The ascended masters are not too good to be true

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, August 17, 2015.

I am the ascended master Mother Mary. And I wish to continue the talk I gave last week on love. Do you know, my beloved, that for us who are the ascended masters, one of the big problems we have is that people find it very difficult to accept that we do not have any hidden agenda, that there is no catch, that we give our teachings and our love freely? You have heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true, it always is. But, is it, my beloved?

Is the sun too good to be true? Is not the sun only giving of its light? Does it ask anything in return? Is it then so difficult to accept that there could be spiritual beings who also only give and ask nothing in return? Why do we give? Because we are self-sufficient spiritual beings. We have access to the light of God within ourselves and we need nothing from you who are in embodiment on earth. We only desire to give to you?

What does this have to do with love? Well, if you were to look at planet earth and ask yourself: “What is the biggest problem on this planet?” I am sure that you could come up with many outer conditions. It may be war. It may be the economy. It may be inequality. It may be many other things that you would think of. But, from my perspective the biggest problem on earth is this: People do not know how to receive love. If more people knew how to truly receive love, then many of the other problems you see on earth would start melting away under the burning sun of love.

Why can you not receive love? It is in most cases because certain dark forces have come up with a very subtle plan for making it impossible for most people to receive love. And part of their plan is simply this: They make you believe that you have to receive love from a source outside yourself. And in most cases that source is another human being of the opposite sex.

Look at love relationships on earth and look at how many problems begin right in the home. I can assure you that were it not for the fact that there is a basic conflict between men and women, then war could not exist on a planetary scale. Why is there this basic conflict between men and women? Because neither men, nor women, know how to receive love. They think they have to get it from each other. And then, when they don’t get it; they go into a control game of seeking to control the person they live with and whom they supposedly love.

But, you see love, true love, does not want to control. That is why I would point out to you that ultimately you can receive love only from a source inside yourself, namely your higher self, your spiritual self. But, because of current conditions on earth, this teaching is too advanced for most people. Most people need an intermediary step before they can receive love from their higher selves and this is where I can offer my assistance through my office of the Divine Mother.

Because the love of the Divine Mother is the nurturing love that all people are capable of receiving, if they will acknowledge that this love comes from the Divine Mother and that it is not a love they need to earn. There is nothing you need to do to earn my love. As I said last week, I already love you very personally for who you are. And if you will apply to my heart and use my teachings, I will teach you how to receive love directly from me so you do not need to get it from anyone else.


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