, to surrender it, to not continue to reinforce that pattern, because you do not actually resist the pattern. You see it for the unreality that it is. And when you see it as unreal, you see that it is completely unnecessary, completely fruitless to resist it. For when something is unreal, there is no point in resisting it. For in resisting it, you direct your energies at it, whereby you reinforce the impression, the illusion, of reality. You reinforce the illusion that what is unreal seems to be real and have some kind of substance that gives it an existence and a continued existence.

Understanding the false hierarchy

We have sometimes talked about the fact, that there is a certain percentage of lifestreams who have been allowed to embody on this planet, and that they form – together with lifestreams in the mental and emotional realms – a hierarchy which we have called the false hierarchy. Now my beloved, this is the force that I earlier said has destroyed many previous Golden Age civilizations.

You who are spiritual people have gone through a phase, many of you, where you saw the necessity to make calls or decrees or call forth the judgment of the false hierarchy. And this was a necessary step, not only in the planetary unfoldment but also in your own personal growth. But many of you have reached a point, where you are ready to truly free yourself from the last very subtle remnants of the duality consciousness. And thus, I, as the Lord of the World – who truly holds the spiritual balance for all lifestreams who embody on earth – I have determined to give you a teaching that is beyond what we have released earlier.

Let me take you through a little bit of a thought experiment, an exercise of your imagination. You might start out with the image that was given in the books and movies that were popular in the recent time about the little hobbit Frodo who received the ring and had to bring it back to its creation point [Lord of the Rings]. And in so doing, he had to fight against this dark force that seemed to be permeating the universe and seemed to be emanating from a central point, where supposedly there was an evil emperor or sorcerer who was directing not only the force, but who was directing millions upon millions of orcs or other beings who were doing his bidding and were under his control.

I desire to give you a twist on this story. Now imagine, that you look at the world and see that there are certain people who are seemingly committed to destroying peace and prosperity in the world. And you see deeper and realize, that they are committed to this because they are in a certain state of consciousness. And you see, that they are in this state of consciousness primarily because they are afraid. They are afraid that if they do not pursue a certain course of action, well, some calamity will befall them, such as burning forever in the hell that is the worst thing they can imagine.

So out of that fear of going to hell, they are afraid of going against those who command them to kill others in the name of God. And thus, you see that on earth there is a certain hierarchy, as you have seen for example in past ages, where the leaders of a particular religion – even the supreme leader, such as the pope of the Christian religion – would command those below him to make war with the members of another religion. Thus getting people to kill other human beings in the name of their god, which they at the same time claimed was a god of love who had given the commandment, “Thou shall not kill.” And who had sent his only begotten son into the earth, who gave the commandment to turn the other cheek and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Yet somehow, the logic was that if you killed in the name of this god, you would avoid a fiery hell that would otherwise come upon the earth—if those of the other religion were allowed to spread their religion unhindered. So, you have an earthly hierarchy but when you are a spiritual person and see deeper, you see that there is a non-material hierarchy that is actually pulling the strings, so to speak, of the marionettes that dance around on the earth. But even those who seem to have great power, such as popes and emperors, are truly robots, who are doing the bidding of some greater force behind them.

Facing your fear of the false hierarchy

You might open your awareness to the fact, that there is a force beyond the material. And in the beginning, you might feel some fear about this force. And you might think, that as there is a hierarchy of darkness on earth, well there is an even greater and more powerful hierarchy in the higher realms – in the nonmaterial world – so that that false hierarchy has unlimited power, or almost unlimited power, over those who have been pulled into their sphere of influence.

And this, of course, has given many people on earth – from various religions including ascended master students – a great fear of being influenced by this false hierarchy. In that fear of being influenced by the false hierarchy, you become so concerned about keeping your consciousness pure, that you actually – without realizing it – shut off the flow of the River of Life through your own being, shut off your own creativity by thinking, that you need to be afraid of experimenting with your own creative ability for fear of opening yourself to the false hierarchy.

Many spiritual people who have gone beyond the “ignorance is bliss” of “seeing no evil, hearing no evil” have come to believe, that there are these dark forces. And indeed, there are dark forces—I am not in any way denying that. The image I want to give you here is that there truly is a false or dark hierarchy, a dark force that is organized into a hierarchy. You can look upon earth, and you can see that there are individual people who are driven by this evil force, who are blinded by it and some of them, for example, become serial killers.

But there is also a more organized form, where at certain points an entire society can come under the spell of the false hierarchy, so that they now unite their forces in seeking to kill the members of another society. And of course, if you want an obvious example of this, you can see the Nazi force in Germany as one modern example. But if you dare to look a little more closely, you can see that many societies have elements of this. Even modern-day America has certain people who are in high positions of power, who have come under the spell of this false hierarchy and thus become instruments for precipitating war and conflict on a planetary scale.

And yet, when you look beyond these people on earth – who have been blinded or taken over by the false hierarchy – you see that beyond them is a non-material hierarchy. And you might think of it in terms of evil spirits, demons, discarnates, entities, whatever you want to call them. But the main image here is, that there are beings who are completely blinded by the consciousness of duality and thus are completely focused on and committed to expressing some form of darkness—even though they often believe it is for some greater good.

If you conceive of this false or dark hierarchy as a pyramid, where the physical manifestations you see are the lowest level of the pyramid and beyond it is another level, and beyond that is another level—and all of it leads up toward the top of the pyramid. And you know, of course that the pyramid ends in one single point. And thus, you have the popular image that at the top of the pyramid of the dark hierarchy is the devil or Satan or Lucifer or whatever that being has been called in various cultures and religions.

A journey into the illusions of darkness

Now imagine, that we put on the full armor of Archangel Michael, so that we are invulnerable to the dark forces, and we set out on a journey like Frodo who traveled to the depths of Mordor, the depths of darkness. We are traveling now through the different layers of the false hierarchy, the forces of darkness. We are traveling higher and higher towards the apex, the very top point of the pyramid.

And as we come closer and closer, we encounter various manifestations of darkness, as Frodo encountered on his journey towards Mordor. And we expect, of course, that as we come to the very top, we will find the ultimate temple of darkness, the ultimate building that houses the dark lord himself, who is at the very top of this dark hierarchy. And indeed, my beloved, as we penetrate through the deeper levels of darkness, we do see such a temple, a structure constructed with all kinds of evil or ugly manifestations of figures, of dragons, of gargoyles of whatever you can imagine on earth.

As we get to this very temple itself, we see something peculiar. We see that surrounding the temple are beings who worship the temple, but those beings are so afraid to enter the temple, that they never, ever enter the temple. They always reside outside. But we see that these beings form, so to speak, the top level of the dark hierarchy, that we can see from our position outside the dark temple. And we see that they are very hypnotized, very focused on promoting or perpetuating a particular idea, that they believe has been given to them by the dark lord himself. But we realize, that none of these beings have ever seen the dark lord, have never actually received that philosophy or matrix from the dark lord.

They believe it was given in the distant past to their forefathers, and they are simply continuing to carry out the instructions that they were given in the past. And they pass those instructions on to the next level of the pyramid, to those below them. And those below them blindly carry out the instructions of their overlords, which they believe came directly from the dark lord himself, and so on down through the levels of the pyramid. And now, we look at these that are – so to speak – the most advanced dark beings we have encountered on our journey, and we see that although they have great power over those below them, we see that they are actually driven by fear themselves—rather than being the powerful beings that their followers see them to be.

We see through them and see, that they are hollow shells because they are driven by fear. And in their fear, they are actually mechanically carrying out what they believe to be the instructions of their dark lord. And although they believe that the dark lord is the counterpoint to God – and thus as powerful as God – they really have no proof of this, for they have never seen the dark lord himself. When we realize this fear – and again, of course, being protected by the full armor of Archangel Michael – we say, “Well, perhaps we should do what they are afraid to do? Perhaps we should walk into that temple and take a look at this dark lord, who is supposedly as powerful as God himself?”

And now my beloved, we gather our courage, and we walk through the temple gates and we encounter a great hall, and at the end of that hall is a great throne. But to our surprise we discover, that there is no one sitting on the throne, save a little mouse, who has snuck into the dark temple looking for food, but has found none and thus quickly runs away as it hears us coming. And thus, we stand there in front of that dark throne—and suddenly it dawns upon us, my beloved, that there is no dark lord!

Stop giving power to what is not real

There never was a dark lord! There never was an evil being who was the counterpoint of God and who was thus as powerful as God. You see, my beloved, what we realize in an instant is that all of the different levels of the hierarchy of darkness are worshipping a complete illusion. They are worshipping something that is not there, something that has no reality. And thus, we see something very profound. The beings at the lower levels of the pyramid are afraid to disobey those above them, because they believe those above them have power over them. And to some degree this is true, for when you are at the lower levels, well, those above you have certain powers of black magic that they can use against you.

But we also see that the entire hierarchy leads towards the very highest level of the beings who are outside the temple, and we see that those beings are worshipping the dark lord that they think resides in the temple. But they do so because they believe that the dark lord is there and that he has real, actual powers over them, and thus will destroy them if they do not do his bidding. But we see that those beings – even though they have power over all of the beings below them in hierarchy – they are actually the most to be pitied—because they think that the dark lord above them has power over them. But since the dark lord is not there and the temple is empty, there is no power over them, and thus there is no one who can destroy them if they do not do the bidding of the dark lord that is nonexistent.

And thus we suddenly see, that this false hierarchy – which might appear to have power on earth, or in the mental or emotional realms – actually has no real power. It is all an illusion, and that which is unreal cannot have power over that which is real—unless that which is real has fallen into the illusion of believing that the darkness is real, thereby – by affirming the reality of the darkness – giving the darkness power. We suddenly realize, that those on the lower levels of the hierarchy of darkness are using their own energies to feed the illusion. And in so doing, they are sending their energies into a false matrix, and thereby they give their own energies to create a force, which those at the next highest level of the pyramid can then use to control them.

In other words, those who are being controlled are themselves giving their own energies to those who control them. And thus, if those who are being controlled would stop feeding the energy to their overloads, well, then they would take away the power that the overlords have over them. And when you see that this is repeated at each level of the pyramid, you see that it is not actually true – as you see portrayed in many myths around the world – that those who are immediately below the dark lord are receiving power from the dark lord himself.

For you see, that there is no dark lord, so how could those who are at the top level of the pyramid receive power when there is nothing above them but emptiness? And so you see now, that the entire superstructure of the false hierarchy are not fed by the dark lord. They are fed by those below them, going all the way back to the human beings in embodiment who are not completely empty of light but still have some reality, some light in them. But who have been tricked into misqualifying this light through illusions and thereby feeding the entire superstructure of dark beings and the false hierarchy. We suddenly realize, that evil is not real and its appearance has no actual power over human beings—except what human beings give to darkness by misqualifying their own light with the illusions created by darkness. The illusions that people believe are real.

Overcoming the illusion that darkness has power

Now my beloved, you who are the spiritual people, many of you are right at that point, where you are ready to fully integrate this truth that I have given you. You are ready to take that step, which finally and fully brings you out of the reach of the forces of duality. Which brings you to the point, where the prince of this world will come but have nothing in you, whereby he can force you to go in to a negative reaction that feeds your light to the darkness.

You are right at the point where one more step will set you free, so that you can sit as the Buddha under the tree and be confronted with the demons of Mara, the forces of this world. But no matter how they attempt to attack or tempt you, there is no attachment in you, whereby they can cause you to give power to their illusions. For you see through the illusions, and thus you are unmoved through your own perpetual surrender of all that is unreal.

Many of you are at the point, where a slight turn of the dial of consciousness will suddenly open up your vision to see the complete unreality of all that is dark and evil. This my beloved, would not instantly remove that darkness from the earth, for the Law of Free Will allows that there are still many people who believe in the illusions of darkness. But there are two important aspects of you overcoming that illusion.

First of all, that you, of course, are free of the pull of duality, free of the fear of the false hierarchy. You are anchored in the infinite peace of the Buddha, the infinite peace of Christ, the infinite peace of the Divine Mother, the infinite peace of the Divine Father, the infinite peace of the Holy Spirit. And by being anchored in that peace, well, then you can step up to an entirely new level of holding the balance for the earth, so that you can serve as a counterbalance to the people who are still blinded by duality and still think they have to do the bidding of the evil lord and those above them in the dark hierarchy. Which they often do not see as a dark hierarchy, but see as the hierarchy of their own religion or the hierarchy of their political party, or whatever illusion you have on earth, that is designed to trick people into giving their obedience and energies to the dark forces while thinking they are working for God or some ultimate cause.

And this, truly, is how you hold the counterbalance against the forces of darkness—when you realize that there is no dark lord. There is no reality to the forces of darkness, but you also realize that too many of your brothers and sisters are still blinded by the illusion that darkness is real and that is has actual power over them. So you recognize, that there are many people who are not yet ready to let go of that illusion.

And why are they not ready my beloved? Because they are not ready to take a look at darkness. They are not ready to acknowledge, that if they are engaged in the dualistic struggle – even though they believe they are fighting for a good cause – they are actually working for the hierarchy of darkness. They are afraid to acknowledge that—because they would feel such remorse and self-condemnation that it would take them lifetimes to heal from that wound. And even those who are willing to acknowledge that fighting can never come from the hierarchy of light, they still are afraid to take a close look at the hierarchy of darkness, following it all the way to the top and then finally seeing that there is nothing at the top and therefore it can have no power.

It is necessary, that there is a certain percentage of people who will hold the balance, that gives the rest of humanity more time to build up the maturity and the courage, where they are then able to look at the darkness, to see it for what it is and thus use their free will to abandon it. And you see that it is necessary that some will hold the balance, so that the people who are blinded by the darkness will not plunge this earth into a negative spiral of violence, that will prevent the manifestation of the Golden Age.

Hold the vision of an awakening from the illusion of darkness

You need to hold the vision, that humankind will be pulled out of violence and will be raised gradually into the Golden Age consciousness. And the vision you need to hold is that this happens by more and more people being awakened to the value of tolerance, the value of diversity, the value of creativity—and that it is through creativity that humankind will solve its problems, not through control. It is through finding creative solutions, rather than repeating the mechanization consciousness of thinking that it is by enforcing one particular solution, one particular belief system, that supposedly has the solution to all problems but in realty does not have the solution to any problems but will only reinforce the dualistic struggle.

I desire you to hold the vision, that this awakening will spread like rings in the water. Visualize that people fully awaken to the reality of light and darkness – seeing the unreality and darkness, and seeing the reality of God and the reality of the statement of Christ that with God all things are possible – and therefore, truly, the golden age can manifest and emerge as the phoenix bird that rises from the fires of the conflicts you see in the present world.

I desire you to hold the vision for that awakening of humankind to the value of creativity, the value of their own built-in creativity—that they can all play a part in bringing forth creative solutions or supporting creative solutions to the problems that for thousands of years have caused conflict. Including, my beloved, creative solutions in the field of religion and spirituality, so that religion will no longer be the trigger for violent conflict that will set the world ablaze. And thereby create a spiral that people cannot free themselves from, where they mindlessly and mechanically kill those who belong to a different religion, becoming like robots that are completely taken over by the dark forces who want to kill and destroy.

A vision of awakening

To assist you in holding this vision, I will give you the thought-form. I tell you, my beloved, the Buddha is not complicated. The Buddha mind is not complicated. It is, in fact, a false hierarchy who attempts to complicate everything, for the more complicated they can make it, the more difficult it becomes for the people to see through the illusion. So they have built layers of complexity upon complexity as a way to divert people’s attention, so that they do not see the very simple reality that darkness is not real.

I come to give you a very simple thought-form. It is a thought-form of a very dense snowfall, where the snowflakes are descending upon all areas of the earth. The snowflakes are golden in appearance when seen from a distance, but when you look closer, you see that each snowflake is unique as you know that physical snowflakes are unique. But these particular snowflakes are not like physical snowflakes. They actually – each snowflake – forms a mirror, and each snowflake will descend in front of one person on earth. And there are enough snowflakes that each person will have his or her personal snowflake that forms a mirror that reflects back to that person what it is that makes that person trapped in limitation, trapped in darkness. And thus, it gives each person on earth an opportunity to see themselves in a new light.

This does not mean that each person will be awakened to Christhood or Buddhahood. But it does mean that each person will have a far greater opportunity than they have experienced previously – in this life and for many lifetimes – to see what it is in their own psychology that limits them, that prevents them from being who they are, that prevents them from moving forward, taking a decisive step forward on the spiritual path.

Truly, many people are not at the point, where they can step up to Christhood or even step up to the point of recognizing the path to Christhood, the universal path behind all religions. But each person has the potential to take some step forward, and if all people on earth make use of that opportunity, well naturally the entire planet will be lifted tremendously. But of course, given free will, not every person on earth will make use of the opportunity. But that is of no concern for you. What you hold the vision for is that the mirror that each person has in front of them, will keep reflecting back to that person precisely what that person needs to overcome in order to take the next step towards freedom. So that the person will repeatedly be confronted with what they need to overcome, thus receiving many opportunities to finally acknowledge it, to take a look at it and say, “I can no longer continue to mindlessly repeat these old patterns. I need to reach for something new, something More.”

That is the vision I give you. And if you will hold steadfast to that vision – of course, also working on yourself, working on coming to that point of total surrender of the illusion of darkness, the illusion that darkness has any power over you – well then you can make tremendous personal progress, but you can also hold the vision and the balance that will allow the planet and humankind as a whole to make tremendous progress. It can literally take – as they say – a quantum leap.

The Buddha has feelings

Oh my beloved, I can assure you that even though the Buddha is completely non-attached to the manifestations on earth, this does not mean that the Buddha has no feelings. I do have positive feelings. I have very strong feelings for the people on this earth, or I would not still be in the position of being the Lord of the World, holding the balance for them. And thus, I naturally have a strong sense of joy, when I see people who are willing to make and extraordinary effort to rise above the duality consciousness and move closer to Buddhahood.

And thus, I commend you, and I want to give you the joy of my heart, a joy that is beyond duality and thus cannot and should not cause you human pride. It should cause you to go beyond pride and have the sense of realism, that allows you to recognize, that you have made progress, that you have come closer to peace, and that you are indeed the forerunners for the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

Thus, see yourselves as the open doors through which the light of the hierarchy of light, the true hierarchy, can shine into this world. See that you are part of that great flow of the River of Life, the flow of the IS, that is the collective force of the hierarchy of light, seeking an open door to express itself in this world. But of course, being loyal to free will, and thus being able to express itself only through those who are willing to rise above duality, to rise above the mechanization consciousness, that shuts off the flow of life and thereby open themselves up to becoming one with, becoming that flow of life. They are giving up the ego’s dream for control, and they are being willing to let the winds of the Holy Spirit blow where they listeth, and take you where the Holy Spirit wants you to go, where you can be of most assistance to the hierarchy of light.

Many of you have been willing to move physically, but you have especially been willing to move in consciousness. And this is the true joy of the Buddha’s heart, a joy that I desire to share with you this night, as we move beyond the old cycle, leaving that cycle behind as an empty shell, having no regrets, no longings. What was portrayed in the movie about Al-Andalus was a certain melancholic longing for this golden society of the past. And you see how many people on earth look back to the “good old days” while thinking that the present is below it and the future can only get worse.

But you – who are the students of the hierarchy of light – will naturally let go of all longing for the Golden Age of the past, focusing instead on the reality of the Golden Age, not only of the future, but the Golden Age of the now, the eternal NOW that is one with the Buddha consciousness. Which does not recognize time as real but sees even time as an illusion, so that there is no separation in the Buddha mind between the present moment and the Golden Age. But the present moment can only be in the eternal NOW, where also the Golden Age is manifest. So accept the vision that each of you is the center of your own personal universe, and use what was given earlier on the teachings on determination, to determine right now that in your personal universe, the Golden Age is a manifest reality!

And then hold that determination, so that you do not let any world events – no matter what they might appear to be – detract you from that full determination and acceptance—that in your personal universe Saint Germain’s Golden Age is a manifest reality in the eternal NOW that IS each now you experience. Thus my beloved, the flame of the Buddha’s determination is the foundation for the Buddha’s peace. For the Buddha is infinitely determined to reject the forces of anti-peace, and that is how the Buddha stays in peace. So in that flame of the Buddha’s infinite determination, I seal you, and I send you forth as emissaries of myself.

Thus I say to you, “Go out into all the world and make all people into disciples of the Buddha by helping them see their own Buddha nature!” And you do this, my beloved, in only one way. Not by preaching the teachings of the Buddha but by BEING the Buddha where you are. Thus be sealed! Be sealed in my gratitude, in my joy, of seeing your growth, your growth towards the infinite awareness that is the Buddha nature, the Buddha mind.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels