Teaching yourself to erase memories

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, December 1, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE, and I would like to build on what I gave you yesterday, and what Mother Mary has given you, and direct it to the topic of how you can overcome your past. One of you mentioned to the messenger today that he still feels that he is stuck in the past, living in the past, looking back to the past, perhaps even longing for some lost paradise that you experienced some time in the past. Many, many spiritual people throughout the world have this feeling that they have lost something and, of course, you have lost something. You have lost the innocence you had before you came here and, in a sense, our teachings could be said to be an attempt to help you regain and reclaim that innocence.

Now, how do you get free of this sense of living in the past, of an attachment to the past? Well, we have, of course, given you many tools and teachings already. It is clear that when you dissolve the energy that pulls you, the emotional energy that pulls you towards thinking about certain situations from the past, this will help you be free. When you dissolve certain selves, when you see, for example, that if you were exposed to a trauma, you created a self in response to it, in reaction to it. When you come to identify that self and let it die, you are free from at least that situation.

Overcoming the fear of making decisions

More than that, there are certain selves that are not really created by you in reaction to a specific situation. They are created in reaction to what it feels like to be in embodiment on a planet as dense as earth. We might even say that these selves are very much there in the collective consciousness. It is difficult to not be affected by them, especially after you receive a birth trauma and you are shocked by the conditions on earth being so different than what you had envisioned before you came here. It is easy for you to take on some of these collective selves that have been created over a long period of time and which, as we have said before, were created in order to deal with the situation that people feel they cannot live with. You cannot live with the situation, you cannot escape it so you have to find a way to deal with it, and be able to at least live even if you cannot live well or live in a peaceful manner.

There are certain selves that have floated around out there in the collective consciousness for a long time and one of these selves is, of course, (building on what Mother Mary said) that you are either perfect or you are no good. It is a self that causes people to feel that if you had done something that was labeled by yourself or by other people as a mistake, then you cannot escape that. You even have religion often being used to set up a standard for how people should behave. If you do something that your religion labels as a sin, you feel like you are stained forever by that sin. You even have the concept of original sin, saying that you were born into sin because of what your parents did or what your forefathers did, going all the way back to Adam and Eve. Clearly, you can see that such ideas are in complete violation of the reality of free will, but let us not even go into that. Let us just stay focused here on the fact that there are various selves that want you to think that once you have made what you accepted as a mistake, you cannot be free of it and, as we have said before, you cannot undo that physical situation.

How can you, then, be free of your past? Well, I am the Master, the Chohan, on the First Ray of God’s Will, so how can you be free of your past? Ultimately, you must make a decision to be free. Of course, it does not help you very much that I tell you: “You must make a decision to be free of your past.” Most of you will feel: “Well, how do I, do this?” You might even be afraid to make a decision. You need to realize that will is a very strong driving force—the will to be who you are, the will to be creative, the will to create something that is not there now.

This is all a great threat to the fallen beings and their control of this earth. They do not want you to be creative. They do not want you to come up with something that they cannot predict. If they cannot predict it, they cannot control it. They want (to use Nada’s expression) to “hammer down” your creativity so that it does not upset the status quo of their society where they are in control. One of the ways they do this is this standard that you are either perfect or no good and they make you feel that you have made a mistake and how did you make that mistake? By making a decision.

There is a self that has been in the collective consciousness for a long time, saying that it is dangerous to make decisions, that you should actually, as an individual, stop making decisions. You should follow the norms, follow the standards, follow the rules, do what everybody else is doing. In a sense, you are still making decisions but you are making decisions within a very narrowly defined framework. You are not making creative decisions—decisions that are new, that are an experiment. You are “doing,” making the same decisions that other people have made. This self projects at you that if you do this, you are safe, you will stay within a norm, you will not make a mistake, you will not be condemned, you will not be put down. You see here that there is a very strong collective self that wants people to not make individual creative decisions. “You don’t make a decision—you can’t make a mistake,” is what this self says.

Deciding not to be afraid to decide

Naturally, if you have come to earth as a co-creator, as an avatar, or if you are one of the original inhabitants who have grown to a certain level of consciousness, you cannot be at peace if you go into this state of mind. If you take this self into your four lower bodies, you cannot be at peace with being on earth because you know very well that you are not fulfilling your purpose for being here. You are not fulfilling your highest potential, you are not growing; you are not transcending yourself. You cannot be at peace with this. As long as you are not willing to make decisions, you cannot be at peace—it is that simple. What do you need to do to overcome this catch-22, this stalemate? Well my beloved, you need to make decisions—it is that simple.

Now, here is where even the teachings we give you can sometimes give you a slightly distorted perspective. Even going back to the 1930s when Saint Germain first released the techniques for invoking the violet flame, you saw some ascended master students who reasoned that all they needed to do was to give enough violet flame and one day they would wake up and be ready to ascend. Of course, this has never been the way it has really happened. As we have said before, it is not a mechanical path.

You could take the teachings that we have given you now and you could say: “Well, I just need to invoke enough energy through invocations and decrees that I dissolve the emotional energy that pulls me back to the past, and then I need to dissolve these selves and then one day I will be free of my past.” Of course, dissolving the energy, removing the selves will help lessen the pull that the past has on you. But what is the “you” that the past has a pull on? We have called it the Conscious You, simply to signify here that there is a part of your lower being, the being that is in embodiment, that is not your four lower bodies, that is not your separate selves, that is not your sense of personality—it is beyond it. This is what gives you the self-awareness that helps you step back from your present situation, your present sense of identity, and decide that you want to change.

Every time you come to identify: “Oh, I have a separate self in my being that projects that here is a problem I have to solve,” what is it that is able to realize this? It is the Conscious You. It is that part of you that has the ability to be conscious of your consciousness, be conscious of what is going on in your consciousness. You see that your outer personality, for example, is totally enveloped in your day-to-day situation. Your outer personality cannot step back and say: “It’s time to do something differently.” That is what the Conscious You can do when it becomes conscious of this ability. It can step back.

A separate self cannot step back, it cannot say: “Oh, I want to dissolve myself.” The Conscious You can step back and say: “I want to dissolve that self because it is not my self, it is not who I am.” Every time you become aware that there is a separate self, it is the Conscious You that is using its ability to be conscious of what is going on in your mind. You might say that it is the part of your mind that can be conscious of the rest of the mind. This is just one expression.

What does it take to let a separate self die? Well, the Conscious You must make that decision, and what is the decision you have to make in order to let any self die? Well, as we have said, there is a self that projects that there is a problem that you need to deal with. Say for example, to build on Mother Mary’s latest discourse, that there is a separate self that projects that you need to be perfect or you are no good. The self cannot ever question this, it will keep projecting at you that you need to strive to become better and better so that you can be perfect. Or, there is another self that will project that when you are not perfect (which, of course, you never are), then you should feel bad about yourself. There is another self that projects that you should stop trying because you are obviously not good enough, there is something wrong with you, and so forth.

These selves cannot ever overcome their programing. What the Conscious You needs to do is to see the illusion behind what the self is projecting, see that the problem projected by the self has no reality to it and, for that matter, it has no solution. There is no solution. What is perfection? It has never been defined because it cannot be defined because it is a meaningless concept. Therefore, my beloved, it is an unsolvable problem. You can never become perfect. When the Conscious You sees this, then the Conscious You can make the decision: “I no longer want to have my attention tied up in trying to solve this impossible problem.” And you let the self die.

The way out of the past

It is a little bit different, perhaps, with overcoming your past. Even though there is also a self that projects that you cannot be free of the past, what is the problem that this self is projecting? It is not quite as simple of a problem because the self is not really projecting that there is something you need to solve—because there is not something to solve. The past, according to this self, is set in stone and you can never be free of it. What the self is really projecting is that you should feel bad for what happened in the past and you should continue to do so. There is not really a problem to solve there, in the sense that the self is not giving you a way out.

Some of these other selves, they are giving you a way out, at least the illusion that one day you could become perfect. This self is not giving you a way out because you cannot change your past, according to what it is projecting. Of course, you can come to see that this is also an impossible situation but most people have been programed over lifetimes to believe that there is some truth here, in the sense that you cannot change what happened in the past, you cannot undo what you did. If you made a so-called mistake, you cannot undo it.

What can you, then, do to circumvent this problem, to come to see it in a different light? You can build on what I gave you in my latest discourse where I said that everything that you do is done with the basic energy, the basic form of Ma-ter light, that makes up the four lower bodies of earth, the four realms of the material universe on earth. There is a certain energy and everything you do is done with that energy. That energy is simply, like we have said, much like the dots on a screen that can turn on and off, that can take on different colors and shapes, that can be arranged into different patterns.

As I said, you need to start training yourself that you see the energy behind the images that your mind is projecting upon the energy. Of course, this is not quite as simple of a task as we are making it out to be because, again, for a very long time, the collective consciousness has been solidified around certain images, for example, that something is a sin and something is wrong. You should feel bad about having done something wrong and you should feel that you could never be redeemed from having made certain mistakes. All of these things, many, many things, are in the collective consciousness, but you can still train yourself to realize that everything is made with energy and that the energy is just energy—it is just energy.

You may look at a certain situation, as I gave the example of a movie screen where you are seeing certain images on the screen but it is really patterns of light. You may look at a certain situation from your past through a specific self that says you made a mistake, and you can never be redeemed and you should feel bad. You may think that this situation did happen so it has some objective reality. It is not just a subjective thing. “No, the situation did happen. Other people saw it happen. God saw it happen.” The eye in the sky that is seeing everything, saw it happen and God is forever holding the image of you making this mistake and you can never be free of it. Other people are forever holding the image of this mistake and you can never be free of it. In other words, what has been projected by these selves and by the fallen beings is that a situation that happened in the past has some objective reality. Here is where you can begin to question this and realize a very, very simple truth.

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