The ascended masters seek to reach all lifestreams

TOPICS: The test of humility – Who needs to be judged? – Misusing the light to impress others – Spiritual organizations in the Piscean age – A mixture of true and false teachings – Our teachings have two levels – Two approaches to teaching –  A higher understanding of the fallen consciousness –

Ascended Master El Morya, December 29, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I AM the Will of God personified as what you know as the ascended master El Morya. Yet, I AM MORE. And I long for you to discover that More, because how can you do this unless you separate yourselves from that which is the lesser will of the ego?

Thus, I come to give you a discourse that might give you the bigger picture, the bigger perspective, on what we of the ascended masters have been trying to accomplish through spiritual organizations. This is a teaching that has not been given before, and there is good reason for this. Not enough people were ready to receive it.

The test of humility

In a sense there is only one test that we of the ascended masters have ever given to our students. Will you receive the teaching with pride or will you receive it with humility? Will you take a spiritual teaching and use it to elevate your ego and reinforce the ego’s sense that it is more important than other egos? Or will you use the teaching to separate yourself from the ego and come into alignment with the higher will of your own being. There truly is no other test. If you could understand this one teaching, you could use it to win your ascension and win your Christhood, so that you could be here below all that you are above and thus become the instrument for manifesting God’s kingdom on earth.

If you will take an honest look at various spiritual organizations, you will see that despite the fact that many organizations have advanced teachings, the majority of the members do not understand what I have just told you. They have not internalized it. They have not passed their tests of humility.

In most spiritual organizations a culture has developed that makes the majority of the members of that organization feel superior to other people, because they are in an organization with such unique characteristics. And therefore, they believe they have a higher teaching. And if they have been given a higher teaching, they reason that they must be the most advanced students. This can be both true and untrue. And I shall endeavor the impossible of explaining to you why it is both true and untrue.

Who needs to be judged?

When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he said, “For judgment I am come.” Who was it that needed the judgment of the embodied Christ, of the Word incarnate? Surely, the children of God did not need God’s judgment. So the only reasonable conclusion is that those who needed God’s judgment were those who had separated themselves out from the consciousness of oneness with God. They no longer saw themselves as the children of God, as the sons and daughters of God. They saw themselves as being more important than certain other children of God.

These then are the lifestreams that we have called the fallen angels. They are here on earth because while they were in a previous sphere, they rebelled against God’s plan. They refused to serve the All. They refused to give up all that they had internalized in order to serve the All. They sought to maintain their status as being above the evolutions of man. So they fell out of pride.

Truly, those angels were far more advanced in consciousness than the evolutions that were created to evolve here in the matter universe. It is not unrealistic for such a lifestream to recognize the fact that it has a superior understanding and attainment. Yet when that recognition goes beyond mere realism and becomes pride, then it becomes a trap. Now the lifestream cannot bend the knee, cannot accept that it needs to walk the same spiritual path as every human being on earth.

Thus, the lifestream – after it has fallen and has embodied on earth – wants to maintain and even increase its sense of superiority over the evolutions of man. This then perverts the light that the lifestream had before it fell, which is why the Lord Christ said, “If the light that be in thee is darkness, how great is that darkness.”

You have those who have fallen from a previous sphere, and who have perverted their light for selfish purposes, seeking to use their spiritual light, which is their gift from God given to them to give them the power to raise the All. Yet they have taken that light and attempted to use it to elevate themselves and their egos. And thereby, they have turned the light into darkness, and thus they are now the lowest evolutions on earth because they are the most selfish and they have the least internalization of the path of oneness.

Misusing the light to impress others

Yet even though these beings do not have the light because it has turned to darkness, you must understand that in the material universe they can still use that darkness to impress those on earth and manifest certain phenomena. You see, in heaven there is only light. But on earth you have a situation where the light can co-exist at the same time as the darkness. And since everything is energy, the fallen angels can actually use their light turned to darkness to manifest certain phenomena that can impress those who are not able to discern between the pure energies of the Christ light and the impure energies of the selfish beings, the mind and the energy of anti-christ.

Jesus has given you the concept that the evolutions on earth can be divided into three main sections. The top ten percent, the bottom ten percent and the eighty percent in the middle. The bottom ten percent are the most selfish lifestreams on earth. They will do anything to achieve their selfish ends, whether it be using physical power or using the power they have from turning their light into darkness. Thus, you need to understand that even those who belong to the bottom ten percent can be very powerful on earth. They are what Jesus called the blind leaders. You need to be very alert and discerning, so that you do not become the blind followers of the blind leaders. And this can only be achieved through the discernment of the Christ mind.

You now see a situation where there are a number of lifestreams embodying on earth who think they are very sophisticated and more advanced than human beings. Yet in reality they are very close to going through the second death because they have misused their light for so long that their opportunity will shortly come to an end.

Now, the effect of the duality consciousness is that it tends to judge everyone according to a black-and-white standard. So while you are trapped in the duality consciousness, you will think that these fallen angels are “bad” and God cannot love them, and therefore God wants to see them condemned. Truly, some of the fallen angels are beyond rescue but some are not. Some have the possibility to be saved, to be turned around. And when there is even the slightest possibility of turning a lifestream around, God is willing to go to very great length in order to give that lifestream the opportunity to turn around through its own free-will choosing.

Spiritual organizations in the Piscean age

When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he came partly in an attempt to turn around the lowest evolutions on the earth at that time—those who were closest to going through the second death. He did this by embodying the Christ light and by confronting these people, so that they could receive the opportunity to either accept or reject the Christ. And through that choice, they would be judged. This approach had some success but only a limited success. And most of the lifestreams that Jesus judged did indeed pass through the second death. Now, as we approached the end of the Piscean dispensation, there was another class of fallen angels that faced the situation that unless they could move out of their selfishness and move on to the true spiritual path, they would have to go through the second death.

So the ascended masters took council and they looked at what happened with the approach taken by Jesus of bringing the judgment of these angels. And they said, “Could there be a better way?” Might we create some kind of teaching and organization that might give these lifestreams another opportunity to turn around without facing the absolute confrontation and judgment of meeting the living Christ in embodiment?

It was then determined that we would try to create spiritual organizations that had a dual purpose. One purpose was to help the bottom ten percent of the lifestreams on earth see the light, so to speak, and turn themselves around—realizing that there is an inner path beyond outer appearances. The other purpose was to give the top ten percent of the evolutions on earth and opportunity to increase their service by interacting with the bottom ten percent, thereby increasing their love and increasing their ability not to judge, but always respond in love.

So you see the truth that I am giving you? And it is a truth that could not be released in the past because the members of most spiritual organizations would not have been open to accepting it. The truth I am giving you is that the main purpose of several spiritual movements was to put together the most selfish individuals on earth with the most unselfish individuals, so that hopefully the most unselfish would be able to inspire the most selfish to come out of their selfishness. This was indeed an experiment and a great sacrifice on the part of those who were the most unselfish, because at the time very few people on earth had the Christ attainment to truly avoid being ensnared by the serpentine logic of the lowest of the lifestreams on this planet.

A mixture of true and false teachings

That is why many spiritual organizations have a mixture of true and false teachings and some have teachings that are very intellectual. The reason for this is that the fallen angels retained their great understanding of the spiritual side of life, which they had before they fell. Only a teaching that is very “sophisticated” – and I use sophisticated in quotation marks because it is sophisticated only according to their intellectual standards – but only such a teaching could appeal to these lifestreams. They had an enormous desire to feel better than other people on earth, and the only chance we had of reaching these lifestreams and attracting them was to give them teachings that reinforced their belief that they were more sophisticated.

You might say that we used a technique that is used by certain salesmen, called “bait and switch.” You give them the bait to lure them into the store, and then you try to sell them a different package once they are in the door. So we baited them by making them feel that we were giving the most sophisticated teaching on the planet, hoping that once they came in the door, they would realize the need to be humble and to learn from the God within instead of from the outer mind—the intellect and the mind of anti-christ.

We of the ascended masters have sponsored a number of spiritual organizations for this purpose, even some that did not openly talk about ascended masters. The purpose was essentially the same; to mix the lowest and the highest, so that by interacting with each other, these people – these lifestreams – might actually come to see a greater purpose.

Our teachings have two levels

What you need to see as the continuous thread among spiritual organizations is that in most organizations there has been a mixture of selfish and selfless students. Those who were the most selfish always attempted to gain positions of power. They wanted to impress others. They wanted to impress the leaders with their service. They wanted to impress the ascended masters with their service. And thus, they attempted to puff themselves up by doing outer things. They believed that the path to God is mechanical, and if you do a certain amount of outer things, you will automatically be saved because God simply has to let you into the kingdom when you have paid the price.

What you see in many organizations is that the teaching contained two levels. Some of the teachings were speaking directly to the lowest ten percent – at their level – which means that the teachings did to some degree reinforce the beliefs that the members of that organization were the most advanced students. As I said before, those who are the most selfish lifestreams have a desperate need to feel better than others. And thus, we had to give them a teaching that caters to that belief.

Yet in the same body of teachings you also find the teaching for the more advanced students. And that is the teaching that talks about the inner path, the path to Christhood, the path of the Ruby Ray, the path of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service. This is a path that cannot be faked by putting on a facade of doing the outer things. It must come from within. It must be fully internalized. So my beloved, it was our hope that when we had lured the most selfish lifestreams through the door into an organization, they would be inspired by seeing the more selfless lifestreams and how they internalized the path and how they served selflessly year after year, day after day without expecting any kind of recognition.

Two approaches to teaching

You see my beloved, we have two ways of teaching. Our first approach is to give you a teaching in order to inspire you from within, so that you can come up higher by internalizing that teaching. If that does not work, then we take a different approach. Our first approach is to tell you and to help you see from within what you need to overcome in order to see your ego and how you must separate yourself from it.

Now, if you cannot see the ego through a teaching, then our second approach is to actually reinforce your ego, thereby causing it to act out in such ways that hopefully it will become so obvious, that you cannot ignore it and that you suddenly see that this just is not right. And thus, you see there are two ways you can learn. You can learn through the inner teaching or through observing the outer unfoldment of events—the outplaying of the ego. And then reach a point where you suddenly tire of it and say, “I have had enough of this. This isn’t the true way. I must find a better way. I must find a way based on love.”

So my beloved, we of the ascended masters never accept defeat. We realize that there is a high potential for an organization and there is a low potential. But even the lowest potential will contribute to the forward progression of humankind by raising people’s consciousness. And thus, I encourage you who have negative feelings about any organization to process those feelings and simply let them go. Realize that what you received there was a unique opportunity to learn and that you are much wiser, much more mature, because of your experience.

A higher understanding of the fallen consciousness

In the past, we have taught about fallen angels. This was in order to prepare people for the existence of such fallen angels, even in embodiment. Yet because too many people had not separated themselves sufficiently from the ego, there was very narrow limits to what we could truly teach about fallen angels and about the ego. Although we talked about the ego, most people saw it as somewhat distant from themselves. They were not quite ready to look in the mirror and say, “But I have an ego—but I am more than the ego and therefore I can give it up.”

This then set limits to the teachings we could give. And if you will hear this truth, I must tell you that the teachings we can give to a particular organization are partly determined by the consciousness of the members, but also by the consciousness of the messenger. Because a messenger cannot receive a teaching that he or she has not internalized and become.

So what I am telling you is that in the past, people were willing to hear about the fallen angels, but they always saw them as being outside of their organization. They were very reluctant to even consider that there might be some of them in their organization. Yet as I have already stated, a very large percentage of the members of any spiritual organization were indeed fallen angels, because they had been attracted like flies to a bowl of sugar when they experienced the light in the organization. They recognized the light and they knew they needed it because their own light had been turned into darkness, and thus they cannot continue forever in their ways without getting more light.

Now my beloved, I give you this teaching because I want you to understand that you need to come to a higher awareness of what it means to be a fallen angel. The key is the teaching giving by Mother Mary in her book, that the core of your identity is the “Conscious You” and you can choose to identify yourself with anything—be it in this world or in the spiritual realm or even in a lower world.

So being a fallen angel means – truly – that you identify yourself with the consciousness of separation. You are trying to raise yourself in comparison to others instead of selflessly serving to raise all of life. Yet you can separate yourself from that consciousness. And thus you need to understand that you have the option – even if you were a fallen angel – you have the option of freeing yourself from that consciousness. But you cannot do so until you recognize that you have partaken of that consciousness, that you have identified yourself with that consciousness. And thus, you need to come to the point, where you are fully willing to recognize that you have descended into the duality consciousness and that you need to separate yourself from it—and that this cannot wait for ten thousand lifetimes but that it has to happen now – not tomorrow – but now!

That is why we want you to understand that we of the ascended masters do not judge anyone based on what they have done in the past. We are willing to raise up everyone, as they respond to us. We want you to feel that love that no one is lost if they are willing to come apart from the consciousness of anti-christ, from the consciousness of the fallen angels.

But you see, my beloved, you cannot come apart from that consciousness if there is an aspect of that consciousness that you are afraid to look at and that you are afraid to look at in your own being. And thus, it is not truly important whether you are a fallen angel or not. What is important is that you are not afraid to consider it, because you need to come to the point where being a fallen angel truly is a non-issue, because you realize that you are more than that and you are willing to be that more. You are willing to separate yourself from the fallen consciousness and come into the consciousness of Christ, which is the consciousness of oneness.

This is why, today, we teach the path of oneness. And that is why we have such a focus on the ego, because if you are not willing to let go of the ego, you cannot step on to the path of oneness. Because the path of oneness cannot be faked. It is not a matter of doing outer things. It is not even a matter of doing the rosaries or not eating this or that or not wearing red or not wearing black or doing a certain amount of decrees. All of these things are not important on the path of oneness.

I have given you a very long discourse. And I know I have given you more than you can take in at one time. But due to certain cycles of time and space, I wanted to put these teachings in the physical, so that you may study them again and again and so that you may see what I have said beyond the words and not just what I have said with the outer words. Yet I trust that you realize that man does not live from bread alone but from every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Thus I say, be sealed in the Living Word of God, the Living Word that flows through those who have opened their hearts to becoming instruments of that Living Word. The Living Word that will not be silenced and that no force on earth can silence. Truly, I AM the Will of God! I AM the Living Will, flowing through the Living Word! Thus, I seal you in the heart of El Morya.

Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels