Spiritual communities in the Golden Age

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels, May 17, 2016. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha. It has been my privilege to seal many of these gatherings of ascended master students where you have been willing to come together in order to experience what you desire to experience, but also in order to give us a better platform for releasing the light and the teachings we desire to release.

The effect of people coming together

Do you truly understand the effect of coming together in a spirit of harmony, unity, oneness of purpose? When we release a dictation, there is an outer teaching that your outer mind can study. You may even go into analyzing the teaching in whatever level of detail you desire. Some, of course, analyze it to death, but others know how to use a teaching to stimulate getting their intuitive insights that go beyond the outer words.

This is, of course, very valuable, but when we release a dictation, we also release the teaching with a certain momentum of energy—light. This gives it greater penetrating power to go into the mass consciousness and therefore awaken more and more people so that they suddenly are able to grasp the ideas we are bringing forth, or even accelerate themselves on their own path, whatever that path may be.

It is clear that if the messenger sits alone and releases a dictation, there is a certain momentum. When more people come together in a group, then your chakras combine and they form a greater amplifier. You have, for example, seen musical concerts where they have a big number of speakers that are working together because they are synchronized. This is a crude illustration of what happens to your chakras when you come together, when you know each other, when you have a spirit of harmony, when you have given invocations together. Over the course of these few days, you actually build a great amplifier of the combination of your chakras, and this greatly increases and multiplies the momentum of a dictation so it penetrates much further into the collective consciousness.

What I want to impress upon you is, as we have said before, that the multiplication of this is exponential. You know that two plus two plus two is six whereas two times two times two is more. The greater the number of people who come together, and the greater the level of harmony and oneness they can attain, the greater the multiplication factor will be. I want to congratulate you for once again, this year, creating an event that has had a very powerful effect on the collective consciousness of Europe.

We are grateful for this multiplication factor. As happened last year, you have exceeded the potential for this conference, and therefore you have earned the release of Mother Mary’s visualization and transformative process last night. It was not necessarily a given that this would be released at this conference. Because you had already done the work that we wanted to see done, by supporting the release of the eight dictations from the Chohans and Mother Mary, then it was determined that we would release that also at this conference so that you who were here could have that firsthand experience of being taken by the hand by Mother Mary back to see your birth trauma.

The Aquarian community

What you have done here is that you have, in this short amount of time, built a community. You will know that when I was in embodiment as the Buddha, I emphasized three elements: the Buddha, the Sangha, the Dharma. The Sangha, of course, is another word for community. The reason for this is that we live on a planet that is quite difficult, quite challenging—in many ways quite dark. As we have seen in the past, there have been a few individuals who were able to walk the path alone, but in the Aquarian Age, we are looking at an entirely different model. We are looking for an age of community where people support each other.

When I was in embodiment as the Buddha, I elected – for a set of complex reasons that really are not so interesting today – to withdraw from society and create a community that was set apart. I was sitting there in the community, and I had the students come to this protected sphere. This has value. It is not that this model has become outdated by the end of the Piscean Age. It is not that this model will not be seen in the Age of Aquarius. There will be communities in Aquarius that are set apart from the mass consciousness.

However, what you have seen in the Age of Pisces is that there has been a creation of communities that saw it as their role to isolate and insulate themselves from the world and its problems, however they defined them. You have seen some communities where people would make a lifetime commitment to become a monk, a nun or a member of that community, whatever the name was for those members. This is a model that will not be as useful in the Aquarian Age.

In fact, even in the Piscean Age there were many examples of how such communities did not actually help either its members nor the collective consciousness grow. The people simply became trapped in a very comfortable state where nothing challenged them, and therefore they did not grow. There are many examples of Christian monks and nuns, but also many Buddhist monks and nuns, who have entered a community and simply did not grow beyond a certain point for the rest of that lifetime. Instead, they would actually have grown more by remaining in society where they would have been challenged more. What we look for in the Aquarian Age is a different approach to community where you realize that community is not an end in itself. Community only has meaning when it exists as part of the trinity of the Buddha, the Sangha, the Dharma.

Buddha, Sangha, Dharma

What is the Buddha? Well, the Buddha is a representation of what you experience as the flow of the Spirit from the ascended masters, the impulse from Spirit. What is it the impulse from Spirit ultimately wants? It wants to be expressed in the world. As you know, for the impulse of Spirit to be expressed, the Law of Free Will mandates that there must be people in embodiment who become the open doors for expressing the impulse

from Spirit. This is where the Sangha has its most important role. It is a place where people can go, or where they can help each other where they are—support each other so that they become able to be the open doors for the expression of Spirit. Then, when they have attained that certain level of consciousness (mastery, openness), then they go out in society and express it in society.

There is little point in attaining mastery in an ideal situation and then keeping your mastery confined to that ideal situation. First of all, for your own growth you need to actually test if you can maintain the mastery in a less than ideal situation. You also need to – in order to grow further – use your mastery to raise the All, to help others. This, of course, requires you to go out where people are and help them there. It is not that I want to put any limitations on the exact form of spiritual communities in the Golden Age. I do not want to give you a certain matrix and say: “This is the ideal matrix for how they should function.” There are many ways to implement this, but what I would like to give you is the thought that the Sangha is not a physical place.

There are many, many examples – and you can find them today all over India and also in the West – where a certain guru has set himself or herself up with an ashram. Then they have gotten followers to come in and receive whatever teachings, darshans and blessings they receive. The guru sits there, much like the queen bee in a beehive or the queen in an ant hill, and all of the students are running around, making sure that the guru can function in his or her capacity. This is not the Sangha. This is not the community. A true community, a true “coming-into-unity,” can only be done among those who are somewhat equal in their level of consciousness but, more importantly, who have overcome the ego’s need for being special, for being superior. You cannot come into unity unless you have transcended the entire need to feel that you are better, more important or more special than others.

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