Spirituality beyond elitism

TOPICS: Darkness is unreal – The subtleties of elitism – All people are of equal stature in Spirit – Good people reinforcing elitism – Elitism behind control games – Shattering the elitist mindset – Shifting the centers of elitism – 

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Ascended Master Archangel Michael, July 18, 2015, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given during a conference in Los Angeles.

I AM Michael. Michael I AM. The call compels the answer, and the answer compels the call. Thus, I am grateful to be in your presence, to be in your Presence. You may often think that you are in my Presence, but I rejoice to be in your Presence, for I see that your Presence is fully as much an extension of the one God as is my Presence. Thus, there is no comparison, there is no value judgment, there is no relativity in our Presences.

The only difference between you and me is that I have recognized the fullness of my Presence and become one with it, and you have not yet made that step. This is, of course, why we are all here with earth: to help you step up to that level of oneness with the Presence that we have achieved, some of us quite a long time ago as you measure earth’s time, but for us it was just a blink of an eye. Time ceases to exist, and there is only the eternal flow of joy.

Darkness is unreal

You may think that an archangel who does so many battles with the dark forces would not have so much joy, that he would be very serious, but how can you be serious, my beloved, when you know that the darkness is unreality? Even though it has a temporary substance on a planet like earth, from my perspective it has no reality whatsoever. My beloved, I could wave my little finger, and the darkness of earth would be gone instantly so why would I take it seriously? Why would I let it cloud my sense of joy?

How do I then look upon the darkness that is so burdensome to many of you? I look upon it as simply a temporary manifestation that is necessary because that which you have manifested on earth is necessary for you to experience, for it is your choice to create your path of self-transcendence. The people who have embodied on this planet for a very long time have created this darkness because they needed the experience of overcoming this before they were ready to unite with the Presence, in which there can be no darkness and therefore no contrast between darkness and light. This is one of the most difficult lessons for people to get when they begin to approach the level of consciousness, the 144th level, where you are ready for your ascension.

You have gone through a long process where you first may have been below the 48th level and been identified with the darkness, immersed in the darkness, maybe even thinking the darkness was real, maybe even thinking it was beneficial in some way. Then you have gradually climbed out of that state of consciousness. You have come to the point where you have begun to recognize the darkness, to discern between darkness and light. Then comes that critical phase, that truly is the phase of Christhood (at least at the higher stages) where you not only see darkness in contrast to light on earth, but you see that even the light on earth is lower than the light of the spiritual realm.

The subtleties of elitism

You see that as human beings have created the darkness, they have created what they see as light, and thus you need to transcend both in order to ascend. This can be difficult for so many people to grasp, and it can especially be difficult for those who have been deceived by the elitist mindset. You, of course, know that there is a power elite, who has been behind many of the events in history that you identify as being not right, dark, evil, whatever label you put upon it. This is fairly easy for spiritual people to identify. You know that Nazism was an elitist mindset that raised one race, one nation, above all others. You know that Communism was an elitist mindset that – while claiming to free the people from the oppression of a capitalist elite – simply created a party elite, and the people were even more subject to that elite than they ever were in any so-called capitalist country.

These things are fairly easy for the spiritual people to grasp. You begin to get that discernment, but then comes the challenge of seeing that there are many, many elitist groups that are not what you would call dark or evil but that have very good intentions. Some of them are religious groups that believe they are doing God’s work on earth. Some of them are New Age organizations that also believe that they are working for the light.

Here, my beloved, is the critical discernment. It is not that they are not working for the light, but it is that, in working for the light from a lower level of discernment, they create an image, a spirit, an illusion, that all they need to do is work for the light according to their definition. Therefore they begin – to use a familiar expression – to drink their own Kool-Aid and think that their organization and its members form an elite and that they are more advanced, more mature, more sophisticated than others.

Now it is necessary at a certain stage of the spiritual path to separate yourself from the mass consciousness. You do this by recognizing that you are not like most of the people out there, who just want to live a materialistic lifestyle and engage in various pleasures. You are willing to do the spiritual work to set yourself apart, to pull yourself beyond that downward pull of the mass consciousness. You need to go through a stage where you are, in a sense, joining an elite and forming an elite and raising yourself above the people.

All people are of equal stature in Spirit

Listen carefully. It is necessary to raise yourself above the consciousness of the general population. The top ten percent of the most spiritual people in embodiment need to raise their consciousness beyond the level of the mass consciousness. There comes that point where you need to realize that even this can be perverted by certain fallen angels into making you think that you are set apart from the people, that you are more valuable, more important in the eyes of God, that you are doing more work for the ascended masters.

You see, my beloved, I see your Presence as being as much of an expression of the infinite God as my own. I also see the same for every human being embodying on earth. You may go to any city and look at a homeless person sitting on the street. You may go to some other country and see people living in poverty. You may say these people cannot have the same level of spiritual attainment as I have, or they would have manifested a higher outer situation. You are right in saying this, but I am not talking about the level of consciousness. I am talking about the Presence, and the Presence of that homeless person or that starving child in Africa is as much an expression of the infinite God as is yours, as is mine.

This is what I see from the ascended perspective. This is what you can come to see, and what you need to come to see, as you approach the 144th level of consciousness. You need to come to the point where, after having set yourself apart from the mass consciousness for a time, you have now become so anchored in your Presence that you can go out into ordinary life, interact with people at all levels of society, and treat them all with the same love and respect that you would give to anyone else. This is the measure of true spirituality.

Good people reinforcing elitism

Be willing to look at religious, political, scientific, educational, spiritual, New Age organizations. Be willing to see how the people there have taken on a certain aura of self-importance. See how they go around feeling holier than thou, feeling more important, feeling that they have the highest truth, that they are the only ones who are sure to go to heaven, or that they are the ones who have defined heaven out of existence and know that the scientific truth is superior to any religious truth.

Look at this and realize that here are people who are not doing anything dark or evil. They are believing they are doing good, and in some ways they are doing good. Anyone who, for example, runs an organization that helps starving children in Africa is certainly doing better than those who are creating the conditions that cause the children to starve. Look beyond this, and see that even those who are doing good are reinforcing the elitist mindset.

There are so many Christians who believe that they are ministering to the poor and the disadvantaged and that they are doing what Jesus told them to do. They are ministering in Christ’s name, but when you set yourself apart, set yourself above, look down upon other people, you are not truly ministering from the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Christ sees beyond the outer manifestation.

Why do you think Jesus, while in embodiment, approached all of those who were outcasts in the very elitist Jewish society of his time? He challenged elitism, the elitist mindset where you can put people on a scale with high and low. He saw the universal Christ consciousness in all people. He approached them only with the desire to free that crucified Christ in all so that the Christ could jump down from the cross and offer a cup of cold water to all in need.

I see the Christ in you. I see how in so many of you the Christ is still hanging on the cross. Sometimes there is only one nail left, but there is that one nail, my beloved, that is keeping you tied to your personal cross. With the great love that I feel for you, I wish I could cut that nail, but I know that I cannot, for you must pull it out. You must pull that nail, that beam from your own eye, by looking at your psychology and looking at the control game that you are seeking to play with the universe, with your spiritual teacher, with God, or with each other. The control game is, in a sense, a consequence of the elitist mindset or at least linked to it.

Elitism behind control games

What is the elitist mindset seeking to accomplish? Well, it is seeking to maintain a position of superiority because, once you have attained that position of superiority on earth, you want to – as the God and Goddess of Love said – maintain it over time. You go into trying to control outer circumstances because it is, after all, the outer circumstances that allow you to feel you are superior to other people.

You have defined your superiority based on outer circumstances, and so you go into seeking to defend. When you seek to defend a particular form and to maintain it over time, you are losing the flow of the River of Life. You are setting yourself apart from the River of Life, and therefore you are nailed to a cross. You may look back at, for example, the feudal societies of Europe and you may see that all of the peasants were virtually the property of their landlords. You may think that the landlord who lived in luxury was the only one who was free, but he was even more trapped in his mind than the peasants. They knew they were oppressed, but he knew it not.

Shattering the elitist mindset

You see, again, many of the good people, many of the spiritual people, think they are free in their goodness, but they see not that they are still crucified in their minds. I come to bring a dispensation of shattering, shattering, shattering, shattering, in the four levels of matter, a certain cloud of this elitist mindset that you have called forth the judgment of. I shatter it to set free those who are still trapped in it. Contrary to what you might think, I am not shattering it to set free the masses, even though they are enslaved by the elitist mindset. I am shattering it to set free the top ten percent who are still trapped in the elitism created by the fallen beings in their pride and their arrogance.

Therefore I say to the mass consciousness: “You who think you are the spiritual elite on earth, recognize that you are entombed by this very mindset.” Therefore I say, as Jesus said to Lazarus: “Come forth out of this tomb of elitism and recognize that you are naked before Christ. The Christ sees all and sees through this do-goodness attitude that you have surrounded yourself with and that you refuse to question. Come forth out of it and recognize that all human beings on earth are equal in the eyes of God, in the eyes of Christ, in the eyes of Archangel Michael.”

I am, as was said yesterday by the God and Goddess of Love, a very powerful being, and I often on earth need to manifest that power so that I can bind or banish the darkness in order to set people free. There is, my beloved, no compromising with darkness. You cannot give the devil a little finger, as they say, for he will try to take the whole hand. It shall not be my hand, so there is no compromise. I am not moved by any force on earth. When I need to be, I am immovable. Many of you may envision me that way all the time, for you have never experienced any other side of me. As was also said, behind that immovability I am infinitely movable, and I am moved with sensitivity and compassion for you and all people on earth.

Why, my beloved, do you think I am still with this planet? I have attained great spiritual power. There is hardly a place in the creation of God that I could not go to if I wished so why am I still with this planet? Because I am sensitive to you. I love you. I feel the love that is hiding behind the outer shell, and I desire to set it free, to see it become free by its own awareness and choices.

You are, in a sense, my spiritual children, and I have only the desire to see you grow up and unfold the unique beauty that your spiritual parents encoded in your I AM Presences. I desire to see you unlock and unfold that beauty while you are still in embodiment on earth so that people can feel that light, that light coming from you, and realize that no human being could produce the light so it must come from a higher realm. If it can come through one person, who is not so different from others, then can it not come through all? When it does begin to come through more and more, that is when the judgment of Christ can become fully manifest in the physical. Just by your mere presence and the presence of the light, the judgment of the dark forces, the fallen beings, the elitist mindset, will be manifest.

Shifting the centers of elitism

You will begin to see a shift, a shift in the awareness of many countries. Look around the earth, my beloved. If you could see the earth as I see it, you could see certain almost like dark holes that are centers of this elitist mindset. They are in many places around the earth, and they have shifted over time. For several centuries, Europe was one of the primary centers, but then, when the United States began to become more powerful as a physical force, it shifted and many of these fallen beings began to embody in America.

They have, of course, done what they always do. They have not formed an outer visible elite, like they did in Europe during the feudal era, but they have formed a hidden elite because they have become smarter and realized that it is no longer time to openly stand out, so they must hide. They do hide, and they hide very effectively, but through your calls, the calls that will be given after this conference, and through my work, we will expose them so that the people of America can see that this nation is not one nation under God. It is a divided nation under the elite.

This shall not stand, for the people will not stand for it. They will not stand down. They will stand up and demand true freedom in this country, which is the bastion of freedom designed by Saint Germain. It has become so perverted by the elitist mindset (even the mindset that America is in some way superior to other nations, should police the world and use its military force to spread freedom and democracy). This mindset shall be judged this day and whenever anyone makes the calls for it to be judged. America shall be freed from the chains of elitism, for this is my gift to Saint Germain. I look to you to reinforce it in the physical if you also love Saint Germain, as I know you do.

With this, I just want to express my happiness, my joy of experiencing your Presences as you experience mine. Drink me while I am drinking thee. We have been drinking each other during this interval that has lasted a certain time but truly is beyond time. You can drink me any time you want, for I am always here. Thus, be sealed in my Presence.


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