Love and Service

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Ascended Master Paul the Venetian (6), January 3, 2015 through Kim Michaels

I AM Paul the Venetian, the Chohan of the Third Ray of Divine Love. When you come to the sixth level of my retreat, you face the initiation of love combined with the Sixth Ray of Peace and Service. Before you can serve to the maximum capacity, you must have attained peace so let us deal with the perversions of love as they relate to peace.

The worldly view of love

When most people come to my retreat, as they are engaged in the path of self-mastery, they have been deeply affected by the worldly view of love. You have on planet earth so many manifestations of anti-love, especially the manifestations of anti-peace and aggression of the power players who are exercising power and abusing power. Having grown up for lifetimes experiencing this, being on the receiving end of the power people, you naturally look for an alternative. Deep within, you have the sense that love is part of that alternative. You even have certain philosophies floating around that say: “Love conquers all. Love is the great healer. Love is all you need,” and all of this stuff.

So many people have come to believe in the philosophy, that is floating around in the collective consciousness of the planet, which says that love is the opposite of power because love is always gentle and kind and pink and soft. You think that love is peaceful, in the sense that peace is passive.

We have spoken about the fact that peace is not passive, certainly not pacifying, and neither is love. You cannot attain peace about love until you are willing to express love in all of its facets. Love can be gentle and kind, but love is only gentle and kind when that is what people need in order to heal from a trauma, from a wound. There is a lot of use, on a planet as warring as earth, for that kind of gentle love. This is not in dispute. I am not saying it is wrong to express this kind of love.

What I am saying is that you cannot find peace in your expression of love unless you realize that love, the core of love, is to help people transcend and become more. If people need a more direct, a more stern, a more intense, action of love, then that is what we of the ascended masters will release. If you are to be at peace in serving on the path of self-mastery, serving others, you must be able to be an open door also for the more direct expressions of love.

Learning the facets of love

All of the rays have a certain range, which you can see even in a range of visible colors. Most people think of love as only pink, but the range goes all the way to the most intense, laser-like, ruby fire. So many students come to my retreat at this level and think that love must be pink. So many people have been brought up with parents or other authority figures abusing their power, which most people have seen as being not loving.

Of course, the abuse of power is not loving. The expression of power in order to awaken you and have you come up higher or realize that you need to stop self-destructive patterns is not an abuse of power. It is loving to help you, as a child, snap out of these self-destructive patterns.

You need to learn to discern between a correct expression of power and an abuse of power. You can learn this by learning the different facets of love. If you only see love as pink, you can never come to acknowledge a correct expression of power. You will see any expression of power that is direct as an abuse of power, and it is not. When you open yourself up to the more ruby ray aspects of love, then you begin to see that intensity can be needed in order to help someone climb over the edge of the downward spiral that the person has been in.

Expressing the intensity of love

What happens when people are in a downward spiral? You can go in, invoke energy, consume the energy that drives the spiral, and thereby slow down the spiral so that they can begin to extricate themselves from it. You can also recognize that when people are in a downward spiral, they are moving. If you can accelerate the movement, you might be able to slingshot them out of the spiral.

Some of you may have experienced in your life that either a parent, a spouse or a guru said one remark that was said with such intensity that it cut through your normal defenses. This caused such a shock to your mind that you were opened to a higher reality. Just that one remark was enough to get you out of a self-destructive pattern and set you on a new course. This is love. This is an expression of love. It may be colored with power, but it is essentially love as opposed to fear.

An abuse of power always springs from fear. A correct use of power is above that level of vibration. It vibrates with love, intense love. Intensity should not be confused with harshness. It is not, but it is immovability. You should know by now that the ego will always seek to move everything towards the lowest common denominator and pacify you. There is sometimes an intensity needed in order to get you out of this pacifying spiral, this pacifying state of consciousness. I have spoken about freedom of communication in relationships, but this can hardly be attained unless the people pass the initiations of the Sixth Ray and realize that love is not always peaceful.

You have a right to be intense with your partner. If you are not coming from fear, if your intensity is based on love, then this is – or ideally should be – allowed in a relationship. It should be seen as an asset to the relationship if one or even both of the partners can reach a certain intensity. It is, of course, important that you are willing to look at yourself and see if you have patterns that are not love-based intensity but fear-based abuse of power. Yelling at your partner in anger or fear is not constructive to building a relationship.

Free communication is not abuse of power

It may be necessary for some time period that you can express yourself freely and that your partner can learn to endure this. You can then work through whatever pattern you have, making it visible to yourself and to your partner, so that you may discuss it freely. What I am talking about here is not the dysfunctional patterns seen in so many relationships, namely that one partner gets upset and starts yelling, and the other shuts down and withdraws into a shell.

If you have established freedom of communication, then you can allow one partner to express whatever feelings are there in the subconscious. The purpose of doing this is to make them visible and thereby start transforming them, discovering the pattern and the illusion behind them so that you can transcend it. It is not the intent behind having free communication that the one person can continue to express fear-based emotions indefinitely without ever working on them.

My beloved, love is not all you need—if you see love as the soft, pink, passive love. If you can master all facets of love, then you can say that love is all you need because then love incorporates all of the seven rays in all of their aspects. All you need in the material universe is all of the seven rays. You can ascend by mastering the seven rays. It certainly helps to master the Eighth Ray of Integration and even some of the secret rays, but you can qualify for your ascension by attaining mastery on the seven rays. The seven rays is all you need.

Many relationships are locked in a pattern where both of the partners feel they always have to be gentle. This is especially true for spiritual people where both partners in a relationship have discovered the spiritual path and perhaps have walked it for some time. It is especially the case for people who have delved into certain Eastern teachings.

The Eastern teachings very much encourage you to go within. Whether it be yoga or different forms of meditation, contemplation or mindfulness, it is all about finding stillness within. I am not saying this is wrong, but if you chose to be born in the West, you might contemplate that the Eastern model of you sitting in a cave and holding a spiritual balance through the peace of your mind is not applicable to the West.

What needs to happen for a golden age to be manifest is that spiritual people all over the world, including in the East, become more active in society. You need to demand, and demonstrate by example, a higher way than the old patterns of non-peace.

Sometimes, someone must be able to express in the spoken word that intensity of the ruby fire. Sometimes, in public debate, it is necessary that someone can stand up and grab people’s attention and cut through the miasma that prevents a breakthrough in a certain area. Who will do this if not the spiritual people? Who will do this if you are locked in always seeking to go within, always seeking to be peaceful? How will you establish a truly peaceful relationship unless you overcome all elements of non-peace, of anti-peace?

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