Talking your way into the golden age

TOPICS: Free communication – Communication without expecting a certain return – Fallen beings limit communication – You can overcome the programming – Recognizing the flow of the Spirit – Changing people through the flow – Speaking from the heart is always safe – A shift in the media – Are ideas more important than individuals? – Ideas block genuine communication – The cause of Brexit – You cannot unite people through ideas – The most precious human commodity –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 1st, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and it is with great joy that I come to you today. The joy that I feel is the joy of watching you as you have come together for this gathering. Not just the fact that you are physically together, but the fact that you are so spiritually together as well. You are so openly and freely talking to each other, sharing of your hearts, talking about your personal issues and you feel free and safe to talk about things that you normally would not feel free to talk about with many other people. Strangely, if you observe yourselves, you will see that in many cases you have talked to a person that you have never met before, but still felt free to share something deeply personal about yourself without fearing that it would be used against you or misunderstood.

Free communication

Why I am bringing this to your attention is that I want to show you that what you have here at this gathering is in one sense, a glimpse of heaven on earth because, naturally, we communicate freely in the ascended realm. You also have a glimpse of the future for what the golden age will be like. My beloved, how can we bring a golden age if people cannot freely communicate; if they cannot communicate at the level of the heart rather than communicating, as is so often the case, at the level of the outer mind or the ego.

Consider your conversations and the way you interact with each other here compared to the way, in many cases, you yourselves have to interact with people out in the world. See how many games are being played around people that prevents a free and open communication at the heart level. There was always some agenda, there was always some unresolved pattern of psychology that is being outplayed, and this prevents people from connecting at the heart level.

It is obvious, is it not, that there needs to be better communication for there to be a golden age. This is obvious to you once you have experienced a more free level of communication that is actually a heart-based level of communication rather than being based on the ego or the outer mind. You see, my beloved, what I desire to see for you, as the one who holds the Mother Flame, is that all of you can feel free to share yourselves, to share who you are. This does not mean that you need to go out in the world and talk about deeply personal issues with every person you meet, but I wish you could be free to share more of yourself regardless of the reaction you get from other people.

You see, my beloved, here, in a community like this where you feel safe because you feel you will not be attacked for sharing of yourself, it is much easier to share. What I am seeking to point out to you is that the sharing from the heart is a flow that comes from the higher part of your being through your outer mind. Truly, it is a flow that, once you establish it, is independent of how the other person receives it. In other words, you can learn by a relatively simple switch of the mind, to disconnect the flow through the heart from the desire to have a certain reaction from the person with whom you are communicating.

Communication without expecting a certain return

You can actually learn to come to the point where your real goal is not to change the other person, or to convince the other person of anything. Your real goal is to establish the flow from your higher being through your heart and having it be expressed in this world. You can learn to find the joy in feeling that flow. You can learn to find satisfaction, fulfillment and completeness in having the flow go forth from you without having any expectations of what the other person’s reaction should be, and what kind of a return you will get.

Surely, as you have experienced yourselves, when the other person responds positively, then two or more people who are freely sharing, can very quickly build an upward spiral that uplifts all of them and pulls you higher and higher. Many of you have experienced this today, even in this brief time you have been together. Yet, still, there is a joy in feeling the flow go out regardless of whether anything positive comes back to multiply the flow. You can learn to be willing and daring to share from the heart no matter what other people’s reactions might be. You can come to the point where you are not expecting a particular reaction from other people. You are not wanting them to react a certain way. You are not needing them to validate or affirm you because you have come to that point, as the messenger described, where you realize that the best gift you can give on this planet is to be yourself, to share of yourself, and to have a flow from your higher being through your heart.

As was also said, it is very important for you to realize, my beloved, that you do not need to have any particular state of perfection. You do not need to reach a certain level on the spiritual path, although you generally need to be above the 48th level, which all of you are. You do not need to reach a certain level of Christhood in order to have the flow through the heart. It is truly a matter of being willing to have that flow by opening yourself to allow the flow to happen. In order to allow it to happen, most of you will have to find a way to neutralize this concern for other people’s reactions.

Fallen beings limit communication

Now, my beloved, we have given many, many teachings in these last few years about dark forces seeking to limit you, about fallen beings seeking to manipulate you. My beloved, there are many ways that the fallen beings have attempted to manipulate you in order to prevent you from expressing your Christhood, but if there was one overall simple mechanism that is very easy to understand, it is simply this: They have managed to get you into thinking that when you express yourself on this planet, you should be concerned about their reactions. Therefore, you should adapt your expression to other people’s reactions. You may think this is the people around you, but really when you step back, my beloved, you see that it is a mechanism created by the fallen beings where they want all people to think that they have to adapt the expression of their hearts to the expectations and standards of the fallen beings.

You do not know this consciously, of course. Most people do not know this consciously but this is what they have managed to create, my beloved, so that you do not feel free in expressing yourself. If you do not feel free in expressing yourself, well, then it is very difficult to have the flow because the flow needs an open door to flow through. It needs freedom to express, because many times when you are in the flow of the spirit, you find yourself saying things that you had not planned, that you had not thought out, that you had not even thought about before. Suddenly, they come out and you realize that this is not your little concerned, frustrated, angry, afraid mind that is saying this. This is your higher being that this is coming from. Sometimes you become surprised yourself at what wisdom and insight can come from you in these situations when you allow the free flow.

Sometimes this is how you have the greatest learning experiences, not by hearing some external being speak through a dictation, or another person, or by reading a book, but actually when you have that flow from your higher being and it is your higher being speaking through you. It is speaking exactly in a way that goes right into your mind and resolves one of these enigmas you have had, resolves one of these limitations. Suddenly, it helps you see something you could never see before because nobody had expressed it in words that were exactly right for you and that clicked in your mind so that you were instantly seeing this mechanism, and instantly free from it. The greatest teacher you have, my beloved, is actually your own higher being, the teacher within yourself. The being that you already are but that you have been manipulated by the fallen beings into thinking that you are not allowed to express while you are in a physical body on a planet as limited and as dark as earth.

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