Love and Freedom

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Ascended Master Paul the Venetian (7), January 3, 2015 through Kim Michaels

I AM Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray and I am free. I am free because I have overcome all perversions of love.

The concept of free love

When you come to the seventh level at my retreat, I will present you with the opportunity to overcome one of the most prevalent perversions of love on planet earth. It is the concept that became so well-known in the 1960s, that of “free love.”

In many cases, free love meant free sex with as many different partners as possible. Do you, perhaps, see that in the 1960s there was also a movement towards giving greater freedom and equality to women? At the same time, there was the promotion of the concept of free love.

What did free love mean in many cases? In the old days when a man would marry the woman he had sex with, then the woman had some protection of being now in a stable relationship. In the free love movement where was the protection for the women? Was it not so that free love was mainly for the men so that they could express their drive to have sex with many different women without any responsibility? Was this liberating women or was it exposing them to a new form of tyranny, the tyranny of being merely a sexual object rather than a life partner?

Strange as it may seem, the free love movement did also have a positive effect, in the sense that the old patterns between the sexes had to be broken up. As I have explained before, things are so bad on planet earth that sometimes drastic methods are needed in order to break up the old. This does not mean that we of the ascended masters condone the methods. It only means we see that, in some cases, nothing else will work. We simply allow people to outplay the tendencies they have in their consciousness, for they will not listen to us anyway. If you will not hear, you must feel, as some of you have probably heard as children. Unfortunately, that is the way it is with many people on earth. They learn only through pain. They do not easily learn from Divine direction.

When you consider the free love movement, you might compare it to a common saying, namely that there are no free lunches. Is there such a thing as free love? You live in a world where everything is energy. Everything you do is done with energy. When you have sex with many different partners, you exchange energy every time. Does that set you free or does it burden you with taking in energy from your sexual partners and depleting your own energy supply? Do you in the long run simply burn yourself out by having free love?

You may look at many people who were part of the most intense experiments in the 1960s and see that, through the combination of sex with many partners and drugs, they did burn themselves out. Their chakras became depleted. They became literally over-stimulated to the point where they could not handle it. The integrity of the chakras, the delicate energetic structures of the chakras, started breaking down.

There are many people who were part of the hippie movement in the 1960s and beyond who have aborted their Divine plans. They depleted their energies to the point where there was neither the energy nor the integrity to carry out what was in their Divine plans. What shall we do with the fact that love on earth is so closely linked to sexual activity?

First of all, we shall realize that we of the ascended masters have ascended. This means we have transcended the consciousness that is so common on earth. We are not afraid to talk about sex. We have no compunctions about talking about this issue or any other issue. Why is it that so many spiritual people, especially ascended master students, especially ascended master students in the United States, cannot talk freely about sex? Why is that, my beloved? It cannot come from the ascended level, can it?

It must be because you are still affected by a particular aspect of the fallen consciousness that wants you to suppress your sexual urges and your sexual energies. They want to make it seem like it is embarrassing to acknowledge that you have a sex drive and that your body has certain hormones and needs. You should not talk about this openly but allow it all to be hush-hush.

This is the old perversion. Do you really think that the intense repression of sexual energy and conversation around sex that were so common until the 1960s was condoned or instituted by the ascended masters? If you do, you are entirely mistaken.

Sexual energies did not cause the fall

Some of you may have heard or read that Jesus intended to free women in his ministry two thousand years ago. I can assure you that Jesus had no compunctions about talking about sex, although it was difficult to do it in the cultural context back then. It was the Catholic Church that really started the suppression of sexual energies and all talk about sex. The Church made it seem like it was sex that was the cause of the fall, which even some ascended master students believe.

How could your sexual energies cause the fall when the fall happened in a previous sphere? People did not have physical bodies with the same characteristics as your bodies have on earth. In those previous spheres, the energies were less dense. There was no need to have physical intercourse in order to produce a child.

How could sexual intercourse have caused the fall? It did not. It was the beings in the fallen consciousness and their rebellion against God and free will that caused the fall. They do not want you to know this so they are attempting to misdirect you into thinking it is all kinds of other things. Saying that it was sexual energy, intercourse, that caused the fall is also a very convenient way to blame women for the fall.

It is a common experience on earth that men have the greater sex drive and that they project out that it is the women who are seducing them. This is the ego’s tendency to project that the problem is out there. Women have been blamed for being the ones who seduce the men when the reality is that it is the men who have not been willing to control their sex drive. They have not been able to control it because they have not been able to talk freely about it, due to the culture having been so dysfunctional that it has been a taboo. This is one polarity of the perversion of the fallen consciousness, but the opposite polarity is free love and free sex. Neither polarity will get you to heaven. Neither polarity will get you to heaven on earth.

The difference between sex and love

When you come to the seventh level of my retreat, you had better be ready to talk about sex. You will not pass the initiations at that level unless you are willing to take a look at the topic of sex as it relates to love. Sex is not synonymous with love. It is entirely possible to express love, even between a man and a woman, without having sex. I am not saying it is common. I am only saying it is possible.

When you grow on the spiritual path, you will first go through a disturbing period where you need to begin to look at some of the things that you have not looked at before. In many cases, they were suppressed in the culture in which you grew up. How many of you grew up in an environment where you could freely talk about sex? Very few. When you come to my retreat, we sit down in a protected environment, in a loving environment, and we take a look at sex and love—and we talk about it. We talk about it until you are able to talk about it freely at the etheric level. I am giving you this teaching in a physical form because I am hoping that you will be able to use it to draw into your conscious mind the initiations you are going through at the etheric level.

Why is it so important to consider the topic of sex? It is extremely important that you learn to express love freely. Because sex has been so synonymous or intertwined with love, it is impossible on this planet to express love freely unless you have looked at and overcome the perversions related to sex. Ideally, you should be able to freely express love towards a person of the opposite sex (or for that matter even the same sex) without stirring up any sexual energies or attraction between you. This is also a necessary step towards having success in relationships.

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