Surrendering into the greater will of the One mind

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Ascended Master Master MORE through Kim Michaels, June 4, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE. How do you connect to me? By wanting to be more, of course. What other way could there possibly be? You cannot connect to me by wanting to be less. For I AM always MORE. More than what you might say, but that is the wrong question to ask. For the MORE that I AM cannot be compared to anything that is less, nor can it be compared to anything that is more. For there cannot be anything more than Master MORE. That I trust you can see if you neutralize the linear mind that always wants to think there can be more. If you are always striving for more than you have now, how can you connect to Master MORE? For I am neither more nor less. The trick is to neutralize that linear mind. And what can help you do this?

Many facets of Will

I am the Chohan of the First Ray, often seen as the Ray of Will. And in previous dispensations they thought that I am this strict disciplinarian and you have to have a strong willpower and be disciplined in order to dare to approach me. But will has many facets. Will is not always the strong determined will. For what have we attempted to explain so far? Connecting to the ascended masters is not a matter of pushing and pushing harder and giving more and more of an effort. There is clearly a will on earth that is a human will, an external will. There is a will of the ego of the separate selves. And there is a will that is approaching the spiritual path because the ego thinks that it can gain what it wants to gain, namely security, some ultimate status where it can feel secure. The ego believes that if you walk the path there will be some ultimate stage. And if you focus on willpower and determination the ego will think that you have to have the ultimate willpower, the ultimate determination. And in previous dispensations some students have gone into this state of mind of thinking that in order to be worthy to connect to me, El Moya as they saw me at that time and, of course, still see me, they had to manifest this strong will. They had to be blue flame, blue ray and they had to be so determined and so focused.

Many of them overlooked the story that we sometimes told, that Kuthumi and I were charged to ascend a mountain to get a message and that I charged straight up the mountain being completely focused and Kuthumi took his time communed with the birds and the flowers. But when we came back down, Kuthumi had retained the message, I had not. And this shows you that when you have a will that is too strong, that is unbalanced, then it is not only that you do not retain the message, you do not get the message in the first place.

Then, of course, there is another form of the outer will which is what we might call non-will and this is what you see in many people on earth who are overpowered by the collective consciousness. They do not show any strong individuality, they do not want to stick out from the crowd, they want to blend into the crowd, disappear into the crowd, do what they are told, follow convention, follow tradition in their society.

The middle way of Will

You have both the non-will and the unbalanced will and you actually see both on the spiritual path where some students as I said become so determined and others just enter a spiritual movement and decide they are going to do whatever they are told, never question, never think for themselves, but just flow with whatever the culture is, whatever the demands are in that organization. Neither of these types of will is balanced. What is a balanced will? Well, is it the midpoint between the two extremes I have just described, or is it the middle way, which is not the midpoint between these two extremes, but transcending the consciousness of the dualistic extremes?

Many students have taken this approach that you need to be disciplined and determined. And I am in no way saying it is an invalid approach. As you are climbing from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness, naturally your will, your determination needs to be stronger than the downward pull of the collective consciousness. How else will you rise above the collective consciousness?

Yet when you reach the higher levels and start going beyond the 96th level, you are into a different phase. It might help you to consider that there is a different way to promote, to approach any of the qualities of the seven rays. You can take the quality of willpower, you can look how it is being outplayed on earth and you can set up the two extremes. You can think that willpower is either strong or it is weak, it is either outgoing or it is passive, it is either aggressive or passive. But the alternative is to rise to a recognition that willpower is a divine quality that you do not need to acquire as a being in embodiment. This is what many students in previous organizations thought. They thought that here is this Divine willpower of the First Ray and I need to acquire this willpower so I have this willpower here in embodiment. But how will this willpower then be expressed if you think this way?

Pushing to the breaking point

You will build a self that is focused on willpower and how you see willpower through some other self. And that is why you actually build a willpower that is the will of the ego, based on the illusion of separation. And you again think that there must be some barrier you have to push through for surely the physical world is separated from the Divine quality of Willpower of the First Ray. You have to push to acquire it, you have to push to attain anything on earth and so you get into this state of doing, doing, doing and doing more and pushing harder and harder. And some people have realized that by attempting to do more they achieve less. And this is what we have explained before that when you create this outer self that projects out you are creating your own opposition and so the harder you push the more opposition you create and there comes a point where you cannot push harder, you cannot stand to be always pushing so hard and this is what has caused some students to eventually break down, not be able to do it anymore. And we have seen this in our students in previous dispensations, this crash and burn syndrome where they pushed so hard until they could not do it anymore and then they had to completely withdraw from the path, perhaps even drop out of the path completely, even though they thought for some time that they were doing so well and they were the best students.

Feeling the movement of the ocean of Divine will

The alternative is what Kuan Yin mentioned where nothing is done but nothing is left undone because you realize that you are not separated from Divine will. You are a wave on the ocean of Divine will and instead of thinking that you have to swim on the surface and swim harder and harder to catch up to Divine will you can stop swimming, you can relax and you can feel the movement of the ocean of Divine will. It rises, it goes down, it rises, it relaxes and it flows in a direction. It may not be the direction that your outer mind, your ego, your separate selves want to see you going but it goes in the direction that gives you the greatest growth, the greatest transcendence, the greatest movement towards the 144th level of consciousness and the fulfillment of your Divine plan, whatever you specified in that plan which your outer mind may have forgotten, you are not aware of in your outer mind.

You have in your outer mind created a certain goal based on your upbringing and your culture and you think you have to push towards that goal but it is going in a different direction in your Divine plan. Again if you are pushing against your Divine plan you are creating opposition to yourself and it is becoming harder and harder to push and that is why some people can have this experience that something breaks, something dies, they go through a breakthrough, an awakening or perhaps a breakdown but they feel that there is some shift and they cannot continue to go in that direction. But this does not have to be such a dramatic shift where you feel empty or feel like nothing in your life is working. You can actually learn to work on these separate selves, identify the separate selves that want you to push and push and push, come to see them, separate yourself from them, let them die and then make an effort, a conscious effort to get in tune with this forward rolling movement of your Divine plan driven by the Divine will.

The Will of God vs. the Will of your I AM Presence

There are many misconceptions about Divine will, the Will of God as some call it. This messenger many years ago was in a previous dispensation where there was a lot of talk about Divine will, the Will of God and there was a contrast between the will of the ego and the Will of God and he had turned this around in his head where it seemed to him at the time that there were only two options here, either you were following the will of the ego or you were following the Will of God but either way he felt there was no room for you. Whether you followed the ego or you followed the Will of God it seemed to him to be some external will. Where was the room for his will? Not that he really knew what it was at the time but that was how he felt. He finally surrendered one day and said: “Okay God, show me what your will is and I’ll do it” and then he received the impulse from within, actually from yours truly: “What if God just wants you to make your own decisions?” And it shocked him but it caused this chain reaction in him where he realized that there is no Divine will that forces anything upon you.

It is not that there is this angry God in heaven or even the angry Master MORE in heaven who looks down upon you and wants to force you to do something. I do not even want to force you to follow your Divine plan. I did not force your Divine plan upon you neither did any other ascended master. You chose, you chose. Is it really a matter of acquiring this outer will where you are seeking to force the universe to conform with your goals and desires or is it a matter of going beyond any outer will whether it be the will of the ego or the will of the world or the will of your family or the will of your society or the Will of God or some ascended master? Is it not possible to tune in to what many people will not even see as willpower? It is more like the rising and sinking of the ocean, the gentle forward movement of the waves through the ocean that eventually reaches the farther shore. This is a different will. It is a will that cannot be opposed by an anti-will. It is a will that is not forced upon you.

It is not a will that you desire to accept or reject. It is a will that you immerse yourself in as you immerse yourself in the ocean. Just imagine that you are swimming on the ocean and there are these big gentle waves and for a while you are swimming struggling to keep your head above water but then you realize that you do not need to breathe because you are in your finer bodies. You can relax, you can immerse yourself in the ocean and then when you are no longer struggling on the surface you are just gently moving with the rising and sinking of the ocean and so you are moving with that greater will. You are not struggling, you are not using force and that is why as the Taoist will say you are not doing but this does not mean you are passive. It does not mean that you need to sit in some cave in the Himalayas and meditate on God all day. You can live an active life, you can do things, you can make decisions but you are not forcing your decisions. You are not making them with the outer mind.

You are just immersed in that greater will that is the Will of your I AM Presence and the will that you yourself built into your Divine plan. There is no force, there is no struggle, there is just that gentle movement that moves you up, moves you to this side, moves you to that side and suddenly you see that although it seems like nothing has been done, nothing has been left undone for what you decided to accomplish in your Divine plan has been accomplished. But what does this mean?

Struggling with the outer will and goals

Can you look at your life and see how you were brought up to accept certain outer goals for what your life should be like? Perhaps you were pushed by your parents to get an education, to get a certain job, to start a career that would lead you gradually to higher positions until you reached the end goal of your career where every career must end, retirement.

You work for 40 years or more to achieve this position, only to retire shortly after you receive it, and then you have spent your whole life on this quest, and when you retire and you are not in the quest, you do not know what to do with yourself, and so many people die within a year or two after they have retired from their work. For they see no point in life anymore, and so you might see that many people have followed this track in their lives, and when they finally retire from it, they look at their lives and they feel: “What was the point of it all? What did I accomplish? Were these outer accomplishments I had, was that really all that life was about?”

The ups and downs on the path

When you are a spiritual student, you can say: “No, the outer accomplishments is not what life is about. What life is about is the raising of consciousness.” You see that the real will that is built into your Divine plan is the raising of consciousness, and sometimes the raising of consciousness is not a smooth, upward process. A wave rises up, you may have a high spiritual experience, feel really connected, but then there comes a time to process, to look into your psychology, you may feel like you are going down, but still the wave moves forward through the ocean, and it rises again, and this time it goes higher. You realize that even though there are ups and downs on the path, there is still a general upward movement, so that at the end of your life you can see that regardless of the physical results that you might have achieved, you have raised your consciousness. What do the physical accomplishments really matter, when you have raised your consciousness?

For when you leave the body behind, which physical accomplishment can you take with you? What can you take with you? Your level of consciousness. If you have raised yourself to the 100 levels of consciousness in one embodiment, you can start there in your next embodiment, or at least you can quickly regain that level of consciousness, and so that means you might realistically be able to ascend in that next embodiment. Or you might be able to ascend in this embodiment, but not by pushing harder, but by connecting to that flow of the Will, the Divine will, that is not about specifics, but about raising all life. The Divine will is not about manifesting any particular condition in matter, it is about raising all life to higher levels of consciousness, higher levels of vibration.

The cosmic dance of the One mind

What is the difference between consciousness and vibration, you might say? Well, consciousness is that which can vibrate, and which can make energy vibrate. Consciousness is the underlying reality, ultimately the consciousness of the Creator, or the consciousness of the Allness, beyond the Creator, the One mind, the indivisible undivided mind.

But within that mind, consciousness can make itself vibrate as energy, and then consciousness can express itself as an individual self-aware being, which can then make energy vibrate so that it takes on form, that the being that manifests the form can now perceive and experience the form. And this is how co-creation progresses, but co-creation seeks to not only raise the individual beings to higher levels of self-awareness and co-creative ability, but also to raise up what you call energy or matter. To raise the vibration until it again becomes clear that any form is consciousness, is out of that One mind.

This is the cosmic dance. The cosmic dance whereby the One mind takes on form starts out with a limited sense of self, expands that sense of self until the self realizes it is an extension of the oneself, it is a co-creator with the Creator, and then the individual self shifts into not pursuing goals as a separate self, but becoming part of this greater co-creative process of raising all life, thereby raising all life, raising the One mind, for this is what the linear mind cannot fathom.

When we say there is only One mind, you think as many people have thought, this means the One mind is perfect, it could never change, it is the ultimate reality. But why do you exist as an expressed form? Because there has always been expressed forms out of the One mind, and when the mind expresses itself as form and then comes to remember itself as the One mind, the One mind grows, expands. How long has this been going on, says the linear mind? Forever is the only answer that can be given. “Well”—says the linear mind—“if the One mind has been expanding itself forever, it must have reached some ultimate state of expansion. How can it continue to expand indefinitely? When did it all start? What was before the One mind existed or the one mind decided to express itself?”

But there has always been the One mind expressing itself and becoming more by expressing, and it will go on indefinitely, and there is no limit, there is no end to how much the One mind can expand itself. And this is what the linear mind cannot grasp, for how can you take hold of Infinity?

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