Spiritual Reason for the refugee crisis

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, October 26, 2015

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I would like to speak today on the topic of the millions of refugees that are pouring across the borders of many countries in the Middle East, in Europe, and also in the United States. My beloved, why are there so many refugees coming into these countries that have a high level of development?

Well, I would like to explain the spiritual reason for this, although there are, of course, also physical reasons that you can point to. The spiritual reason is that although you have been brought up to think that the earth is a sphere, where you, as human beings, can act on your own and act independently of God, this is, of course, only a facade. This is only for your learning, for the learning of those people who need the experience that they can act without God.

In the deeper reality, none of you can really do anything on your own. You may look at countries like the United States and Europe and you may think that you have built the current wealth because of your own creativity, your hard work. I am in no way discounting creativity and hard work, but what you need to understand (as the spiritual people) is that no matter how much hard work you put forth, no matter how creative you are, the results you have achieved in the modern world have been achieved because we of the ascended masters have multiplied your efforts.

If you had not put forth an effort, there would have been nothing to multiply, as you see in some of the less developed countries. You need to understand that it is not the effort itself that can account for the wealth you have attained. It is the multiplication by the ascended masters. Then, you need to understand that we do not multiply things automatically. It is not so that it is a mechanical universe in which you live. You cannot just put forth the work and we will automatically multiply.

We multiply as an investment. Our goal is to raise the living standard for all people on earth, not just the few hundred million that live in so-called developed countries. Why have we invested in what has now become the modern countries with a high level of affluence? It is because we look to you to become the instrument for helping us raise the living standard in all countries.

Do you understand that when you isolate and insulate yourselves with your high standards of living, then we cannot forever continue to multiply so that you get richer and richer, beyond what is needed? We cannot either allow (as you see in the United States especially) a small elite to become richer and richer while a growing percentage of the population become poorer and poorer.

What should have happened ideally was that the rich countries would have made it a priority to use some of their wealth to raise the standard of living in the poorer countries. You may point to all kinds of programs, but I tell you it has not been enough. It has not been the all-out effort that we look for. Because you have not been willing to raise the standard of living where people live, these people know from within that they should be living a more affluent life by now. They naturally seek to the countries where they can have that higher standard of living. You will not stop this stream until you make a much bigger, much more determined, effort to help the countries grow much quicker to the standard of living that you have attained.

You may say: “It took us a long time to do so.” Yes, but we do not want it to take that long for all nations. That is why we have sponsored you. Therefore, I can assure you that when you re-prioritize, then you will see that you will have much more wealth in your own countries because we will be able to increase our level of sponsorship so that you will have much more wealth to spend on helping other nations. To those who have, much more shall be given—when they use it wisely to help others.


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