Love and Wisdom

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Ascended Master Paul the Venetian (2), January 3, 2015 through Kim Michaels

I AM Paul the Venetian. I come to discourse on what initiations you face on the second level of my retreat. Take note that I did not say that at the first level you have to completely overcome all tendency to use love as a power game. You might as well begin to realize that the human ego has a desire to come up with some ultimate thing. This is an expression of its desire for control. For example, it thinks that if it comes up with the ultimate theory, then it will be able to establish this ultimate control over its situation, its destiny or over the world, other people or God.

This is especially something that you need to deal with whenever you deal with the initiations of wisdom. My beloved brother, Lanto, has attempted to help you overcome this tendency on the Second Ray, but it is my task, my joy, to help you overcome it on the Third Ray. On the second level of initiation at my retreat, you face the task of dealing with love in connection with the Second Ray of Wisdom.

The patterns for current love relationships

This is when you need to begin to see the tendency, so prevalent in the world but especially in the Western world, of wanting to understand everything and of saying that if you understand something, it means understanding it intellectually. You may do well to read between the lines of what Lanto explained in his book about the limitations of the mind, the limitations of the intellect, but I would give you more concerning the intellect and love, especially love relationships.

We have entered a phase in the evolution of this planet and of humankind where the old patterns of love relationships are being challenged and often broken up. You will see, for example, that in many parts of the world, especially the so-called developed world, there are now more divorces than in recent, known history. There are various reasons for this, but the underlying reason is precisely that in order to enter the Aquarian Age, you cannot carry on the patterns of relationships seen not only in Pisces but even in ages before Pisces.

The polarities of masculine and feminine

The relationships between men and women on this planet have been locked in an imbalanced track for a very long time. You can see in your own tradition, the so-called Judeo-Christian tradition, how, even going back to Old Testament times, the relationship between men and women was locked in a certain pattern that defines women as inherently inferior to men.

Look at the creation story in the Old Testament. First, God creates man, and then, as a kind of afterthought, God creates women as a support or a help for men. Do you really think that this is how creation took place? If you do, then I can assure you that when you come to the second level at my retreat, you will find cause to challenge that perception.

What have we of the ascended masters now expressed for a long time through this messenger? We have expressed that there is one undivided, indivisible Creator, but that, when the Creator decided to create, the first act of creation was a polarity between two forces: The expanding and the contracting, which can be translated to masculine and feminine. Do you really think that you can create a polarity by first creating one aspect of the polarity and then creating the other? Do you really think that in a polarity one aspect is superior to the other? In a polarity, both are created at the same time, and they are created in a symbiotic relationship so that they balance each other.

I said in my first discourse that Spirit is primary on earth in the sense that you need to follow your Divine plan more than the demands of the world. You cannot let your Spirit conform to the demands of the world. This is so because the earth is in an unascended sphere where there is much imbalance. How can you help your sphere ascend? You do not help your sphere ascend by conforming to the conditions that spring from the unascended state of consciousness, the consciousness of separation.

That is why Spirit must be primary, and that is the basis for the Biblical statement that the husband is the master of the household. This is symbolic only. It was never meant to mean that the man is superior to the woman. It was never meant to mean that the masculine aspect of the Divine polarity is somehow superior to the feminine, that the feminine was the one who caused the fall and that this should now be blamed on women on earth. It did not mean that women should be put down in some inferior relationship of serving men and obeying and keeping their mouth shut in the churches.

Balancing the feminine polarity

This entire consciousness of putting down women has come from the fallen beings. They saw an opportunity to create such a deep imbalance between the two sexes that they could never come together in a relationship of equals where the man and the woman in a relationship could outpicture the fullness of the Divine polarity. The fallen beings have set a pattern that makes it very difficult, almost impossible, to have a physical love relationship in the material octave that fulfills its highest creative potential. This is what needs to be overcome in the golden age.

When you are at this particular level at my retreat, you do not have to completely overcome this tendency all at once, but you do need to become aware of it. You need to recognize that if you are in a relationship with a person of the opposite sex, there is a need for both of you to work on transcending this false polarity, the unbalanced relationship where the female is so often seen as somehow inferior to the male.

I know that many of you will say that you have grown up in the modern age. You often feel that your parents were locked in the old kind of relationship with a certain role defined for women. You have been more modern, you have been more balanced. I do not dispute that you have been more balanced than your parents. Most of you certainly have. What I am saying is that there is still more to overcome concerning the relationship between the two sexes.

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