Taking America from human judgment to the discernment of Christ

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, September 28, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, speaking through a human messenger. Now, imagine that this messenger was standing in front of a crowd made up of the leaders of the Christian churches in America. What would be their reaction to this opening line? They would be in instant denial. They would come up with a million excuses of why this could not be the real Jesus Christ. It has to be a false Christ, an impostor. It has to be the works of the devil and all of these other standard accusations that they come up with time and time again.

Can these people not look back at the stories of my life, described in the scriptures that they revere as the Word of God, can they not look at my life and see that what they are doing today is exactly what the leaders of the Jewish religion did to me when I did appear in the flesh and did not have to speak through a human messenger? Can they really not see this? They cannot or they will not, as the Scribes and the Pharisees and the leaders of the church back then could not and would not. Some cannot, I grant that, but too many will not and that I can do nothing about other than leave them behind. For how can I work with those who reject me when I respect free will? That is what I did to the leaders of the Jewish religion back then, and I went even further back then and allowed them to crucify me so that they would get the judgment of Christ.

Of course, I have on previous conferences pronounced the judgment of Christ upon the false leaders of Christianity. I trust that those of you who know, respect and recognize who I am will make the calls for these invocations to reinforce that judgment of Christ. It is not my purpose here to bring any kind of judgment upon the false leaders of Christianity because I am not really so concerned about the false leaders. I am more concerned about their blind followers because I desire them to see the reality of who I am, and who I was and what is and was my true message.

Why America is not a Christian nation

Why am I speaking at this early stage of this conference where the topic is aligning America with the mind of Saint Germain? Well, it is because one of the major blocks to aligning America with the mind of Saint Germain is precisely Christianity in America. Why is it a greater block in America than in many (for example) European nations or in Canada?

Well, it is because there are so many people in America, and certainly the Christian leaders among them, who say that America is a Christian nation. Well my beloved, have they not bothered to read their own constitution? Does not the constitution make it very clear that America is not a Christian nation? It is a secular nation because it is based on the separation of church and state. Do they not see that the Founding Fathers of America were very well aware of how things were and had been in Europe? For over a thousand years the Catholic church had a stranglehold on the nations of Europe and in many ways prevented their growth, and certainly was instrumental in preventing the freedom of the people. The Founding Fathers did not want to create a nation that could be dominated by one religion, like they had seen in Europe, and the Middle East with Islam. They wanted to create a nation where there was freedom of religion and freedom from religion if that was what people chose.

Certainly, they wanted a nation where the government had freedom from religion and was free to enact laws that were based on the desires and the will of the people and not what some religious authority imposed upon them—as had been done by the Popes throughout the Middle Ages. They saw the limitations of the system, they were very well aware of the need to separate church and state and this is the kind of country you are living in. Therefore, America, if it is true to its own constitution, can never be a Christian nation.

Would I or Saint Germain or any ascended master want America to be a Christian nation or be dominated by any other religion? Nay, we would not. What would be the reaction of the Christian leaders? “But didn’t Jesus tell us 2,000 years ago to go out into all the world and preach the gospel and turn all people into his disciples?” Ah, yes I did, but did I say to go out into all the world and make all people members of a Christian religion? I think not, at least that is not how I read the scriptures.

Why do you read them differently? Ah, there is something that they will not ponder, those who claim to be representatives of Jesus Christ in America today. Are they willing to ponder whether there is a difference between the way they see Christ and the way I am? Are they willing to look at the most crucial place in the scriptures where I said to Peter: “Get thee behind me Satan?” Are they willing to consider why I did this? Are they willing to recognize that Peter was superimposing a man-made image upon the Living Christ and I refused to conform to it? Are they willing to see that they are doing the exact same thing today, superimposing a man-made image upon the Living Christ and I still refuse to conform? That is why I am speaking through a human messenger who is willing to not put an image upon me but let me be who I am.

Do Christian leaders know the real Jesus?

There are, of course, many of these leaders of the Christian churches who will say: “No, we have contact with Jesus, we have Jesus speaking through us or speaking to us, so we know the real Jesus.” But do they? Are they willing to consider whether they know the real Jesus?

If they are, they need to look at the history of their own religion. They need to be willing to trace their roots back. Whether they are Christians or Anglicans or Calvinists or Lutherans or this or that, if you look at the history of the Christian religion, you cannot deny that all modern Christian churches are based on the foundation set by the Catholic church in the year 381. If you are, then, willing to look beyond that and go back to what I actually said, what I actually did, anyone who is willing to apply normal common sense, normal human intelligence, can see that there is a vast gap between what I preached, how I acted, and the image of me created by the Catholic church from the very beginning. I never claimed to be the only son of God. I did not deny that I am a son of God but you are all sons and daughters of God. I never set myself apart in a fundamental way and why is this? Because the essence of my message back then and now is that there is a path of initiation, a gradual path of initiation, that can lead any human being from the level of consciousness they are at right now, towards succeedingly higher stages of consciousness until they reach the state of consciousness that I demonstrated.

That is why I said: “Those who believe on me, (meaning truly those who are willing to internalize my teaching and apply it to themselves) ye can do the works that I did and even greater works.” You can do greater works because I started a trend of raising the consciousness. As the collective consciousness is raised, it becomes easier and easier for people to reach higher levels of consciousness, which is why it is, despite the efforts of all the false preachers and all the dark forces, easier to manifest Christhood today than it was 2,000 years ago. That is why many more people have the potential to manifest it and express it.

How the gradual path of initiation was obliterated

Now, what has this got to do with America? Well, if you look at the historical facts, you will see that a considerable number among the Founding Fathers of this nation were Freemasons. This does not mean that Saint Germain wants all people in America to become Freemasons. The fact of the matter is that this is something that these Christian leaders do not want to look at because they, of course, consider Freemasonry a false religion. What is the essence of Freemasonry?

It is a gradual path of initiation that leads to higher levels. Now, the specifics of how the Masons do this are not particularly high and not particularly relevant in this age. They were what could be given at a time when the Catholic church aggressively and violently suppressed all other forms of religion. The Freemasons started as a secret society because that was all that could be created at the time, and the real purpose was to present people with a gradual path of initiation.

The very historical fact, which is undeniable for anybody who is willing to look at it, is that the Catholic church suppressed any form of religion that diverged from itself. Then, go back and look at the formation of the Catholic church and look at what actually happened in that process. What happened was that the entire idea of a gradual path to higher levels of consciousness, leading to a state of Christ Consciousness, was completely and absolutely obliterated from the Catholic church.

This was done by elevating me to being so above other human beings that they could not follow my footsteps because I was the exception not the example. This is something that the Christian leaders and their followers are not willing to look at, but it is not difficult to see this if you stop denying historical facts. The Catholic church completely obliterated the path of initiation, a path of initiation that had existed for thousands of years before my appearance in the flesh, and that existed in many other movements at the time throughout the Middle East. With the formation of the Catholic church this path was suppressed violently throughout the regions where the Catholic church had influence and it was that way for almost a thousand years.

For that matter it is still that way in the mainstream, but as you see in America, more and more people are rejecting that form of religion, which says you need an outside authority in the form of a church and its priesthood here on earth. It also says you need an external Saviour in the form of this “Jesus graven image” they have created, who comes and saves you. Or you need the blood of Jesus to wash you clean from your sins. It is a total denial of the fact that your sin is a result of you making choices with your free will, and a total denial of the fact that no matter what choices you have ever made with your free will, you can come to make more aware choices and thereby free yourself from the consequences or the sin (or the karma or whatever you want to call it) of your previous choices. You can never make a choice from which you cannot free yourself by making a more aware choice.

Fallen beings in the churches of America

This is the very essence of free will, and it is exactly what the fallen beings and the dark forces have been attempting to deny and obliterate since they came to this planet. If you could see what I see from the ascended state, you would see that all of the major churches in America, and many of the smaller churches in America, are led by people who are either fallen beings in embodiment or who are well-meaning people whose minds have been completely taken over by demons in the emotional realm or by fallen beings in the mental or identity realm. If people could see this, if Christians in their churches could see what kind of leaders they have and what kind of non-material forces are behind those leaders, they would be shocked to the core of their beings and they would walk out of their churches, most of them instantly.

Why do you think that when I encountered the Scribes and Pharisees I called them “sons of the devil” and said that they would do the lusts of their father? Because they also were either fallen beings in embodiment or had their minds taken over by fallen beings in (or out of) embodiment. This, of course, is not something that I expect most Christians to accept but nevertheless, we intend for the dictations at this conference to be turned into a book and invocations to be made so that you can reinforce this and direct it into the collective consciousness. This can help those who are hypnotized by these false preachers to suddenly have a shift that makes them see what they cannot see now. You are your brother’s keepers in the sense that you have seen the limitations and the fallacy of mainstream Christianity. It is only natural that you, then, use that to at least make the calls for your brothers and sisters to be free, as you have become free. This is not meaning that you are in any way forcing them to accept what you see but you are giving them the choice, then allowing them to have the choice.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Spiritual Solutions to America’s Problems.

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