Taking a leap beyond the brain-based mind

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, January 6, 2024. This dictation was given during the New Year’s webinar 2024: BEING the Flame of Peace in a world in transition

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain and I take this opportunity to give you some thoughts on the unfoldment of the golden age and how many people in the world are working for it. And how some people are working against it. There are, of course, those who are either the fallen beings themselves, in or out of embodiment, or whose minds are taken over by the fallen beings. And they are actively and aggressively working against the manifestation of the golden age.

There is really no fallen being who has a firm grasp on what the golden age means. Even those in the lower identity realm cannot really fathom what it is that I actually have planned for this planet. They are trapped in a certain mindset and they look at what is manifest now, what has been manifesting gradually over these last several centuries. And they think that my plans for the golden age involve more of the same, an acceleration, a multiplication of what has already been brought forth. They think, for example, that even though I inspired science, they have been able to control science and divert science to go into the blind alley of materialism. And they think science will stay there for the foreseeable future. But of course, this is not my vision for the golden age.

Quantum leaps in the scientific field

What then is my vision? My vision is, of course, not a quantitative improvement, but a qualitative improvement where all aspects of human endeavor make a, so to speak, quantum leap forward. Why do I use this almost cliche of a quantum leap? Because it actually signifies something that is a distinct shift. Not an incremental gradual improvement, but a shift into a higher state. At least, it can be a shift into a higher state, although theoretically, also into a lower state. But it is a decisive shift. I of course, envision many of these quantum leaps in the golden age.

And let us focus on science. Science may have been in the grips of materialism for a long time, but their grip on science is crumbling and it is crumbling faster and faster. And this is not due to any influence from outside scientific circles, at least not a direct influence. It is in part due to the influence from the raising of the collective consciousness. But it is largely driven by a raising of the collective consciousness among scientists who are looking at some of these latest discoveries of science and realizing, although for some grudgingly, that they point beyond materialism. There is a growing awareness and a growing consensus that if science is to make a quantum leap forward, it must look beyond strict materialism.

There is a growing awareness that if science is to really have an impact on improving human life, then it must make a quantum leap beyond materialism and stop ignoring consciousness. And actually seek to incorporate consciousness in this theory of everything that some scientists are still dreaming about. But there is also a growing awareness that a theory of everything, either is impossible or at least is impossible without also incorporating consciousness. This is simple logic. How can a theory of everything be complete unless it incorporates everything? And certainly, you cannot ignore that human beings have consciousness. What is it that allows human beings to do science? It is that you are conscious. If you did not have self-awareness, how could you even ask the questions that are the very foundation for science?

In the coming decades, this will become more and more pronounced. There will be more and more scientists who will dare to speak out in a public forum, as some, of course, have already started to do. But this will gradually gain momentum and there will come some decisive quantum shifts, where scientists realize that materialism must be left behind if science is to solve some of these problems or enigmas that have so far defied a solution. Take for example the well-known fact that the two main theories of physics are Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum mechanics and the fact that these two theories are currently incompatible cannot be united into a single framework, a theory of everything. This has one cause, because neither of the theories acknowledge the role of consciousness.

I am not here going to give a scientific explanation, because it is beyond the messenger’s knowledge of science. But I am going to tell you that there are scientists who have started incorporating consciousness into a new and higher worldview. Some of them are still grappling for a larger vision, but just the fact that scientists are beginning to be willing to consider the role of consciousness is what will bring about one of the quantum leaps in the scientific field. You may say, for example, what is it that has driven science so far? Well, it is two things, two movements. One is the quest for knowledge, understanding, even truth. The other is the practical aspects of seeking to improve human life.

Side effects of modern technology

Well, let us begin with technology, the practical aspect of science. Has technology improved human life? Well, yes. Undoubtedly technology has improved human life in many ways. But it has also, as is becoming more and more evident, created threats and problems. You still have the threat of a nuclear war hanging over the world after so many decades. You still have the threat or the condition of poverty, the threat of disease. You have now the threat of pollution, climate change, whatever you want to call it. But there is this growing awareness that technology is not unproblematic. Technology can have side effects and it can even become a threat to the survival of the human race. This, of course, cannot be the ultimate approach to technology that humankind has taken so far, that scientists have taken so far.

But why is it that technology can be both a blessing and a curse? It all boils down to what human beings do with technology, how they use, how they apply technology. And what is it that determines whether humans use a certain technology for energy production or to create bigger and bigger bombs? It is a condition in human consciousness. It is becoming clear to more and more people, even more and more people outside of academic circles, that we need to study consciousness to find out how we can develop a way to use technology that will improve human life without threatening human life.

You see how the unconscious, unconscionable use of technology has created these threats? And why has it been an unconscious use of technology? Because of scientific materialism, which has led to an unconscious use of science. There are unconscious scientists—and I mean unconscious not in the sense that they do not have consciousness, but they are unaware of the larger picture—who have said: “If it can be done, it should be done. Because if we do not do it, somebody else is going to do it.” But is that necessarily always the case? That is what people are beginning to question.

The human brain vs. artificial intelligence

You see various forms of technology that are coming to the forefront and forcing people to ask these critical questions. And of course, one that has been in the news for a long time is artificial intelligence. The problem with the entire debate around artificial intelligence is that because scientific materialism has ignored consciousness, people have not developed a deeper understanding of consciousness. And therefore, they do not see the difference between consciousness and intelligence. Too many people think they are the same thing.

This is why they have come up with this idea of artificial intelligence. Artificial compared to what? Human intelligence? Is it so that the biologically based intelligence of the human brain is considered natural intelligence and the intelligence based on a computer and computer algorithm is considered artificial intelligence? Is this not how many scientists see it? Well, let me tell you, this is again based on an ignorance of consciousness, an ignorance of who you are, what kind of beings you are.

And this, of course, is again a product of scientific materialism, which now for far too long, far too many centuries have insisted that human consciousness is an epiphenomenon, a byproduct of the activities of the brain. And therefore, they have not been willing to acknowledge what consciousness really is. And is this not ironic? Because here we have this fairly new phenomenon of science, which claims to be the most sophisticated aspect of human knowledge and endeavor. And it completely ignores what mystical teachings have been saying for thousands of years, namely that consciousness came first and the brain came second.

And as a result of this, they do not realize that artificial intelligence, as they call it, is nothing new. Humankind has a long, long process of having experience with artificial intelligence. You can look back throughout recorded history, and of course even further if you are willing to look at that, and you will see that human beings have been dealing with artificial intelligence for all of recorded history. This will, of course, startle many people who will say: “What is this crazy master talking about?”

But you see, what is the artificial intelligence I am talking about? It is the human brain. The human brain is the same kind of intelligence as what you today call artificial intelligence. What is the simplest definition of artificial intelligence? It is an intelligence that is able to learn and adapt. Well, is that not a perfect description of the human brain? An intelligence that can learn and adapt. That is what the human brain is. And therefore, if you look only at intelligence as a process of learning and adapting, then you can say that human beings are a product of the physical brain, as what is going on in a computer is a product of the physical structure of the computer. But you see, this cannot explain human self-awareness. And this is something that already some scientists have realized—that computers cannot and will never become self-aware.

Again, look at the approach that has been taken by science. You started building very simple computers, very simple calculating machines that could solve these codes. Then, computers became more sophisticated, but they still have maintained their basic design for a very long time. They have just become faster, with greater capacity, greater memory. What some materialists think is that it is just a matter of continuing to increase the capacity, in other words, a quantitative increase in the capacity of the computer. And eventually, you will cross a threshold where computers become self-aware.

Self-awareness vs. intelligence

This is the flaw in their reasoning and many scientists and philosophers have started realizing it. Because thinking, adaptation, arranging knowledge, facts, data, this is intelligence, but it is not consciousness. It is not awareness. And it is specifically not self-awareness. Being able to adapt is not the same as consciously adapting. The most primitive life form on earth can adapt to certain changes in its environment. A single-celled amoeba can adapt to temperature changes in its environment, bacteria, viruses. A flower can turn towards the sun and follow the sun as it moves across the sky. This does not mean that the flower knows that it is a flower, and the sun is a sun, and that it is following the sun. It is simply adapting to changes. This is what a computer does. This is what the human brain does.

Could a computer have constructed itself? No. There is no way possible that the components, the metals, the plastic, the silicon that make up a computer could have spontaneously assembled themselves, created the programming, and fed in the data to create what you now call artificial intelligence. Pretty much anybody who is willing to apply logic should be able to see this. There has to be a conscious agent, as some scientists are expressing it, that created the computer and created the programming.

Likewise, you can ask yourself the question, could biological life forms have created themselves out of inorganic matter and driven this incredibly complex process of evolution from more primitive to more sophisticated life forms? Could even the biological process have brought forth the intelligence of the human brain entirely by itself, entirely by trial and error, entirely through the survival of the fittest? A materialist will, of course, say yes. Just as a Catholic priest will say that the Eucharist is the body of Christ. Why does the Catholic priest say this? Based on faith. Why does the scientific materialist say what he says, based on faith. And there are an increasing number of scientists, philosophers, and others who are beginning to realize that this simply is not logical.

A computer, the AI of the computer, needed a conscious agent to create the machinery, to program the computer, to feed it with facts, and to tell the computer what to do with these facts. Likewise, the biological computer of the human brain needed a conscious agent. What confuses some people is that materialists have now for so long brainwashed people with the idea that there cannot be any conscious agents beyond humans. And they see that it is human beings who have created the computer, so therefore, they cannot see that there must be some conscious agents that have created humans and brought forth the sophisticated brain that is the basis for doing what human beings can do.

Information vs. data

But again, look at what is happening with artificial intelligence. There is all this speculation that computers will be able to build themselves, to improve themselves, to improve their programming, to improve their knowledge, to take over so that they can create more sophisticated computers without human intervention. But again, apply simple logic. You may interact with one of these chat robots, you may ask it a question, and it may give you an answer that is quite sophisticated. But does the computer know what it is telling you? Does it know how you look at and interpret what it is telling you? And you will see that it does not and cannot. There is an old Indian saying that the knowledge that is in the books stays in the books. The same way you could say the data that is in the computer stays in the computer. Because a computer can only deal with data.

Now, what a human being can do is to transform data into information. And this is again one of these subtle distortions created by the fallen beings, because what have they called computers? Information technology. You may go to your computer and you may see that on your computer’s drive, however it is, solid state or hard drive, you have stored all of this data. But if you were to go down and look at the data, you know it is zeros and ones organized in a certain sequence. And to you it means nothing. This is all that is stored in the computer. Data. Zeros and ones.

When you open up your computer and bring something up on the screen, the computer displays this in a way that has meaning to you. But why does it have meaning to you, a human being? Because a human being programmed the computer to display data in such a way that the human mind can take it in and turn it into information. Well, if you forget all about computers, go back to the time before the computer and only look at the human brain, then the human brain does exactly the same as a computer. It has a much more sophisticated apparatus than a computer, but all it does is store data. It can compare the data, relate the data, but all it does is store data.

And then, inside your brain is a screen, comparable to a computer screen, where the brain can bring up data and display it in a way that is meaningful to you, a human being. This is because, as we have explained, you have beyond the physical brain, an emotional body, a mental body and an identity body. And those are adapted to the functioning of the human brain, but the human brain is also adapted to the functioning of these higher levels of the mind. There is a symbiotic relationship. It is in fact so that the human mind for most people is so integrated with the physical machinery of the brain that they cannot tell the difference.

They cannot tell the difference between what the mind displays on the screen inside their heads, what the brain displays on the screen inside their heads—that they cannot see that there is more to them, more to their mind, more to their awareness than the brain. And why can they not see this? There are two reasons why people cannot see this. One is they are simply not aware enough. They have not observed themselves. They have not looked into how the mind works. The other is that they are scientific materialists who are denying the existence of anything, any aspect of the mind, that is beyond the brain. Just as medieval Catholics were denying that the Earth was round.

Mind vs. brain

Here are these scientific materialists who believe they have the most sophisticated knowledge and worldview ever developed by humankind. Yet, these highly intelligent people are so unaware of how their own minds function that they cannot tell the difference between the brain and the mind. Yet, mystics have been able to do this for 5000 years in recorded history and for millions of years beyond recorded history. The difference between the mind and the brain is one of the things that a mystic learns to recognize. That is why you can raise your consciousness beyond what is possible in the brain itself. That is why this messenger can receive a dictation from me, who is a being in a higher realm. There is a quantum leap between the material world and the ascended realm. The messenger’s brain could not make that leap, could not cover that distance.

The brain could not receive this dictation. But because the messenger has learned, as you can all learn and discover, that his mind is more than the brain, he is able to tune in. To cover the distance between the material and the ascended realm. To raise his mind to be in the nexus of the figure-eight flow between me in the ascended realm and the brain, nervous system, vocal cords in the physical realm. This is what mystics have done for thousands of years. And this ability is what will take science to a much qualitatively higher level. When more and more scientists begin to experience that there is more to the mind than the brain. And when they begin to use scientific methods to study the difference.

The reptile brain and the fight or flight syndrome

What did I say a while ago? Technology has proven that it can become self-destructive. How do you avoid it? Well, the brain, the brain-based intelligence, cannot avoid it. Why? Well, we have, of course, given many teachings about this, but let us just look at a fairly simple reality here, a simple way to describe it. The human brain is a very sophisticated device. Scientists are aware that it is in a sense more complex than any other structure in the known universe. That is because it is in the known universe, but still. But the human brain is also—and scientists are correct in pointing this out—the biological brain is deeply affected by the process of evolution.

The biological brain has evolved over a very long period of time. And it is influenced by the principle described as survival of the fittest, even though there is much more to this than is currently understood. And what is it that secures the survival of the fittest? It is, if you want to use one single word, selfishness. There are even scientists who talk about the selfish genes. But the reality is that what you call in traditional evolutionary theory the fittest are those who are willing to do anything to survive in the short term, because the brain cannot think long term. It cannot consciously think in long terms. It cannot really think. It just adapts.

Consider this: Why is it that human beings are so afraid that artificial intelligence will take over and enslave humans or eradicate humans? Why are they so afraid of this? Is it not because, even though they are not consciously aware of this, they sense that a machine would not have humanity, empathy? And therefore, a machine would mindlessly eradicate humans if they were seen as a threat. Well, that is exactly what the machine of the brain does. The brain is based on fight or flight. If it cannot get away from a danger, it will seek to eradicate the danger. That applies to other animal species and it applies to other human beings.

Just look at all of the wars that have taken place throughout history. What is it based on? The fight or flight syndrome that causes the brain to see it as perfectly acceptable, absolutely necessary, to eradicate those that it perceives as a threat. Animal species do the same, if they are capable. Human brains are more sophisticated in doing this, because they have created tools and technology. When the first humans started using stone tools, what did they do with them? They quickly found out they could be used to kill animals and, therefore, give them food.

But it did not take that long before they also realized they could be used to destroy a human threat to their own survival. You saw the emergence of primitive tribes, and when these hunter-gatherers became more numerous and started infringing on each other’s territories, you saw the first conflicts with weapons. This is what some call the reptile brain, the animal brain. It is simply a computer that is geared towards securing your survival in the short term. Now, you may think that people who go to war and kill others, they do this out of some sophisticated thinking process. And in a certain sense, you can see that they certainly exert great ingenuity in coming up with all of these methods to kill other people.

But they are not actually thinking. They are reacting and adapting to what they perceive as a threat. Now, I said that a flower turns with the sun. But a flower, as do animal species, only reacts. They do not anticipate. They are not able to think: “This is a threat.” If they experience that something is a threat, they react to it as quickly as they can. But a population of deer could not get together and decide to eradicate all the wolves in their mountain range, so they could get rid of the threat. But this is what human beings can do.

Yet this is not really thinking. This is not really awareness. This is just a more sophisticated reaction, because human beings do not just react to a threat that is perceived. They can imagine and anticipate a threat in the future. And therefore, attempt to destroy the threat before it actually becomes a threat. Which also means that people can formulate the image that another group of people is the threat, even though it is not real at all. It is just a perception. But what I am saying here is, this is the reptile brain thinking, not really thinking, but reacting, adapting.

Self-awareness and the “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you”

This is not awareness and certainly not self-awareness. What is it that religions have been saying? “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.” This is not the brain thinking. The mind cannot fathom this. The mind cannot accept it. The mind can never even conceive of something like this. The brain can never conceive of something like this. Not even the mind that emerges from the brain can conceive of this.

Again, we could say materialists are right when they say that there is a form of mind that emerges from the brain. Just as they are now saying there is a form of mind that emerges from a computer. But it is not a self-aware mind. It can think, but only within certain parameters. It does not have awareness, certainly not self-awareness. Only self-awareness gives you the ability to grasp: “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.” The mind that emerges from the brain is only able to say: “Do unto others before they do unto you.” And this is what many people have said throughout the ages, why you see much war and conflict. When you look at this you realize that human beings have used their sophisticated brains to develop technology. But they are using the technology based on the reptile brain and the fight or flight syndrome. The survival of the fittest that we have a right to destroy those that we perceive as a threat, even though they have not yet threatened us physically.

And what has been happening with technology becoming more and more sophisticated and having greater and greater destructive power? It is an attempt to force humankind to make a quantum leap beyond that reptile brain. Now, you can explain this, as we have done in many other dictations, as a result of the spiritual path. I am just choosing to explain it here in very simple, logical, somewhat scientifically-minded terms. The reptile brain can only be destructive. The more technological power the reptile brain has to its disposal, the more destructive will be the outcome. If you doubt this, look at what is happening on the front lines of Ukraine or in the Gaza Strip.

Taking a leap beyond the reptile brain

The reptile brain cannot handle sophisticated technology and prevent it from becoming destructive. The reptile brain cannot think: “We are emitting certain things that are going to threaten the climate and our own survival.” It can only think in short-term profits. The only way that humankind can survive the emergence of technology, both AI technology and all the other forms of potentially destructive technology, is if human beings make the quantum leap and realize that the mind is more than the brain.

And what allows you to make this leap? It is that the mind is more than the brain. Because the brain could not make this leap. Nor can a computer make this leap, no matter how sophisticated it becomes. And even the most sophisticated computers you have today are nothing compared to the human brain. And it would take thousands of years to develop a computer that even approached the capabilities of the human brain. What you see in these science fiction series where they seemingly have a computer in the starship that is able to think—this is so far into the future of what can be developed through technology. They will never be able to think. But even what you see in these TV series that were made 50 years ago is thousands of years into the future. This is more fiction than science.

But the reality here is that you can realize that the reptile brain works a certain way, because your mind is more than the brain. This is something again that mystics have been saying for thousands of years. But it is also something that more and more scientists are beginning to realize. For the simple reason that it is pure simple logic that if you can come to recognize the reptile brain and how it functions and how it threatens the survival of humanity, there must be more to the mind than the reptile brain. Because otherwise, why would the reptile brain threaten humanity and thereby threaten its own survival? If the reptile brain was able to see that it itself is a threat to its own survival, should it not be able to change? But since the reptile brain cannot do that, and since people who are entirely thinking with the brain cannot do that, is it not simple logic that there is more to the mind than the brain?

How many times do I have to say this? How many times do I have to project this into the collective consciousness before a critical mass of people see the simple undeniable logic and accept the consequences? And say: “We must come to understand the mind’s capabilities beyond the brain. And how to apply it so that the higher mind can take command over the reptile brain and stop it from being so focused on destroying immediate threats that in the little longer run it threatens its own survival.”

As I am projecting this into the collective consciousness, it creates a ripple effect. It is like a wave on the ocean. You throw a stone into the ocean and ripples start spreading, only this spreads much faster. And there are many, many people—not just ascended master students, not just spiritual people, not just mystics—there are many people who are able to tune in, because they have been tuning in for some time, where I have been saying similar things. But they become more aware of it. For every time it is projected out there, people become more aware of it. And they become more conscious of the need to act upon this.

The crucial choice in 2024

Let me get off my soapbox and be more practical. What does this message have to do with this year of 2024? Well, it has a lot to do with it, because as you may know, in this coming year an unusually large number of countries will have elections. Some of these countries are not democracies, like Russia, but some of them are, including the United States. What is the basic choice that people are facing in 2024? When they go to vote, will they vote for democracy or against democracy? We have given many dictations about the need to defend democracy against the forces who are seeking to destroy democracy. And this has never been more important than in this coming year of 2024. Will people choose democracy? Will they choose leaders who are committed to democracy? Or will they choose leaders who are not committed and who are even willing to undermine democracy?

Now, what is democracy? A materialist will have to say that as the evolutionary process has moved on, the brain has become so sophisticated that it created the idea of a democratic form of government. But this is simply not logical. The reptile brain did not create the idea of a democracy and can never accept the idea of a democracy. Why? Because it only thinks in terms of threats. And therefore, a dictatorship, with a strong leader who is willing to do anything to destroy the enemy, will by the reptile brain be seen as the superior form of government. If you really want to get down to it, all dictatorial leaders in the world are primarily thinking with a reptile brain.

And only truly democratic leaders, leaders committed to democracy, can think beyond the reptile brain. That is why a democracy is not aggressive towards its neighbors, unless it is attacked first. A democracy can regress to the reptile brain when attacked by other nations driven by the reptile brain. But a democracy that is functioning is not based on the reptile brain, fight or flight, destroy the enemy, do unto others before they do unto us. A democracy is based on: “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.”

You see the choice in 2024. Obviously, you can see in Russia that Putin and the power elite behind him are thinking with the reptile brain. There is no choice in Russia. You can see that even a candidate who announced that she wanted to run for president, based on ending the war and withdrawing Russian soldiers, was not even allowed to run by the reptile brain in the Kremlin. Then, you can look to the United States. Well, what is the choice that people are going to be facing most likely? It is the choice between a person who has some commitment to democracy and a person who is entirely reacting from the reptile brain.

Do I need to say who is who? Nay. For those who need to hear who is who and cannot see who is thinking with a reptile brain, they have long ago left this messenger. And reasoned that he is not a true messenger, because surely Saint Germain would side with their favorite candidate. But you see, why am I an ascended master? Because I transcended the reptile brain. This means I can see who is thinking with a reptile brain and who is not. If you cannot see this, well, how exactly are you planning to ascend after this lifetime? Because sad as it is to say, you have no real opportunity for ascending if you cannot tell the difference between the brain and the mind.

Is there more to my mind than the brain?

You might say, what is the ascension process? It is the completion of the process whereby the mind, the Conscious You, consciously and deliberately separates itself from the brain, transcends its identification with the brain. Transcends its integration with the brain, so that even though you can still operate the brain, you realize you are not the brain. Of course, you can say only a being that realizes it is not the brain can operate the brain, because otherwise, you are letting the brain operate you.

You have today self-driving cars. Ideally, when fully developed, you get into one of these driverless cars. And you say: “Take me to grandmother’s house.” And the car just drives there. But now, imagine that you go into the car and the car locks the door. And it starts driving and you have no idea where it is going. And it takes you to a place you do not want to go. Well, that is what the brain does when you, as the mind, are not in command of the brain.

When you are not operating the brain, you are letting the brain operate you and operate the body. Thereby moving the body around and you have to follow. And you have to experience—you are consciously experiencing what the brain is doing and the consequences of it—but you cannot do anything about it. You can just experience it. But you cannot stop it, if you have not separated yourself enough from the brain so that you can operate the brain. How hard is this to grasp? Well, the reptile brain will never grasp it. Only those who have started separating themselves from the reptile brain will be able to grasp it.

Why am I then saying it? Because by saying it in the physical, by projecting it into the collective consciousness, more and more people will begin to feel something stirring in them, some little doubt, some little questions. And they will gradually become open to this question. Is there more to my mind than the brain? Am I just a sophisticated animal that still reacts based on fight or flight? Why am I more than this? Do I have to be dragged around by my brain, as a bull is dragged around by a rope attached to a ring in its nose? Or can I start taking command of the brain, making the brain and the body do what I want? Am I willing? Am I capable of riding the horse? Instead of hanging on for dear life while the horse is running panicked through a dense forest, where I might at any moment be hit by a low-hanging branch and end up in the mud?

Democracy is not based on the reptile brain

What do people want with their individual lives? And what do they want with their societies? What is a democracy? It is a society that gives freedom and opportunity to those who have started taking command over the reptile brain. What is a dictatorship? It is a society that gives those who are not willing to take command over their minds an excuse for not thinking. But just reacting based on the reptile brain that will submit to an overwhelming power, instead of objecting to that power.

Do you think that the Founding Fathers of America would have created a new nation, if they had acted based on the reptile brain? Do you think the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution came out of the reptile brain? Then, realize that those who disrespect the Constitution and the system are thinking with the reptile brain and have not risen beyond it. Or they would not threaten the democratic foundation. They would not seek to subvert it. They would not disrespect it. They would not make fun of democracy and its institutions. They would not seek to discredit those people who are dedicated to making the country work. And as a result, counted the votes as they were cast. Not as you wanted them to be cast. A person who is thinking would never say to an elected official: “Can’t you find me 11,000 votes?” But the reptile brain would.

This is the basic choice facing humankind as a whole in 2024. Will you choose democracy and individual freedom and individual rights? Or will you choose those who are still trapped by the reptile brain? And therefore, can so easily be controlled by the fallen beings, if they are not fallen beings themselves. Of course, the fallen beings are also trapped in the reptile brain. But they are much more sophisticated than human beings, the original inhabitants of the Earth who are trapped in the reptile brain. And that is why the fallen beings can so easily control human beings.

Women: the driving force of change

Who is going to awaken and see the difference? Well, many people of course. But again, this is the decade of women. Who will drive the awakening? Will it primarily be men? Nay. For they are in general more tied to the reptile brain than women. Therefore, if there is to be a quantum leap in 2024, an awakening, it will come from women for they are already much more in tune with their intuitive faculties. And intuition is beyond the brain. Yes, you have the old theory that the left brain is analytical and the right brain is intuitive. And although there is some validity to this, intuition is more than the brain. Intuition is a connection to something, not only beyond the brain but beyond your own mind.

For the mind can become a closed self-reinforcing system, the individual mind, when you are in embodiment on a dense planet like earth and especially when you go into duality and separation. Once you go below that 48th level, your mind becomes a closed self-validating system. And only intuition that connects you to a larger mind outside your own mind, can bring you out of it. That is why democracy is based on the idea that human beings have rights that are not defined by any power on earth, but by a higher power, a higher mind that is beyond the human mind, the brain-based mind, the reptile brain. That is what created democracy. That is the only thing that can uphold democracy.

Holding Saint Germain’s vision for 2024

I am holding the vision that democracy will win in 2024. Will you hold that vision for me and make the calls? And I thank all of you who in your hearts are saying: “Yes, Saint Germain, we will hold the vision with you.” Let us hold that vision together throughout this year. Let us hold the vision that the mind wins over the brain and transcends the brain. With this, my beloved, I thank you for your attention, for your willingness to be the open doors so that I can use your chakras to reinforce this message and send these ripples into the collective consciousness that have moved around the planet many times in the time I have been speaking. Many more times than you will even count with the mind, with the brain.

With this, my beloved, can you perhaps hear that I am reluctant to let you go? Even though I know it is late for many of you. But I do enjoy interacting with my students in this way. And for this, I want you to experience my gratitude. I could easily move on to other planets, or even higher realms in the ascended realm. But I have still this love for earth and for many of the beings who are embodied on earth, and so that love keeps me here. That love caused you to come here and has kept you here. But it is also that love that will bring you beyond the earth, when you decide it is time to ascend. Of course, some of you will want to take another embodiment to help bring forth the golden age. And I love all of you, whatever your individual decision is. With this, I seal you in that joyful flame of freedom that I am. Saint Germain, I AM.


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